Campbell says they can sign two new players if Arsenal offload this big earner

Kevin Campbell has urged Arsenal to quickly offload Willian in this transfer window because he is sitting on the wages of two good signings at the moment.

The Gunners signed the Brazilian from Chelsea at the start of last season on a free transfer.

They handed him a three-year deal, something Chelsea refused to give him and it looked like Arsenal had signed a top-class experienced player.

However, the transfer has been a disaster, with Willian making no sort of impact at the club.

As Arsenal struggles, most of the fans have turned on the Brazilian who looks set to become the next Mesut Ozil.

However, he now looks closer to leaving the Emirates with a return to his home country touted.

Fabrizio Romano reported earlier that Brazilian club Corinthians wants to sign him and he is interested in a move back home.

Former Arsenal man, Campbell has now claimed that Arsenal can sign two top players if they offload him.

He told Football Insider: “Look, for whatever reason it just hasn’t worked out.

“The right thing to do now is to let him go.

“Arsenal need to get him off the wage bill because they pay him an absolute fortune.

“If they can get that sort of money off the books they can move and shake and invest money somewhere else. That is the name of the game now. You could probably cover two top players wages with what he’s on and they could now sign two late on.

“Everyone hoped it would work out but it hasn’t. The time has come for Arsenal to tidy up their mess and move on.”

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  1. Corinthians will pay Arsenal a 3 mill fee
    to Arsenal over three years.
    Arsenal has agreed to pay Willians
    18 mill salary over 5 years.

  2. I know this as been said before on this site, but it was worth a punt on willian he seemed to play well for Chelsea in he’s last season there. But I’m not sure what sort of player he is, a midfielder? A winger? Did we buy him to score goals or create them ? I suppose he did neither to all our surprise, apart from that he did not okay…

  3. From ex-player to magician. KC will agree to find the next club willing to cover Willian’s astronomical wages for the next two years.

  4. As per usual, Fairfan is talking out of his ass, as it wouldn’t be difficult to rid ourselves of this Brazilian albatross if we were willing to pay his entire owed wages for the remainder of his contract…now, it appears as if, we would gladly take a zero balance transfer arrangement, if that would do the trick, but it’s clear that the stumbling block is that Willian doesn’t want to take a major financial hit, from a wage perspective, which is why he didn’t go to the MLS…he knows we’re contractually obligated to foot the entire bill, so he has to decide if playing football, at this juncture in his career, is more important to him than just standing pat, withstanding the potential social media onslaught, then simply banking the big bucks still owed to him…let’s hope that the call to the motherland ploy offers just enough emotional currency that Willian will lower his seemingly ridiculous demands

    1. Honestly if I was Willian I will do the later of your two scenarios. A footballing career is a little different than a normal career in that people get paid tonnes of money in the 15-20 or so years they are active. If during my retirement career I come across such an attractive contract, the coach playing such a wild tactic that I have to defend myself infront of media, then it is better for me to take this less risk more reward venture. MA doesnt even seem to take a carrot and stick approach with Willian. As for social media vitriol, I can just ignore the people or delete my account or block them. Atleast I am willing to do that much for the salary I am getting, lol.

  5. There is no way Arsenal are going to pay his full wages even over 5 years,unlike Ozil,Wilian is homesick and still hasn’t recovered from losing his mum,he wants to go back home so he will have to take hit/make some concessions.

  6. The Willian transfer is a blunder by Edu.No doubt its a free transfer,a three year deal and high wages
    smacks of desperation.
    Hopefully the gunners will be smarter when wages are decided and the players age

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