Can Arsenal afford to rest Alexis Sanchez?

There are very few Arsenal fans that would disagree that our team would be languishing in mid-table if Alexis Sanchez hadn’t arrived at the Emirates this summer, and the Chilean was yet again the star of our 2-0 win over Hull in the FA Cup yesterday.

Sanchez has played nearly every game so far this season, and after the gruelling Xmas period, there were many of us calling for Arsene Wenger to give him a well-earned rest against a much depleted Hull team, but can the Gunners actually afford to leave him on the bench for even one game?

Wenger admitted on the official Arsenal website that he thought about resting Sanchez yesterday, but thought better of it in the end: “I was tempted. Giroud was still suspended today and I knew that it was an important game for us. In the end, he always feels ready.”

Le Prof then explained why he made the decision: “He always looked dangerous. He took the corner, he scored a goal and he gave a good chance to Oxlade-Chamberlain. He’s lively and always dangerous with his change of direction, his incisiveness and how penetrative he is. He’s interesting to watch because he has a good fighting spirit. He has a good combination of what you want to see from top players – that means that he is ready for a fight and also has talent.

“I hope he can keep his energy up for the rest of the season. There’s no reason. You look at the players who have that confidence – you’re torn between the fact that when the player’s confident and keeping him playing, and giving him a rest. I feel that when the players are confident it’s important to keep them going, especially when they have that physical potential. He recovers very quickly and we’ll see. At the moment he doesn’t look in our tests like he has any fatigue problem.”

Sanchez is truly a remarkable player, and oh how we would love to just have another ten players like him in the team, but the fact is that the Premiership season is long and tough, especially in the winter. Surely we need to give him a rest soon or risk him burning out, as we have seen so many players do over the years.

But when can we afford to do it?

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  1. Tottenham dont even need scouts they just use arsenal, they did it with lloris, vertonghen, eriksen and now it looks like rabiot is going there. Its bloudy annoying and especially because there there main players

    1. Yes, because only Arsenal scouts discovered Lloris (1st keeper), Vertonghen (already 1st Ajax choice), Eriksen (same as Vertonghen). Other clubs never heard about Lyon or Ajax.
      If you don’t watch all European competition you should abstain from ridiculous comments.

      1. Well,,well done Arsenal Scouts for discovering Lloris and well done Arsene for not seeing the need for him or refusing to pay the fee.

        “Other clubs never heard of Ajax or Lyon”. Funny!

  2. I had predicted that after yesterday’s win,the akbs would resurface talking all kinds of nonsense. Some deluded fans seem to think that coquelin is the solution to our midfield problems and that we don’t need a new cdm.This has been a common occurrence during transfer windows whereby average players step up their game since they know their place is under threat, and it works wonders in convincing our disillusioned manager.But once the window closes that’s when we see the true colours of the players,or they get injured the day after the window closes.Remember yaya sanogo putting 4 past benfica and everyone thinking he’s going to score 10+ goals this season?Monreal looked impressive at CB during preseason and somehow convinced wenger that he doesn’t need a new CB,the list is endless. If anyone here thinks we don’t need a new cdm because of coquelin, then either you have a short term memory or u r just plain stupid.

    1. Arteta “converted AM”
      Flamini “free” agent
      Diaby the next “Vieira”
      Wilshere the next “Pirlo”
      Kalstrom the next “Snow man”
      Chambers the next “Busquets”.
      Coquelin the next “Javier Mascherano”
      For many years Wenger has not see a dedicated DM as being important.
      Maybe this will change now I do not know. I guess
      as long as we are 4th place Champions he can play Joel Campbell there.
      Oh no you don’t think he might….

    2. You and all other haters splitting fans in camps are so fu ckin blinded by hate that you didn’t realized that there’s no fan here (AKB,AOB, ROFL, LOL, SMH, TLDR etc) saying we don’t need a DM and a CB.
      Yes, Coquelin is a viable option for the CDM position, he always was but he was not ripe. Now he gets in the zone and his confidence grows.
      The rest you talk is bullshit, Wenger banked on the same duo (Mert+Kos) rotating with Chambers and maybe Monreal but as usual betrayed by the injuries. Sanogo was never a first choice and the attacking options were enough (and they still are).

      1. Am not arguing with you budd,you are a certified akb and I know you will sell your soul to defend your messiah. Nice profile picture btw

        1. Profile picture was chosen on purpose just to annoy people like you. AKB is an oxymoron, something you have for granted. If not Wenger then who is the one knowing everything in this squad ? Someone from outside? Gazidis? Kroenke? Supporters?
          As for my soul is already sold, relax. Was sold in 1986 when a certain George Graham took the lead at the grove.

          1. So basically if wenger retires then Arsenal also shuts down since there is no one else who can replace him?? I have always said there was Arsenal before wenger and there will be Arsenal after Wenger.Get that into your thick akb skull

            1. There was Arsenal before Wenger and there will be Arsenal after Wenger. The Arsenal after Wenger is due to happen also because of Wenger.Where did I said that Arsenal will shut down once Wenger retires? You missed the word “this” before the word “squad”. Any new coach/manager will make “his” team. Form squad, medics, coaches etc. This squad we have today is best understood by Wenger. He sits with them, he speaks with them, he eats with them. I doubt you would know more of this squad than him.
              One thing we agree here is that Wenger will retire after his contract runs out. I agree with that.

  3. If Sanchez broke his leg tomorrow
    it would make no difference to
    Arsenals season. Last year Ramsey
    Ozil Ox Poldi were out for long periods
    but Arsenal won the FA cup and were
    crowned 4th place champions again.
    I believe with Giroud Wellbeck
    Ramsey Walcott Ozil Ox Rosicky
    Cazorla in good nick we have ample cover.
    Sanchez can be rested in home games
    v Stoke Leicester Villa Swansea Sunderland.
    Also if we draw say Sheff Utd
    at home in the FA cup 4th round.
    No problem.

