Can Arsenal fans accept that Arteta is a long-term project? (Opinion)

Ally Mccoist has claimed that Arsenal must stick with Mikel Arteta for the long-term, the same way that Liverpool stuck with Jurgen Klopp.

The Reds boss took over in 2015, and didn’t win his first trophy with the club until the 2018-19 campaign when he led them to Champions League glory, while Arteta has already earned silverware.

The Spaniard has two trophies to his name already after winning the FA Cup and Community Shield at his first attempt, but is currently trying to guide his team out of their first real blip since he took charge.

Arsenal have four points from their last five Premier League matches, including a loss and a draw with Aston Villa and Leeds, while they have zero goals from open play during that time also.

While the Spaniard is coming under-fire at present as he struggles to overturn their form, Ally believes he needs time to bring success to the club, and cites Jurgen Klopp’s time at Liverpool for comparison.

McCoist told TalkSPORT‘s listeners this morning: “You just have to point at Klopp and the way they’ve looked after him at Liverpool.

“They’ve stood by their man because it was not an overnight success. They gave him time, it was a four or five-year project and look at him now.

“Arteta had that brilliant start. He won the FA Cup and they were flying for a period towards the end of last season. Everyone expected it to carry on again.

“But that’s not always the case and it isn’t the case at this moment in time with Arsenal. So they will come again.

“If it was a steady process then everyone would be quite happy, but it’s the fact he started ever so well and they’ve stood still a little bit now. That’s the problem.”

Arteta’s early success definitely raised expectations, but I feel like the majority of fans aren’t turning on him, but are just frustrated by results.

I think it would be extremely short-sighted to call for the manager’s head after such a blip, but questions will continue to be asked until improvements are seen.

As long as the team continues to improve year-on-year, I’m certain that the club will continue to back the Spaniard, but for now, he just needs to concentrate on getting the team scoring again.

Do we think Arteta has been given more long-term goals than short-term ones? How many seasons to return us to the Champions League?


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  1. My answer is no because he has no pedigree which warrants time:
    1. lets be honest if the whole attack is dysfunctioning the main fault surely doesn’t lie with the players, they aren’t exempt from it, auba, laca, willian and pepe are playing horribly but the main fault is with arteta.. Shoring up the defense with 0 attacking prowess could be done by a lot of managers in the PL.. if that was the aim we could have taken big sam or tony pulis as our manager.. arteta should at least look at some mourinho football if he wants to play by parking the bus.. now he is more tony pulis than mourinho and nowhere near pep, wenger or klopp

    2. Klopp, Pep etc. deserved time because the were successful managers in the past, arteta doesn’t deserve that.. we are a big club not everton or RB Leipzig etc. to be a project (and sadly they are both better than us now)

    3. He wants William saliba to go on loan and prove himself as he isn’t proven yet, doesn’t the same apply for arteta? He is unproven and should first learn the trade with some other clubs, arsenal is no club to learn on-the-job

    4. sometimes i think fans want to help artetas career more than arsenals success and i dont understand that, why do fans want to wait till arteta learns the trade?

    We should be a big club not some educational club for rookie managers

    1. the question is whether we have alternatives. if we can get Potechino or someone at that caliber we would be wise to get them. but we probably can’t, so giving Arteta a chance is logical.
      anyway, no coach can do miracles with the current squad. getting 3 more top midfielders, one top winger, and one top CB is crucial. starting at least 5-6 mediocre players each game will keep guarantee us a failure.

      1. Thats true if we dont have alternatives we cannot change but thats where our opinions differ, do you really think that no experienced better/top manager is ready to come to us? If mourinho was read to go to tottenham (they are a superb side right now but the didnt have the financial power of chelsea or Man U) surely a Poch or Allegri or even sarri or somebody in that category would come to arsenal?

      1. I reckon its better to write one pathetic comment than to be a pathetic human being like you, who can’t voice his opinion better than this

    2. My answer is yes. Not every manager that warrants time needs to have pedigree:
      1. Lets be honest if the same group of players are not producing results under three different managers, the main fault surely doesn’t lie with the managers? It is a combination of player recruitment and poor transfer strategies. How many of these mistakes are on Arteta?

