Campbell tells Arsenal boss which signings are needed

Sol Campbell has revealed who he believes could help Arsenal challenge for the title next season, in the belief that a top defender and top attacker need to be prioritised.

Our side has a hugely important weekend ahead, with a place in the top-four up for grabs for two of us, Man City and Liverpool.

We fell way out the race for the Premier League title this term, and will be keen for some strong additions to assure that are back challenging again next season.

Campbell has now named two defenders in Virgil Van Dijk and Harry Maguire for the defensive additoin, before naming three attacking targets.

He told the Daily Mail: ‘There’s been talk of [Karim] Benzema to Arsenal for a while. The manager Arsene knows him pretty well. I think he would definitely make a fantastic addition.

‘His movement, his strength, his experience in big games for European and domestic would be vital for them. I think they need someone who’s got a bit of nous and scoring prowess in front of goal.’

He added: ‘Up front, Griezmann is definitely someone who could make a huge difference with his scoring prowess and his movement. He’s done fantastic for his country and nearly won the European Championship.

‘I think the big price-tag might be a hurdle, but if he (Wenger) can sell a couple of players and push the boat out to £85million, he will definitely make a huge difference.’

‘And also going back up-front, I think the new guy on the block in Monaco, Mbappe. Bags of confidence, he reminds me… he could even be the next Henry.

‘OK, he has got a long way to go for that but he’s showing potential that maybe if you wait two, three years he might cost just a bit too much as time goes on.

‘So for me, the art of deal-making in players is catch them young and have that nous to think this guy is going to be the next best thing. You wait too long and it’s costing too much money.’

Could Arsenal really sign any of these attackers? Is Van Dijk a realistic target?

Pat J

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  1. Van Dirk is currently injured till the start of the season

    Benzema is just a bench warmer for Real for the last 2 season

    Mappe at 120m would be a fantastic signing and an intend to win

  2. Lol. The heading made me think
    Joel Campbell was telling Wenger
    to bring him back from Portugal,
    as Campbell is not wanted by Sporting next season.
    Benzema has been linked to Arsenal for the last 7 years.
    Higuain Reus and Varane are always coming
    in fact every summer any one who ever kicked a football
    is seen looking for houses in North London.
    Arsenal spend 120m for Mbape? Yeah sure. 🙂
    Mbape could be a flash in the pan like Memphis Depay.
    Iwobi has played just fine and remember we have the
    lethal Sanogo Perez and Asano to unleash.
    Van dijk is decent but not worth 40m .
    Nothing wrong with Holding Gabriel Chambers and Bielik.
    Look for Arsenal to sign Dumbklutz from Krap FC on deadline day.
    We need a new manager thats the best signing we could make

    1. “We need a new manager that’s the best signing we could make.”

      What a plastic fan.

      Being a football manager is so demanding that you need the strength of an elephant so it doesn’t break you. He’s so heavily criticized so often in a job that you can be so easily fired from that he has developed this backbone of steel and that’s why we the true fans as majority fans still thinks he’s the best man for the job. Wenger has controlled, for the most part, how Arsenal Football Club as grown over the last 20 years, from moving to a new stadium, to offsetting costs with player transfers, to bringing through younger stars. He’s been the puppet master of the club, and if you’ve had this much control for that long, people trying to make a decision about your exit for you, like the fans are, isn’t going to work. Wenger wants to decide when he will leave football, rather than let football decide when it leaves him. All the signs point to him staying.


      1. I honestly wonder what makes you think that Arsene is still an amazing manager?
        Did you sleep over the humiliating defeats we’ve experienced under Arsene recently?
        How come he’s amassing less points with a more expensive squad?
        Does a top manager lose 10-2 on aggregate against Bayern? Lose 3-0 against Crystal Palace? Should I bring back the 8-2s, 6-0s and the 5-1s to refresh your memory?

        Tell me, Jembut, what is your opinion on those facts?

        Best regards,

  3. Pointless interview Sol, sorry!
    Griezman and mbappe, Yeh right then!
    Also Harry McGurie is on the list, not sure about that one!

    Sign strikers from all the relegated sides, should get them all for a bag of Haribo each 🙂
    Negredo, Defoe and Hernandez on one year deals.

    I still say it we could get him … chicarito!

