Campbell is “100 per cent” sure Arsenal man will sign a new deal

Kevin Campbell is confident that William Saliba will 100 per cent sign a new long-term contract at Arsenal.

The Frenchman joined the Gunners in 2019, but he is yet to play a competitive game for them.

Before this summer, he had not even kicked a ball for their senior squad, but he impressed on loan at Saint Etienne, Nice and Olympique Marseille.

He is now one of Arsenal’s key defenders, and we expect him to be a key member of their squad in this campaign.

The defender’s deal has two more seasons to run, and he might not sign a new one considering that they have not given him enough chances to play.

However, Campbell believes he will certainly stay and ink an extended deal.

He tells Football Insider: “You can tell he is going to be a big part of Arsenal’s future. The club have been following his progress in France and they know the player they have.

“A new contract has to get done. They have to protect the value of the player. They want to make sure they have got him for four or five years.

“He is not going to be going anywhere. He will be at Arsenal for the foreseeable future.”

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Saliba’s performance in the last campaign makes him a solid addition to our squad this summer.

The defender will be like a new signing, and his contribution could lead us back inside the top four.

If we don’t give him enough playing chances this season, however, he might decide not to extend his stay.

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    1. It seems you’ve got a problem with people saying saka and saliba are staying probably because you thought and claimed saliba was mistreated.

      1. No Fk, i dont have a problem, again words being put in mouth. YOU ARE THE ONE WITH THE PROBLEM. Saliba will not sign a contract until he feels wanted, he has problem with Arteta. Now that is good information i was given by someone who is ITK a long while ago and said so and i dont see why i should think any different. Saliba may sign and i hope he does but the fact is today, he hasnt extended. Saka, again, i hope he signs but ask yourself why he hasn’t, every day he doesn’t he is losing big money. I have no issue, i hope they both sign but today they haven’t. WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM? If you cant accept what i say ignore it, it isnt an agenda, it it what i believe or know and why should i change that. Do you know different?

  1. Why do I think Reggie is provoking someone.

    Just sign tha thing man and let’s move on there is a lot more fish to fry.

        1. Kevin talk with such confidence, he may have gotten a hint somewhere, dont you think?

          But Arsenal got to renew Saliba contract, if it means getting some help from Wenger to talk sense in the kid head, we must ask the Frenchman if things get sticky.
          Am holding my breath on this one.

          Honestly I too think the kid was treated unfairly, my take on this issue is well documented.
          We all make mistakes it is said great men make huge mistakes, but that is behind us now

          1. No i dont think he got a hint, he has spoken BS in the past and i dont really listen too him. He is trying to make a living out of it. But if anyone wants to believe and listen to Kevin then thats upto them. I hope Saliba signs, he should have been our stalwart last season but wasn’t, he is class.

              1. Reggie
                There is a saying that you can TALK IT INTO BEEN.

                Saliba will be handled with kids gloves by the gaffer, in fact it already started.
                Am still a little nervous with his situation so I I welcome any positive news surrounding his contract negotiations.

                Saka will eventually sign, Arsenal must be a great place to be just now.

                1. Gunsmoke Saliba and Arteta have to build a trust before Saliba signs. Arteta didn’t trust Saliba and Saliba didn’t trust Arteta. For Arsenals sake, i hope they sort it.

                  1. Reggie a massive olive branch has been offered to Saliba from the gaffer in terms of installing him in the heart of our defense ahead of our £50 mil marquee signing..

                    Now the Chelsea and Seville games are our two biggest match to date and he has done considerable well to the point some fans are saying the spot should be his.

                    It is said action speaks louder than word, now being allowed to play both games in the heart of defense is trust shown to the kid by gaffer

                    Critics could argue its playing in the premier league where it will matters most in which I have no doubt he will start on Friday in that coveted spot.

                    So the trust between the gaffer and Saliba is building nicely and the kids gloves treatment is expected to continue

                    1. ‘Arteta didn’t trust Saliba and Saliba didn’t trust Arteta’
                      How did you come to this conclusion??
                      Just say its your opinion which is entirely FALSE!!

  2. Get the new deals sorted for Saka & Saliba this week. Partey & GabrielM to be extended also soon I would hope.

    Leno to Fulham, Pepe to Newcastle, Lucas to Italy, Bellerin to Betis & use AMN as bait to sign Teilimans.

    End the window with Cody Gakpo.

    Hopeful thinking but kind if realistic.

  3. It is impossible to say what a given player will or will not do, but, if the player’s agent is not a complete idiot, Saliba will sign a new deal if Arsenal play him. If he does not play enough to make the World Cup squad for France, he will not resign.

    Saliba has attracted interest from a number of good teams and his performances at Marseilles, nice and St. Etienne warrant that kind of interest. A number of Premier League teams, Manchester United, Chelsea, Tottenham, and West Ham could all use a player like Saliba; and athletic, ball-playing central defender who has the size, strength and aerial ability to develop into a world-class player.

    In Europle, Real Madrid and Barcelona are both going through rebuilds and PSG could swoop in at any moment and make a play for the future of France’s central defense. Marseilles have already been clear that they would jump at the chance to have Saliba in the team next season.