      2. Wenger was a novice when he joined us. Klopp when he joined Dortmund. Pep when he joined Barca. None of these managers had the pedigree to be appointed as the managers for the respective clubs. Yet if they weren’t entrusted, where would they have been now?
      Every club needs a project to succeed. We are a big club in terms of our history. Not since 2006. Arteta isn’t inheriting a title winning side but a team in downward spiral for almost a decade. Demanding instant success without having patience for long term project is not practical.

      3. We don’t really know the true story behind Saliba. There could be a lot more reasons for sending a player to learn the trade than being just “unproven”. Is it smart to speculate over the stories in media which have no substance and blame Arteta entirely for this situation?

      4. None of the fans want only Arteta to succeed. We are all gooners in the end and while we might share different opinions, one thing we all have in common is our love for the club and the desire to see it succeed. You need to understand why many fans are supporting him. It has been just 1 year since he has joined us. He took a team in shambles to a team winning silverware and by not fluke but defeating some of the biggest teams in business. While the recent performances show regression, the call is for long term support. Every manager deserves time to setup his team. He has just received one transfer window so far. Changing managers within 1 year of not producing a result isn’t going to work for our club. We are not like Chelsea or other teams who buy a title winning side and hire a manager for instant success. We have limited budget to buy at max one wc player in a window and we have to work in these limits. To expect a manager to perform instantly in such situation is not practical IMO.

      We are a big club in downward spiral. We need either a long term project to rebuild or a huge transformation of the squad by spending big like Chelsea. You decide which one is more practical for us.

      1. 2. Wenger was a novice when he joined us. Klopp when he joined Dortmund. Pep when he joined Barca

        sorry but this is all wrong.

        Klopp was manager of Mainz 05 for 7 years before BVD and spent 8 years there before going to liverpool

        Wenger managed Nancy, Monaco and grampus 8 before coming to us

        Pep was blooded in Barca B for a season and was on coarse to do that for 3 years but Frank Rjikard got the sack and pep got a promotion.

        At the end of the day, if people expected us to win the league this season then you are all on some smashing drugs.

        MA has got some great idea’s and he can obviously address things that need to be done, he shored up our defence and team so we are better at defending but it is costing us going forward.

        Once MA finds that balance in midfield everything will start to click in to place.
        The trouble is that he needs to start turning that screw sooner rather than later or fans will start to turn on him, results matter at the end of the day.

        If we find ourselves in this position come end of Jan -Feb, then he may get a bit worried about his job.

        Ok so this isnt me wanting him out, its just a realistic view on what happens in football, 3 year plan or not, languishing in the bottom half of the table is NOT what Arsenal football club is about.

        You also have to consider that Liverpool, Barca, Man city are all much better managed above the manager, Arsenal were that way before Dein went, since then the club couldnt manage a piss up in a brewery imo.

        You talk about budgets, how Chelsea can go and spend and we cant, this is why they can –

        They are better run than us
        They have an owner who wants to win
        They qualify for UCL
        They also had a transfer ban and sold Hazard when they couldnt spend, which is why they spend so heavily this past window

        1. Val,
          Klopp was definitely not a beginner as you say, but I’d never heard of AW despite his managerial experience and Pep had no more experience then than Arteta has now. He did have continuity in the same way that Liverpool did years ago which must have been an advantage

          I’m hoping Arteta is made of the same material and in the absence of all the wonderful qualities of the clubs you listed, I’m not sure what else Arsenal can do but to give him longer
          and trust that at executive level the club can revive itself
          You made a great post

          1. You are right. Nobody heard of Wenger, that’s why the reaction of Arsene who? But he did take Monaco to the semis or finals of the then Champions league and Nagoya was kind of a loser club in Japan before he made them win titles within a season with his ideas. So I guess the decision-makers knew what they were bringing in. I think Mr. Val is pointing that thing out.

            1. People never heard of Wenger in England before he joined us for a few simple reasons.

              1 – the French league was crap and no one in the UK really watched it back then.

              2 – the internet was only 5 years old and the media side hadnt taken off.

