Can anyone ever again emulate Wenger’s records at Arsenal?

The last few seasons of Arsene Wenger’s reign as Arsenal manager was probably one of the most divisive in the clubs history with fans split down the middle over whether he should stay or go. In the end, as we all know, he went, and with him went a legacy that is sometimes forgotten and one that is set to stand the test of time.

Time is always a great healer and the legacy of what Wenger created is starting to be acknowledged, even by his most ardent critics.

Who can forgot those damning words from the one time Wenger nemesis Jose Mourinho, when called the Frenchman “a specialist in failure” but even he has now come around and admitted that Wenger was a one of a kind.

During an interview with beIN SPORTS, when speaking about what Wenger achieved, Mourinho said the following.

“I think a very easy way to remember is to say he is the last one of that type,” he said.

“I think nowadays it’s impossible to stay in a club for 15 years, 20 years, 25 years.

“So he is the last one. I don’t believe at all that one will be able to stay even for ten years.

“Now the players they come, the players they go, it’s huge pressure for the managers.”

“You have a good season now and then you have not a very good season next, there’s huge pressure and the tendency to change,”

“Also at the leadership level I think it’s much more demanding from the manager, and the tendency is that managers in the same club do not last for a long time.

“More specifically [how Wenger should be remembered] he is the manager of the Invincibles. If you look at Ranieri, he’s the manager of what I call ‘the miracle’, with Leicester as champion.

“Wenger had the team who won the Premier League without one single defeat and this is the kind of thing that stays forever.”

Mourinho is, of course, right, that is the sort of record that stays forever, it may one day be emulated, but Wenger was the first and that can never be erased.

The reason we are all so demanding now of Unai Emery is because of the success that Wenger brought to the club, in fact, it was that very success that destroyed him in the end.

The fans grew used to success at the highest level and when that came to a halt we demanded a change, and that is how Wenger’s legacy should best be summed up, a manager that brought so much success that it became expected, a standard that is now a minimum, and Emery and every future manager of Arsenal football club must live up to that standard or go the same way that the man that created that expectation ended up going.

And that is out of the door.


  1. For me, it was also the entertaining football, not only did we win (in the early years) but we won with flair and it wow’d a lot of neutrals.

    I’ll accept Emery if he plays entertaining football regularly, I can accept that we will not go unbeaten again and it is easier to accept the losses when we gave it a real go, when we play well and have to accept that player X was outstanding and cost us… Like De Gea did against us (not last time).

    I think Emery has done wonders in training, like Wenger did when he joined, I think the fresh approach will be just as beneficial in hindsight.

    My two complaints about Emery is literally how often it has been boring to watch us and how I feel he rarely hits the right balance of attack and defense. Wenger was too attack minded, Emery feels too def minded, at least has done in most of the games so far with the few exceptions.

    What I want from Emery is to maintain the balance of attack and def he has had in the last couple games and to keep doing what he has been in the training ground. That is the key thing for me.

    I’ll admit I’m not sold on Emery yet but my mind can change.

  2. Mourinho could be correct, but there is always a possibility that a manager would last more than a decade at one club. For instance, Pochettino has been managing Tottenham for five years

    If the club’s expectation is not high, the manager would stay longer like Wenger and Pochettino. I think Liverpool would also keep Klopp even if he doesn’t win anything this year, due to his managerial style

    I just hope Arsenal would not wait if Emery doesn’t show any improvement next year. Once he gets more pricey players, I expect more dominating performances in EPL and Europe

    1. Poch has been managing for five years as you quite rightly say and what exactly has he won? The same goes for klopp.
      That, surely, is how a manager is judged?

      So, despite the fact that both have won nothing, you believe that pools club and its supporters will be happy because of klopps managerial styles (along with the fact that they don’t have high expectations) if neither they or spuds win anything this year?

      Is that why the spuds are about to open a 60,000 plus brand new stadium because they don’t have high expectations?

      Our club did this over ten years ago and yet you say we are a club with not very high expectations?
      I’m sorry gotanidea, but that is one of the most ludicrous statements I have ever read on here!!

      What you haven’t told anyone, is your view on whether anyone can emulate “WENGERS RECORD AT ARSENAL” and that’s what interest me.

  3. It’ll take a good 100 years to match or break Wenger’s records. Arsenal fans are entitled sots, they don’t deserve better than a mid-table team. Arsenal will be extremely lucky if they get CL next season. Without that, there won’t be money to buy big stars or talent, what we’ll get is geriatric has beens and overrated youth.

