Welbeck injury – Has Wenger gambled Arsenal’s season already?

What was Wenger thinking! by PR

How long have we been saying that the injury situation at Arsenal has been getting better? And, as always, we have been proved wrong once again. But even worse it is our backup striker Danny Welbeck that will be missing until at least Christmas, having already been out of action for the last five months….

All through the summer, Wenger has been using Welbeck’s imminent return as one of his reasons for not buying a striker, but it has now been revealed that Le Prof knew before the end of the transfer window that the England international had little chance of returning quickly.

Arsenal have announced: “Welbeck has undergone surgery on his left knee after being unable to sufficiently step up his rehabilitation work.

“The striker has been working throughout the summer to recover from the injury sustained at the end of April.

“It had been hoped he would avoid surgery but after increasing his training workload, the injury to his cartilage did not respond as well as hoped and the decision was taken last week for him to undergo surgery by a leading specialist in the field.

“Danny is now expected to be out for a period of months and everyone at Arsenal wishes him well.”

It was “hoped” he would avoid surgery? How long have we “hoped” this? While Wenger repeatedly led us astray by saying he was a “couple of weeks away” every time he was asked?

This is a real bombshell and it looks very bad on the club that the real situation with Welbeck was not revealed to fans until after the window was slammed shut. Now we face most of the season with just Giroud as a proven striker in the squad. AGAIN!

Questions need to be asked…. Like has Wenger kept the disappointing Campbell in the squad as backup? And why did he send Akpom on loan if he thought we needed him?


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    1. Spot on.

      Got to love some fans who laugh off a ‘lesser’ signing as Charlie Austin, guy scored 18 prem goals and is a very decent player. Now tell me how at the very LEAST he wasn’t a good option to backup Giroud for 15mil…or in other words, peanuts.

      “We have players like Welbeck and Wilshere returning who will help our attack”….good reason not to buy Arsene. Do he and the board realise the 80-100mil in the bank is OUR money? The fans have put that in the kitty and the only ones getting mugged here is….the fans. What a way to treat us from a self-proclaimed ‘classy club’. Yea right, that’s been used to stop Usmanov owning us, to stop heavy investment….it’s a party piece to protect the status quo. Makes me sick.

  1. The Club announces Welbecks injury 2 Days after Transfer window Closes……
    Coincidence ??
    No Ways !!!!!!!! Wenger knew all along but still decided to gamble with our Money.
    But why does Wenger do this to us ..
    What have we honestly done wrong…

    It all up to Joel Campbell now.

    1. He does this to the funs because no one has the ba!!s to tell him off. Everybody around him or at least near him worship the man after a few wins forgetting all the dirt those wins hind under the carpet. Arsenal is my first love, but I stopped backing Wenger way back, I only respect or consider him because his still the man “running the club” (whether its into the heavens or a ditch who cares right).

      I’ve pleaded time and time again for you funs in the UK to rise up and make this old French guy listen to the cries of funs all over the world. He is really taking us for a ride in broad day light.

      Arsenal greats know we needed two players
      Current Arsenal players knew this
      The funs knew this
      Hell even our haters knew this

      But one guy!
      What a shame.

      1. fans will never protest in real numbers.
        out of curiosity i offered my season ticket on facebook.
        in total 8 of my friends offered cash that same night
        more than 20 made enquiries- knowing we werent buying anyone in the window.

        forget it mate.

    2. Warning! Future reader in the house. I have a request though : can you please check your things and let us know if we will win UCL or EPL this year? I want to know how I plan my holiday.

    3. @dosantos………. Um! Same campbell whom wenger hates and rates so lowly……… To take up the welbeck mantle…….okay okay! ……..how quickly we have all forgotten the “Ramsey on the wings” experiment…… It’s only just started!

    4. I hope Campbell gets a run. Good player.
      Stoke game:
      Bellerin. Gabriel. Kos. Monreal
      Santi. Coq.
      Walcott. Alexis. Campbell.
      Let’s see what happens. It’s been nice other clubs have had a slow start besides City. I’ve enjoyed watching Rooney pretend he’s a striker!

      1. Curious if people thumbed down my line up? I think is best up top or on the left. He didn’t do well on the right cutting in with Belerin. We need an article about how to use Campbell. I’d like to read comments

      2. The hell is wrong with you.I know we hate Manchester but you just cant spew on sewage about Rooney’s quality and get away with it. Rooney pretty much guaranteed 20 goals while playing centrally..till he was played out of position in the midfield .I wish we had him instead of Giroud /welbeck. we’d be more dangerous on the break and generally going forward.

