Campbell understands that Arsenal’s owners will show ‘they are serious’ this summer

Kevin Campbell has claimed that he doesn’t believe the Kroenkes are willing to sell, but claims the Arsenal owners will prove their intentions this summer.

Daniel Ek has shown that he is in want of taking over the reigns at Arsenal FC, but our current owners are standing firm and are not believed to be willing to sell.

Dennis Bergkamp recently claimed that they were not going away, but Campbell doesn’t believe there will be any takeover bid accepted.

Kevin Campbell was asked by the FootballInsider if he believed the Kroenkes were considering selling Arsenal FC, to which he replied: “No, no, no. They’re going nowhere, not even at £2billion.

“I would love to get my hopes up and think about a takeover. I want to see the club moving forward with an owner who really cares but I just cannot see it happening.

“I’ve heard rumours that the Kroenkes want to show the Arsenal fans that they are serious.

“What better way to do that than in the transfer market. They have a big opportunity this summer, after all of the protests, to show the fans that they are serious. It would be very nice.”

It would be a huge statement of intent from the owners if they were to loosen the purse strings in the coming window, and such a decision could well get the fans onside.

This is all rumours at present however, but I would love to see the club make the necessary monies available this summer, as we clearly have strengthening to do at present.

Could the Kroenkes get fans back onside with a summer splurge?


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  1. ThirdManJW says:

    I wrote about this recently, that we must not be hoodwinked by such things. Whether it be a world class signing, a new manager, or yet another overly priced kit, we must not lose focus of the real issue here…which is Kroenke out!

    Really looking forward to yet more protests tomorrow, and especially interested to see if anything happens inside the stadium.

  2. CorporateMan says:

    Question remains: Is Daniel Ek the owner we crave to take our beloved club to the next level? Does he have what it takes
    I have my serious doubts

  3. Phil says:

    The interesting take on this is Arteta refusing to critisise Kronke, the Directors or anyone else with authority at the club. Of course Arteta wants Kronke to stay. He knows any new owner would be bringing in a manager to get the job done. Which is precisely what Arteta has failed to do.

    1. Reggie says:


    2. SueP says:

      I’d have to agree with you Phil but name me a newcomer who would be any different?

      1. Phil says:

        SueP- there are plenty of candidates out there, and it depends solely on how serious the Board are in recognising that Arteta “May” one day be a top level Coach/Manager, but he has proven himself to be well short at this early stage of his career.
        The Ajax Manager for one would be a huge step forward. Brendan Rogers? Why not? If we really went for him, gave him a substantial budget, paid his release fee, why not?
        My concern is Arteta not being able to learn from his many many mistakes early on and we end up playing catch up in October. The risk is far too great to gamble.
        Let’s approach the right person and just get him in. Because a 60,000 full house every week will very soon get him out. Just ask Wenger and Emery

    3. Jack says:

      Or, perhaps more realistically, rather than worrying what a new owner might do, he knows that if he speaks his mind, then he’ll get fired.

      1. Reggie says:

        If we got a new owner, we definitely would be getting a new manager and probably a new backroom set up as well!

  4. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

    all this rhetoric about the Kroenke’s financial intentions reminds me of that famous old expression about fool me once, shame on you…that said, can someone please remind me of the proper ending to the verse that starts with fool me 12 times…

  5. Tactical Gunner says:

    What mistakes did Arteta make in his 1st season he had over 31 first teamers, out of whom included a mole then the board were too slow in getting rid of the excesses..
    So if we are to be sincere with ourselves would any of your choices have done same within such a time frame.. Also lets not forget back room changes.. No coach would have survived not even Pep..
    now we are having former legends who haven’t achieved anything being jealous like they didn’t jump ship under Wenger.. Arteta is our former player, lets support him till next season at least.. Give him the kind of support given to Lampard and if he fails, treat him same

    1. Reggie says:

      But he has failed! His mission was to get champions league football back. Not only did he fail last season from a not too far off position, he has failed miserably this season. Failed in every way, we have gone further backwards.

      1. Roggers says:

        My friend let me tell you something.. I don’t think you are an arsenal fan.. ….the reason being if you have watched arsenal decline over the last 6 seasons then you wouldn’t make such accusations towards arteta ….xhaka can’t pass the ball forward… He can’t follow his pass only backwards… Bellerin can’t cross a ball… We have no number 10 …leno keeps making silly mistakes.. And yet arteta is to blame…. Arsenal lack individual players to carry the ball forward.. Eg carzola Ramsey…. Let’s be frank arteta has tried my friend…. If you remember the kind of football we played arteta’s first game against Chelsea in the first half you would realise he has been under wenger and pep… But he himself said the players he has can’t sustain that high level tempo so he had to improvise with the players he has ..we lack quality players admit the truth

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