Campbell names one player who should be in the starting XI on Friday

Kevin Campbell expects William Saliba to be in the starting XI when Arsenal faces Crystal Palace in the Premier League this weekend.

The defender has finally earned the respect of Mikel Arteta, who is expected to field him regularly for the Gunners in this campaign.

They signed him in 2019, but he has spent much of his time on their books out on loan at other clubs.

He impressed on loan at Olympique Marseille last season, and he is now expected to be a part of the Arsenal squad in this campaign.

One of his biggest fans is Campbell, and the ex-Gunner insists he expects to see him in the lineup against Palace this weekend.

He tells Football Insider: “It is as if he has played alongside Gabriel and Ben White for years. That is the sign of a good player, when he can just come in and fit in effortlessly.

“I expect Mikel Arteta to go with him on Friday which is the right thing to do.”

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Saliba will certainly be one of the players to watch at Arsenal this season, and we expect the Frenchman to enjoy his time at the Emirates.

The defender is still just 21, so there is a lot more to come from him, and Arteta will be keen to get the most from him.

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  1. I don’t think the lineup will change from the Seville match. I’d be surprised if he tinkered with that chemistry.

    Tierney and Tomi will likely have to wait to crack the starting 11.

    Besides, why tinker with a lineup that scores goals and clean sheets in the last 2 preseason matches?

    Think most sensible fans would agree.

  2. Was it a case of earning Arteta’s respect?

    I’d rather that Saliba can now almost walk into the starting 11 than not have had the chance to develop and get game time elsewhere. I expect rather than hope this brings maturity- football wise and mentally wise into his performances.
    I’m sure there will be disagreement over my view but that is how I feel

    1. Sue P, I am with you about how MA sensibly and correctly treated SALIBA. The foolish and relentless anti MA brigade on here are less prominent right now- they can see the egg growing on their faces – and fear the increasing ridicule coming in a few days from the clear progress(that they alone refuse to admit to) – under our dynamic and take no nonsense manager.
      I actually feel sympathy for their wilful blindness and complet inability to se what sensible fans have seen in fast increasing quantities for quite some time already.
      Personally, I can hardly wait for the season to start and predict a solid win at Palace, itself a difficult place for any team to win.

      If they have ANY remaining sense left at all, they will join those of us who have seen the light all along.

  3. @jon fox
    One’s criticism of Arteta doesn’t necessarily make one “anti”. He made a boatload of bad decisions that cost the team dearly in many respects and he was called out on them. No player or manager is above criticism. It comes with the job…The big difference between him and say Nuno Tavares is, Nuno’s bad decisions got him sent out on loan so he could hone his skills elsewhere, before coming back and being reassessed of his ability to remain in the team…IJS

    1. NY Gunner
      Good points you make, people mistakenly conflate “criticize” with “anti.”

      Fortunately some of us stayed with standards; whether Wenger’s final years, Emery’s tenure, or Arteta’s first 2 1/2 years.

      Oddly enough, some have changed their standards. For example, 6th and 5th with Wenger was sackable.

      5th (missed 4th by 1 point) and loss is Europa final and many were calling for Emery to be sacked. (Myself included with both Wenger and Emery sackings).

      8th twice, no European football, and choked ourselves out of 4th by 2 points and some call progress and manager gets an extension.

      My my, odd how standards change depending who is managing, eh?
      Cue the excuses…….

      1. Durand
        I understand your views on league position and this is something that frequently follows Dan Smith around.
        8th twice might have befallen AW if he had stayed. UE may also have finished 8th or worse in his second season if he had stayed
        I’m not trying to defend 8th twice on Arteta’s watch. I think there was no magic wand to propel us upwards. That period was about stopping the decline. Last season was about the push for 4th
        This season it is about finishing 4th or better.
        His most defining season so far is ahead. Make or break for him. It will be interesting

    2. NY, people dont like the truth, Arteta didn’t rate Saliba, he made a huge mistake, that mistake has come back a better player, they both have to sort out what happens from now on.

        1. Known fact Sue P. Bridges are being built and until then Saliba will not sign a contract extension, which has been offered to him. The fact is, mistakes are made and then need to be put right if they can.

    3. NY_ Gunner,
      Yoo MAY be surprised to read that I agree with the PRECISE WORDS that you write. I have myself also criticised MA and agree that he made many mistakes.

      But what I say, PRECISELY, is not that he was ever perfect nor that he never made mistakes; undoubtedly he has done so and will in the future, as all humans make mistakes, Guardiola and Klopp included.

      What I SEE and so do most Gooners by now, is that he has learned a great deal form those mistakes and has special qualities of leadership – which to me at least – were very obvious right from his start, even going back to when he played for us.

      I was therefore seeing the wider, longer and fuller picture and feel sadness for those who remain unable to see the widescreen picture and remain fixated on the narrow one.

  4. @NY_Gunner,calling for a managers head,calling him all sorts of names and claiming he can’t take us to the top and o an extent listing different managers to replace him does’nt stand for just being critical it’s totally ANTI OR AGAINST cos if your wish have been granted we would’nt have witness this don’t attempt to be a groupie.

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