    5. It’s not our money, once you hand it over for a ticket, shirt, programme, whatever, it becomes Arsenals money, to do with as they please.

    6. I mean…. I expect nothing, yet still Arsenal manage to disappoint me. One has got to wonder if Wenger is angry at the fans and deliberately refuse to sign players just to shit on us for being so negative about him. It’s like he’s not even trying to make progress

  2. Wenger last week claimed that Welbz was recovering well and that he expected him to be back after the international game. Guess that was a lie.

    1. These are the last 3-4 things Wenger said about Welbeck. You can check arsenal.com

      From the Palace game we have no injuries and we have still Wilshere, Welbeck and Rosicky to come back. And we have no suspensions. So we should have a similar squad for the Liverpool game.

      Everybody else should be available apart from Welbeck.

      He is not too far away, but he is not ready for Sunday.

      He is supposed to start to go outside and run again this weekend and if that is positive in the next three weeks he will be available. He will be short for the start of the season in two weeks, but three weeks should be all right.

  3. Not at all. We still have Walcott, Giroud, Alexis and Campbell. Not to mention Ox and Jeff. Welbeck didn’t even trained with the team so far thus didn’t counted on him. Maybe in January, who knows.
    But these aside, of course you hope to avoid surgery. Every medic wants to avoid this, surgery is the last resort so it takes weeks of careful observation. Anyone who had undergo a surgery know that this is how things are.
    Again at bashing Wenger when he had absolutely nothing to do with Welbeck getting knocked ?

        1. hahahah good one.
          I like Budds comments.
          He isnt saying anything false, those players are there!
          Wenger had nothing to do with that injury and hes not a doctor.

          1. Then your friend Gary must be my friend also. I assume he speaks because he knows me personally. Which means we are friends as well, Jim. Hug?

            1. Anything to help you Budd. Hug, medicine, doctor’s appointments, classes, tutors, a priest, whatever you need to help you process reality.
              You have a supportive community here, we are all routing for you!

              1. Fan boys lifes are very though at times. All he needs is some company .Consider Budds old age, a dog or a cat would do.

  4. barely a day since the post “injury problems a thing of the past for Arsenal”………. Didn’t i say INJURIES ARE INEVITABLE?…. End of the road for wenger……..i can see the finish line already!

  5. u must be out of ur mind……….. 3weeks huh?……….. We talking well over 6months ere…….. Get over urself….

  6. This is really sad, on the one hand I want Arsenal to succeed and win everything, on the other hand, i kind of know that, this is not possible with the squad that we have. I want to support Arsenal no matter what, and i do. It hurts me when we loose. On the other hand I have grown to truly dislike Wenger so much that, I dont want his arrogant, stubborn, know it all face anywhere near any success.
    The problem is that if we dont succeed nothing and i mean nothing will happen to him, his skin is thicker than an alligator’s.
    So i resign with a sigh and choose to support the team no matter what with or without Arsene


    1. No you don’t that is why you want Wenger out without due regard for the repercussions. All you care for is that he goes out whether that means deterioration does not matter! Are you going to buy a player every time you get injuries? All some of you think about is buy buy and buy but are you going to buy the whole world? Giroud was out for three months didn’t he eventually return? Wellbeck will also return and the team will continue to perform. Why don’t you be patient and see how we perform then you can pass judgement? If you are a born pessimist nobody can change you but don’t claim to love Arsenal more than everybody else. A demonstration had been mooted by people like you why did it flop? I believe reason prevailed over emotion. Liverpool and Spurs always outspend Arsenal but what have they won in the last five seasons? Hasn’t Arsenal won FA trophy in a row and community shield and yet it has been spending less than these two teams? I don’t see what will stop Arsenal doing well this season as long as our players stay fit. In the past what undermined us was selling our best players which is no longer the case. In the past some of you were sulking at Wenger because he had ignored Carling cup which was Arsenal’s best opportunity to win silverware. Now that we have won FA in a row, Wenger is not a winner what kind of perverted reasoning is this? Those of us who support Arsenal whatever the circumstances will not be distracted by some people’s cynicism and pessimism.

