Can Arsenal afford to lose Aaron Ramsey?

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has stated his confidence in sealing a deal to keep Aaron Ramsey beyond his current contract.

The Welsh international is inside the final 18 months of his playing deal, and is believed to be in line for a wage hike, with the midfielder having become an integral part of our side in recent seasons.

An offer is believed to have been put on the table for the 27 year-old, but he doesn’t appear to be willing to accept the current terms, and Wenger is remaining confident that a deal will be struck regardless.

Arsene said: “We are communicating. I’m confident.

“He is not at the end of his contract. He has one-and-a-half years to go.

“We want him to stay because he is one of the guys who has been here for a long time and will be an important player in the future for the club.

“We want the players to be happy to play for the club.

“The players who want to stay here play for the club with the way we want to play football, and with the values we think are important for us, and with the right amount of money we want to pay them.

“All the three have to be together. He’s an important player for me and for the club.”

Can Arsenal afford to lose Ramsey? Is he more important to the team than people realise?

Pat J

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  1. I don’t think anyone is irreplaceable (hey Sanchez) he has his inconsistent spells, but when he’s on it, he’s really on it! I reckon he’ll stay

  2. Injury prone, only one good season at Arsenal in a decade…yes I think we can afford to lose him! We need a major overhaul in the summer, starting with the manager, and Ramsey should also go.

    1. were also likely losing Wilshere so that leaves us with only Xhaka, Elneny and Ozil as our only midfielders. And you also want to rehaul the entire team which will cost a ton of money and we are already in dire need of dealing with other positions. Club needs to keep either Ramsey or Wilshere and it’s obvious which one should be kept. (Hint: It’s not the guy whose username your initials end with)

  3. Goalscoring attacking midfielders are few and far between and a number of top European and Premier League sides would be interested in Ramsay should be become available..Arsenal should do what they can go persuade him to extend his contract.When fit he is a major asset for Arsenal.

    1. Grandad

      Your last paragraph about his fitness is my only worry and that is why i will say we can afford to lose him, we have lost far better players
      If he can stay fit for a considerable amount of time with no injuries to disrupt his momentum, he is great asset as his skill set is unique compared to other midlfielders we have

      1. He probably misses an average of two months every season. That’s really not too horrible and we’ve had worse. (wilshere, rosicky, Diaby etc.) Ramsey has contributed directly to goals about the same amount as Ozil. Having a midfielder that is capable of scoring goals consistently is actually becoming a pretty hard find. Ramsey doesn’t get the crowd going like other Arsenal players do but he’s very useful

  4. I don’t know who we can and can not afford to lose. Once we have a new manager we can see what he can do with our players. Look at Ox after less than 1 season under a new manager. Today, as it stands I don’t find Ramsey irreplaceable. He has good games but he is sloppy and undisciplined and has too many games with very little impact. This can be related to Wenger and what Wenger asks of him.

    I look forward, if the day ever comes, to see what a new manager can do with our players in terms of improving them. Can you imagine a Nelson or a Bellerin under Pep?

      1. From what I have seen from Ox, his positioning has improved, his defense has improved and IMO the timing of his runs or the moments he chooses to make a move.

        But more importantly, I find Ramsey’s contribution over the last few seasons too light even if he has scored a few goals in the last few games. That should not be enough to make the Arsenal mistake of overpaying an average player.

    1. Ox is at long last with a manager who knows how to use him and who trusts him. Were I in his shoes, I would also have insisted on leaving while Wenger was manager.A young talented player is clearly ENTITLED TO EXPECT HE BE PROPERLY COACHED AND PROPERLY USED. He clearly knew Wenger would never do either, so correctly and shrewdly , opted for a proper manager at a fast improving club, even for less money than we offered him to stay. I wish him well and thanks to Wenger , we have lost a valuable , good English player. But who is surprised? Not me!

  5. everyone who leaves our club finds himself in difficulties. no one is bigger then arsenal fc. if he likes to leave its up to him. gooner = forever

  6. Ramsey, sign dat dot lines before I finish my typing this, OR else…

    Since we like taking advantage of clubs in problems by poaching their players, can we sign Martin’s Indi from Stokes City to do our defensive midfield job only ?

