Campbell says Arsenal fans don’t like to hear the truth after Lacazette comments

Kevin Campbell cannot understand why some Arsenal fans are annoyed at Alexandre Lacazette for telling the truth.

The Frenchman would be out of contract at the club this summer, and he can start speaking to other sides from now.

It seems he would not get a new deal from the Gunners, and the smart thing to do is to talk to interested suitors.

In a recent interview with Canal+, the former Lyon man revealed that he has been speaking to other suitors.

That seemed to annoy the Arsenal fan base and some of them have been calling for him to be dropped.

However, that makes little sense to their former player Campbell, who insists he has the right to his actions because the club has not tried to keep him.

He tells Football Insider: “Arsenal fans who say he shouldn’t play for the club again… What a load of nonsense. It makes no sense to me.

“We are in a position now where the club haven’t committed to him and he needs to sort himself out. He only has a few months left on his contract.

Look, if he is fit he should play. Lacazette has not been a problem all season.

“He is telling the truth at the end of the day. If people can’t handle the truth don’t read it. Lacazette is talking to clubs, what is wrong with that? If the club wanted him they would have signed him up ages ago.”

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Fans need to understand that playing for Arsenal is a job for Lacazette, and if he will not be kept, he has to find a new job or he would be jobless by the summer.

If the striker is that important to the club, we should give him a new deal. If that doesn’t happen, he is free to join a new team, and we should be happy he is moving on since he is no longer valuable to us.

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    1. @Shortboygooner
      And yet, he’s been playing for AFC for 5 years, which says he is AFC level…

  1. Watching two elite sides lock horns is always a joy to watch especially if you are neutral,you get to enjoy both sides rip each other apart…….i really enjoyed the game btw city and real madrid,fv××ing ELECTRIC AND MIND BLOWING.

  2. Whish at had been Arsenal playing for such high stakes, at, Fk. We can only enjoy from a distance and hope our lot do the business against a tired West ham. On the Lacazette issue, I feel that Campbell is again frothing at the mouth about nothing. Unless Nketien is injured Lacazette’s services will not be required this season and he can happily make his arrangements for his homecoming at .Lyon

  3. Laca performed at a better level than most of the squad during his time at Arsenal,Merci Laca et bon voyage.

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