      1. Comparing Spurs and Liverpool to AFC is stupid.Both these clubs go through alot a coach changes and are unstable.Stability is part of what is needed to win titles.That or exceptional players.Liverpool almost won the league with one(Suarez).AFC havent had a change in leadership in year and are considered stable but yet still cannot mount a title challenge.

        You think that thinking other people a pessimistic and cynical but isnt it equally possible that you are just delusional?

      2. @David, who the hell are you to tell me that i dont support Arsenal. While I was living in London I had 2 Platinum season tickets to the Emirates for 4 years, that’s the price of a freaking Range Rover son. I put my money where my mouth is.

        I love and support Arsenal, with or without Arsene. I would prefer it without Arsene as i and a vast majority of real supporters are done with his antics.

        If Wenger dies tomorrow, Arsenal will continue, will flourish and will find a good manager to lead it.
        Arsenal does not need Wenger. Or to put it more correctly Arsenal does not need this version of Wenger. The version 17 years ago was a different man. It was also different times, and Arsene has failed to adapt to the times.

        1. Don’t attempt to impress me cheaply! If you love the club you don’t have to tell us let us see it. No one who is indispensable but where I see lack of logic I will point it out. If you really love reasoning we shall. What has enraged you so much now? Has the season ended and Arsenal has performed dismally? What convinces you that Arsenal will under-perform this time around? Does signing a player automatically qualify a team to win a trophy? It is not fair to try to blackmail others to share in your frustration without being persuasive enough. if you say you are in London, why didn’t you convince many of your kind to join the Wednesday demonstration that flopped? The fact that the demonstration flopped should have convinced you that many fans may not share some of the sentiments expressed in the columns of this website. I am not a fan of Wenger, I am an Arsenal fan but I have enough cognitive ability to realise what damage abrupt removal of a manager can do to a club. Examples of this abound. I will, therefore, not be party to any schemes which could destabilise our team for a number of years. I am impressed by the move of the Arsenal Supporters Trust to complain about lack of transfer activity. They haven’t called for the immediate sacking of the manager because they are rational enough to realise the repercussions such a move could have. Hence let us all learn to tackle issues using logic rather than emotions.

          1. First of all Wenger out does not mean Wenger out tomorrow. It means make it your last season and give the club a chance to move forward without you. No one is stupid enough to want to change him now. This season is what it is. We dont have the squad to win the league and that is pretty much it.

            Second point, i am not trying to impress you, I am just letting you know that i am a real fan who spent a load of money to see my team play. As most Arsenal fans do, I expect more from the club, in terms of giving me my money’s worth. Also i no longer live in London, and do not believe in mob protests.

            Logic says that, trying to win the league with an inferior squad is at best a wildly difficult challenge at worst pure madness.

            Logic says that, in this era of ridiculous amount of money in football, in order to win, you need to spend every year on at least a couple of players that can upgrade your squad. We are the only team that just bought a goalkeeper in all of Europe’s top leagues.

            Logic says that in a transfer window where 1Billion pounds was spent, saying that there were no players that could better our squad, that came in 12 points off the top is pure and utter BS.

            Logic days that the truth is more like, there were no players that were good value that could better our squad and we did not want to overpay. In a situation where everybody is overpaying for talent, this is a choice of not being competitive.

            We have a very good squad that is weak in one or two areas, not completing this squad, not finding alternatives for those weak spots, year after year is unacceptable. It is criminal negligence. It shows a distinct lack of ambition and in every other club with ambition in the world would have resulted in termination of contract.

            By choosing to support Wenger you are not supporting Arsenal, you are supporting mediocracy.

  7. The manager has not signed benzema cause or even Cavani for that matter cause the Euro 2016 is soon upon us and the french national team is also a worry and no other major team outside of France emphasis it squad out of french nationals with Giroud a expected focal point for France and he may had a word with Wenger or the other way around by publicly coming out and stating not to rely on transfers, and players like Walcott,Wilshere are impotent useless frustrating and waste of space who may have had a chat with Wenger and if you see the likes of Ozil and Sanchez they want competition whereas the others are scared they may lose!!

  8. I just cannot fooking believe this, you couldn’t write it! I’m reading that arsenal made the decision to go ahead with surgery last week, (before the window closed). If this is the case why did we nit buy a striker? Any striker! Why did we loan akpom? In fact why did we sell afobe? I could go on and on. The man is a fool and it seems he like taking the p*ss out of us fans!