    1. So who are YOU to say Arsenal fans are “entitled sots”(whatever that means)?And why do YOU feel we deserve no better than a mid-table team?
      And as for being lucky to get CL Football next season I would suggest ANY team that gets the two CL positions out of Arsenal Spuds Chelski And Manure will NOT BE LUCKY AT ALL.They would have earned that right and luck would be no part of it
      This transitional season needed “Glass Half Full”supporters.You come across as the type that expects success.Well PAL the game is not that simple.The Premiere League is not that simple
      At least recognise the position we are in as an improvement to the past few seasons and that we are challenging for a CL place nobody when nobody expected us to.
      I would take our position now over the other three teams mentioned.They all expected Top4 yet are struggling to make it.We have it in our hands to get 3rd or 4th position and that alone is a success even at this stage of the season.
      And finally how do YOU KNOW how much money we have to spend and who we will buy.
      Our youth set up is really working after years of investment yet you feel they are overhyped without probably knowing who they even are.
      What s fun person you must be PAL.I hope I never get stuck in a pub sat next to you:

      1. Well said!,not one pundits sees us qualifying for cl,still we are 4th with a new manager just 1 point behind spurs best team ever and a ;great” manager who has won nothing in 5 seasons!and we are still in the europea league,Chelsea don,t look too good either,sarri is not far from being sacked,he,s lost the dressing room still the media think both teams are in a better position than us,I don,t get it well actually I,ve got a pretty good idea why!

  4. I cannot see anyone emulating what wenger achieved not even Pep

    Although Emery has done well with what he’s got I cannot see the board backing him properly

  5. I don’t think anyone will ever emulate Alex Ferguson’s success at Man Utd. Wenger’s success at Arsenal however could be emulated. Whether it will or not probably depends on the club’s owners, both now and in the future.

    Man City were nobodies for a long time, and now they’re rated as one of the best teams in the world. No reason why Arsenal can’t be one of the best in the world again one day. But of course, it’s perfectly possibly it doesn’t happen again, like it seems to be for Nottingham Forest. Nobody really knows what the future holds when you look far enough forward.

    1. Yossarian, why do you think fergies record will never be emulated, but dismiss Wengers record as something that could be?

      When we were head to head with utd, who had the money to go out and buy the success, just as city are doing now?

      Utd always used to be the club that had the money and fergie was always at a big advantage with the class of 90 whatever that he inherited.
      Check out your history and see what club continually broke it’s transfer record, while AW brought in unknown or struggling players and brought the successes listed below.

      One doesn’t really have to know the future to realise that 20 years of continuous top four and CL football, let alone three doubles, seven fa cup wins and The Invincibles will never be emulated by another single manager ( just as fergies incredible record in the PL and CL will never be surpassed) at one club…our club.

      To suggest otherwise and dismiss AW’s legacy as a whim that the clubs owners can/could emulate sums up the shallowness and ignorance of some of our fanbase.

          1. i like what you said there, and i have a similar beleif…. here at Arsenal we make WC players we don’t need to buy them ready made!!!

            give us a guy with huge potential and the fans will be ecstatic, we are loving our torreira and matteo as we can see the potential in both becoming WC with us!

      1. @Ken1945

        No one will ever emulate what Fergie did! You can never say never, but very unlikely.

        Although Wenger is an Arsenal legend, his record could be beaten. 3 league titles (never winning back-to-back titles), 9 years straight without winning anything (not to mention the other winless seasons) and nothing in Europe for 22 years could be beaten. I cant see anyone beating his FA Cup record though, but without wanting to be disrespectful, its a third tier competition. E.g. I’m sure a lot of Arsenal fans would trade in a few FA Cups to win the prize we’ve never won…the European Cup. I love our Cup wins, but a CL win would count for a lot of FA Cups. Of course it’s subjective, but the CL is would be such a massive win for us, because we’re about the only historically big team left that has never won it. If Emery delivered it, he would automatically become a legend.

        I feel George Graham would have beaten it if he had 22 years. Let’s not forget that he was only one league title behind Wenger, he won in Europe, and like Wengers invincibles, he also gave us one of our greatest moments in 89. Graham did all this, in just over a decade less than Wenger as well.

