Could Arsenal be the “New Invincibles” next season?

Arsenal are on a ten-game unbeaten run right now, with nine wins included, but are still set to finish runners-up to Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea, who have only lost two league games in the whole campaign. We all know that Thierry Henry has given the opinion that we are not quite ready to win the League without buying, but now Jose Mourinho has opined that if Arsenal DID buy four more stars they could go unbeaten all season once again.

“Arsenal have a phenomenal squad,” said Mourinho. “On Sunday night Thierry Henry said they need four top-class players.

“Give Arsenal four top-class players and I think they will be the Invincibles again.”

Going by that statement I doubt very much whether Mourinho would be happy for Petr Cech to move to the Emirates in the summer, but just say that Wenger did invest in a new DM as competition for Coquelin, another top-class centre-back, and most importantly, another super top class striker to rotate with Olivier Giroud, could we reallymanage to go another whole season unbeaten?

First of all we would have to have a very lucky season, injury-wise, and have all our stars available for the whole season, then we would need Chelsea, Man United and Man City to go downhill slightly, which is very unlikely to happen!

But who thinks that Arsenal, or any team in fact, will ever again be “Invincibles” in the Premier League?

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    1. After HuLL’s meeting with pool…… I dn’t expect us to be doing business with pool…. Bunch of Low class players (sterling leads the pack)….I would gladly keep our walcott…. Suarez was the last of their golden fleece worth the money….

  1. Invincible no but winning the tittle yes.

    1. Extra DM – Schneiderlin/Kondogbia
    2. GK – Begovic/LLoris/Cech
    3. Central Defender – Hummels
    4. Striker – Lacazette

    1. Schiniderlin. he has everything to be great for arsenal. would love him.

      Lacazette. yes who wouldn’t? he is the highest goal scorer in the top European leagues after messi and ronaldo. that’s not a bad record.

      Hummels? We have 4 CB in Boss Per Gabby and Chambers. Bringing Hummels means Chambers is 5th Choice CB. now tell me what team in Europe has 5 CB. I think we are very unrealistic.

      LLoris. there is no Championsleague Klaus on his contract. he is a £40 million targert for PSG. Good luck in spending £30 TO £40 MILLION ON A KEEPER. Are u a new Arsenal fan? lol

      Begovish have made so many mistakes leading to goal this season. just like casilas that we a linked with.
      Cech. Jose selling Cech to Arsenal will never happen. And you Know it. he will send him to madrid psg or united. or give arsenal a special price of 30 .000.001 million

      1. we don’t need a number one ospina is that. If szezney wants to go we can invest in a quality up and comming keeper
        Seria a; scuffet or Perrin
        Germany; sommer, karius

    2. Any chance of us getting griezmann? that guy is tearing it up in la liga, with goals and an unbelievable work ethic. We can become a fearsome pressing team with him + alexis giving defenders nightmares.

  2. Lacazette, 30 goals in 37 games this season and only 23 years old.
    have seen him a few times this season and he is awesome.

    1. Lacazette is a beast. This transfer need to be done early if it has to happen. Its all about giving opponents a Knock out punch in the window. Look at how Costa was signed. immediately after the Champions league final. And fabregers was signed before the worldcup. thats how you do business. Do it early then u pay the money and run.

  3. I am a Gooner to the bone but Invincibles next season? Too much.

    Chelski are the champions and they ain’t going anywhere, will only get better next season.

    United will be stronger next season like it or not.

    City as always will be in there.

    Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves, you have to crawl before you walk. We ain’t even cemented 2nd yet, have not finished in the top 2 for the past 9 years and we are talking about being Invincibles?

    You see how flakey we get when we come up against any half decent team that plays with a high tempo and intensity.

    Let’s sign the players we need and take it from there. Step by step.

    1. Well said there Goonster – you are right, there appears to be very little middle ground with the average Arsenal punter. We are the new “Invincibles” the one day and a joke of a team for the past 10 years the next day.

  4. woj scz out in bernd leno
    flamini/arteta/diaby out in schendrlin + kondogbia
    cb – aymen abdenour/subotic
    striker higuian/cavani or Lacazette

    1. That sound like what some one will do on football manager 2015. You have Coquelin. yet you want to buy Kondobia and schiniderlin. great plan.

