Campbell says Villa is insisting on Smith Rowe because of this reason

Kevin Campbell is convinced that Aston Villa is preparing for the departure of Jack Grealish as they target a move for Emile Smith Rowe.

The Villans have seen their bid to sign the Arsenal jewel get rejected repeatedly, but it seems they will not give up.

Manchester City wants to sign Grealish this summer and the Villans are preparing for life without their captain.

Villa has landed Emi Buendia from Norwich City this summer and they have been fearless in spending since returning to the Premier League, but Campbell still feels that their pursuit of Smith Rowe is cheeky at best.

He says it certainly means that they are prepared to sell England star, Grealish this summer.

He added that they are looking to get as many top midfielders into their squad so that they can be prepared to weather the storm when he eventually leaves them.

When asked what he thought about Villa’s pursuit of Smith Rowe, Campbell said via Football Insider: “How cheeky!

“Let me tell you something, that means one thing – Grealish is off. That is what that tells me. Jack Grealish is on the move.

“They are clearly trying to get as many quality players in their midfield who can unlock a door as possible. They are preparing for him to leave.

“By doing their business early they’re trying to avoid being held to ransom because if they receive £100million for Grealish teams will charge Villa a premium for their players.

“They have got one through the door in Buendia but they need more. Grealish is as good as two players. This is why they want Smith Rowe.

“Smith Rowe is going nowhere though.”

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  1. ESR is not going anywhere, Villa is day dreaming. He is one of our best talents, representing the Arsenal of the future.

  2. Adm Pat: FOOTBALL INSIDER”trying to avoid any confusions/misunderstanding are we?😉😂👍!

  3. Don’t mind them, they are just drunkers that keep moving wile making noise and cann’t give up on making rubbish noise.

  4. ESR is very obviously not going to go to Villa. That is plain to wise fans.
    Yes, no doubt that Villa would love ESR to replace the soon to be leaving (for MAN CITY) GREALISH. But ESR WILL VERY SOON BE SIGNING A LONG TERM CONTRACT TO STAY WITH US.
    So chill, relax, unwind or do whatever you want in order to cease worrying,. That sort of silly worry is for fainthearts but all wise fans know without a shadow of doubt that ESR is staying and for the long term too.

  5. No cause for alarm on ESR leaving, I sure know he’s staying put while committing his future to the Arsenal course.

    I agree with your stance Jon Fox👍

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