Campbell says Arteta and Edu’s critics should speak up now

Former Arsenal star, Kevin Campbell has called on the critics of Mikel Arteta and Edu to come out and praise them now that the Gunners are performing well.

Edu and Arteta were heavily criticised for Arsenal’s poor start to this campaign after they spent so much on new players.

The manager and the club executive even faced calls to be sacked, but the Gunners appear to have turned a corner.

They are on a run of three consecutive wins in the league and have also made progress in the Carabao Cup.

After their latest win against Tottenham, they now look like a proper team and there is almost no one criticising them.

However, Campbell doesn’t want the critics to be silent and wait to criticise them when they play badly again.

He wants them to keep the same energy and praise them now that they are in top form as well.

He said to Football Insider: “All the people that were firing the shots at Edu and Arteta at the media, where are they now? They wrote us off. It was all, ‘They’ve spent the most money and look who they’ve signed.’ Where are they now?

“You cannot attack these guys and then not praise them when they succeed. Give them the same energy, at least a little praise. But, you never see them.

“It goes to show that Edu and Arteta know what they are doing. There had to be a change of approach at the club. They went for younger players who are going to feel the club and it is paying dividends.

“These players want to play for the club and they have a go. That is all you can ask for. Those players on the pitch got the 12th man involved on Sunday and the atmosphere was electric. That is a sign of things moving in the right direction.”

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  1. Far too early Mr Campbell, you should know that. 3 wins 3 defeats in the league is what we have (incidentally the same as Spurs) 10th place and hopefully getting better. I have always maintained i want Arteta to succeed because he is our manager, should we just forget the many errors he has made or should we judge on something that is an actual achievement. I have also said i dont change my mind with the wind like some, so i would judge more clearly when we are actually challenging the top four, which if we are progressing realistically, we should be right in amongst it by December. Recovery shoots are showing but flowers yet.

  2. I’ll come out and say he’s done a great job if he gets us top 4 ,where this club should be and with the money spent on players for mr Arteta,until then I’m not going to get excited because of 60 mins of good football out of 540 mins

  3. What bandwagon? Kevin Campbell is not talking about a bandwagon. He is saying when a person witnesses something good happen they should acknowledge the good that they have seen in that isolated instance, just as when they witness something bad they can acknowledge or comment on the poor quality they have witnessed on the day.

    I certainly agree that there should be no bandwagons until mid-season – positively or negatively. Arguably, however, after the first 3 games many had gotten onto a negative bandwagon and made up their minds about Edu and Arteta, this team as a whole (despite many new and other maturing players), and this season as whole (despite the quality of the opponents we faced after missing some in preseason, some to covid, and some to injury).

  4. Nice arguements. But I think most critics have a lsrger sample size of results(not performance which has been almost constant throughout).
    Let the run continue Mr. Campbell. Lets see more evidence that MA’s system, with his choice of players can be a reliable, consistent form of football. Anyway opinion has generally been positive after the NLD.

  5. I agree that it is too early to pass judgement either way but must admit that Edu is looking like a genius the was our new players are bedding in.

    I do note though that many of the same folks who are rightfully calling on people not to get too excited over the last three games are the same ones who deemed it okay to get overwrought and call for Edu and Arteta’s heads after the first three games.

  6. what an absolutely asinine commentary…you would think he would know better, as a former player, that one game does not a season make…it’s become increasingly difficult to adopt a more common sensical perspective in this world of what have you done for me lately


    That is why few Gooners will publicly admit their own hastiness in prematurely criticising MA.

    To my mind his purchases this summer have all been great buys and value for money, save for White as yet, who I predict WILL BECOME value for money, given time.

    I also believe that over his tenure as our manager MA has made many mistakes in judgement and a particularly disastrous acquisition in William.

    BUT he has rectified the Willian mistake and is showing better judgement by far now than last summer 2020 and during part of last season.

    As such he is winning me around and I GO WHERE THE EVIDENCE LEADS ME WHEN MAKING UP MY MIND.

  8. It’s far too soon to heap praise on either MA or Edu
    However, I’m at least hopeful that there are better times ahead albeit with blips along the way.
    I’ve supported him, been called delusional and worse , believing that he could turn our fortunes around. I gave him to late Autumn to show that progress was being made back in the summer. Time enough for the acquisitions to blend in AND for the group, plus Arteta and his coaches to be proving themselves. If that doesn’t materialise then it’s curtains for Arteta. I have always felt that some were too hasty to condemn but I will do just that if those recent improvements fall off. The fledgling manager is no longer.

    1. You will find that most of those of us who have supported him have not simply jumped in now to suggest that he can now do no wrong. Many reasonable fans understand that this team is still a work in progress.
      However, some of the criticism when things were not going well was quite clearly unfair and lacking in perspective. Some of the insults were downright disgraceful.
      It is interesting to see some hypocrites (not you!) repositioning themselves on this forum in case the team continues to do well.

      1. You’re not far worong David. I’m just waiting for a few more wins to see if TRVL actually praise the project!
        (One lives in hope lol)

        1. don’t hold your breath AdPat, as praising after a few more wins would be counter-intuitive if our present manager truly has long-term aspirations, would it not??? now if I see the continuance of what we witnessed this past weekend beyond the winter window, I will gladly have a rethink, as that would suggest that things are on an upward trajectory…until then, I will maintain my skeptical stance, as the vast majority of his tenure, thus far, has been fraught with managerial missteps and exceedingly underwhelming, from an “eye test” capacity

      2. I quite agree David. It was never going to be an easy task to restore our standing in the league. I was taken by Arteta and his intelligence. That doesn’t in any way automatically equate to knowing how to manage, but he had clearly thought about what he wanted to do. He still hasn’t proved that he can, but I am happier now that the new generation are replacing the old and they look up for it. I still maintain that there was a thoroughly rotten undercurrent operating when he joined. No doubt Emery could testify to that.

  9. Repeat comment, hoping the original one will , mysteriously, now reappear. If it does not, then this one makes no sense! But so be it!

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