        1. ThirdmanJW, we are talking about the actual achievements of AW during his twenty two years as The Arsenal manager.
          Not his failures, if he stayed too long, if he was sacked, his signings both good and bad, but his successes.

          We are not talking about the years he didn’t win anything, or the failure to win the CL (despite two semi-finals and a final), plus his other failures which, funnily enough fergie also has in his locker.

          If you want to compare GG’s tenure with AW’s, why not take away those so called “barren years” and look at the ten years as a more balanced argument?

          One less PL win…two less doubles…no Invincibles…and if you want to bring up 89 into the conversation, what about going to WHL and Old Trafford to win the title?
          Do you remember Bertie Mee going to WHL and needing to win 1-0…what that man achieved is certainly on par with GG,
          GG sold David Rocastle, Charlie Nicholas to name just two class players because he didn’t/couldn’t handle players who had style and individuality.
          AW brought these type of players in and we witnessed the type of football we always dreamt The Arsenal would one day play and that, as the author says, was his downfall in the end.

          Your thought that GG might have won the CL?
          I also thought that AW might have won the CL.
          The point is GG didn’t, just as AW didn’t and if UE does go and secure the CL, he will, I agree, become a legend in his own right.

          To date, AW is the only Arsenal manager who has got us to within 13 minutes, with ten men, against Barcelona, from lifting the trophy.

          As for the fa cup, it is the second biggest prize on offer in the English football calendar and if it was a third rate trophy, why was all the fuss made when we exited to Forest, or utd beat us this season?
          We seem to be the only fanbase that wants to discount winning this trophy and the only reason it seems to me that some of the fans do this is because AW has actually won it more times than any other manager in history…even fergie!! It doesn’t fit in with the AW bashing argument, that seems to be the only reason (you do explain that’s not your thoughts I concur).

          We can argue all day long about the “barren years”, but let’s put to bed the comparision of AW and GG, they do not compare in the style of football, the trophies and the excitement whilst watching both teams.

          Finally, I have to remind you that, of the twenty two years as The Arsenal manager, AW guided us into the top four spot twenty times, missed out on twenty one by a point and finished sixth in his final year.
          Is that in itself, something to be celebrated and acclaimed as Arsenal supporters?

          The “barren years” saw unlimited oil money, russian roubles, selling off star players to subsidise the new stadium, losing DD, having the worst CEO ever in gazidis appointed and seeing kronkie become the sole owner of our club.

          One day it might just dawn on those who continually harp on about his failures, just what successes he gave to our club and how, under him, it became one of the historically big teams, both in playing style, reputation and trophy successes in my lifetime.
          Our name The Arsenal had been historically forged many years previously by Herbert Chapman of course.

          I sincerely hope that UE will become the most successful manager/coach in The Arsenal history…the bar was set by AW, like it or not!!

          1. Maybe I missed the point? I thought we talking purely about records, so yes, I think a lot of managers could beat 3 league titles in 22 years for example. I think many could easily beat Wenger’s record in Europe. Much tougher now of course given how competitive the league is, compared to Wenger’s first 8 years when it was really only 2 teams that could win the league. The CL also being very competitive as well.

            But if we’re looking at the whole package, then yes of course I cannot see anyone topping Wenger. Because you have to consider the entertainment he gave us, the Invincible’s, and what he did for English football. But if we do look at the whole package, then you cannot just cherry pick the successes. The failures have to be taken into account as well.

            Since the Invincible’s it was 14 years without a league title or even challenge, 9 years straight without winning a thing, and an awful record in Europe for the last 9 years of Wenger’s tenure. I have no doubt that other managers would have done a lot better than yet.

            As you say, Wenger set the bar, but he was given an inexcusable amount of time to do so. Graham won over 4 different competitions, delivered in Europe, and all in only 9 years. In the context of our history, Graham’s win in Europe is absolutely massive! Wenger is clearly better than Graham, but Graham would have beaten Wenger’s record if he was given another 13 years in charge. As we all know, that was his fault he didn’t get more time.

            Overall, Wenger’s record can be beaten, but I don’t think anyone can beat the impact Wenger had on Arsenal and English football.

            1. TMJW, no-one is arguing about GG’s 89 success, but how is that any more “massive” than Bertie Mee’s success in 71?
              Surely he, as the first ever manager to achieve this, deserves credit and yet he is barely mentioned, so why this obsession with GG, the manager who gave us the title “boring, boring Arsenal”?

