Can Arsenal afford to risk Walcott in the centre?

The failure of signing any striker seems to be the biggest talking point in and around the Emirates these days. Leaving the thinking behind that, one of the reasons which may have prompted Arsene Wenger is his insistence that Theo Walcott will give him options up front – but is it likely that Theo could turn into the new Thierry Henry?

Talking exclusively to Arsenal official website, Walcott reiterated the same and explained that he believes that he can play in any position in the front three. Walcott thinks that he can be more potent down the middle where he is yet to convince Wenger of his capability.

“It’s obviously well documented that I want to play up front but there’s a lot of competition for places here. I will do my best in any position when I am given the opportunity to play for this club. I will always be judged on goals and assists but I feel like I would score a lot of goals up front.”

The England international was traditionally developed on the right for a major part of his career at the Emirates. His pace is used on many occasions to stretch the pitch by running past the wing-backs. However, Walcott prefers to play from a more central position where he can continue to terrorize defences and stretch them.

Wenger has already given him a game in that role when he was started ahead of Olivier Giroud. Walcott drew a blank against Newcastle United and didn’t convince Wenger or the supporters of his ability to lead the line. But, the mercurial England international is confident of getting on the score sheet soon and get his confidence back.

Walcott has started on the bench in three of the last four games but now insists that he is open to playing in any position. His wish could be fulfilled soon because Wenger didn’t sign a new striker, as expected in many quarters.

The wide attacking position is something that fits Walcott like hand in a glove. But he feels that he can be the one who can score many goals. The 26-year-old Walcott recently signed a new four-year contract with the Gunners. This would see him at the club till 2019, after a lot of rumours flying every which way before he signed on the dotted line.

Walcott is now looking to score more goals and substantiate the faith given to him by Wenger. He could be the silver lining in the dark cloud that the fans are looking for, after drawing the short straw in the transfer window.

But can Wenger afford to keep giving Walcott chances until the goals start flowing? With Welbeck out injured, surely Giroud can’t start every single game….

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          1. really? IQ?
            you think that welbeck gonna return like an amazing goal scores after the knee surgery?? be real.

              1. I’m not undercover. I am an AKB. Have been for years.

                Over to you now – Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool and Spuds all needed a striker. Name me the world class striker that any one of them signed.

                Exactly, yet Arsene is the only one ostracised for it. It is because of low IQ glory hunters like you that the media and idiots like Merson get away with what they type/say. I swear we must be the only big club in England that has a backward following that can’t even see a world of it isn’t in front of its nose

                1. Funny thing about Merson:
                  “It’s fans’ money. Its not Arsene Wenger’s money.”
                  Moments later….
                  “Throw a 75million bid on him”.

                2. Liverpool??, Spud??? Why do i care about others PL teams??

                  ADMIN COMMENT – Stop insulting anyone who disagrees with you… I am watching carefully and will nip any personal insults as soon as I see them. This is a family-friendly site.

                  EVERYONE – Show some respect to your fellow Arsenal fans….

                3. i know you have a low IQ but I listed every club in a Euro position from last years league. What you did as usual is ignore Chelsea.

                  OK LFC and Spuds aren’t big enough for you ( even though you were one of the ones jacking off spuds signings the years they sold Bale – come on don’t pretend you thought they wouldn’t finish above AFC, I remember your posts) then riddle me this – why didn’t Chelsea sign a super duper striker of amazing quality for the hamstrung Costa. Since we are here how come they signed a defender for peanuts to replace the mighty John Terrry.

                  Don’t worry, I don’t expect you to understand.

                4. To my knowledges Medvet didn’t mention world class.

                  And Jackson Martinez
                  All are worth a punt at and none would be more than 25 mil
                  All sold in this transfer window

                5. Bent eke and Origi are pretty good. Memphis is a good attacking player for United. Njie might score a few. Chelsea have Costa. Falcao for backup. Oh yeah United signed Martial. You have to wait and see with signings.

                6. most people here say Aobs are the ones that use abusive words, but I just saw an Akb tell someone he has a low IQ. @Admin I hope u saw it too

    1. I think sanchez would do the best for us upfront. But I would love to see our forwards shoot more from around the box there always looking for the perfect pass doesn’t always work and can be frustrating to watch and cost us games

      1. Sanchez is a 10 or winger. He doesn’t have the size and speed to get behind or win the ball. He plays 10 for Chile and was amazing. Giroud up top. I think Campbell would do a better job at striker than Walcott.

    1. there is another option, wellbeck…. hahahahaha,
      some j*rks think that wellbeck will comeback like an amazing goal scorer….

      1. Rich coming from the undercover spud that was telling us just two seasons ago that spuds would finish above is.

        Lamella still good enough for you? According to you he was meant to be the winger Wenger turned into a striker.

