Can Arsenal capitalise on Kompany’s latest injury blow?

You could be forgiven for thinking that the Belgian international defender Vincent Kompany was on the books of Arsenal with the amount of time he misses with various injury problems, but we have enough of our own to worry about. Things are looking up on that front at least, with just the Everton game to go before the international break and three big players in Petr Cech, Santi Cazorla and Jack Wilshere due back when the Premier League starts again, according to the Just Arsenal injury page supplied by Physio Room.

Perhaps just as important for the Gunners and the rest of our season, though, is the latest injury to Kompany, picked up as Man City got through to the Champions League quarter final stage. The City captain is apparently set to be out for at least a month and if the stats reported by Sky Sports carry on, this could be a huge boost for Arsenal.

I am not talking about our title hopes because I think that both Arsenal and City have blown that, but our top four hopes or maybe even our top three hopes because we don’t really want that two legged play off at the start of next season. I don’t know about the rest of the Arsenal fans out there, but I am not exactly brimming with confidence about our trip to Everton on Saturday and with Man City currently just a point behind us we could do without them winning the derby against Man United on Sunday.

The stats show that Man City concede a lot more goals, lose more games and win less without Kompany, but can Arsenal take advantage of this and secure a top three finish?

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  1. “it was down to bad finishing”

    Once again, irresponsible wenger and his post match excuses

    who stopped him from getting a proper finisher?…..who prevented him from getting a single outfielder last window?

    Karma is a Beast….it will come back to claw u down

  2. “and secure a top three finish?”
    Yup, Pretty much sums it all up …
    I hope to see more banners, this time towards the board and the manager …

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      1. Making money in Arsenal turmoil? You start to think like Stan Kroenke dude. Just kidding… Nice banner anyway.

  3. Titanic waiting to crash.. My addiction to Arsenal makes me watch things with Awe.

    The Heart Attack continues. Praying for good Doctor.

  4. This madness from wenger and the board is intolerable

    it’s been more than a decade yet we still been fed Bulls

  5. Sad when you have to rely on the oppositions misfortunes to forecast a victory.
    Arsenal have not had a reliable back four since Man.City pinched our full back and Vermaelen mysteriously disappeared to turn up at Barcelona. First job for new manager, build a new defence and throw in a striker who hates goalkeepers.

    1. @AJ…….. I Like that……… A manager who could ferociously tear an Armani suit and bark Like a wolf all day, A defence that could easily turn to werewolves on enemies approach , and a striker who hates keepers and wanna kill em with every shot

      1. Slaven Bilic that Croatian
        bloke at WH looks like
        a real hard mean SOB.
        Wonder what he was doing
        in his mid twenties during the Yugoslavian civil war.
        We should send the namby pamby English quota
        to him for some preseason boot camp.
        That what snap them out of snap chat 🙂

        1. I know. He was watching Goran Ivanicevic “anti Serb tennis campaign”. He was done nothing to help his country. He wanted to hurt Sinisa Mihaljovic but couldn’t do it, because West Ham wasn’t in the same league (class) with Lazio or Inter Milan.

  6. I know alot of people think we played better against Barca

    Truth is….. We can neither hardly beat any top side nor can we beat a bottom table relegation candidate these days

    what are we?

    1. We are third in the League. Who do you support that can’t beat anybody? One of the 16 teams below Arsenal?

  7. and add to that, Wenger is no motivator…….. He’s a chicken

    He’s a master manipulator in his press statements….can sit all day at the touchline doing nothing yet preach consistency, cohesion and efficiency.

    1. Soopa, you have started again with your anti-wenger slogans on every post. “This madness from Wenger” “no motivator” “He is a chicken” “irresponsible Wenger” “Master manipulator”…. This is becoming boring. Did you watch the actual game? You said “I know alot of people think we played better against Barca” well that tells me that you didn’t watch it as you don’t know if we did play better or not….

      Would you like to talk about the football? You have made 8 comments in the last hour and have not talked about the game once…

    2. And you are a manipulator.. can sit all day doing nothing but throwing insults at someone who can’t reply and peddling false lies and hate and anger.
      That makes you better does it?

  8. No offence but I stopped reading after the word capitalise because the current management at AFC have no idea what it means.

    1. and i dn’t understand how kompany’s injury is a blessing in disguise for Arsenal…….

      Does he now play for Everton?

  9. Ozil needs to have some competition. It was him not Welbeck or Iwobi who should have gone off IMO. FWIW, I would have thrown in Campbell for him as he can also play centrally.

  10. There is not a single soul on this planet willing to admit arsenal played well against barcelona.
    It was all down to barcelona switching off.

    Well I honestly dont know if that is true or not but it seems no one really wishes us going even with a great team

  11. i see some people want other to say we played well. hues what. i saw a comment that apparently Per made..’we play and play and play until the other team scores’ that sums it up well i think. yes we had chances but failed to do what is important and that is score

    there is nothing knew that arsenal did last night that we haven’t done before.. we see it when we play man u, chealsea, Newcastle bla bla bla u can name them.

    i was actually impressed by Iwobi, he played a mature game and his competition should be scared.

    1. Thanks for the observation mate

      They will claim we played well all night….but in the end, isn’t it the results that matters?

      Lets continue hiding behind that Cloak ….whilst ignoring the fact that we have fundamental problems on our hands….. We are like a beautiful attractive fruit eaten up by mealy bugs in the endosperm

      1. Those fundamental problems need to fix here now by the same responsible man, Arsene. No hiding place. They need to dig deep what so ever.

  12. 4th place trophy?…don’t no one worry about that, we got it covered….soon as we are completely out of the race for the title watch us go on the amazing runs we are well known for at the end of season…once the pressure to win anything of worth is nit there Wenger and his bottle jobs find their mojo..Giroud will start banging in Te goals again and so will Theo, and then the talk will be how wel prepared and ready we are for next season….i remember saying as much way back when we were stil top and playing well, a certain person on here, by the name of THE ANALYZER took my head off and said I should take my “negativity” elsewhere, until that day I never knew been rational,frank and realistic equates to been “negative”….funny the dude has gone missing on here since our implosion started in January, just like I predicted…

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