    1. For the same reason why the deluded one sent Le Coq on loan last season when we needed a DM to cover Arteta and dead wood Flamini.
      The man is senile and is loosing it, the rest of the world sees it but while he keeps cashing for the owners nothing is going to change……

  9. Why the f*** did this guy not buy draxler? Any explanation whatsoever or just part of the colonels idiotic brand of corporate existentialism

  10. It’s on Giroud and Theo
    (Campbell wouldn’t be here if a club would take him and he has not been played because he doesn’t cut it, and Ox etc aren’t strikers)
    Come to that..is theo!?

    Oh well Giroud it is then.


    1. If Campbell would have left then probably you would have seen your beloved Charlie Austin being bought. But I believe Campbell will deliver this season should the boss call him for duty.

      1. Think you have the wrong man Budd!;)
        Never uttered his name in my life..

        Well, along with Wellbeck there is some big stepping up in quality, technique and end result for that to happen. I hope it does, but question the plausibility of it.

        1. Was not addressed to you personally 😉 Was a general reference to Charlie the awesome striker. Maybe he will become a beast of a striker this season in championship, who knows

          1. Ahhhh..just for the general collective I see 😉

            He has all the tools to be a success there that’s for sure IMO.

  11. Perfect timing, he goes out when transfer window just closed and he will return in time just before the January Transfer window will open, when Wenger will say ‘Welbeck is like a new signing’.

    Stingyman couldn’t find strikers early in the summer when most of them were making their moves then says he can’t find any later on. No one better than Giroud? He should be grilled in the next press conference ahead of the Stoke match. It won’t be long before he complains about injures and fatigue. But I get it we will be led to believe, Wilshere will return, be like a new signing and be part of 20 goals.

    He should just fast track Raine Adelaide and Yassine fortune into the team and let Campbell lead the line in some games or let him play left and Sanchez up top.

  12. i hate being negative towards arsenal but wenger’s decision not to sign players have left me without any option.

  13. with or without welbeck, we needed another striker who is wc.
    even wenger knew we needed a new striker but decides not to buy, so in short wenger does not want arsenal to be a great team again, not atleast until he resigns.

  14. I hope those who defend Wenger have woken up now. ARSENAL FC ARE A DISASTER. It’s embarrassing to support Arsenal at this moment in time with this jacka*$ leading us astray all the time and leaving us in tatters. The transfer windos is over, not going to moan anymore about it because it can’t be changed. Thanks for your previous success but your time has come.
    Wenger out!

  15. Arsenal will miss Welbeck as much as they missed Diaby. He never produced anything anyway.
    Van Gaal was right about Welbeck. He doesn’t score goals. It is a fact.

  16. Welbz wasn’t the reason Wenger didn’t sign…. because welbz wasn’t even a starter neither was he a top top player.

    The signings we yearned for was a player who was gonna hit the ground immediately with the shirt like CECH. So we didn’t miss him, I didn’t remembered he’s still an arsenal player. just like Wheelchair.

  17. It would be interesting to get the players view on this. Two options a) We are so close to greatness but werent given that new teammate to help get us over the line or (b) look at the confidence Wenger has in us, let’s up our game. Obviously hoping for the latter but suspect that it will be the former.

    Anyone know the terms of Akpom’s loan? Can he be recalled a la Coquelin?

  18. Firstly I’m never going to say Wenger out, because I genuinely do not believe that will fix the transfer policy. But this is genuinely the worst case scenario. What I don’t get is they knew that he was unavailable for a week and did not atleast loan a backup or recall akpom.

    Also why wasn’t a formal statement regarding welbeck released last week? Because they knewvthe fans would react this way. Unacceptable!

    This goes down as either neglectful management or absentee ownership. Relying on one striker for this length of time will cost us points, and it could cost us a cup. Normally I am a supporter of Wenger and the youth policy, but he has left us with no backup, adequate or not.

  19. Its really difficulty to understand Wenger? Why did he send Akpom on loan then? Surely he could have developed better than Campbell whom we know he doesnt rate!

    1. Its not difficult to understand Wenger.The thing is you try to hard yo understand him.There is nothing sophisticated about his thinking.He is just clueless

  20. Campbell is a winger not a CF. He doesn’t score goals, well not many at least.

    Giroud, Walcott and Alexis will need to be our top strikers

  21. If they had declared Welbz injury setback he (Wenger) thought could raise the price of strikers in transfer market as it shows that Arsenal is desperate. AKB

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