Can Arsenal continue with more successful transfers in January

More transfer success to come?

by AndersS

Yesterday, December 20th was exactly 2 years since Arteta took charge. It is obvious there is a quite a bit of disagreement about Arteta’s management capabilities amongst us fans.

Personally,despite our recent 3 wins, I am not convinced, until I see us standing up to the likes of City, Liverpool and Chelsea. In my opinion, we shouldn’t tolerate more humiliation in games against them. Nor can we realistically get back into competing for the PL title before we get more points out of those “6 point games”. I hope Arteta soon provides that progress.

But I also see some clear positives in Arteta’s 2 years in charge. Especially the last summer transfer window. At the moment it looks like an almost unbelievable success. We bought 6 players; Odegaard, Tavares, Lokonga, Ramsdale, White and Tomiyasu. All young and talented, and I readily admit, I thought most of them would be mainly for the future, and not able to make a big impact this season. That seems to be dead wrong. Not only are 4 of them; Odegaard, Ramsdale, White and Tomiyasu in our current starting eleven, at least 2 of them are regularly among the top 3-4 players in our games. On top of that Tavares and Lokonga have also had impressive performances already.

I don’t assume Arteta alone is responsible for the successful transfer window. I assume the players have possibly been selected in a dialogue primarily between Arteta and Edu, and I assume the development of the strategy to buy only young talented players is developed by Arteta, Edu and our owner. At the very least the strategy is developed by Arteta and Edu and heavily backed by the owner, and although to some fans it may be a like red rag to a bull to hear it, I think, we have to credit all three for this.

We have an upcoming transfer window, and although the January transfer window normally is much less busy than the summer transfer window for all clubs, I am very excited to see if we continue the strategy.

I certainly don’t expect us to spend anywhere near the same amount of money again. If the “youth strategy” is really something we are determined to follow, then it is apparent the CF position is next in line. Even before the recent events with Auba, it was quite obvious that if we are on a strategy to build a new young team, which can compete for the title within the next 2-3 years and for the years to come, then the age of both Auba and Laca would be a problem, and they will need replacing. It is only a matter of when, and of course by whom.

It does seem like Nketiah won’t be the long term answer. Balogun maybe, but we need more than him alone, that is for sure.

So originally not because of the problems with Auba, but because we need younger CF’s, I find the upcoming transfer window very interesting. If the problems with Auba are so big that he won’t play for us again, we may be looking to get him out, and replace with someone who may not be our long term solution, but rather a player who can help fill the gap short term.

The challenges for Arteta, Edu and Kroenke are there for all to see. Will we have more transfer success in January, or is the CF solution still a bit away?

kind regards

Anders S


  1. It is hard to imagine that we can sign a worthy striker/goal machine in the January window. However, everything is possible. It might help if we still are in 4th during the window. This might make the pitch of CL football to any new striker considering us, slightly more realistic.

    But I have to agree, what a great summer window we have had.

  2. Arsenal had better hijack Ferran Torres from Man City, before he goes to Barcelona

    Torres has played as a false nine at Man City and Barcelona just need to pay around 50 M in installments

    1. Id love it too but doesn’t make sense from his POV
      His team bantered us we don’t even have European football n unfortunately Arteta never coached him so I don’t think so

      Coming to barca he is Spanish so that explains his wishes to play for barca not to mention they are coached by Xavi one of the best MF of all time. It would be every midfielders dream to be coached by Xavi

      But id say we should not worry before summer break Arteta did say we have a clear plan for the transfer n it did work out

      He is again saying the same

      I say let him do what hevwantsvtoo

      Although keep an eye on Zakaria

        1. Gai,
          If you ask me if Arsenal are not getting a decent 9 that can convenieniy replace Auba they should forget Toress. It’s time we get a towering CF like Dominic C Luise of Everton of Dlorentina Striker or the seeedish striker. Anyy less not good enough for Arsenal. If we can’t spend the cash now then wait.

          1. Gai,
            If you ask me if Arsenal are not getting a decent 9 that can convenieniy replace Auba they should forget it. It’s time we get a towering CF like Dominic C Luise of Everton or Florentina Striker or the Sweeden striker. Anything less is not good enough for Arsenal. If we can’t spend the cash now we should wait.

            1. The new towering CF will make us dominant aerially, but he should be willing to press high up the pitch

              I heard Vlahovic’s hold-up play is good, but he is too reluctant to do high press

              1. I’m sorry but not the time to sign players for the wage sake
                We need players like ramsdale Ben white ESR saka n all who know what it means to play for the club
                U can see ramdale’s passion which won’t be the case if money dies the talking hence a big noo

                Although i could pray we finish in top4 city sign Dussan (sorry if I got the spelling wrong)
                So we can sign sterling who will play as our striker and along with him sign Zakaria on free

                1. I don’t think Sterling has played as a CF before and we’d have the same height problem

                  Sterling is smaller than Lacazette and his hold-up play must be even worse. He is a great LW, but we’ve got talented youngsters for that role

          2. Wonder how sterling would perform a no9
            I think he has played that position earlier n has done quite well

            1. Aresnal over the years have been know to have towering CF we just need a more skillful one with the technical ability of Giroud. Using a false nine in games is not Arsenal thing/DNA.