              This post was titled “Can anyone ever again emulate Wenger’s record at Arsenal”…so you ARE actually missing the point.

              If we want to discuss his “failures at Arsenal” then let’s have a post and debate that and compare his failures with previous managers, or even as a stand alone manager.

              I love this argument about there only being two teams when Arsene and fergie were battling it out, so that made it “easier” for AW to succeed..absolute BS.

              The only reason that those two clubs were at the top was simply because they had the two best managers who had assembled the two best teams.

              Just like city and pool today, the two managers involved are leaving the rest of the pack well behind them.

              The difference between pep, klopp, fergie and Arsene is the same predicament that UE finds himself in today…money.

              You know the history of utd and how they always spent big, the same goes for city and pool.
              AW and (hopefully) UE couldn’t/can’t compete with them on a monetary basis, they had/have to do it by being the absolute best in their field.

              AW’s legacy is not just trophies is it? It’s about creating records for our club…Invincibles, fa cup wins, three doubles, twenty consecutive top four spots and twenty consecutive CL spots.
              Wonderful attacking football, giants in every position on the field, a winning mentality, playing the game as a form of artistry and all that came from one man’s vision…Arsene Wenger.

              Presiding over a new stadium, having to sell players to help pay for that, bringing in players that graced the shirt of our club for all time, being recognised as the man that revolutionised the english game are ALL part of his and our club’s successful legacy.

              All this while our board was selling the soul of our club to an American, sacking David Dein and bringing in gazidis.

              If you believe that GG came anywhere near that, or that we will see the likes of it again, good luck to you. I’m really sorry that you cannot see the difference in the two men and their style of play.

              It will never ever happen…period!!

              I’m all for debating AW’s, GG’s, BR’s and BM’s failings, as there are many to discuss, can I suggest you write the post and “let the games begin”?
              If you don’t want to, how about I take it on, you might be surprised at some of my conclusions…up to you TMJW.

        2. Exactly. I was also thinking maybe not the FA Cup titles, but it’s certainly possible for another manager to win 3 premier league titles with Arsenal in the future, and maybe something in Europe too.

    1. Big Sam could! His managerial knowledge is light years ahead of anyone and his style of football is so free flowing it makes a football pitch look like a raging river! Zidane once said he met big Sam outside burger king and dropped his whopper sandwich in awe of the great man ?

      1. ???? dropped his whopper… more like a clanger ??
        A raging river ? jeez John it’s way too early, yet you’re on the boil already!! I think your colleagues at work are in for a treat today ??

          1. Haha maybe it didn’t happen but nevertheless it’s a good story to tell ? oh I’m not working today or tomorrow Sue ? so it’s al jazzers De Dubai this week or whatever they’re called, prediction time Sue ?

            1. It’s bloody hilarious!! Someone out there will believe it ? ooh a nice day for fishing then.. the sun is shining.. it’s pretty warm, I would say I couldn’t think of owt better to do on a day like this… butttttt I can – a long dog walk ?
              Yes, I wonder if it’ll be shown, have withdrawals, so I sat & watched the 4-2 drubbing of the spuds yesterday!! Beautiful!! And I even watched the 2nd half of Arsenal women V Liverpool women!! ? anything Arsenal related will do nicely!!
              Btw I reckon the score will be 5-2 to us ? how about you?

              1. No fishing either Sue I’ve hurt my shoulder I’d walk my dog but I don’t have a dog ? haha I hope they do ? yes didn’t they win 5-1 ? ? Did you see the Ronnie O’SULLIVAN programme of him in America, he was playing pool in VR with a VR headset and goes to lean over an imaginary table and falls over, hahahaha classic, that’s something I’d do ? I’ll go for a comfortable 4-0 win throw a clean sheet in there ?

                1. You’ve hurt your shoulder?! I won’t ask how ? it was 5-1 yes… always nice to see the Scousers thrashed ? was glad Germany won in the end last night, sick of hearing VVD this, VVD that! Gnabry soon left him for dust!! ?
                  I didn’t see that Ronnie programme….that does sound funny, actually is that how you hurt your shoulder, acting it out?! He’s brilliant & it helps that he’s a gooner ?
                  So I ended up getting tickets yesterday for the Palace game – absolutely buzzing to say the least ? was thinking about the Newcastle game, then these 2 popped up so opted for those instead!!
                  I saw on sky sports you can vote for buy of the summer window… and Rondon was included!! ?