              3 – social media was not there either and all we had was the daily paper to read.

              As for Pep even a year in the B team would have given him alot of information about how he wants to implement his ideas and is a base to make mistakes, MA didnt have that, he literally arrived with 2 games at city where he was allowed to manage the side.

              When he makes mistakes its for the whole world to see. Even Lampard had a season at Derby.

              All I am saying is it will take time, I’m just not sure he will get what he needs in both time and money to correct the failures of past regimes

              1. Whether he stays or not depends on
                results. The problem is Arsenal are
                becoming predictable.
                The attack is too slow. Why not be humble and learn from other teams
                to score.
                When tne attack floundered, Martinex
                threw a quick ball to Barkley who crossed and Watkins scored.
                3 passes.
                Artetr must habe the gunners run rt defenders


        2. Wenger was not a novice when he joined us, his first managerial job was assistant manager at Nancy in 1984 the following season he was made manager finishing 10th I think they had no money, he then managed Monaco winning his 1st title and taking Monaco to 1/4 1/2 finals in Europe with players like Hoddle, Hateley, Weah,Petit,Grimanldi, Thuram.. And then went to Japan when he arrived at Arsenal he had been a manager for 12 years hardly a novice!

        3. Thanks for correcting me Val. Useful information.

          I think we both resonate the same ideas. My point being, since we have been managed so badly for so long (including the transfer business) and we don’t have the owners who can spend freely, the only practical solution for us is to build a long term project.

          And for this, fans need to understand Arteta can’t do it in a year. They have to be patient with him.

          Yes we have all the right to criticize him for his mistakes, but to ask for his head right now is plain immature.

  2. I am that kind of person that call it as I see it. I don’t do emotions and sensitivity stuff when not necessary.

    I liked what Arteta did last season with the so called limited players / poor player that he had to work with, players that were not his. I accepted the defensive style he came up with but I expected all that to change this season with a few signings of his own and a full pre-season.

    He has not changed whatsoever and we are as boring, blunt, timid, clueless as ever. I don’t know what he is trying to do. It’s reminding me of the Emery saga..

    If we lose our next 2 games while playing this clueless type of football then I am going to start criticising him non stop.

    Please Arteta, stop being too timid, nervous, negative, over cautious, over defensive. It’s suffocating the whole team together with us fans. Relax and let the players express themselves more often.

    1. I understand you, i just already started the non-stop criticism xD but maybe you will be right and he can change his tactics in the next two games but sadly i dont think so but i surely hope he does

      1. Arteta has corrected all defensive problems of Arsenal by buying his own choice of players.
        Arteta discarded mediocre players bought by his predecessors
        Arteta has brought Partey to Arsenal
        Arteta transformed Auba Willian and Pepe into great defenders
        Arteta kept clean sheet against Leeds
        Above all the tactical magician Arteta has transformed the Leeds woodwork to our advantage thrice.
        Arteta is truly an unmatched manager who struggle to take Arsenal from glory days to boring days..what else is needed?

          1. Plus the fact that Leno, Bellerin, Holding and Tierney were all signed by either AW or the gazidis led band of brothers.

    2. It the lying repercussion.
      Emery did it with Ozil and quickly took a nosedive.
      Now Arteta is repeating the same nonsense, and he’s steadily moving from hero to zero.

      1. @Gilly
        I don’t see how ozil gets into this debate. He is done and finished as a player.
        Some of you need to stop with your constant Ozil regurgitations? Every time we have a bad result you have to being him up. We are tired of it. Ozil has had more second chances than any other Arsenal player in my decades watching Arsenal. Average / poor performances has been the norm for most of his 8 seasons here. When do we say enough is enough?

        I am criticising Arteta as a whole. He was right to drop deadbeat Ozil, on this issue I am right behind him. But on other issues he should be criticised.

        Lets concentrate on the active players and manager instead of always trying to smuggle in your cult hero.

        This is about the team and manager, not fraudulent squatters.

        Arteta needs to stop being too timid and let the current players express themselves a bit more. I feel like he is now just one dimensional and all he know is defending and hoping for the best in each game. He needs to start making a noticeable balanced difference to the way we play or my knives are soon coming out for him.

