Can an Arsenal Player win the PFA Player-of-Year award?

Can Santiago Cazorla win the PFA Player of the Year Award? By Twig

The last time an Arsenal player won the PFA player of the year award was since Robin van Persie which feels like it was very long ago. This season, the two Arsenal players who seem closest to this award are Alexis Sanchez and Santi Cazorla.

Understandably, Sanchez has won most of the plaudits having scored 12 goals for Arsenal in his debut season and wowing everyone with his tireless display. However, since the turn of the year, and after being moved to his preferred number 10 position, something seems to have clicked with Cazorla, and he’s probably now in the best form of his career. He put in probably the best individual performance we’ve seen from an Arsenal player since “Arshavin versus Liverpool (Check the JustArsenal Gallery now for the highlights of this game in case you haven’t watched it)” against Manchester City, getting an impossible WhoScored rating of 10. Thierry Henry said after the game:

“I said before the game that people were focusing on Sanchez but at the moment, Cazorla is the guy that makes the team tick.”

His performances haven’t gone unrewarded though and he has won back to back PFA player of the month for January and February. For the ultimate prize though, there have been so many great performers this season and Cazorla faces a stiff test if he’s to win the award. Aguero has been imperious for Manchester City whenever he has been fit and Harry Kane has been the revelation of the season. For Chelsea, the trio of Costa, Hazard and Fabregas have been in great form as well, inspiring Chelsea to the top of the league.

Perhaps the disadvantage Cazorla has is Arsenal’s league placement at the moment, where we’re in a neck-to-neck race with Southampton for 4th place, and the title all but gone. Secondly, although Cazorla has scored 3 goals in his last 6 games for Arsenal, all have been from the penalty spot. Also with the return to form of Mesut Ozil, and with Jack Wilshere resuming training, Cazorla might find himself shifted to his less effective position on the left wing in some games.

So Gooners what do you think? Do you think Cazorla or any Arsenal player has what it takes to be crowned the best EPL player for this season?


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  1. I don’t see why not.

    If Alexis and Santi can maintain or even improve there brilliant form they could clinch it. Winning some a trophy would be a huge boost too in the race for this award.

    1. Sanchez will attempt to play in north London derby against Tottenham

      “He wants to play, he’s so keen.

      “He wants to play of course. He’s very keen and thinks he can even defy the medical people because he’s so keen.”

      “I don’t know yet [if he could feature], I need medical advice on that and need as well to see what he can do in training.”
      Arsene Wenger

      Ohh Sanchez, our pitbull. Even on one leg he wants to smash spuds for us.

      I hoped yesterdays news were mind games by Wenger (I was thumbed down lots for suggesting this). I wouldn’t be too surprised seeing him either on the bench or even starting tomorrow. Whether this would be a good move or not is another story. Watch the space.

      1. I would not risk him unless he was like 150% fit. If Wenger had rested him when he claimed he was playing in the “red zone”, this hamstring problem would not have happened. Wenger really needs to learn how to manage his star players.

        1. As a manager you always have a decision to make: do you risk a potential injury to your best player just to keep him happy for ONE game, or do you rest him to give him the opportunity to play MORE up coming games? Every player has to be properly managed. ESPECIALLY the big ones.

        2. I tend to agree with you galen. Not sure what this “red zone” is – you haven’t got an injury but you are a little tired and increase your odds of getting injured? I am old enough to remember great teams using 14 or 15 players winning every trophy in sight, playing 50 or 60 games on pretty agricultural pitches. Modern players have gone a bit “pussy” imo. This rotation thing is banged on about but nearly 95% of team changes are due to suspensions or injuries – Mourinho and Ancelotti are presently playing the socks off a small group of players. Some players are up to it, some appear fairly indestructible – you don’t have to look much further than the 2 best players on the planet for evidence. We convince ourselves that Alexis has been played “in to the ground” – 62 players have more minutes in the PL than AS. 6 Chelsea players have clocked up more miles. I appreciate he plays a high energy game but so does Santi and he has played more than Alexis. Should we rest him? Eriksen has also played more but don’t imagine Poch has thought about benching him.

      2. Wow. By the sound of it, we may have to chain Sanchez to something to stop him from coming on the field. If anywhere tries to set him free, Diaby will trip them with his crutches or Wilshere will burn them with his cigarette. Teamwork.

  2. last season and start of this season i saw a santi cazorla that was uninterested, unmotivated, inconsistent…making comments about poss returning to spain, wasted talent bothers me , especially in arsenal red, wanted him gone.

    who knew! bloody hell who knew…so pleased for santi, obv happy for overall team performance but especially glad for him and monreal, got a hard time from a lot of us.

    1. Of course he was. Santi went from being the star of the squad his first season here to being basically second choice to Ramsey, Wilshere, and Ozil the next. The only reason he finally got some playing time this season was because all three were injured. It took him a few matches, but now he’s looking better than ever. And since he’s claimed his starting spot, he’s prob even more motivated to keep it.

  3. Sanchez is definitely arsenal best hope, Cazorla started the season too slowly. At this stage in the I would say that the three contenders are Sanchez, Costa and then Aguero

    Sanchez, performing admirably in his debut season in an injury hit Arsenal team
    Costa , Leagues leading goal scorer on 17, however his aggressive attitude could potentially cost him.
    Aguero, Was scoring goals for fun before he got injured if he recoups his form could easily overtake Costa and Sanchez.

    Kane will probably get young player.

    all in all i would rather arsenal won the FA cup, had a decent run in the champions league and had a solid finish to the premier league season. Prefer to see the team do well than individual players collect accolades

  4. Well if it’s gonna be anyone from our squad, it’s gonna be either Alexis or Santi. Just have to be aware of Aguero and the Stampede if they pick up on their shooting spree.

  5. Sanchez has a chance , santi I doubt. Realistically the fight so far should be between Sanchez and De Gea. Forwards generally get all the praise that defender and Keepers get ignored. I think Sanchez will win if he keeps on scoring and assisting.

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