                  1. Rondon scored for Venezuela against Argentina the other day he was very good ?? maybe a loan deal for him ? ? Since we’re penniless again this summer, we should snap up Daniel Sturridge and Moreno from Liverpool, not bad squad players plus Welbeck will be off on a free and Sturridge does have quality when he’s fit ? so a nice day out for you and your son providing we win you know how good Palace are on the road, they’re like Fleetwood Mac.. good anywhere they go ? yes and Ronnie is an amazing snooker player, you should watch that programme it’s very good ? I’m not because I can’t stand Joachim Low, leaving Bend Leno out ?. No haha not with VR although some poor sod died playing tennis on a Wii before, Christmas morning he must have been working on his back hand and fell out the window ? it’s just a muscle injury bit tender but I’ll live ?

                    1. I thought he was terrible at West Brom… wouldn’t say I’m a fan now… so what’s the betting he scores Monday night now ?
                      WHEN he’s fit… he’s on par with Wilshere isn’t he?! Wheelchairs are lined up!! When he played with Suarez & he used to do that stupid dance when he scored – urgh I couldn’t stand it ?
                      Well as long as Zaha doesn’t dive hey?!!
                      After you telling me about Zidane dropping his whopper, I’m going to question most things you say now ?? someone died on the Wii?? I clobbered my mate playing tennis on it once.. ?
                      I’ll look out for that Ronnie programme!
                      Be so glad when tonight is over & then it’ll be the big countdown to the return of the Premier League & more importantly the mighty AFC ??

                    2. No no our defence is water tight now Sue ? hey, you could stand it if he scored for us and annoy other fans like he annoyed you ? plus he could dance off with Lingard hahaha. You’ll be telling that story for years to come ? haha deary me how’d you do that ? well it’s back at the weekend, I know we aren’t playing but we can laugh at everyone else ? so AFTV are in Dubai where do they get the money ?

                    3. I am very competitive…. whether it’s on the Wii or anything else ? smashed in an ace, but also caught my mate in the chops ?? she didn’t want to play again ?
                      I’m relieved it’s back… Soccer AM, the early match then soccer saturday then the late game, then MOTD… the perfect Saturday!
                      The match is on tomorrow…. jeez who knows.. surely they must make a packet with AFTV…they’ve been partying with Deeney ?

                    4. Ouch! Did she forgive you ? ? Match Maria Sharapova can you ? nothing wrong with competitiveness, I remember playing FIFA against my sister’s bf one night (who doesn’t like football) played him 10 times lost 10 times almost smashed the controller lol still think he was cheating though! Oh, you like football more than I do Sue I never watch Soccer AM or Gillette soccer Saturday ? tomorrow is it and what time ? They must do, I think Troopz and Robbie are married they must have very supportive wives they’re never home lol

                    5. Yeah she did, I was crying with laughter.. she did see the funny side of it.. eventually!
                      Well I wouldn’t go that far.. although I’m certainly not as loud as her ?
                      Oh no 10 times? I’d have been really pissed at that & I’d have done exactly the same as you!! I have to put remotes & anything else launchable away now ?
                      You’re missing out John on no Soccer AM or soccer saturday ? yes but you watch a lot more games than me (foreign) you’re like a walking computer with all your facts, knowledge, names & stats… I’m quite amazed at how much you know & remember Albert.. I mean John ? just out of interest have you ever watched John Wick? I mean the film, not in the mirror ?
                      The programme starts at 1.10… kicks off at 1.30 ?

                    6. The scream queen haha I used to only watch women’s tennis game when she was playing ? I watch the odd game when the big hitters are playing a Djokovic, Nadal, Federer etc ? haha that’s funny ? he was bragging as well, I just wanted to smack him lol. I love John Wick why do you think I use the name cannot wait for the 3rd movie loved 1 and 2 ? haha yeah I was watching an African nations cup qualifier the other day Congo Vs Liberia I think ? eventually? Like 2 years later eventually? Hahaha

                    7. So John Wick isn’t your name? ?? I’ve been wanting to ask you that for ages, I was going to ask if you were a Keanu Reeves fan ?? all this time I’ve been calling you John ??
                      Ha thought you’d like the tennis when she plays!! I bet you just mute the tv!
                      Haha yes at a push 2 years… ?