        Oh the irony when Wellbeck scored more goals than him last season. But yeah let’s just ignore that piece of your genius analysis

  1. Good or not there’s not many choice. The manager believes in him and didn’t want to settle for a plan B,C or D if he wasn’t getting A (Cavani/Benzema). He’s got to be more efficient.
    He has speed to play the wing but to be honest we had a more balanced team with Ramsey or the Ox on the wing rather stick to that (more defensively sound) & rotate Giroud-Walcott in the hole depending on tactics/teams we’re playing against. He has the ability to score needs…he’s the main guy now for better or worse…

              1. If we go by the rumors clearly Benzema was A, Cavani B, C & D wouldn’t know but no club, no manager and specially ones with Arsenal resources goes into the transfer with no plan, no list of players to buy or consider at least…he didn’t move his hand into his pocket to shell out the cash we all wanted him to spend doesn’t mean there wasn’t a list or a plan…

  2. Wenger…

    A man who feels that a team who finished twelve points behind the champions is good enough to challenge for the title despite not strengthening his squad and his competitors strengthening theirs..
    Thats the logic of the manager and people who support him – “we get weaker, they get stronger but we have a good chance of winning!”
    Dear God help us all…

    1. Yet we are 3 points above the “champions”…. and level on points with the teams with most additions

        1. Also to addition, if Wenger had settled for any other player, fans would be like
          “Where’s the exceptional signing? We pay so much of money yet we get players like Hector(the Reading one),Djilobodji, Martial,etc.? He has no ambition.”

  3. the whippet is a mediocrity wherever he is played …period..should have been sold in summer the 140 grand a week reflects a football club in decline …wtf didnt our idiot grenouille by draxler for 25m at least it would have added to attacking options esp when he knew wellbecks situation…shameful dishonest delusional … any halfway decent person would have quit over the summer shananigans

    1. Marotta, Director General of Juventus:
      “Talks with Schalke, who are a mysterious club, were difficult. We pulled out because their demands were disproportionate. €36m is an exaggeration, and then the player didn’t want to come either.

      “I’m disappointed not for the fact that we didn’t get him, but that there was nobody to negotiate with.”

      1. maybe he should have hired a german speaker as wolfsburg didnt have this problem…and wenger is a german speaker as well

  4. Why the Hell not? He can’t hold up play like Giroud but he has pace. This means we need to change our tactics and play pressing football. With walcott, sanchez, ramsey, and oxlade I think its plausible.

  5. Just when everyone thought Akpom’s Loan was a sign of an incoming WC striker……… Alas! It was not so……… Now we were stucked with a Giroud without competition…….This is the more reason i would recommend Walcott for the CF role (despite the fact he’s excellent on the wings)…….. It’s not as if we have other available options either way…… Welbeck?= injured, sanchez?=who’d start on the LW?, Campbell= huh!, who else ?????

  6. Does anyone know why Walcott’s gets paid £140,000 a week? He is being paid like a world class player, but he can’t even get off the bench. If you watch him when he does play he barely does anything useful. What a waste!

  7. Most ppl say there were no WC strikers available at right price..getting WC striker at right price?!? That’s impossible..not just this season, every season..!

  8. We don’t even have Podolski (sold), Sanogo or Akpom or Welbeck (injured)

    Chelsea have Costa, Remy and Falcao

    I hope Walcott finds his form soon.

    Oh Wenger what the Hell are you doing????
    He has completely lost it!

  9. Everyone is concentrating on striker..wat abt DM! Which is also highly important.. I can’t see arteta( i dont even like him as captain. Its unfair to others) n flamini..
    Conquelin is irreplaceable.. We should have bought someone decent to rotate with him. Wanyama could have been better n cheap option.

  10. I would start TW in all the games simple and kind of have him in and out side to side. Some of the things on here just kill me and the thought of starting OG pisses me of because I just don’t rate him at all. Go get CA back and start playing that kid up front with TW

  11. Glad we didn’t waste our money on Krychowiak, hes only been EVERYWHERE for Poland in this amazing match the World Champs.

    Thank goodness we have Arteta when Coquelin inevitably goes down or gets suspended.

    F Off Wenger

  12. Newcastle was a bit harsh as they went down to 10 men and played very defensivly, Walcott is best when he gets space to make his runs, even if he doesn’t recieve the pass he can pull a player out of pos for Ramsey to burst through (as example).

    Walcott needs to learn how to bully defenders as well as use his pace and until then we have to play the CF for the opposition, if they put every man behind the ball and give us majority of the possession then we need Giroud as he can bully players in the box and make space for himself better than Theo.

    If we are playing against a team who will come at us then Theo will be better as he will provide more of a direct threat, causing defenders to sit back a bit more… and Theo does seem to stretch defenders more with his movement compared to Giroud.

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