Can Arsenal be taken serious if Ozil quits to join United?

Kevin Campbell has claimed that Arsenal cannot be taken serious if Mesut Ozil decides to quit the club in favour of a move to Manchester United.

The German international is inside the final year of his Gunners contract currently, and looks extremely likely to quit the club before next season.

There is contrasting reports claiming he could leave in January, with Barcelona interested, but there is also talk of him leaving on a free to Schalke, Manchester United or Barca come the end of the term.

Kevin Campbell has now stated that our club simply cannot be taken seriously if we fail to stop our key player from ditching us for free in order to join our league rivals.

“Arsenal aren’t serious anymore,” Campbell said.

“If they were, then a player like Ozil or Sanchez wouldn’t be on the last year of their contract.

“Arsenal are a big club, with a big history.

“But the future isn’t looking bright if your best players are leaving.”

The duo were key in putting rivals Tottenham to the sword at the weekend, and would no doubt be a huge doubt to our squad should they leave, but no player is bigger than the club, and they would surely be replaced.

There is already talk about bringing the likes of Julian Draxler and Arda Turan to the club, who would both be great at bringing the goals and creativity which the duo would leave behind, while Alexandre Lacazette has already added his special talent to our team this season.

Will Ozil joining United undermine our club? Would it be worse than our previous departures to Man City?

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  1. Yossarian says:

    If Ozil & Sanchez leave, and they are not replaced with players of equal quality, then it won’t be long before players like Kolasinac and Lacazette start thinking about moving on.

    1. Nothing changed says:

      You don’t buy players of equal quality on our budget in today’s market. We need to hope we can get back to discover young talent and develop them. That should be our business model and aim.

      Even a player like Lemar who is not equal quality to Sanchez is unaffordable to us (besides the fact he won’t sign if we can not offer CL football).

      Besides we have other big needs all over the pitch making it impossible to spend 100 million on a Lemar. We need a minimum of one central defender with Kos on his last legs, Gabriel having been sold and not replaced and Holding having been derailed by Wenger.

      IMO we have to give up on Xhaka sell him and replace him with a Kante or Matic type player who can actually tackle and disrupt.

      I would be surprised if our budget was more than 100 million next summer. Needing at least 4 quality players ie Replacement for Sanchez, a replacement for Ozil (Wilshire too injury prone if he even is around next season), additional CD and a physical disruptive midfield player means 100 million will not get that job done and we have no quality players to sell anymore in order to raise cash.

      Allowing close to 100 million to be destroyed by not selling Sanchez and Ozil was a massive mistake for a club with our lack of financial ambition.

  2. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Well the situation is a farce already. They shouldn’t have been kept into the last year of their contracts because of the media circus they have created alongside the fact that only Wenger knows why he did actually decide Sanchez could leave but left it late in the first day

    1. Atid says:

      Tell me how would you sell a player if he doesn’t want to leave during his contract. It’s happened with hundreds of players, no one was complaining when we signed the best left back in Germany on a bosman. Why should we be allowed to complain about alexis and ozil? They aren’t even the best players in their positions in the country. If we lose ozil on a free and replace him with goretka on a free, I see no problems. Alexis will be harder to replace, because of his tenacity, but there are better technical players out there.

      1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

        Not sure what you mean. Was he not ready to go to City? If not then why was Wenger and Gazidis dealing with Monaco for Lemar? It was Lemar’s decision that stopped Alexis leaving

  3. Sukhjot Gunner says:

    The same old crap again.I wonder how many more times will we have to hear it.They both are at arsenal and are playing all right so why does not all these f***ing pundits shut the hell up??? I just hope we tie them down to long term contracts so that all these stories shut down for good.If they want to move,the least we can expect is for someone to just clear that they will be leaving in january on for free next summer

    1. jon fox says:

      I don’t know your age, but expect you are very young. I am very old and not naive, like you are. All realists know they should NEVER have been allowed to run their contacts down to nothing. In reality land, only fully committed and regularly fit players are of any productive use on the pitch. Fergie, who was the best ever, never allowed players he wished to keep to dictate to him. Wenger does. That’s the difference between success and failure. Wenger simply is not pro-active and successful managers need to be.

      1. Ivan says:

        That is it Jon you have put the problem in a nutshell. I would add Gadzidis too the list of incompetents too

  4. Ivan says:

    There is not a lot that Arsenal can do now. Ozil and Sanchez should have been offered contracts more than a year ago and if they did not sign told they would not be played. That is what Ferguson did with Rooney around 2010. He soon signed as he saw his England career going up in smoke. That is why Man U and Chelsea don’t lose players on Bosman’s. Gadzidis and Wenger are terrible at negotiations and as a result have cost the club £120 mil plus from our transfer kitty that won’t be made up by Kroenke.

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