                    8. Can’t say I’m a Keanu reeves fan as such I liked bill and ted, speed and point break.. hated the matrix though and Constantine ? speaking of bill and ted they’re making a 3rd one ? no it’s not my name haha there’s only one baba yaga ? my real name is Kevin ? haha no shes actually very tall for a woman she’s like 6 ft 1 too tall for my liking ? 2 years lol I knew it ?

                    9. Suzanne like Suzanne Shaw ? ? I can’t believe you thought I was called John Wick ? thought you’d have seen the movie ? I more or less told you my name when we were talking about DWW I said something about Kevin Costner and what a fine name that is and you said I knew that was coming ? I’m not the kev on here who has more inside knowledge of Arsenal than kroenke himself ? haha you’d have thought of something ? you ever seen true detective Sue ? The TV show ?

                    10. Kevin Costner’s name in DWW was John ? that’s what I thought you meant ?? you were dropping hints & I didn’t even realise ?‍♀️
                      Well I know now.. you’re Kevin (from Kevin & Perry go large ??) must say though.. I did have my doubts, but thought after all this time I’d feel a right spaz just randomly saying is JW your real name ??
                      Suzanne Shaw..? I’m not a blonde (& yes brunettes have more fun!!)
                      Are you sure you’re not that Kev?? Your knowledge on everything football is top notch!! ?
                      No I haven’t is it on Sky? Obviously about a detective?! ?

                    11. Haha no I actually thought everyone seen John Wick I mean it’s become a blockbuster, I’ll have you know it was between John Wick and John Rambo I’m guessing you’d have gotten the latter ? haha well I’m not ginger or a moody teenager ? that was the first Suzanne I could think of and didn’t you say you were a fan of hear-say ? ?? God no I have no inside knowledge of any football club that fella has more info than sky sports news ? it’s not just football knowledge as you know I watch a lot of TV I learn things lol but I don’t really read, I can read, I just don’t, I’d get lost in a book now my sister is a different ball game that woman has constantly got her head stuck in a book all she does is read haha. Yeah it’s been going since 2014 it’s all different stories with different actors, Vince Vaughn, Matthew McConaghey, Colin Farrell, woody harrelson etc it’s very good but violent at times ?

                    12. I’ll have to keep an eye out for a sneaky John Rambo on here… think I’d cry with laughter if it happened!!
                      So every time I watch Home Alone I’ll think of you now ?”KEVIN!!!!!”
                      You’re not a ginger ninja ?
                      Haha no not a fan of hear-say… nice try!!
                      Now I know why I’ve not seen that.. I don’t like the names you’ve mentioned.. especially the first 2… and it’s violent ?

                    13. You don’t like Vaughn and McConaghey ? yeah most things is violent nowadays ?. Haha yeah but I’m not blonde either ? but everyone loves Home Alone and I’m a real Kevin he’s a Macaulay ? did you ever see him in the good son ? He’s evil in it haha. I’ll be John Wick for a while you’ll be in for a wait ? if I see the name Lichsteiner fan on here I’ll know who it is ?

                    14. Yes I saw the good son… was shocked he was a little sh*t!!
                      Haha I may have an alter ego on here – Lichtsteiner fan or Suzanne Shaw ??

                    15. Haha everyone else has one on here why not ? I would never have guessed your name was Suzanne I thought it was Susan ?. It was good though but he’s like Daniel Radcliffe he’ll never shake off home alone like Radcliffe will never shake of Harry potter! Di caprio hated being known for Titanic he hated being a fresh faced teeny idol now he plays the tough guy role in all his movies or the sleazy stockbroker in the wolf of wall Street ?

                    16. Only first half then turned it over Sue I can’t stand that England team Gareth Southgate and that corrupt money bags FA! Glad won’t have to hear or see them until June ? haha I have an aunt called Susie ? lol hard to get your head around that’s not my name ? ?

                    17. So we won’t see the waistcoat until June?! Happy days!!
                      I just knew Pickford would concede, I don’t think he’s very good….
                      Haha sorry.. my Dad used to call me Susie – it drove me bloody mad ?
                      Haha I’ve been writing John for months!! When I talk to someone, I like to say or write their name occasionally… so my finger keeps hovering over J… but K is next to it.. ??
                      Seeing as it’s a friendly tomorrow do you think any of AFTV will be on the bench?! ?

