Can Arsenal afford to let Elneny go with contract talks stalled? (Opinion)

Mo Elneny had a positive season with Arsenal this season, and his signature is being targeted by a number of clubs.

The Egyptian has just one year remaining on his current deal, and while talks initially opened in April over an extension, those talks have since stalled.

Chris Wheatley, Arsenal correspondent for Football.London, confirmed that a number of clubs are eyeing the situation in view to making a move, with Elneny said to be waiting on further extension talks.

Our club has already seen Dani Ceballos re-join Real Madrid after a second season with the club on loan, while Granit Xhaka is believed to be closing on an exit away from the club also, meaning we are already down two options ahead of the new campaign.

Joe Willock could well get his chance in the first-team after impressing on loan with Newcastle, but that would still leave us one-shy in that department, and he would also still need to prove himself worthy of a regular playing role in the side. Similarly can be said for Miguel Azeez, who is tipped to get a chance to stake a claim for minutes also.

Losing Elneny would make it three less senior options in midfield either way, and I struggle to imagine that the club will be looking to bring in more than senior option in the coming window.

In short, I’m not entirely sure what Arsenal are waiting for. Elneny proved that he was a positive partner for Thomas Partey this term, but that he is more than good enough to hold his own for our club.

Could Elneny’s future depend on whether Xhaka’s exit happens? Does Mo deserve a new deal?


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  1. He should leave, we don’t need him. He doesn’t have the wherewithal to help push us to Top 4

    We need a strong squad

  2. I hope he is not going to buy 5 or 6 players Ronald Koeman did that at Everton and looked what happened they take time to gel Koeman was sacked

    1. Seems to me this new fella Richard Garlick is finally going to stop players leaving for free and 8deally wants contracts renewed when required with 2 years remaining. If a deal cannot be agreed then he will make them available for transfer. I expect people like Elneny, lacazette, Nketiah, chambers, Kolasinac are at that point now. Next up will be those with 2 years to run, like Bellerin, xhaka, Aubameyang, holding, Cedric, smith-rowe, Martinelli, Leno, runarrson, maitland-niles, Nelson, mari.

      Busy summer ahead for Edu, Arteta and Garlick, as well as for Ben Knapper the loan manager.

    2. Sir, these bunch of nobodies got 2 managers sacked (while one is jobless the other recently won an EL with a much weaker team on paper).Mikel is smart enough to checkmate these duds.
      For what Elneny does, me or my father in law would do much more than pass the sphere back and forth for 1/10th the costs.

  3. Whilst Elneny has a great attitude and always gives 100%, I cannot see him bring part of a top 4 side. Shame we finished 5th with Guendouzi and Torreira in the side so maybe they should be competing to be part of the team. Mind you at Arsenal 1 + 1 = 3, so facts mean very little.

  4. Elneny deserves a new deal. But he can leave if a good offer comes, because we still have Chambers, Maitland-Niles, Azeez and Willock

      1. – Chambers was Fulham’s Player of the Season

        – Maitland-Niles used to battle Pogba in midfield and Salah/ Traore/ Zaha never got past him when he played as fullback

        – Willock just scored eight goals in fourteen EPL matches for Newcastle

        1. What the same Fulham who got relegated, and you rate AMN with pogba, willock scoring 8 goals at Newcastle wow ,we need to keep those players we might win the league next year

        2. Don’t you think the problem is with who manages these players rather than the players themselves?

      2. 100% with you mate. I have no idea how anyone can think we could push for top 4 with Elneny, Willock, Niles in the midfield. The idea that Mavrapanos,Guendouzi and Torriera are good enough for a top 4 push also doesnt sit right with me.

        1. Mavrapanos is good enough and keep Elneny as he is a good back up. If Xhaka goes, big mistake, and we get rid of Guen and Torr it leaves us very light in midfield because the same thing will happen again this season and we will fail to sign anyone,

          1. Mavropanos is so good that we’ve transfer listed him and stuttgart are getting a clear run for around 7mil. Where are all the other clubs who should be clamouring at such a 7mil bargain?

