Can Arsenal blame themselves for Bellerin injuries?

Hector Bellerin has given an interview today revealing his enduring injuries this season, and while he doesn’t point any fingers at Arsenal, one does have to wonder.

He is quoted as saying: “Since I became part of the first-team squad, I pretty much played every single game. There were seasons where I played 48 games, which meant I played Saturday, Tuesday, Friday, Wednesday and it was non-stop. You have good games and you have bad games, but you never really have time to think about them or to enjoy the wins.

“If you score a goal, you don’t really have time to celebrate. I didn’t score many, so for me that was a big thing! But then I’d know that in three days I’d be playing another game. All the achievements, whether personal or collective, become really hard to appreciate because you’re always thinking about the next thing, the next thing, the next thing.”

It almost sounds as if the young Spaniard is saying that he was burned out either mentally or physically, and his run of injuries in recent injuries would of course back up any claim that would be made, not that he is directly saying as such.

Bellerin actually sounds positive about his most recent time on the sidelines, claiming that it has helped him grow as a person, while training hard off the football field to get back to fitness, but one has to wonder, do Arsenal’s staff have to shoulder some of the blame on his bad run of injuries?

The full interview can be found on the official Arsenal website.


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  1. I fail too understand why this question is even being asked. So why is it? If Bellerin is too weedy to be able to play regularly , which he has amply proven he is(weedy, that is)that cannot be the clubs fault, His injury record is beginning to rival Diaby or Wilshere. Sell him and soon! HE HAS NEVER SHOWN THE REMOSTEST DEFENSIVE ABILITY.

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