        1. We must not always agree on the thing. So we have to agree to disagree sometimes. It’s the conviction of some of us fans of Arsenal. Don’t force your own belief on us if ours go contrary to yours.

          1. Great and factual response. Retired and active players, coaches and commentators who made a living at this game agree with you.
            No reason for you to listen to Ozil haters that distort the facts👍

        2. If you cannot see the connection between shutting out Ozil with repeated lies and how badly we’ve been playing – Ozil unlocks other peoples skills, then there’s nothing I can do for you there.

  3. Ofcourse Arteta is (should be) entrusted with a long term project. How long should that “long term” be is another question. For me personally within 3 years we must become a respectable title challenging squad. And in 5 years silverware is a must. If not he should join the likes of Pochetino. Simply improving is not enough.

    Majority of the fans are frustrated at the moment but I suspect only a small portion of the fanbase is turning against him. My frustration is not even the results but the 90 min before the result. I don’t think that our squad is this bad. The performances of certain individuals as well as the whole team needs to be better than what we were seeing for the last couple of weeks.

  4. BIG BIG difference between Klopp and Arteta. Klopp was a proven winner with an attractive style of football that also achieved results. He got the time because he competed with some of the best clubs on the pitch, and Liverpool wasn’t focusing on a title or trying to win the CL at that time; they built up to that.
    I know I know about Wenger and top 4, but the league grew increasingly more difficult and Wenger wasn’t able to adjust after 22 years. We were trying to get back into the top 4 not rebuild like Liverpool; we were looking for couple missing pieces to complete the puzzle, not revamp the squad and style of play.
    Klopp had a dazzling resume to go by, Arteta had assistant coaching experience and comments from Man City players.
    Comparing Arteta to Lampard is more accurate, comparing him to Klopp is just ridiculous. Does Arteta even have a discernable style of play? Klopp has a massive track record to convince players he is right, Arteta does not.
    One of the biggest mistakes we ever made was not going after Klopp when he was available. His attacking style of play was perfectly suited to our club, and he could have made the improvement defensively we were crying out for. Water under the bridge now, but tremendous miss on our part.

    1. Sorry, but as for given time yes to a degree. He needs this year to sort things out, and next year should be ready to go. After 3 years and multiple players he brought in he should be judged.
      Surprising that a year in he has no identifiable style of play. Should that be an issue at this point? Lately we have regressed in terms of attacking; even worse than under Emery’s tenure. Is Arteta too controlling and scripted? Does he not trust the players enough to loosen the reins?
      A year in and there are still a ton of questions and only a few answers. We are better defensively, but at what cost? By season’s end we should see measurable improvement or begin to question whether he is the right hire. Until then, I hope fans support him and the team, but not blindly follow anyone. Criticism is fine and acceptable, questioning him should be dutiful, but calls for sacking are premature I believe.

      1. I think what you have said makes a lot of sense Durand and you are prepared to give him 3 years to sort it out, unlike a lot of others who want instant success.

        1. Thanks SueP, I appreciate you understanding my reasoning and support while still questioning Arteta. How can we expect consistency from the players when we cannot offer them consistency with a manager?
          Many expect instant gratification today, probably due to technology, internet, and social media. People aren’t machines and cannot instantly adapt and respond as we wish, and there is no reset button to push or window to close and reload.
          Patience is a rarity in the world today, and sometimes the thing most needed. I have faith by season’s end we will see Arteta’s style of play, his influence and philosophy at the club, and a clear direction and plan of improvement.
          Very choppy waters and stormy seas now, but I expect things to clear considerably come the Spring. Maybe too late for top 4, but enough to inspire confidence in his leadership and ability to get us into the top 4.
          However if I’m wrong and we still look all 6’s and 7’s, then he needs to be revaluated in June, and an assistant brought in to help coach aspects of our game (attacking). Going into the following season, next year should show marked improvement, competitive performances and consistency, and a prolonged campaign into the top 4.
          Otherwise, he clearly isn’t the leader to take us forward, and a change must be made. His 3rd year is enough time to make his imprint; either a successful one or a failed one.