  5. Michael Owen in July 2014: “Liverpool will finish above Arsenal despite the arrival of Alexis Sanchez” LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
    Liverpool spent 215m in 3 years and finished in the top 4 once… £215,000,000… more than Arsène spent in 10 fu*king years.

  6. I have had some debates with some fans wanting 5 Players. GK CB DM RW ST etc

    5 additions in one season is too much. U don’t want the team to peak in December. 2 years ago we started well because Ozil was the only notable addition. When you add morethan 3 players in one team the technical balance of the team is lost and it will need time for team chemistry to be sound. this is facts.
    Look at Liverpool 8 – 10 addtions. united about 6 TO 7 additions. thats why we all had a terrible start of the season with them. think about Spurs under Villa Boas.
    Chelsea made few but quality additions and they started like a house on fire.

    large Changes to our settle team may affect us next season. This is proven. It has happen so many times. We need to act like the big clubs. U don’t see barca madrid bayern making 5 or 6 changes every season. What do you guys think??

    1. 3-4 signing can work especially if they are top class like reus/pedro who won’t need time to settle in but they could flop if we buy avg players like spuds/liverlool did

      1. Especially if they are Top Class? Di maria Falcao Managala Rojo Cuadrado ? Shevshenko Crespo Kagawa Veron Robinho and the list is long. Are these players Middle class? Every transfer is a gamble. If you never knew that then u should know that today. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. NOT EVERY BODY IS ALEXIS SANCHEZ OR COSTA.

        I pray we keep the core of the team and make very few additions. no need disrupting the balance of a great team in making .

    2. To be fair the team has
      undergone many many
      changes this year.
      Ospina Debuchi Bellerin Chambers
      Monreal Coquelin Sanchez and Wellbeck
      were not regular starters last season but all
      have performed well this season and some
      have been sensational. If you factor in Gabriel
      the team has had nine changes and it’s working
      brilliantly now. So the balance theory has been
      completely blown out of the water.
      Another DM is all we really need.
      Schneiderlin or Kondogbia with Chambers and Arteta as back up.
      Strikers. Giroud Wellbeck Sanchez Wallcot Ramsey Ox Akpom.
      And we still have Podolski Sanogo and Campbell.

      1. @davidnz
        I totally don’t agree with you bro. how long did it take us to get the balance right? after december. It was same with liverpool and United. We all got many players in and the team chemistry was sound when it was late. Chelsea was already 10 points ahead of everyone by that time. despite our run of victories chelsea are still ahead.

        Never you undermine the importance of a good start . You don’t want to add another 6 players then we start drawing all our first 6 games like we did this season. I am talking facts here.
        chelsea made the fewest of changes. they got just what they need and went on a run in their first 10 games. giving us a good 10 points gap. the rest is history.

        1. We made a brill start last
          season but folded after Xmas.
          Early this season we lost
          Wallcott Arteta Giroud Ozil
          and Debuchi for four months.
          We also lost Koz for a few games
          and had debuchi and Monreal playing CB
          Injuries cost us bad and Szcz lost form.
          Once Koz Ozil and Giroud came back
          and once Coq and Ospina came in we thrived.
          Injuries are the number one problem for this club.

  7. Spanish media claim cazlorla won’t be extending his contract he has still 1 year & left could leave in summer wenger looking to rrplace him with reus/pedro

  8. Jose wants arsenal and chelsea to dominate next season and in the future like the mancester clubs.the guy is trying to creat a london classico and i support him for u and city wont win the barclay,jose know that we are the closest to chelsea and he want some competition.

  9. how come no one is talking about our pesky right wing? Ramsey can’t play there and for some reason neither can Walcott. As Ozil looks to be back at the center with Sanchez occupying the left, I think its time we went for Pedro or some proper winger and stop this Ramsey experimentation nonsense.

    1. Yes Pedro and Sanchez in the same team again…Like Barca’s MSN, we will have PSG (Pedro, Sanchez, Giroud)

      1. Wallcott Ox Gnabry
        are top players but are
        so damned injury prone.
        Wellington Silva, Campbell
        have shown good form in Spain.
        Wellbeck puts in a decent shift on the wing.
        Akpom can play there as well.