  3. Yes. it is possible, with Mikel it is! Great players signed last window, one CF & CDM will do the trick this winter. Plus League cup & FA cup up for grabs. Time to say adios to the Amigos – Auba, Eddie, Elneny, Chambers, Kolasinac.

  4. No good striker will want to come to Arsenal at the moment, not unless we give them a huge contract anyway.

    Rather go for a great DM that will help us secure CL football(at least Europe League) and then we are a more attractive prospect to sign a quality striker.

    I think it’s easier to sign a great DM than a great striker without European football.

  5. Being comfortable in 4th place do we ‘really need” a CF now? Surely after the Ozil Sanchez and Ramsey sagas and with Pepe 72m Auba 60m Laca 50m still on the books the last thing we need to do is spend 50/70m on another striker we can’t get rid of. . Unless Saudi FC Newcastle loan and pay Auba and/or Laca’s salaries they both gonna run their contracts out like Ozil. So Auba Laca Martinelli Saka ESR Odegaard Nketiah and Balogun is enough for now.

    1. Whether this is the end for Auba at Arsenal or not, my point is, his age, and Laca’s age, dictate, we will need at least one new striker soon.

  6. Not if we’re going for the likes of Kuselevski & Arthur Melo.The latter is a midget with disciplinary problems & plays like a crab.Wouls be a bad bad move.If looking at a striker should be Vlahovic or the proper Arthur at Basel.Both beasts.As for mid.Either Sanchez,kessie,Tyler Adams( yes please) or Bissouma.Loads of options.But please NOT the top two mentioned.

  7. Orchestrators of our transfer business in the last transfer window have proven their good capabilities to make intelligent signings and that they have a plan and the future in mind.
    I trust MA and Edu to continue with a good job and this January add the next bit of the puzzle. Else, I will patiently look forward to another great transfer business next summer.

  8. To make a sustained bid in attaining top 4, I think we should go in for a CF as early as this January coinciding with trying to sell Auba and sending Balogun on loan. If Laca signs an extension, very good. Nketiah will most likely leave in the summer.

  9. In January transfer window, Arsenal must strengthen the team to ensure a top four finish and therefore buy Arthur Cabral (striker 13-20m pounds),Boubacar Kamara (dm 21-30m pounds) and Dominik Szoboszlai (cm 21-34m pounds)=55-84m pounds. Arsenal must sell players like Kolasinac (3m pounds),Mari (4m),Elneny (9m),Nketiah (11m),Chambers (11m),Torriera (16m),Guendouzi (19m)and Aubameyang (21m)×94m pounds total to fund the acquisition of the three players needed. Also, the wage bill will be reduced by 805,000 pounds weekly, which is much more than required to pay new players salary.

  10. If Arteta won’t play Auba, and he is away from form this season, I hope that we can loan him out or sell him and sign a replacement.
    If we cannot get a finished article, the guy in Basel (Arthur) seems to be possible, with the hope he adapts to PL from swiss League.
    Blackburn striker Ben Brereton Díaz, is an option too.
    Actually, there are many options, it will be key to pick the correct one for Arsenal especially with Lacca seems to be leaving without contract extension.

  11. Football fans are sometimes funny. We lost our first 3 games and we nearly crucified MA and Edu. Someone even went to the extent of seeking the arrest of Edu for wasting 130m on transfers.

    Fast forward to boxing day, we are singing a praise to MA and Edu for how strategic and intelligent they are.😂😂😂

    I love Arsenal fans!!!!

    1. It is not black or white for me. I praise the transfer business, and have been positive about it right from the start.
      But that doesn’t neccessarily mean I am over the moon with Artetas management of the team so far. I see both good and bad in his management so far, and I really think, we must see better performances against the top teams, before I can believe we are truly progressing.

    2. Yeah! But let’s not forget there equally are they that have supported the duo from day one till now, for which I am a proud part of that group.

  12. I don’t think we should buy anyone in this window. We already have many new players that are still learning how to play with eachother. We don’t play European football so we don’t need that much depth in the squad. We already have many players that are not geting any minutes. You all want a new DM and CF but they would need time to adapt especialy if we are going with the same transfer policy of singing young players. And doing that in the half of the season would be counterproductive in my opinion. Signing them in next summer window and having them gel with our team in preaseason would make much more sense and if we manage to secure CL football we would have more options to choose from.

  13. unlikely the right striker is available in Jan. We may get one in, but not a main starting striker. Fact is that Laca/Nketiah are both out of here, and Auba will not be relied upon any longer. That means we need a new strike force. Could get one in Jan, one in the summer. Wouldn’t be surprised if we got nobody either. We did spend a lot in the summer, and once again we need to sell/let players go.

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