  5. Interesting subject, but I think it may be difficult to have a serious discussion about this, unless we first establish 2 things;
    1) What is long-term?
    2) What is a success and what is not?

    Anyway, personally I am generally for giving Arteta time as long as there seems to be a general plan and visible progress according to that plan.
    On the other hand, we can’t accept half a season where we are being outplayed even by teams, who are tipped to be in the relegation battle.

  6. Yeah, seemed at first.
    I hate lies and liars. So with all the lies, it’s beginning to look like some endurance trekking or long term punishment.
    I am sorry I want Wenger back.

  7. how the hell did Arsenal employ 2 Spanish David Moyes protege’s in 18 months to coach an attacking football team is beyond stupid.This will not end well

    Hate the Klopp comparisons, this guy is a Rookie.
    Klopp had yrs of experience, it is not a good comparison. He is on par with Lampard and any other ex player that coaches with no experience.

    I didnt consider the community shield a trophy when Arsene was in charge.

    He did well to win FA cup.

    He is imposing an Everton underdog mentality at Arsenal and he is acting like David Moyes rather than Arsene or PEP.

    Do you guys realise that he spent more time learning from David Moyes than anyone else. Might be the longest wait for him to sort the attack out.

    1. Well looks like most of the fans and board members are happy with being mediocre. Once we start finishing mid table season after season it will be almost impossible to break into top 4 bec the gap will keep increasing. We can not go all guns blazing in transfer market like other giant clubs, we will lose fan base that transforms into losing revenue, no known name will want to sign for us who wants to play for a mid table team, we will be losing out on big sponsor deals, TV rights and champions League revenue. Few seasons out of champions League and look where we are. No big player wants to play for us. All fans who are shouting about long term project have no clue. If you need a long term solution then invest in you Academy and do development on that end to produce good talents not the crap we are producing at the moment. We produce 1 player in a decade who is a good quality player. How good our youngsters are apart form Saka can been seen by their displays in league matches when they are given chances. You can not plan long term project with first team unless you buy world class you talent then you can look to future like Chelsea what long term plans can you make with avg sub standard players…it’s not with time mediocre players will turn into world beater because they don’t have the talent. So if the goal is to stay mid table season after season as long term project then we are heading in right direction.

  8. Fans tend to get carried away with the importance of the role of a professional football Manager in that they, mistakenly think they can suddenly change mediocre players into top quality operators.Neither Klopp, nor Guardiola could suddenly transform our squad into a group of potential League winners .To do so they would need time to evaluate our strengths and weaknesses and then set about trying to make improvements within the Budget allocated to them.This cannot be done over one of two transfer window as many of our mediocre players are overpaid and effectively unsellable.We as fans need to recognise the problems inherited by Arteta where he is faced with a situation where two players, who cost between them almost 100m are not good enough for first team action.Imagine how he feels trying to compete with the most energetic team in the League with a midfield hub of Xhaka and Ceballos who are bereft of pace.I could go on and on, but basically apart from Leno and the entire back four, Leeds were superior to us in every other position individually and collectively.Not even a seasoned Manager like Klopp can turn water into wine but those who continue to berrate Arteta evidently think he could.I would urge all our loyal fans to get behind our young Manager and consider the problems he has inherited.Patience is a virtue which sadly seems to be lacking in so many of our fans today.

    1. I don’t quite agree. Yes, we have players, that have been boght for too much, and we have players on salaries more than their value.
      But I don’t agree, we have a squad, which individually are inferior to the likes of Leeds and Aston Villa.
      In both matches, it seemed to me, they were coming out to the match much better motivated, more energetic and better organized as a team.
      I think we above all must improve in those areas.


  9. No.

    If we were exciting to watch we could perhaps bear a bit longer. But we’re neither exciting to watch nor winning games. We have a big problem.

    1. Twig
      With the best will in the world, Grandad said that no manager can turn water into wine

      Sack Arteta
      Pay him and all his back team coaches their contracts and then worry about who we can then improve the squad with. Before that of course , you have to persuade a super dooper world beater manager to wave his magic wand on £20m a year to give it a go along with all his coaching team and get a top 4 spot in 6 months

      1. Why did you guys not have the same theory when it was UE…he was far more proven manager then MA and had won more in his career as manager then MA will ever win. At that time fans wanted him out and no one named the players. We have a quality squad, just to defend MA’s short comings you guys pretend like our squad is at best a championship squad and MA is doing miracle with them.

