Campbell hands out praise after beating Leeds but not for the players

Kevin Campbell has hailed Arsenal fans for their role in helping their team deliver better results.

The Gunners have just secured a 2-1 win against Leeds United in a game that they had to win to take advantage of Tottenham’s 1-1 draw with Liverpool yesterday.

Arsenal made a fast start, with their roaring supporters behind their backs. They scored their two goals in the first ten minutes and continued to look for more.

It never came and Leeds eventually scored a consolation goal, but Mikel Arteta’s men got the job done.

Their fans have played an important role in their home form and the Gooners did well in this game as well.

Campbell, who played for Everton and the Gunners, tweeted:

“I think the fans at Arsenal and Everton have really helped their teams! Keep it up”

Just Arsenal Opinion

This team needs our support to keep winning matches and remaining inside the top four.

If we continue supporting them vocally, they will achieve their goal for this season and do well in the next campaign as well.

A win against Spurs in our next game will effectively take us back to the Champions League. If the sacrifice required for that is being vocal, we will all do it.

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  1. We got super mik arteta, he knows exactly what we need, tierny at the back, gabby in attack, Arsenal on way to champions league!!!! We need to have a song like Liverpool allez allez allez. Rangers have adapted it but sing woah woah woah. Come on gooners let’s get our version and get the Emirates rocking.

  2. Massive win.

    Am not sure what to make of Eddie 360 degree turn around, is he playing for a contract or making an appeal to potential shoppers.

    He is not my striker but he is certainly making a case

    1. I was asking myself the same thing earlier today,what about Nketiah?and to be honest,I don’t know what to think.should we try to keep him or go for someone else?I also think that the comments such as”he is playing well to put himself in the window shop or for a big signing on fee..” are unfair,I doubt that any player no matter his situation wants to be crap or play badly.

      1. Nketiah “is” in the shop window and he is putting himself about to get a deal. He is a fox in the box and a nuisance but that is where it ends. He would never lead a top team but he could a mid table one. It would be tooooooooo much of a risk to keep him because he isn’t great off the bench and isn’t good enough to be our no1. But he can do a job for us because he is chasing £ notes at the moment and interest.

        1. Wow

          Find it hard to dismiss both of the above comments on Eddie.

          Just don’t know what to make of it, saw him earlier in the season but this is a total different Eddie.

          A key part of his play i observe is that he even looks effortless as if to say he’s at this level for some time

  3. Hes never been given a run of matches before this so how can anybody criticise him for scoring goals when he belatedly gets the chance.does nobody realise how hard it is for any player never mind a striker to make an impression when all u get is 10mins here and there or a league cup game with a 2nd string side

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