  7. U mean to barcelona …. Watched this stupid movie before … But the simple answer is yes .. There are way better options out there

    1. Rkw
      That’s right I almost forgot about Barcelona. I’m sure he’s just waiting on that call, hence the delay in contract, lol

  8. Can Arsenal afford to pay Massive wages to an injury prone player? Why is Ramsey not being offered a pay as you play contract based on his injury record?

    He can go IMHO, better out there, cheaper, and less injury prone.

    I say let the new manager make those decisions.
    I’m so glad Auba starting and not Giroud, mkh not Walcott, (i know mkh for sanchez, i know).

    So far so good with player aquisitions in my opinion. Now GK, CB, DM, and a true winger would be nice. If Wilshire and Ramsey leave then new CM; Meyer maybe?

  9. One and half year left on his contract means Arsenal should make the decision at the end of this season, because time will fly very fast. We would not want Ramsey to blackmail Arsenal with obscene salary request like Ozil and Sanchez

    If he doesn’t agree on what Arsenal can afford in therms of career and money, he can leave as he will be 28 years old in December and his performances fluctuate a lot like Ozil. There are younger central midfielders that can work harder and more skillful than him, such as Lemar

  10. Gotanidea,
    The problem with you scenario is that AFC have done this so many times and then find themselves being held to ransom by the player and/or other clubs.
    I believe Aaron could become our captain, he has the heart and passion for our club.
    His injuries are the onlyquestion mark, but we can’t afford to lose him because of worrying about that. All players get injuries, but Ramsey is playing some superb football at the moment. Come on Huss, let’s see if you are as good as your c.v. proclaims!

    1. Are you in any way suggesting that Ramsey’s new contract be based on his current form when we all know his history?

      “but Ramsey is playing some superb football at the moment.”

      Fortunately, i think that era is now gone at Arsenal if not Wilshere would have been tied to a new contract

      1. Goonerboy,
        Yes I am.
        He has got over his injuries and is playing duperb football.
        If Ronaldo or Messi had scored that goal on Thursday, it would have been replayed all over the world.
        Are you suggesting then that we wait until his contract runs out, see if he gets injured in the meanwhile and then offer a contract?
        If Huss did that, Aaron would have every right to put two fingers up and go elsewhere.
        If other clubs are sniffing around, it must show that they are satisfied about his fitness doesn’t it?

        1. “Are you suggesting then that we wait until his contract runs out, see if he gets injured in the meanwhile and then offer a contract?”

          Hell no! Was only talking based on the question posed by the article. All am trying to say is,he is replaceable because of his injury history and this affects his form sometimes.

          If he can stay fit as Ozil, he will have even greater value

    2. The key factor to me is his goal ratio and also assists. He gets important goals too, esp when compared to the far less productive Wilshere. He is a keep and should be made captain. After all, we don’t have one at present, except in name only! It will be a totally different and far healthier set up throughout the football people “back stage” as it were, next season! Bould will leave too when Wenger goes, as no new manager would want him around, I believe. I hope the new manager offers Henry the post of ASST. MANAGER and at a proper salary and really USES his abilities. Bould has been just wasted with no real input, as Wenger dislikes any delegation or anyone who would question him. That is why he was so keen to keep the tame and housetrained Pat Rice, til his knees were truly gone. All over soon !

  11. Watching this City performance is incredible.
    I just have to remind those of you who blasted our players following our cup final defeat, this is first against second and City are imperious.
    Instead of tearing our performance apart, you should reflect that City are miles ahead of ANY TEAM IN THE COUNTRY.
    That means Mourinho, Klopp, Conte, Poch as well as Wenger should all be sacked by May 18th doesn’t it? Let alone those clubs from 6th downwards.

    1. Eat your words. People like you take one instance and make outlandish conclusions. That’s now how rational people analyse things.

      1. Footballis trivial,
        Hold my hands that wrong..should have kept my fingers off the keyboard.
        Hope that makes me sound a little more rationale in your eyes?
        If not…life goes on.

        1. I found myself, unexpectedly, supporting United in the Manc derby today. I wanted them besten more than once this Prem season so they can’t compare to our Invincibles. But the ref was awful and Young SHOULD havebeen sent off and City had a penalty for THAT foul!