        1. I haven’t pretended anything at all Mohsan

          Emery and his record is not relevant at this point, but if you’re going to be picky, he won nothing in 18 months at Arsenal

          1. SueP, he took us to final of UEFA cup and we just lost out on top 4 by merely 1 point. Some of the matches we played under him were amazing as well….point is if single trophy makes MA great then should have signed Matteo he won champions League the biggest prize in football.

            1. The trouble here Mohsan is you responded in your original post to me about a topic that I wasn’t referring to.

              I have supported Arteta and continue to do so because the club needs stability- not another manager. I disagree that the team is good enough in all areas yet and I recall that Arteta managed to somehow improve sufficiently the likes of Luiz, Mustafi and Xhaka and started out (IMO) with a worse squad than other successful teams. Emery was taking the club down and was sacked before the situation got worse still, regardless of what he had won before. Arteta arrested that slide. I’ll be the first to admit that the season isn’t going brilliantly yet, but getting Arsenal back to the top couldn’t happen overnight. I am also realistic enough to know that there will be a time limit on patience but I’d say he deserves at least as long as Emery and as for saying MA will never be as good as UE – that is a total unknown

  10. I think many fans underestimate just how big a task Arteta faces. We have problems throughout the club. The fact that Gazidis, Sanlehi, Mislintet, Emery, various scouts and coaches have all come and gone over the past few years, should tell us that all is not well In many vital areas at our club. Contrast that with Liverpool. When Klopp arrived he took over a squad that went close to winning the title 18 months earlier. This suggests things were already falling into place behind the scenes at Anfield at that time. Klopp was the final and most important piece of their rebuild. Many of our fans agree our recruitment has been poor in the main. Again contrast this with Liverpool who have bought and then sold players like Torres, Suarez, Sterling, Coutinho and several others making huge sums of money each time. We have much to do behind the scenes before we can start to move forward consistently on the pitch. I also think that many fans underestimate our opponents. Liverpool, Man City, Leicester and Spurs all have better squads than us and vastly experienced hugely successful managers. Chelsea and Manu finished way above us last season and also have a proven ability to spend much more than we can on quality players. Buying Partey, Gabriel and Willian was in my opinion far too little to really trouble our top 6 rivals. I still think we should stand by Arteta and see how he can develop things. A serious top 4 challenge is likely to be many years away. Changing managers without also giving him a several hundred million pound Transfer fund is unlikely to help us.

  11. It is not up to MA. It is up to the owner. Fans ignore the business side of football. When a team looses, the value of the club plummets, players can’t be sold for a good price and good players can’t be bought for a fair price. Imagine being a business owner reading your financial reports every month and seeing your capital shrinking. Not a good feeling I promise. Two years are long enough to see if a manager has potential and MA is no exception.

    1. It is on how ambitious owner and fans are, if it was Roman do you think MA would have survived with the kind of results and performances we are seeing. Do you think Barca, Madrid and other top team fans would have been happy for a manger to continue on this way. As I said before you need to set higher standards and requirements so you can achieve big. If you are satisfied with mid table finsih and celebrate losing to top 6 league teams bec you did not concede too many goals then no one can do anything. The fans ambition is reflected in team performance.

  12. This is hardly a fair year to judge MA on. A long period with no training at all, then back to games every 3 days with no fans. No pre season to speak of then a distorted transfer market because other clubs can’t afford to buy players due to the pandemic. He hasn’t even had 12 calender months yet.