    So much depends on how Arteta rates him and how well the Spanish manager can rotate his team to keep his four center backs happy. If he can do it, Arsenal will have one of best back four groups in the league.

    Tierney (Zinchenko), Magalhaes (holding), Saliba (White), Tomiyasu (White)

    This group, if healthy, could rival the top densives sides, Liverpool:

    Alexander-Arnold (Ramsay), Matip (Gomez), Van Dijk (Konate), Robertson (Tsimikas)

    Or Manchester City

    Walker (Kabore), Laporte (Ake), Diaz (Stones), Cancelo (????)

  4. Then i’ll suggest you take whatever you friend says with a pinch of salt cos they sound absurd especially when you said that we can’t bring in a new winger to compete with saka claiming he will be sold when we were in for raphinha.saka and saliba will definitely extend their contract as i think money is secondary in their decision hence the talks of a move away whatsoever.

    1. Total BS, What has Saka got to do with Saliba, why are you waffling and that is not what was said and the context you are saying it in it totally wrong. Words in mouths again FK. Please dont waste my time, i have good information from someone i rely on and is very often right but what people have to realise in football, it changes daily. I dont want you to believe me, i dont give a fig, i will tell it as i know and you can please ignore it fully if you like but dont tell me to ignore someone i trust, especially comingfrom you. Please!!!!!!!

      1. Why would anyone believe you, when you are just reaching, acting like you have a good Intel when you have shit and for Arteta mistreating Saliba only haters can believe that coz if Saliba didn’t go out on those lones i don’t think we could be talking this much about him coz if Arteta didn’t sent him out on lone he wouldn’t have gotten that much amount of game time here as he did on those lones and you tell me he was mistreated surely you clearly don’t understand soccer

  5. Why should i reveal even if i do and mind you i’m not putting words in your mouth cos you said it yourself saliba won’t sign claiming he and arteta are not on the same page therefore unsettled and saka will be looking to leave cos he’s yet to sign which should’nt be so as he’s losing money and claimed he will be sold if we sign raphinha that we can’t have both were the words from you.

    1. Fk, yes i did say that about Saliba but you are wrong, those are not the words in that context what i said about Saka. The truth is whatever you think i said or want to make out i said, Raphina, didnt sign, Saka still hasn’t signed. The quote i said and i am not explaining to you because you are twisting it was. In my opinion the only reason we would be signing a player like Raphina in Sakas place was because he may not be staying because he hasn’t signed a contract and has got suitors. That was my open opinion, you do not have to agree with it but Saka still hasn’t signed, so in my opinion something is not right. I really dont get your problem, why you are twisting things to just get an argument. That is low, get a life.

      1. Then watch your comments cos they don’t sound like an opinion it sounds like you’ve confirmed it as you claimed earlier of your just have to understand that you like everyone else outside saka and his camp don’t have an opinion on who he choses to sign for and reason why he left it late.there’s a difference btw speculation and confirmation,mate.

          1. I suggest you dont read my posts, if you dont like them, in fact please dont, you dont like what i put so dont bother.

  6. Irrespective of what Campbell SAYS – which btw, is not always the same as what he actually believes , as MONEY is involved in him giving his PUBLIC views, and most of us are heavily influenced by how we can make more money – it seems extremly LIKELY that SALIBA is easily bright enough as well as good enough, to KNOW for a near certainty, that he will be a mainstay in our defence for very many years to come .

    He will also be playing in the widely acknowledged BEST and most watched league in the world, by some considerable distance. And best paid, lest we forget!

    Unless the man lacks basic IQ, which is plainly not the case, he would be crazy to even consider not signing a long term Arsenal contract and that is precisely what he WILL DO, IMO
    All other speculation is agenda led and pointless and what I say is what I think almost ALL Gooners will agree.

  7. I try as much as possible to ignore these comments but I can’t help to wonder why Reggie is being attacked here.
    To be fair I don’t quite agree with him too, and I wonder if the attacks is base on this post in particular or the previous comments he has made on this site.
    It’s a positive sign that Arteta and Saliba are working together now.
    You can try as much as possible to dismiss that there were not any issue regarding the player and the manager in the past but that would only be your own opinion.
    Saliba granted an interview lamenting how he wasn’t given a chance to even proof himself. Nobody made that up and it’s everywhere.
    After his loan, he made mentioned how he’s still got a contract with the club and he wants to show the fans what he’s capable of. First comments indicate he feels that he was mistreated, second comments shows, he’s coming to show the fans and the club. Most of our signing in this summer was persuade by Arteta according to the players, but nowhere does saliba granted an interview that the reason why he’s back here is the because of the manager or her persuaded him.
    All in all, it’s good that they both are now working together but only time will tell how long that will last. As most fans we all wish he sign and remain here for years to come.

    1. Thank you Kaay, i only passed on what i was told, i believe it and, for me it is also pretty obvious. There are some idiots on this sit just like to snipe, instead of actually having a good debate and banter. They spoil it. It doesn’t seem to matter that i said i hope they sort their differences out but i don’t care, they are not worth bothering with. Either believe me or ignore me thats what i say.

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