Alexis easily wins Arsenal Player of the Month again

It will be no surprise to any Arsenal fan or anyone who has been watching the Gunners play recently, to hear that the Chile international striker Alexis Sanchez has been voted by the fans as the Arsenal Player of the Month for October.

In fact, it was such an easy decision that the 25-year old got a massive 90 percent of the votes, with the player in second place, Danny Welbeck, getting less than five percent and Kieran Gibbs in third getting less than two percent. That makes two of these awards in a row for Alexis and you have to wonder whether he is going to do what Aaron Ramsey did last season and just keep winning it.

A fit and firing Ramsey is one of the few players in the current Arsenal squad that I can see getting anywhere near the next award, assuming that the former Barcelona forward continues to play the way he has been doing. Another is our new centre forward Danny Welbeck, who started this month with a superb Champions League hat-trick against Galatasaray.

If the 23-year old England international had been able to build on that game a bit more, he may have got a much bigger share of the vote, but apart from his well taken late leveller against Hull City, he was outshone by his team mate.

Maybe this month will see Welbeck really pick up the baton for Arsenal, with the home game against Burnley on Saturday giving him a fantastic chance to get November off to a flyer. So Gooners, do you think anyone else will offer a serious challenge to Alexis making it three in a row this time next month?

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  1. Fellow Gooners,
    Please what does Alan Pardew mean when he said: “I think I’ve had most of the scalps as Newcastle manager, maybe except Arsenal, and I look forward to playing them.” ?

    1. I think he meant that he is the second highest serving manager in terms of tenure after Wenger. Or something like that i guess.

    2. He meant that he pulled off upsets against all the big teams except Arsenal. And that he is looking to change it when he meets us next time.

  2. Sanchez will be gone in the summer he has had big fall out with ozil and other arsenal players plus he is struggling to settle in london!

    1. And where does he settle? Manchester? Liverpool? Newcastle? You don’t want to be found dead in these places let alone live there. Munchen? Ha! Spain is locked now for him for the big clubs. Except Udinese he did not enjoyed a starting player status anywhere so I’d say he will stick around for a while. Especially when he has the chance to become Mister Arsenal (if he’s not that already) and be the hero at the club. We just need to figure how we can play him in such a way that the rest of the squad to also reach the true potential. Wenger, you have the floor. Please make it work.

      1. I actually wouldnt be surprised if real came knocking after next season if he plays like he has started

        1. Only if Ronaldo leaves Madrid. Other than that I doubt very much. But if it happens then we must sell for something around 80 million. Sanchez is three times the man Bale is.

            1. Yes because Alexis has a huge experience in playing #10. Sanchez is Ronaldo style, not Modric anyway. But as I said, ok, if nothing can prevent it then ask 100 million and sell for 80. At least we will not be known as a feeder club anymore.

      2. Manchester, London and Liverpool
        are exactly the same. Millions
        of people squashed together
        in tiny terrace housing enduring
        10 month winters in bleak brick and mortar
        wastelands. “But our slum is better than yours” 🙂
        Football a temporary escape from the dreary
        reality of everyday existance.
        Seriously UK folks put up with some shocking conditions.
        Gotta admire you mental strength.

        1. They don’t have the money in Serie A. Nobody is lending money to Italian enterprises these days unless they can cash in huge interest rates. There are few clubs that can afford Sanchez these days and they are not in Italy. Do you think we will ever sell for less than 50 mils ? When he just begun his contract?

            1. Definitely but not for this tag price. And they have to match the salary as well. Anything above 30 mils will come with a penalty in the salary department. Why would Sanchez leave when at Arsenal he is having a guaranteed 1st eleven spot day in day out for an excellent salary?

    2. On Thursday evening, The Metro went with the headline ‘Alexis Sanchez ‘is unhappy at Arsenal and has fallen out Mesut Ozil’’, headlines are supposed to be juicy. We make ours juicy, we would be fools not to, but The Metro continued in their text ‘the La Tercera newspaper says the forward is unhappy with life at the club and has fallen out with several players, including Ozil.’

      To be clear: La Tercera did not say Sanchez is unhappy with life at Arsenal. They did not say he’s fallen out with anyone, just that he wants more support from others.

      This is a continuing theme with The Metro, this week they ran a story saying ‘Arsenal begin talks with Napoli over £31.2m Gonzalo Higuain transfer’ and said they’d got that from Spanish newspaper Fichajes, who actually say Arsenal ‘might try to start talks’.

      Dan Aren’t you the same fool who came on here crying that sanchez is already a liverpool player.
      can you stop posting your b*llshit on here every time you believe bollocks and get your knickers in a twist.

      1. No you must be talking about another Dan as have never said anything about Sanchez going Liverpool i do not get involved in bullshit transfer rumours and by reading what’s put on here regarding transfers i suggest a lot more people should follow suit and just wait and see what happens instead of pretending they have inside info and write a complete load of rubbish!

    3. He has a 5 year contact with us. He can’t even p*ss on the door of another club unless we say so.

      Don’t worry.

        1. He was in the last year of the 3 year contract when he joined Barcelona. Besides, we cashed in 10 times more than what we paid for him 😉

  3. Well deserved Amigo!!!

    Very pleasing to watch him play and giving his all for the red and white. If only the only players could even show half the desire and hunger to play we would return our top club status.

    His a winner in my books and he deserves to play with a team which has a winning mentality and ability. Other players should step because as soon as he learns how to speak English he will be blasting at them for there lack for fight as the coach should do.

    His my captain and team leader right now and its not just because of the goals (the goals are just the icing on the cake)


  5. I dont know what you people are all about. Laurent Koscielny is our second best player and not a one half season wonder in Ramsey. So underrated so good. Laurent the Boss.

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