  4. On Mbape I think we are more likely to sign Lemar.
    Though if left to Wenger and the scouting team wed probably end up signing the singer instead, ‘is there any justice in the world’

  5. Guys Im from the future, Arsene will sign: Jeremie Hernandez, Michael Kroenke, Jan Requin, loan Joey Barton

    1. Adi, any chance you remembered lotto numbers, and what’s the story with Wenger contract, judging your signings he looks like he’s still up to old tricks.

  6. Good to see that the players are every bit as deluded as all us fans when it comes to shopping lists. Greizmann Benzema and Mbappe, and that’s only the forward area!. I don’t like Benzema as a goalscorer, I don’t know what nous he’s talking bout there. Benzema is a workaholic though, this season he looked a beast at times so maybe he would look good with Alexis, I don’t know. The other two, any of us would love to get one of those on his own. I agree with comments up top, getting a top CB who can do it all is essential. Too long are we falling to long ball and set piece tactics, it might not just be personnel though, so I’d do a Fergie and get in a defensive coach who looks destined to manage one day, and is keen on picking some things up for himself while he’s here. A top CM player is essential, we’ve looked in dire need at times, that extra bit of vavoom, we need it. We need to keep Alexis, this is as big as anything else we might do, prob bigger is the more likely.

  7. Benzema, Griezmann and Mbappe?

    Thanks Sol, I wouldn’t say no!

    Maybe should also get Ronaldo, Messi, Zidane, and some of what Sol’s been smoking as well!

    1. Perhaps you smoke a lot of great northern Californian pot, and perhaps you drink a lot of great California wine, and perhaps imbibing these things allows you to sit down and watch Arsenal and imagine that what you’re seeing is failures of arsene himself. It’s not.

      As arsenal fans, the problem we face is how to remove an owner who has shown no ambition, no commitment and no love for the club. He is the worst thing that has ever happened to arsenal. Not only has he been fleecing fans with the highest ticket prices in football and an unnecessary, counterproductive austerity period, but he has also started taking money out of the club; something he promised he would not do.


      1. We can’t even get rid of Wenger an employee of the club n you are proposing we get rid of d major share holder of the club Delusional, between Wenger and Stan who would be easier to get rid of? Pls tell us how to get rid of Stan as you say he’s the problem of the club.. in less than 20yrs Chelsea has become successful both in England n Europe while Arsenal under Wenger has become a Joke.. Pls stop this Wenger must stay campaign it’s no longer funny, if Wenger is so good n he feels he has done too good n he’s not been appreciated he should leave n go coach some other club..

        1. Stan doesn’t rank among one of the worst owners? sure about that? Cannot think of worse ownership among the top 15 teams in Europe. We’re easily the worst among the English top flight, which is cause enough for disdain. This notion he lets the manager spend what the club makes is absolutely unfounded in evidence. It’s a PR slogan of sustainability. I won’t even delve into how idealistic that is in the top echelons of European football. Football is a speculative sport anyway.

          If you want to run a sports team in a risk averse, profit guaranteed way with a minimum of financial commitment; don’t buy a ‘soccer’ team. There are guarantees in american sports- draft picks, wage caps , no relegation etc.- that don’t exist in soccer. Wenger gets discussed quite literally EVERY day, yet you can’t manage to broaden the conversation to encompass all elements of Arsenal fc. That speaks volumes on you, not about anyone able to engage on a wider topic. You’re utterly fixated with Wenger and any discourse that doesn’t explicitly reference Wenger or hold him wholly responsible is met with a backlash of nonsense as seen above. Your input is pathetic. How about you stick to posters who speak your lingo; let others who discuss Arsenal deeper to have that conversation without your anemic commentary.

          Deep down, you are fully aware of what an appalling owner he is and are as fearful of his impact on arsenal as I am. However, you are also aware of how difficult it is to dislodge any owner of a football club- particularly someone like him- and have resigned yourself to the fact that we are stuck with him. So, you are hoping that in spite of the dead hand of Kroenke, Gazidis might be able to manoeuvre something. He might be able to edge wenger out , get a new, young coach full of fresh ideas and we’ll still have be able to tug enough cash out of Kroenke’s hands to build a side that could still seriously compete. It is possible. What I do not believe, is that you think Kroenke is anything more than very bad for arsenal, and that with a better more ambitious owner, arsenal wouldn’t have done a lot better since 2007.


      2. Let’s pray to god Dangote buys the ba****ard out sometime in the next five years. Otherwise we won’t see more than top 4.

  8. So is taking a out his fifa career mode team, those are the players he’s targeting lol

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