            Xhaka always was underrated but for what Arteta wants to do and with 2 years left on contract I see the logic in cashing in with so many good options available.

            Torreira hates the UK, his family haven’t settled. Everything else is irrelevant at that point so good luck to him. He was upfront about it and didn’t try to force anything either.

            Guendouzi has attitude problems. We got him cheap because his Ligue 2 club had forced him to train with the reserves after falling out with the manager, sound familiar?

            Elneny has 1 year left so unless he signs a new contract given he has suitors we have to sell. Lokonga arriving cheap makes this all the more likely.

            At CB mavro is irrelevant even without Ben White we have cover and White seems highly likely. In midfield we’d still have smith-rowe, Partey and willock. White can play DM and Lokonga is a DM from the likely signing rumours. We are 100% signing a cam and with Xhaka going I expect another deeper player neves/bissouma etc. Honestly would not be surprised to see a 4th cm turn up from the cheaper attacking ones Aouar, Fekir, Brandt, Calhanoglu etc. and willock loaned or sold.

            Whatever we won’t be light in midfield. This analysis ignored the sale of AMN or the fact that Chambers can play DM or Saka play as an 8/10 in a crisis as well.

      3. Thomo, supporters should be “pining” for an Arsenal, whose players played with professional and personal pride, for the badge and the Club win, draw or lose.
        If Joe Willock was a Newcastle United player, whose goals had single handedly lifted them out of the relegation zone, people on JA would be crying out for his signature.
        I would have no issue on “pinning my hopes” on Joe Willock as a box to box midfielder, AMN as a RB or Calum Chambers as a utility player covering CB, RB and DM in the Arsenal squad.

      1. Wow I didn’t know. So Arsenal could potentially lose him soon, unless Transfermarkt is wrong about his contract expiry date

  5. Sean Arteta will not give them a second chance He only wants his players that is why Saliba is history

  6. I hope he stays, because it’ll be tough to find a better squad player than him, plus we’re already desperately short in central midfield.

  7. We need quality not mediocrity, Elnenny is a nice man but never going to take us anywhere. Plus for him he needs regular football at a midtable team or not so physical league than the prem.

  8. Time for him to move on along with Xhaka, Torreria, Guendouzi and AMN.We need to revamp our midfield if we are to improve on our poor showing last season.Strengthening this area should be our priority this transfer window.

  9. It would be interesting to compare Elneny’s stats with those of the expensive, highly paid but underwhelming Thomas Partey. I wouldn’t be surprised if Eneny was better value for money, by a wide margin.

    1. RFrancis, why has such a well credentialled, respected player like Thomas Partey dropped in form just by coming to Arsenal?
      Let’s see next season, before we give up on him.

      1. The 45M release clause or whopping 185pw question! TP is a fan favorite so on one is concerned. I would rather spend 60pw on the low-maintenance, no-drama Elneny.

  10. IN:


    Promote Azeez to 1st team


    El Neny

    1. We’re not getting 3 for sure. I would take Lokonga and Neves, keep one of the others. I like torriera, but arteta seemed to dislike him before he arrived, and elneny is next on the list. If elneny is ok being a squad player he is solid in several positions.
      AMN is tough. I would love to see him get a chance in midfield but I don’t see training. I don’t know if he gets chances there in training or what. What I’ve seen on loan is positive and he is also decent backup in several positions. But he’s also at the age where he really needs to play a lot or leave.

  11. A far more pertinent question for Patrick to ask, as ever, would be this: CAN AFC AFFORD NOT TO GET ELNENY OUT OF OUR CLUB THIS SUMMER? To which the plain answer is, NO WE CANNOT!

    The thought of this substandard player still being at Arsenal next season is deeply depressing. I expect him to leave and pray I am right.

    1. Jon, perhaps it is a case of him being substandard in a couple of years after a couple of cycles of good transfer business? He may be one of those players to keep around until we are in a better position.