  13. The truth is that Arsenal lack quality players that can give satisfactory performances week in week out in important areas of the pitch. Seriously, any manager that inherit the squad Arteta inherited must conduct a total overhauling which Arteta couldn’t do in the summer window due to some reasons beyond him. No manager can win games and give satisfactory display with this current Arsenal squad. Even Klopp got out the “pests” in his team and brought in his own “quality” players in vital areas of the pitch over the years before he could make any meaning out of Liverpool! Same goes for Man City the first two years of Pep’s reign. It’s just too difficult with some “no or low quality players”. Bring in some other managers with this “useless” midfield players/wingers and the results/performances wd still be the same. This is not a magic show, it’s real football competition. As an Arsenal fan, you need to have the right expectations and know that it can’t just happen like a magic!

  14. I do agree with what Krish said in some parts. Klopp and Guardiola justified patience due to their past successes with their previous clubs and the clubs wanted to give them at least a second season to show some sort of improvement. Now yes I understand that not all managers are like this and some new managers needed time to get up the podium, yes I get that.

    But one big thing I have to mention even out of new managers that required time they still had one important thing “managerial experience” Arteta has absolutely none. Arsenal is his first ever managerial experience.

    Now we got Arteta to manage Arsenal when the club was on its knees with Wenger and Emery. Not the smartest thing to manage a club that is completely apart internally and externally for your first job is it. The Arsenal board took a massive gamble appointing Arteta as like I said Arsenal were falling down quickly; not qualifying for champions league, players running down contracts, bad recruitment, discontent in the dressing room, bad morale in the team, deadwood players. They knew all these problems needed to be addressed. Arsenal needed a big shake up or risk being a team that compete for top half finishes. Now they decided to get Arteta, no managerial experience whatsoever.

    Now what he’s done for us: He took over around December and we finished 8th, yes the club was in seriously bad shape and we won the FA cup, yes goodish season for Arteta. I was content not too happy. Move on to this season and consider the summer transfer window. Now, I hear a lot of fans saying that he hasn’t really got the players that he wanted. Well in the window he got WIllian(who I was not really pleased about), Soares on a perm, Mari on a perm, Gab, Partey and Dani. All of these he wanted or didnt he?

    Into the premier league season: 9 games, 4 wins, 1 draw, 4 losses and currently 12th. Absolutely shocking stats 4 losses and only 9 games played already. Not even mentioning the losses too much down to us playing absolutely horrible football. The only match that I would say we played proper attacking football was against Fulham. The football is shocking, we cant score and we say we’ve improved defence which we have a little bit but we are sitting 12th, yeah great job. Now I’ve always been on the fence with Arteta, I’ve wanted to see more from him before I judge him properly. I will wait till late December before I do but I’m seriously fed up with our matches and how negative we play. Our forwards cant score, our mids cant score, who can score for us then. I don’t want to hear the excuse that our players aren’t good enough attacking sense when teams like Crystal Palace have scored more than us. Things need to change and fast because if we continue like this we will finish in the bottom half of the league. Is not just the fact that we are losing is just everything else; not scoring, players are playing well, players fighting each other, manager cant decide best lineup, weird obmissions, confusing tactics. We are set to have an absolute horrible season and will wait for the wolves and spurs matches :(((

  15. I remember Wegner when he was managing Nagoya Grampus 8 in the newly founded J League. Up there in the top four, playing decent football,but nothing really to indicate what was to come for Wegner,even though they had a worclass player in the Serbian, “Pixie” . I forget his full name but he was occasionally linked with Arsenal. Thought he’d do well but never imagined he get a statue at a new stadium such is his legacy. As many have pointed out over the years Arsenal took the gamble and Wegner inherited a rock sold defence plus Bergkamp and Wright. Not a bad platform from which to build and introduce your football philosophy. Arteta has been given a messy squad,limited in world class talent and lacking heart and soul. Despite my decreasing confidence given the past five games I still believe he needs time to build and revaluate his own football philosophy. Perhaps he is taking too much from Pep’s book and not enough from Arsene’s. Or maybe he should just be his own man.

  16. Will admit arteta has made us a better team defending,
    But getting in george Graham, Tony pulls,big Sam would have done that, I’d love to see arteta succeed but I don’t enjoy looking at this brand of football, so give him till January and if we are still in mid table he has to go, I wouldn’t be surprised if we loose our next two league games, look at what anchelloti has done with Everton and mourinho done with spurs,
    Would love if we got the wolves manager in January if things stay the same…

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