Can Arsenal afford to wait for wantaway Schneiderlin?

The consensus among Arsenal fans and the football media seems to be that the Gunners have two key transfers to make in January in order to turn us from nearly men and from a top four club into a team which could actually mount a serious challenge on the Premier League and Champions League.

Arsene Wenger has already let it be known that he plans to sign another defender as well as revealing that he tried and failed to do so in the summer. But he has always remained tight lipped about the controversial and much discussed defensive midfield issue, even though many Arsenal transfer rumours have linked us with a host of central midfielders.

It seems to me, and Wenger’s use of Mikel Arteta supports this, that the Frenchman does not want to use a traditional DM, instead preferring the modern Pirlo-like position of deep lying playmaker. Which is why two of the most realistic players linked with Arsenal recently are Sami Khedira and Morgan Schneiderlin. And the latter has, in an ESPN report, spoken about moving to a bigger club, just as he did in the summer before knuckling down and helping Southampton to their fantastic EPL start.

Schneiderlin said, “”I’ve just turned 25, I have made a step up. A career goes quickly, and I want to play at a big club.

“Today I’m at Southampton, we’re second in the Premier League and it’s going well.

“We’ll see at the end of the season what happens, whether we’re still in the Champions League places, and I’ll make choices. I’ll see with my club.”

So assuming that the Saints cannot keep up their early form and do not qualify for the Champions League, it looks like the French midfielder will be looking to move on at the end of this season. I think he could be the perfect signing for us and he fits the Wenger type, but can we afford to wait until the summer or should we try to sign someone else in January.

We know that the Prof does not like the January window and often says that if the right player is not available then he won’t sign someone for the sake of it. What do you think Gooners?

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  1. Wenger will most probably sign the injury prone Khedira for free rather than spend the money on a better option like Morgan.

  2. Tbh I don’t see teams getting rid of their best assets in January ,except for those whose contracts are running out. I think at this point we have to really focus on change at the club. The Black Scarf Movement Arsenals biggest fan group,did a poll in January 2013 and 46% wanted Wenger out. 41% beleived he could stay if he changed his ways. 5% Believed he is still the right man for the job. Like I said before there is a minority controlling the masses protecting the board and Wenger. Btw 96.5% believed the board is not running the club right and want Usmanov to have a seat on the board.

    1. dboy where can I find these poll stats? Because if they were published by the black scarf movement themselves, then the findings and results should not be trusted. You should only trust ‘poll’s when done by an objective, non bias 3rd party with no previous agenda.

      1. Big gun where not a big fan of the Bsm applauding them to put pressure on the board and get Kroenke out? Now you question their integrity.

        1. Don’t sweat it dboy, Big Gun will not accept anything that slates Wenger in any way, he is in denial, don’t waste your energy.

  3. Southhampton are kicking ass at the moment! We might not even make the Champions league next year, the way we are going…..

  4. This summer we should’ve never sold TV5 without having agreed for a replacement beforehand. We needed to have bought either or/ Wanyama/schneiderlin. We also needed to have purchased Griezman instead of playing ozil on the left flank.

    That wasn’t so hard was it? All those players were acquirable but we failed to get what we wanted and now we’re sitting here looking to fire a senior citizen. Look i’m not a medical expert but at this point I’m seriously beginning to feel more compassion (regarding le proff health) than distaste for his decisions.

    1. Chambers was TV5’s replacement. A young upcoming defender who would be happy to do the bench warming thus early in his career. It was never the plan to have him playing week after week as he is currently.

    2. TV5 would not have helped because he’s always (and still) injured. The thing that made no sense was loaning out Jenkinson before signing another defender. When Jenkinson was loaned out, I was 100% sure a new defender was about to be signed.

  5. Thank God Wilshere didnt play our last two matches, if not, people would have call for his head.
    Had we win those matches, people we say, we win due to Wilshere not playing.
    Had Wilshere play those matches, people we say, we lost because Wilshere played.
    Just back off Jack’s back and support all our players and pray our manager change his ways or leave the club.

  6. If we get a starting cb and one more for backup we could use chambers at dm. Buy morgan in the summer? This is assuming we get the cl spot and saints don’t. Id prefer a cb and kondgobia in jan.

    1. That poll would read like 99.99% Wenger out and 0.01% in favour. 0.01% would be Big gun Admin and Ny gunner. Lol.

      1. Funny because you used to say Arsenal should be more like Wigan. Now Wigan are in the championship.

        Not sure what reason you could have to complain.

  7. Talking about defensive midfielders I would like to see Hayden given a chance after all he is a defensive midfielder.

    1. Hayden is injured. Horrible time for it to happen as I think he would have got some time at CB. His positional sense is top drawer.

  8. I am not going to fall out with other Arsenal supporters because of the debate about Wenger. After all nobody is bigger than the club not even Wenger.

    1. @Andrew AFC
      Amen Brother. Sound logic.
      Whats good in your hood dude? Hope you and yours are all well…

      1. @NY_Gunner
        We are all well thanks, I hope you and yours are well.

        Lets hope people don’t forget Victoria Concordia Crescit. GOYG

  9. Get a CB and Khedira for pennies, then let deadwood go in summer (Arteta, Flamini and Diaby) and get another DM like Carvahlo

  10. If Wenger is to be believed, he identified CB and DM as needs this summer but just couldn’t get the job done. So I’m curious, would any of you currently calling for his head be prepared to give him another chance if David Dein said he’d come back to give his old mate a hand in sorting out transfers? Or has it gone beyond that?

  11. The reality of this situation is that it’s unlikely we will ever get a traditional DM. Song was the last guy we had that fit the physical aspect of a true DM and even then at times we found fault with him..His forward runs that left the defence exposed or his at times sloppy passing. Frimpong too was a promising prospect in that he strong a fearless in tackles..He could well has turned into a Roy Keane type player in as much as opposition players would have feared going for 50/50 balls against him. Unfortunately for us and Frimpong himself, the lad never really gained any traction in making that breakthrough and he was some what of a social media nightmare.
    Wenger wants faultless attractive passing and to play the possession game..hence why Arteta will continue to be first choice.
    Morgan’s statement shows us he is willing to wait until the new season to move – and only then if Southampton fail to get CL football.
    My guess – Arteta will continue to hold down his place in the team until Morgan potentially arrives next season.

  12. My hopes for January,we sign an experienced DM in schneiderlin,we sign a top CB like hummels,loan out Hayden and Sanogo to premier league clubs so they gain experience.
    If poldi is sold give gnabry and Campbell a chance.

      1. PS If we get Schneiderlin I would keep Hayden so he can learn from him. After all Arteta and Flamini will not be with us soon. You are right about Sanogo thou he needs to be played more often to get experience.

        1. From what I have seen and read about Hayden he is ready for the first team squad but would not get much game time so that’s why I would give him a loan period.he will be ready then for next season.

    1. @mr lean campbell will run out of that arsenal club so fast hes going to break usain bolt record!!!! #AW doesn’t like him !!!!

    1. @mr lean
      I am great thanks how are you. I have got a night off pizza tonight 🙂 I wouldn’t trust my wife with steak she likes it cremated.

      1. I’m good thanks,I love pizza !
        So looks like a long weekend ahead I’m bored of England and all I hope for is none of our players get injured.

  13. Found out today the reason jenkinson has not been recalled is that west ham have paid us a loan fee so under premier league rules we cannot have him back this season.

  14. Arteta just go a contract extension. 1 year with an option for an automatic 2nd year based on first team appearances. That tells me that Wenger is still clueless and simply does not want a CDM. Arteta is old, increasingly injury prone and in serious decline. Extending his contract is pure stupidity.

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