      2. hahahahahahahahahah. PSG. I swear that was funny. I didnt see that coming. pedro use to be good? What happened to him? i think the others at barca are just too good.

    2. For starters he hasn’t been playing as a RW. Not every player who appears on the right side of a midfield formation is a winger. And are we talking about the 4 games he has played there where we have won 3 and drawn against Chelski? He scored a PL winner and assisted in another and hit the woodwork a few times. If we had got mullered in all 3 games and Ramsey was culpable then a discussion would be warranted. A tactical decision in my opinion that is quite difficult to argue with given the results. Personally I think it has something to do with Bellerin playing (in the 3 PL matches) – Hector can provide the “wing play” with a bit of security provided by Ramsey who is always busy and on the move. Bellerin and Walcott would presently look a bit iffy in my book for most games. A fully recovered Theo and Hector having a full senior season under his belt may change that.

  10. Question. If we win our next match, will it be st totteringham day already? Tottenham would still mathematically be able to finish above us on goal difference but not on points. I’m not from London so I don’t know these things.

    1. It needs to be mathematically impossible so won’t happen to either we secure another 4 points or Spuds lose their next game and we get at least a draw. I think!?

  11. Di maria on the bench and you can expect man u carry on trying to buy results with more crazy spending this summer but it doesnt mean it will city with the ageing team they will be forced to go thru changes that what jose said.

  12. I want them to be Champions more than being “invincibles”, no sarcasm or criticism but not even the present “hell good” Barcelona squad can replicate the Invincibles. That thing happens once in a century and we as Gunners were lucky to be that one. I believe it has more to do with the combination than the players themselves. One’s weakness should be others strength and likewise. So I trust Wenger to find the right bunch of guy that fits in perfectly and take the team to next level.

  13. Unlikely. The invincibles was an extreme situation when we had the best player in the world leading the way and we had quality embedded all over the pitch. 4 new signings probably don’t gel that quick to turn Arsenal back into the invicibles and even if the quality was there EVERY team has a 1 off bad day once in a while. In that year we always produced magic to get the draw on those days – it may never happen again.

    I think 4 top class signings would definitely change us into title winners or title challengers though. Hell – I think 2 or 3 signings would do that. I think mourinho is referring to the fact that if we did get that many great players in we’d actually be hugely dominant…but then so would Chelsea. Give Chelsea another A Star striker, a RW, a LB and they’d probably be virtually invincible. BUT finding 3 players who are going to be top drawer for the PL is going to be hard. That is why you don’t get invicibles every other year and we won’t next year either.

  14. I think we cant achieve invincible’s record because we have a good squad and add 3 world class i know we can get there, i want a world class striker lacazette or next top class i want wenger to really work on the ox because he will be a world class player anytime he starts banging goals in and i want a kongdgobia to rotate with le coq and a centre back mert is good but we need a varane type and i hope gabriel will mold into that this season we dont need hummels he is too slow as mert

  15. In all honesty I think we’re 3/4 signings away from becoming champions but I can’t see there ever being an invincible team anytime soon.
    The players I’m holding out on signing are:
    Cech or Casillas – bring invaluable experience and class to the squad for Ospina and Martinez to learn from. World class keepers nearing the end of their playing time so hopefully retire at the club and then a lectured and we’ll drilled Ospina or Martinez will take over.
    Subotic or Moreno – Subotic straight starter with Koscielny or Moreno to battle it our with Gabriel. Both still reasonably young and have many years to lay claim to the spot in the team.
    Schniederlin or Kondogbia – either one could be out Gilberto to our Vieira (Coqueli) depending on the team can start with both or swap Rambo into action, both have ridiculous potential.
    Griezmann or Reus – either player will do well on the right hand side of midfield. Both proven assist and goal scorers and both will add a much needed presence on the right hand side of our team.
    Cech or Casillas/Ospina/Martinez
    Subotic or Moreno/Koscielny/Gabriel/Chambers
    Griezmann or Reus/Wellington

    I’ve left striker as a position that doesn’t need strengthening at the moment as I believe next season Welbeck will have a lot more to offer as like he said this season is a transition/leading period for him. If he’s not firing on all cylinders next season offload and upgrade.

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