      1. Stewart, Sometimes in life, in fact almost always, you need to cut to the chase and the bottom line is that Elneny is nowhere near even the bottom level of standard we need to improve the team. He was a bad buy . Not esp expensive admittedly but just not good enough. Not even near!

        Yes, his attitude and work rate are good I quite agree but the CENTRAL fact that dwarfs all others in importance is that he is just a rank poor player. That should never be overlooked by lesser points being made. I like to tell it straight, just as it is, with no red herring caveates to distract from that plain truth.

        1. Exactly. If he played for a bottom mid table club, he wouldn’t stand out. Didnt stand out in Turkey, doesnt stand out for us. What is there to debate honestly. WIth less games this season too he is espescially surplus.

  12. A lot depends on what else happens. Depending on how many people move, having an enthusiastic person who will do what is asked can be valuable. He was better this year. Sometimes attitude is important.

    If we have the necessary coverage (and only playing in England makes it easier) then maybe he can be sold and the money can be used elsewhere.

    Without seeing the big board with the plan it is hard to decide on many of our people – the decision is contingent on who is coming in and who else is going out.

    Add all the rumours up and then think about the cash and we could end up with 8 players or 80 🙂

  13. we nd to trst MA, coz even super AW ddnt cme to AFC and wn direct but nw he’s our legend coz he ws trstd.wrng family?

    1. Let’s hope not; a position that clearly did not need filling.

      If it is true, Edu is a “yes man” and little else. Perhaps remind Arteta that Arsenal spent over £50 million on Saliba and Gabriel.

      Perhaps do his job and improve current players rather than wasting money unnecessarily.

    2. Except Ben white is coming to partner Partey as a DM which he can very well, otherwise I don’t see or get d need for his transfer

  14. I can’t for the life of me see where arteta is taking AFC … but it’s not to the heights of European football … what happens to elneny is minor issue .. a quality RB is far more urgent than another CB … along with a ball playing DM and a quality AM … at the moment looks like we will kick off with fragmented team which could get badly stung in opener

    1. It’s frustrating and quite frankly depressing to think of Arteta still being an Arsenal manager. I’m losing interest in football gradually. Look at the joke of a transfer window as well. Seeing the poor season we just had. We should be the first to act in the window and not bidding for players we don’t need.

      1. my interest hasn’t waned. I’m just watching better sides more. Arteta does not play entertaining football. Have to get my fix somewhere.

  15. It’s interesting that many commenters above want him gone. They don’t even want him as a squad player

    The whole squad can’t be off 1st class quality

    As a squad player Eleny can be quite more than useful

    1. 👍 Stephanie, the problem with Elneny is Afcon; he won’t be around when Arsenal need him most, when Partey and maybe Bissouma are absent. Willock will be available as box to box midfielder and a second non African midfielder would be handy.

    2. we aren’t playing the extra europa league games. he’s not needed as much. Let him go and give chances to players like Azeez instead.

  16. Moving him depends on many things.
    1. Is Xhaka,vLucas T. and Matteo G. moving out, we assume yes.
    2. With 3 players moving out, it may introduce some stability to have a familiar player in the position as backup besides Partey.
    A. We so not know how the new player would adapt especially if he comes out of the top 4-5 leagues (PL, la liga, Seria A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1). With due respect to others, except from top teams, level difference is significant.
    B. If the new player or Partey gets injured, it will leave us with untested players (within Arsenal at least)
    C. It will be difficult to buy 2 in the same position, we have other concerns
    3. How much would he bring if we sold him now or if he renewed and we tried to sell next year, when he hits 30. He is currently at his highest value 10M € (8M £)
    4. How ready and willing to stay, all the players who can fill the position, AMN, Willock, Chambers (if we bring a right back, or Bellerin stayed), and any other Academy player, because there is a lot of uncertainity and this is not good.

