Campbell may want to leave but Arsenal must NOT let him!

It is not likely to get any easier for the Costa Rica international star Joel Campbell to force his way into the Arsenal first team, with our flying England forward Theo Walcott getting closer to full match fitness and his two international team mates Danny Welbeck and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain giving Arsene Wenger better striking options than we have had for many a year.

Walcott actually suggested the other day that this could be the strongest Arsenal attacking line-up ever, so young Campbell must realise that it will not be a simple matter to displace one of the incumbent players. He even said as much in the summer when his future was unsure and there was the possibility of him leaving the Gunners, either on loan or permanently.

But his agent was not too happy back then and he is at it again, as an ESPN report reveals. In fact the report claims that Joaquim Batica has flown to England and turned up at Arsenal’s training base at London Colney to try to sort out a move for his client this month.

There are apparently Premier League and La Liga clubs keen on taking Campbell, but if he has any ambitions of making it at Arsenal then he will never have a better chance than now, because with Lukas Podolski and Yaya Sanogo having already left on their own loan deals, he will surely be one of the first Wenger turns to as a sub or cover for the front line strikers.

And that is the same reason Arsenal must not let Campbell leave and why I think the boss has kept him. He may have started just three games this season but the young striker has made seven sub appearances, showing some promise, and he is likely to feature more from now on. Why would he leave now? And why would we let him go?

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    1. I have deeply appraise Campbell, sad to say he’s not really “Arsenal” material. He’s good but there just something off about him.

      1. Honestly these lads (like Campbell) are good but we need the best of them. Campbell has played on loan for different clubs but he only shined, in my, when he played for Olimpiacos and all the clubs he’s played for are not on a par with Arsenal.

    2. It beats my understanding how people complain and rate a guy who hardly gets game time…while they praise others who r failing”high flying” that guy has missed many one on ones this season and chamberlain offers nothing except running with and finally loosing the ball on the other hand Campbel for the few games he played was effective defending and not bad atttacking remember he always come on as a sub considering all that pressure

  1. I long for the title: “Wenger does NOT want to leave but Arsenal must FORCE him out” πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™
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  2. The problem we have is that our first 3 to 4 strikers in Wengers first team are sanchez, giroud, chamberlain and walcott. The only time Campbell will get game time is if either Giroud or Chamberlain are dropped or are rested. Atm Cazorla is shining in his CAM role so to move Sanchez or another player there would be silly. I dont think Wenger will loan or sell him, he will most likely give him some game time to keep him and his agent happy and still give us some squad depth.

  3. Can’t see Campbell in our team now.. Even Wenger has said it before.. “We need quality players to achieve success.. By quality I mean world class acquisitions” Campbell at his age need a lot of game time now.. If he ain’t getting any he ain’t gonna develope.. He is a great lad with lot of hopes.. Unfortunately he cannot get his chance here..

  4. Some players just don’t work at some clubs, and this seems like ‘Vela II’. He’s not 18/19, he’s 23 before the season ends and I think if Wenger doesn’t particularly fancy him then we’d be as well selling. Bit daft not to use his good WC to flog him for a few million more, but I imagine you could squeeze 10mil out a club for Joel.

    That 10mil would be better spent towards someone that’s going to help the Arsenal cause…or at least trusted to help. Whether it’s another rough diamond for cheap, or whether it turns a Destro bid into a Cavani one come the summer idk. Just looks like he’s one of these guys that seems talented, yet never does it for us. Wish him the best either way.

    1. We saw what he is capable of, not only in the WC, but before in his loan spell. He has pace, technical ability and pretty everything needed for a decent striker. I think it would be waste to sell him without him even having a decent chance to prove himself in our squad.

  5. Arsene has shipped out 2 strikers already, Campbell will probably get a chance here and there in the next 4 months.


    “We had identified Di Maria when he was 17. We wanted him to come here but he goes to Portugal and from Portugal he goes to Spain. Why? Because he could not get a work permit. That means that he can only come to England once he’s worth a huge amount of money.

