Campbell inspired by role model Arsenal team mate

Not long after Joel Campbell finally got his work permit for the English Premier League and was brought back to Arsenal after an impressive 2014 World Cup with Costa Rica, it looked like his career as a Gunner would be over almost before it began.

It did not help that his agent kept talking about how unhappy the forward was with his lack of first team playing opportunities and so once he went back out on loan it looked like his attitude and desire to fight for his place was just not there.

How wrong that was proved to be today. Even before this game at Swansea City the boss had been full of praise for the way Campbell has worked and his attitude. We certainly saw that today as Campbell really grabbed the opportunity presented to him by the injury problems of Walcott, Ramsdey and the Ox.

So what has caused this change in the Costa Rican? I have a feeling that the situation of his team mate Francis Coquelin could be the answer. Coquelin’s own career was looking as doomed as Campbell’s until another injury crisis gave him the chance and he has never looked back since.

Surely the example set by Coquelin would not have gone unnoticed by Campbell and I would not be surprised if the striker had been getting as much advice as possible from Coquelin about how he turned things around. What do you think Gooners?

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  1. im happy Cambell scored today.. ooh and our own Lord Bendtner scored the first goal as Wolfsburg beat Leverkusen 2-1.. im a happy gooner

  2. When Life gives you an opportunity, you must make good use of the chance. That’s why I applaud Coquelin and Hector. They took their chances properly. I’m happy for Campbell for playing well today. Let’s see how he fares after some games with players like Santi, Ozil, sanchez, Coquelin and the likes. He’ll learn some stuff from them…Hoping He plays well against Campbell if He starts. He’ll defend well with Bellerin and know when to push forward.

    I like the Ox but I feel like the Ox is holding himself back. I expect this season to be huge for him after that good goal against Chelsea in the community shield.

    Looking forward in having Ox, Walcott, Ramsey, Danny, Rosicky and wilshere back.

    Mourinho still cannot say anything, but for mi’ I can say something ‘Arsenal All The Way’!

  3. Bellerin is fast becoming one of my favorite players in the gunners squad, thought we were doomed for sure when Gomis went racing through and then got around Cech in the first half but in came Bellerin out of nowhere just in time to save the day… It was a really pivotal moment in the game and I think we could well be looking at a different result if we had gone a goal down in the first half! Stoked that Campbell scored in his first league start, got a special feeling about this kid to follow in bellerin and le Coq’s footsteps and claim a first team spot.

    1. I keep waiting for Bellerin to come back to earth and have a poor outing and it never happens. It just gets better. He was fantastic again today. I think he has had enough good starts to recognize this is no fluke. He is the real thing.

  4. I am amazed by the post-game comments about Campbell. We are all glad he had a nice outing. But so many comments have catapulted him into superstar status based on ONE performance. I have rarely seen so much hyperbole. Some comments suggested he has now eclipsed Ramsey and Ox just from this one outing.

    Campbell looked good, and a nice sequence of starts should only help him, but realistically this is one of the very few good performances he has put in over the past 2 years. So let’s just enjoy the ride and hope it continues before we declare him the Arsenal star of the future.

  5. When Arsene’s pets

    Ram and Wheelchair

    gets back from injury.

    Campbell may go back to his sitting ways.

  6. ooooohhh yessssss
    hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahahahaha hahahaha. I’m going crazy guys …..I can’t be out laugh right now
    we are unbreakable unstoppable you can’t quench us you can’t cool us down we are incredible invincible we score goals from different angels we claim cleansheets from away fields ….singers 2000th goal …..girouds header …Fabianskis gifted goal …Joel’s first goal ….ozils eye ball……. bellarins speed peter Czechs helmet ……Steve bonds bald head ….to be continue ………. at next week Bayern vs arsenal we will drink their beer I’m score them 2

      1. you don’t know Steve come on man how well do u support arsenal any way …oooooohhhh yesssss Wenger’s right hand man

  7. Cant blame Wenger or the fans before, Campbell was given many chances in previous games but he failed to deliver. But this time he proved everyone wrong. (when Campbell took that first time shot, you could see Ozil was clearly unhappy. It seems like something Campbell would have wasted in training…shooting instead of a pass, just an analysis)

      1. He proved me wrong for wanting to see something different for that game even though I expected him to play understanding also that he was next in line so deserved his game time. You are right with it being too early to get ahead of ourselves and to the fans who mentioned haters this is not hating nor was it ever hating on Campbell as it’s more about hating what we saw in his performances before yesterday.

    1. Personally, I like to see a player having a shoot on sight mentality (not all the time though), it’s something the team lacks at times, how many times have we shouted SHOOOOOOT only to see another couple of passes and the move break down. Sometimes it’s best to act on instinct and take a pot at goal.

  8. Another good team performance. Lets hope we can pull off a win in Munich and finish top of our group for once. Now that would shut the doubters up.

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