                    18. Oh don’t get me started on that waistcoat ? and that atomic kitten song apparently Gareth still turns people on even the men ? cringe worthy ? Pickford’s useless just overrated because he’s England’s number one ? the fa are anti arsenal so I’m anti England Arsenal are my team the only team I’m loyal to ? haha did it make you feel old ? ? Haha bet you regret me telling you my real name now ?? Judging by that blud bruvas I very much doubt it ?

                    19. That atomic kitten song ? oh my!! Haha well he doesn’t do it for me ?
                      I thought you had a thing for San Marino?! Ever since you said that, they went from conceding 5…. to conceding 2… you must have some sort of Midas touch… that De Ligt scored last night too ?
                      Haha just take a bit of getting used to ☺

  6. I’m posting here Sue because too much scrolling up to reply ? he really shouldn’t do it for anyone he looks like a thoroughbred ? I’m truly blessed aren’t I ? ? Within 1 week San Marino are turning a corner they’ll get a 0-0 next time out ? yeah but I don’t what I’m talking about ?? it’s not that bad it might not be as fancy as today’s modern names but it’s ok ? it’s ok you can call me Al hahahaha just use John then Sue no point in breaking a habit ?

      1. Just not in predicting the lotto as of yet ? if I didn’t know any better I’d say you hate the international break as much as me ? I hate September October November and march for that very reason ? I’ll continue to call you Sue Just because you prefer that ? or uncle Sue if you prefer? ????

        1. Very true… not a millionaire as yet ?
          Absolutely Kevin (?) it bores me something chronic!!!
          Haha Uncle Sue…. I actually laughed out loud reading that ??
          Well it’s the worst day of the week tomorrow, but on a plus we have Arsenal to watch & a day off work… so maybe Tuesday this week isn’t so bad ?

          1. Maybe you’ll have more luck on fantasy football with Aguero and his thighs ?? haha your getting used to it ?? so did I even when I think of it now, I laugh it’s like someone called Sarah and calling them uncle ? he must think your a man Sue ? well if we lose Emery still has to go and Steve bould can take over until the end of the season bring in Gary Neville as his assistant ????

            1. Yes his thighs will bring me luck!
              Yes ok don’t rub it in ? I told him I wasn’t a man!! Haha
              Oh jeez GN?? They wouldn’t have a clue… although he’d be reunited with Mustafi ?

              1. Maybe he thought you were joking ? ? I know Steve Bould would be sat there chewing gum while we’re 7-0 down ? Mustafi having one of his many man of the match performances ? don’t worry Sue I’ll keep hush on the thighs ? well Sue, Suzanne ? im gonna retire Beverly hills cop has ended so I’m gonna try and make it to bed no doubt we’ll discuss our 4-0 victory tomorrow ? Goodnight Sue no bad dreams about The Razor man I hope ???

                1. Well Kevin it’s been a blast, once again!!
                  ?? no bad dreams for either of us ??
                  Sleep well…. until tomorrow Kevin ??? goodnight ??

                  1. Haha that’s not a bad dream that’s a damn nightmare Sue ? isn’t it always ?? got out of bed fired on tv, England this, Southgate that.. sterling that, TV off back to bed ? i bet you’ll forget sometime and say John instead, old habits die hard ? ?? don’t you forget to switch on Arsenal player TV today it’s make or break for Emery ? I’ll be on sometime today for your analysis, hope you have your mint arsenal kit ready ? hope you slept well Suzanne , Sue ????

                    1. Oh sod that hey?! No more waistcoat… sod Kane, Alli & all the other donkeys!!
                      I don’t blame you, I’d have turned it off too ?
                      I won’t.. going to make sure everything is done (that I need to do!) by 1.30… everything stops for AFC ? sit & chill with my feet up & Pepsi max… hitting the hard stuff ? I have my Lichtsteiner scarf out ready ? draw the line at the mint kit ? have a nice, easy morning Kevin ?

                    2. Haha I didn’t watch it Sue but seen the goals the 2nd was nice and nice assist from Ozil ? pepsi max… At that time of day you rock star ? I think you might actually have his scarf ?

                    3. Haha a teetotal rock star i must be a first ? karate kid 3 is on ? I make wimps into winners ?

                    4. ?? I’ve not seen that in ages!! So I guess if you get bored of ‘John Wick’ you could always use Daniel Larusso… and confuse everyone else on here ?