    My assessment of him as a player:
    – tackling, afainst superior opposition
    – unwilling to take the risk in passes

    – positive in dressing room, willing to be a squad player without poisining the environment
    – long range shooter
    – passes well under pressure
    – moves well off ball to show to his teammate
    – presses well high upfield when team has possession
    – Mostly available، hardworker, does not needs time to adapt, and plays better with gaining confidence and he seems to have gained that. He is willing to renew contract.

    If Xhaka, Lucas T., Matteo G, AMN, Willock, Chambees and Bellerin are going (like some people calls/speculate), he stays (he won’t bring much anyways). We cannot sell half a team of regulars and bring new players, it rarely works and it is unlikely to work with MA.

    1. Ba, Your positives are highly rosy eyed. You would make a good agent and make Elneny sound like some kind of all action dynamo. He cost Arsenal five million pounds. Wegner bought him because he was cheap and needed cover for his injury prone stars. He then gave him minimal playing time because there was nothing there. We knew the game was lost whenever Wegner decided to give Elneny a run in the 83rd minute.On loan,no club in Turkey wanted to sign him permanently. Except as a cult mascot what long term purpose does he offer?

      1. Hi Joe, thanks for replying.
        I like to see a positive side in any Arsenal player as a supporter, and he stepped up massively last season. Two seasons ago, I would have been more negative.
        It will always be difficult to sell players to Turkish clubs due to player wages, 65k is high to their standard and 10 M euros are also high. They mostly do not have that finance.
        My point, you cannot get much from selling him, he is not complaining to be on bench, he is not on a high wage in Arsenal standard, it would do no harm to keep him as backup to the end of his contract if you want to cash on others.
        His cons are what a defensive midfield player must have unforunately.
        I am not saying he is Xavi but he can fill in when needed in some games. We cannot sell everyone. Footballing wise, I want to see AMN, Chambers (if a RB is brought in) in no 6 and Willock in no.8 and probably more upfield.
        I hope that clears it.

  17. I think RFrancis made a decent point last night, if I am going purely on performances last season and nothing else I would say that Elneny was a better player than Partey

    I am certainly not giving up on Partey, pointless anyway as he is going nowhere, but I have to say I was disappointed with what I saw of him last season, we needed somebody in that midfield to have an immediate impact but he didn’t do that

    As for Elneny “Deal or No Deal”?, not too bothered either way, if he has another year on his current contract we could use him in the squad for the coming season but he is not exactly one for the future

    1. Maybe Partey playing poorly had something to do with the coach’s tactics. Because I don’t understand how a Joe willock was at arsenal for months, couldn’t score goals, got to Newcastle and became a Ronaldo playing the same opponents. How an aubameyang just isn’t interested anymore or how a willian, who was arguably chelsea’s player of the season before he came suddenly forgets how to play football or a Partey who was unplayable by athletico who were seriously hurt that he left, suddenly became poor. One thing unifies all of this mishaps, the same coach manages them all. Coincidence? I think not.

  18. Useful squad player. Not an expensive signing Arsenal have got their money’s worth on him. Even if he were to leave on a free after this season it certainly wouldn’t be a big deal. Keep him unless there’s a worthwhile offer.

  19. The topic was/is Elneny Kstix, I was just saying based on what I saw last season Elneny performed better than Partey in my opinion

    They were both working for Arteta so that didn’t factor in my reckoning

  20. Not needed. Not in extra competitions either. So give the chances to Azeez instead. Elneny has never been more than just okay. A few good performances a season and people vastly overrate him. The entire time he’s been with us he has never been linked with a single significant club which tells you everything.

  21. Just buy Bissouma and we can kiss Elneny goodbye, OR
    Keep Elneny and Kiss Xhaka goodbye
    Sadly, I would rather keep Xhaka.

    However, since we are so flush with money (Christ, was that a pig just flew past my window), we could also buy a certain Italian midfielder named Locatelli from Sassuolo and let Elneny and Xhaka go.

    Wouldn’t that be a turn up for the books.

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