Can Arsenal convince Cazorla to return with playing role?

Santi Cazorla is out of contract come this summer, and is yet to be offered an extension to his playing contract at present.

The 35 year-old is not believed to be ready to hang his boots up just yet, and why should he when you consider his form this season, with 12 goals and seven assists so far this term.

The midfielder has previously expressed his desire to play for our club ‘one last time’ before he retires from playing, and with his current future up in the air, there is obvious reasons for us to be linked with our former fans favourite.

Today’s reports claim that we would be unwilling to offer him a first-team role in our side going forward however, but that doesn’t rule out the possibility of joining us on a playing contract with a view to starting his coaching badges, ahead of hanging up his boots to help behind the scenes with former friend and colleague Mikel Arteta.

Cazorla’s last seasons with our club were tainted with injuries, which ultimately forced us not to extend his stay in North London, but he has since managed to stay fit throughout his time with Villareal, and has become a force once again.

It could be argued that his injuries gave him a break from playing time, allowing him the time to play on at the top level into his current age, but IF he could bring his current form to Arsenal next season he could well earn more playing time than expected.

There is no doubt that fans would be happy to see his name on our shirt once more, although some would struggle to forget his age and injury issues of his previous spell, but the prospect of teaming him with Arteta in the backroom is one that puts a smile on my face.

Could Arsenal persuade Cazorla to join on the promise of limited playing time next term?


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  1. Bring him back so we can see what a REAL playmaker looks like. Maybe if Ozil is a good boy, Santi can teach him.

    1. If you look at the Statistics PAL, you will find that Cazorla had his most productive time at the Club when Ozil was in the team. Funny that dont you think.

        1. So yes phil, please do check the stats, or even better, actually watch Arsenal games! PAL!

          1. Actually I do go to games PAL- and also know a good player when I see one.Pity your blind hatred for Ozil just clouds your judgement.
            For your records PAL I missed 6 games in total last season. That includes Home, Away and Europe ( including away ) What about you PAl.
            4 the season before that
            6 the season before that
            I’ve had 7 seasons where I’ve seen every single game. Do YOU come close to that?
            What I do know is a proper footballer when I see one. I also know players who are not as good as they were made out to be. So PAL, criticise for my judgement on players but don’t even think about questioning if I go to games and watch them.
            So PAL, how many games have TOU SEEN this season? And last season? The one before? And before that?
            Can’t wait for that reply.

          2. Clearly you have forgotten that when Wenger signed Ozil, he kept having to shift he and Santi around to get them to work in the same team. Both unsuccessfully being used on the wings. Santi was on fire the season before, but then everything got disrupted for a while, simply because we didn’t need TWO playmakers.

      1. Hang on Phil some of us know nothing about football, others THINK they know it all.

        I always have a good laugh when we are told to look at the stats when judging Ozil, but then they either ignore the ones that don’t suit their argument, or just haven’t got a clue how to access them anyway.

        1. Quote from Santi Cazorla…


          That settles the argument really, unless one knows better than the man himself of course.
          Probably why MA keeps selecting him as well, unless he knows nothing about football, just like Santi?

          1. Ken- as you know there are idiots and there are “fans” such as TMJW. It’s amazing how team mates were, and still are, so keen to say nothing but good things about Mesut Ozil. Even the younger players claim they learn so much from the player.
            Yet because TMJW decides Ozil is wrong for all different reasons, he is right and everyone else is wrong.
            Notice how workrate is never mentioned now, since the stats clearly show this was always wrongly reported. See how nobody questions commitment now Arteta clearly states that EVERY PLAYER must perform on the training field as well as in matches.
            And I’m later going to look up the stats of Santi prior to Ozil joining the Club, and then while they were both together.
            And Ken, this will show not just a comparison of Cazorla and Ozil, but also how the team performed. At the end of the day it’s Arsenal Football Club and its results I care about, unlike TMJW who I believe would prefer Arsenal to be mediocre rather than successfull should Ozil be part of this team
            Pretty small minded but certainly true to form

          2. Phil, everyone who is a regular “just arsenal” subscriber, knows your commitment, but to have to explain it to someone in Australia, must be galling.

            Look forward to seeing your stats as Santi seemed to enjoy the experience of playing with him anyway.


            But some keyboard fans know better than the player. Ha ha.

  2. This is a fascinating question and I have no idea at all if this report has legs or is merely a pipedream. But what a PIPEDREAM IT IS ANYWAY. Probably the most well liked and engaging Arsenal player in the modern era, by almost all of us , I’d say!
    Just the prospect of having this sunny dispositioned charmer back around our club would certainly lift spirits all round and IF, even at his advanced age , there is a prospect of him wearing our shirt again, just the thought is almost orgasmic! Santi has been the single most missed player we have had for probably a full decade now, in both the personal and the playing sense of “missed”!

  3. Jon, I remember you and I discussing the possibility of having Santi back as a player and how it seemed impossible – if this rumour is true, what a sensational return it would be for the fans and MA.
    For me, a no brainer – sign him as soon as it is possible.

    1. Ken, there are a very small number of special people who, even if they do not play, can have an uplifting effct on any dressing room they can be in. Santi is such a person and I agree that to have him back, even if just to be himself, even if he does not play and does not coach -though if he does either or both, much the better still – would be a no brainer.
      He is certainly in my top 5 most liked people who have ever worn our shirt, along with Geordie Armstrong and my number one, Bob Wilson. Not saying those five were in our top five players , in fact none of them were, in my view.

      1. Agree with Geordie and Santi, Jon… Bob is a Knight in Shining Armour for his charity work and an example to us all.
        We all have different ideas of what makes a player “outstanding” regarding someone to look up to, long may it be the case.

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