    “What does it mean if, at the end of the day, he comes into the country anyway, with the only difference being it’s for a huge amount of money? And who do you pay that to? A club like Real Madrid, who don’t need the money.”

    This trend of almost doing the right thing from our Manager is becoming embarrassment. I think it is better for him to hold his peace!

  7. This is a great mismanagement of the player he should have went on a 6months loan somwere in the summer benfica would have been excellent for him. Now it’s difficult for him to get his chance he could end up departing due to lack of game time.

    The only way he can go on loan now is if we intend to give akpom and gnabry his responsibilities

    1. No it isn’t. He was left here to fight for his place and he fell short. He has looked miserable on the pitch instead of giving anyone a reason to continually argue for him. People here remember one UCL game and a few WC games and think he is some wasted talent. He might just not be good enough. Wenger seems to think he can knock something loose. You also seem to misunderstand what a loan does. He is not so young anymore. His best experience will be training with the first team, no if ands or buts about that. Any loan now at his age would just to get a player that has a minimal chance of playing off the wage book. He isn’t a prospect anymore. A loan won’t help him. Fighting and breaking into the team will help him

      1. would he not be in a better position comming back from a 6months loan somewhere in the premiership?

        For the three forward position we had sanchez,giroud,podolski,welbeck,walcott,santi played predominantly left am and ozil on occasions.
        (with Sanogoo,chamberlain /campbell and gnabry left to scrap for what they can) gnabry injury ruled him out of the running but with sanogoo as a spare cf and chamberlains versatility it made sence to give him a loan to get use to the prem.

        Podolski and Campbell deserved as much of a chance that ox got. But there not up and coming English or exceptional talent to deserve there chance.being kicked out of the carling cup too early also affected game time.

        With a six month loan he would be a ‘game ready’ replacement for podolski who we could of sold and replaced by a campbell with 6months of prem football behind him.

  8. Campbell always seems to me to have a fitness issue. On the ball and off it he has a fight and tenacity similar to Sanchez in many ways but he just seems to die after about 30 minutes of a half. He just doesn’t seem to have the engine.

    On the note of let him go, make him stay, Wenger needs him now as cover. He NEEDS game time though – and hopefully Wenger will utilise that. He is a great player to bring on when chasing the game or to switch for a Walcott/Ox/Welbeck when they’re tired. A few good games under his belt from the bench he might get a starting position. I’d say he has potential to be on par with the rest of our attacking force – he just isn’t quite as cultured yet.

    1. in other words u rate welbeck and ox ahead of him….ox runs brainlessly on the pitch all game and hardely hits the ball on target when he shoots. all i can say about welbeck is that he runs till he gets tired

      1. that is such a load of crap
        both those players do a hell of a lot more than that
        take the blinkers of and watch another game

  9. Yes, AW kept in squad to give him a chance. But he should be given a couple of starts in some of the easier EPL games coming up. Sub appearances won’t prove anything.
    He got to start vs Hull in FAC, and he was energetic, and committed but he lost a lot of possession and missed 2 good chances. Deserves opportunity to show what he can do till end of season, if he doesn’t make it, there are lots of potential buyers to give him a home

  10. After watching him mashing United in the CL last season, then I saw him stand out at the biggest stage if world football (The World Cup) I have no doubt the boy has talent and is a big game player…. The only problem with him right now is that he only get 5-10 minutes on the pitch if he is lucky, and when he gets a full game he tries too hard to impress, you can see that he is nervous and tries to play safe.

    Give him a run if games, The Ox I really like but he is so hot and cold, so inconsistent, he has pace but his stats are so poor, goals, assists etc, but he gets playing time no matter what. Ramsey, Cazorla, Ozil, Welbeck, Wilshere etc had been poor for most of the game they played, Cazorla is the only one that started hitting a bit of form for the past 2 and a half months. But non of them were dropped, they were given more time to build their form even if it meant were being left behind by the likes of Chelski and City.

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