        2. Ken , At half time , anyone who says they disagreed with what you wrote around half time, is lying. I thought it would be5 or 6 nil and doubt many would dissent. But that’s the magic of football I guess!

          1. Jon Fox,
            That’s true, but this game we love does make one look like a fool sometimes.
            But “footballis trivial” was right and I should have known better.
            When will our referees get to the standards of the rest of Europe?
            Not to have one official at the next world cup is a disgrace and that pillock Mr. Riley insists that his band of merry men get 94/95% of their decisions right. The sooner he and Mike Dean (as a minimum) retire the better.

  12. How much do we need to pay for a player to upgrade Ramsey? 40 – 50M in today’s market? And who is that player tha is a clear upgrade to him and available and willing that come to Arsenal? Let me know. Until then Do anything to sign Ramsey to a contract.

    1. Don’t you guys ever learn!

      Give Ramsey a new contract, next he’ll have a dip in form and get injured.

      He will recover soon enough to play in Euro and world cup for Wales then he’ll play 8 matches for arsenal with utter rubbishness and get injured again.

      I say release him now or let his contract run out!

        1. Guneal,
          So every player that gets injured ensures that they will not get another contract?
          You are actually saying that we release a player worth apprx. £40-50 million?
          What planet are you on, certainly not a realistic one.

  13. Sue,
    I think you and I put the mockers on that game!!!
    What with that result and Guneal wanting to give Ramsey away in case he gets injured again, I think I’m heading for a breakdown.

    1. Accept my apology
      Ramsey is way better than Messi and Ronaldo combined?

      I hope it does improve your health?

      1. Thanks Guneal I feel better already.
        By the way, how much do you think Aaron is worth in todays market?
        Just curious.

    1. Sue,
      Yes, I don’t know why I feel so bad about it really.
      Didn’t see the penalty incident, must have been on the keyboard!!
      Still, thrash the Saints tomorrow, beat CSKA Thursday and all will be right again.

  14. This would be too many changes in the squad I think. Wilshere is pretty certain to go. If Ramsey goes to, that leaves us with little midfield options. Not to mention the likes of Xhaka need to be sold. So that means we need to buy a CDM and possibly two CM’s to fill those spots. While also being cautious of the fact we need to spend cash on a winger, GK, and possibly a DF. Arsenal wont purchase that many players in one summer, and people will just end up dissapointed at the club and be angry we got rid of so many while not getting good replacements. If this were Wilshere scoring these goals and winning us trophies Arsenal fans would be all over this demanding a new contract, but Ramsey has never seemed to be liked, mainly because he hasn’t always lived up to it, but he’s done a far better job that most of the players in our squad and has saved the manager blushes on multiple occasions.

    1. The trick is to use Ramsey for what he does best, running through very late and not burden him with tracking back, which he is not cut out for. Our defence has been SO useless for SO long that it is always under pressure. The trick is not to burden the wrong players with trying to be defenders BUT instead to buy some proper defenders and a proper CDM whose instinct and ability is to keep a clean sheet. Wenger has not done this for the last decade at least.

  15. Once his contract is renewed he’ll be another Wallcot. He’s playing for a better pay. Towards the end of contract only most of them will reach top form and consistency. Experiments with Wallcot, Wilshere, Ramsey, are more than a decade without proper results I mean consistency week in week out. A few games in top form won’t erase his average past.

  16. Ramsey is Arsenals player of the season. People talking about past seasons need to remember that Ramsey was on the bench for most part of last season and the one before. He got a chance in the last quarter of last season, he done very well and deserved his place for this season. He hasn’t looked back, he’s been one of Europe’s top CM players. So before anyone says anything about the last two seasons, check the stats and see how often he was on the bench and how much of his game-time was coming from the bench.

    This Oxlade thing, you lot are not being serious, Oxlade is the same player as when he was here, it’s just the atmosphere over there is better and they are eager to praise. Most of Oxlade’s goals came at Arsenal, and he was already an improved defender thanks to Wenger having him work in the wing-back role. Ramsey is three times the player Oxlade is, and if you cannot see it or cannot swallow your pride, just keep quite so.

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