    1. @davidnz……. “draw against sheffield utd” …….. I like u bru, always hoping mother luck picks us for the cheapest draw …Buahahahaha

  4. I don’t agree witout Alexis d team will be languishin in midtable. Though he seem to be our engine room so far dis season bt dis is so bcos he is an arsenal player,if he isn’t an AFC player sm1 else will carry d team,Ramsey did last season nd we all kno we were even beta at dis tim last season.
    ON d topic: personally I feel d guy shld continue as long as his body can go,best players wants to play always,beside he seems to be fully integrated into AFC nd EPL scopes nd pattern,in order to keep d balance, am apy cazola is back to his old best,dis will make it difficult for ozil to strol into d team. Competitions are welcome,let evry name dat apear on matchday be worthy through hard earned work,no automatic shirt.

  5. If i was to rest him it would be against sto or similar teams who you know are going to leave Sanchez with more than a few stud marks. After that performance he will be targeted for extra treatment.

    I see were Wenger is coming from… he didnt look one bit tired and is in excellent form. If Giroud hadnt of been missing then Sanchez could have started on bench. I think we all needed to see that performance from Sanchez… after witnessing the sou debacle.

  6. “Every season , one player carries the team” ….. I really wanna know what teamwork is supposed to mean

  7. yes, rest him. We have Giroud, Welbeck, Ramsey, Ozil, Arteta all back for the home game against Stoke so give him that deserved 2 week break that he needs having played every minute so far and make sure he is ready for Man City.

  8. It seems like some people have just started watching The Arsenal. There is always someone who stands out or shines through each season. Let’s go back to 2007, Henry left and that’s when this Arsenal will finish outside if the Top 4 talk started.. They said Arsenal without Henry will drop out out if the Top 4 out of shock. But guess what? That best season Adebayor stepped up with 30 goals in all comps, then we lost him. Cesc and Nasri stepped up, then we lost both of them. Rvp and Song stepped up, we then lost them. Then Santi step up, he has a bad second season. But then Up steps Ramsey, he then has a bad start this season. Then up steps Sanchez.. Etc…

    Can you get my drift? Some on will always step up.

    1. Yes I think after the RVP 37
      goal season 4 players stepped up
      Giroud got 20 Walcott 16 Poldi 14
      and Santi got 12 . We got 3rd I think.
      Yet we did not win the title.
      So blowed if I know what the formular is.

  9. Rest who? Somebody who loves playing? He doesn’t even like to be substituted. Ronaldo rested? Messi rested? Rest Wilshire today the next game he will get injured. Has it not been so? Well reading some comments, the Board should be happy. The more divided the fans are the happier they are perpatuating their rubbish. Fans, let us not attack ourselves, support the players, get disgusted with those at the helm that are taking us backward because of their selfish ($) interest.

  10. And for all these sad people that have created some kind of categories for one another. This so called AKB, AOB etc.. It’s really stupid that you see each and everyone waiting and prayin for certain results so that they can justify their own deluded take on matters.. A lot of people are just praying that we lose as many games as possible hoping to congratulated, lauded and applauded for wanting Wenger out. When the team is becoming a joke they are at their happiest as their predictions are becoming a reality..

    Why can’t some of us be Arsenal fans instead of being told to choose between being AKB’s or AOB’s? It has gotten even worse now that we have Wilshere-Giroud Outs and Ins. It’s sad..

    Why can’t some of is just want to be in a category of Board, Wenger and Players all do their jobs well so that our club can get out of this dormant/stagnant state we have been in for the past 10 seasons?

    The fans should pressurise the Board, The board should then pressurise the Manager, the managers should then pressurise the Players and the players should pressurise themselves and one another..


  11. Akbs must be the 5th wonder of the world. I just can’t understand how stupid and deluded some people can be.The sooner Wenger leaves with his bunch of idiots the better for our beloved club.Arsenal FC. NOT Arsene FC

  12. @goonster,
    I understand where you’re coming from and feel the same way too. However to be fair to those who want somebody out, what you suggested is where they were years ago, it didn’t work and that’s why they are at this point.
    It’s hard to affect another persons point of view if you only think it misguided. Truth is, in 2007/08, there were almost no AOBs, only people wanting the club to do things differently. The board and management, handled this by either lying some more or arrogantly dismissing such concerns.
    Now you can say what is done is done, how do we move forward? I’d say a sufficient statement of intent to move forward by the management would suffice. I’m sure the board is aware of the issues that has caused significant division eg failure to shore up the defense,dm and striker positions. Even if they feel they are satisfied with what they’ve got there, they should take the position that “we’ve been doing our thing for a while, lets try it their way a bit”, and then go out and get the best available in those areas. Even if it doesn’t work, they will placate most of the disgruntled, and at least be able to say, we’ve also tried that

  13. Sounds like it was essentially Sanchez’s own decision to play and good on him. He appears to have a Ronaldo-esque like desire and an engine to match – we should applaud that and not fret for his well-being.

  14. We’ve definitely missed the likes of Ozil, Giroud and Walcott this season. Each or all of them are the missing link in different games.

    Arteta for all those who slate him is actually decent in midfield, he gives us some solidity there. I believe a replacement for him is essential if we are to gain in confidence and ability over the coming years. Call it the CDM or the DM or whatever, someone in that buffer between midfield and defence is necessary. Every pundit knows it, every fan knows it…does the manager? I hope so..

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