                    5. Jesus Daniels dancing in that club was super Cheesy ? was 80s club dancing ever that Cheesy Sue ?? Ah but it wouldn’t confuse you though ?

                    6. Hahaha how would I know?! ? I’d have been a little teeny bopper back then ?
                      Ha exactly… I’d be straight on it – are you Kevin aka John Wick?!! Aka avid angler, rocker, Robson Green wannabe, walking computer?! Haha no fooling me ??

                    7. I’m definitely no Robson green wannabe that I can guarantee you ?? haha I could fool you actually, I could come on here brand new name you would never guess ? yeah but you probably went to teen disco’s etc ?

                    8. Yes and everyone checked out my moves ??
                      Yes you could actually and I’d be none the wiser… although you get the gist of who you’re talking to… the way people speak, emoji’s etc ?

                    9. That’s very true you do ? unless you mix it up, pretend you’re an illiterate and have awful grammar that could confuse someone ? oh nobody put you in a corner then ?? I just stole that from dirty dancing ???

                    10. I guess your dance moves were more footloose than dirty dancing that’s the only 2 80s dance movies I know Saturday night fever is the other but that’s 70s ?

                    11. Nobody put you in a corner then ? love it, brilliant ? another lol moment!!!!
                      No moves now… prop the bar up instead!!

                    12. I plagiarized it, so I can’t take the credit for that ? retired your dancing shoes for a bar stool eh Sue ?? pint of fosters and game of arrows nowadays ?

                    13. Albert is back…. hope there’s enough room for your head ?
                      Oh no really?? Oh jeez… what on earth will fill your time then?! On a plus in about 20 years they’ll do a reunion ?

                    14. 20 years is too long ? I’ll be your age then ? so season 15 is the last of it ? I can’t imagine enjoying another show like Supernatural tbh it’s gonna be tough ? haha you know I’m joking ?

                    15. I have to say I do feel your pain.. I was devastated when Glee & Nurse Jackie ended… cried in the final episodes… I don’t admit that to many people ??
                      Haha my age indeed ? bloody cheek!! We’ve had this conversation before ?
                      Well lets hope you find another series, I know it won’t be as good, but it’ll fill the void… and yes it will be tough, but I’m sure you’ll make it ?
                      Haha I know, full of jokes you!! ?

                    16. I swear, when I read it earlier it felt like getting dumped haha but that’s just the way it is, nothing lasts forever ? well I’ll keep your secret Sue ? that conversation must have slipped my mind ? why am I watching champions League weekly ?

  7. Wow… you really do love Supernatural!!! ?
    Champions.league weekly… you’re getting back in the swing of things – for when we’re back in it next season…. imagine a Tuesday or Wednesday night… the CL music playing… yes we’d have to listen to Gary Lineker at half time but you can’t have it all ?
    Back in the big time ??

    1. Long serving fan Sue ? oh Jesus Jesse Lingard interview was on and and strangely MKH and we’re not even in it haha. I know getting criticism from Owen and Rio Ferdinand ? Well Sue prem back in 2 days your suffering is over ? I should be on before Monday night discuss the game, don’t you work too hard in the meantime ?

      1. Seeing old Jesse was enough to make you turn over then ?
        That’s a nice thought in theory, but I always work too hard ?

        1. No I actually didn’t Sue but he really winds me up with all that immature dancing ? well your in the care game or nursing game? I’ve got a mate who works as a nurse well he’s had a weird career change because he was a chef before that and then nursing then pharmaceutical sales thingy then back to nursing.. complexed man ? I know some eccentric people haha

            1. I have an old mate and I say old haven’t spoken or seen him in probably near 10 years (he’s an Arsenal fan) but he took eccentricity to a whole new level I could tell stories that you would never believe lol the Stuart little story about him would probably land you in the padded party room ? normally ? I can imagine it being hectic ?

              1. So I had a chuckle to myself earlier seeing someone replying to your comment calling you John ? did you know Kevin Costner is a gooner? Must be something about the name hey?! ? in reply to your comment much earlier, I already have a foam finger (from a Glee concert ?)
                I need sleep… been a long, busy day! Enjoy the rest of the week, Kevin ? not long now until the mighty AFC are back ? Goodnight Kevin ?

                1. What someone actually replied ? I heard something about that yes ? lol that was an unbelievable guess ? not long at all ? you too Suzanne ? goodnight don’t let the bed bugs bite ? ?

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