Can Arsenal fans agree to be positive for a little while please?

Can we all come to an agreement and drop some of the shameful attitude please? by Eddie Hoyte

So that’s the first, the tough and competitive opponent that I’ve been waiting to see us play against; Chelsea: I must admit we looked shaky and exposed at the back, the defenders played a high line game, and from the start every counter or long ball that Chelsea played upfield spelled doom for us. Luckily enough Morata fumbled all the chances he got including a penalty. Cech is already fighting for his spot. I hope the others will learn.

I’m trying to figure out who we’ll start up front in our games because Lacazette is looking so sharp, deadly and fit, Aubamenyang is deadly as well. These 2 guys, I can’t afford to see one of them on the bench.

Now to my observation, We can’t possibly rely on this for the whole season, if we really want to play a high pressing game always, we need proper wingers and we’ll need pace at the back. Bellerin has been poor right from last season, he’s still struggling to do his job properly, I doubt he’ll always be there to cover the CBs with his pace. Thank God we have Monreal alias Mr Consistent for the LB because Kolasinac has been pissfully poor at defending also. We’ll need to work on our defending definitely.

Now to the midfield, I don’t really see much trouble here, Guendozi has been so amazing, I mean wow even against Chelsea who played well, he was calm and he controlled our game. His only flaw I’ve noticed so far is his ability to lose the ball in our half, close to our box, knowing how Arsenal fans are I’m worried about that part of his game. The moment he loses a ball outside our box and it leads to a goal, we’ll quickly turn our back on him. Stability ain’t in the dictionary of Arsenal fans!

I read some pissfulyl poor comments on here even before the game ended, some saying Emery has nothing to offer tactically and same Arsenal and saying all sorts of stuffs. I mean come on, it’s a friendly game, one which we kept battling and chasing and then you turn your backs on the team and coach? So much negativity has eaten deep into the lives of most Arsenal fans who come on here, Saying all sorts of bad and negative stuff before the season even began. A fan on here even said if we are to play Liverpool, we should just forget it because we’ll lose badly. What is wrong with you guys? What’s wrong with you being positive and hopeful about the club? The comments I read and came across were so
shameful, we equalized late and won that game on penalties. I’ve been saying this and fighting this on here for a long while now. Drop your negativity and your shameful statements for now, save it on your flash drives and come on here at the end of the season. Don’t ruin and spread toxicity among us fans, don’t bring dirty words and statements to us on here for now. It’s a new era, a new coach and all the players a new start for them, so don’t kill us with your disbelief.
Even if we’re to lose a match or matches, support the team! Arsenal fans can be so shameful. I hope we all come to agreement on here before the season starts, else only God will help us because Arsenal fans are the most toxic fans
I’ve known and believe me the team will need us. I hope we all think and we all agree to put off our moaning and baby
complaints for now, I hope it doesn’t follow us into the next season. Let’s drop the shameful attitude please!

This is my own 2 cents

Eddie Hoyte


  1. Enny says:

    OT, is welbeck still resting from d world cup due to exhaustion

    1. Barry guerin says:

      We seem to forget it’s a new coach new system new tactics new training regime and a team handed over from the wenger era bar the new signings. I think as a club as big as arsenal 70 million is laughable to strengthen the squad the owners should get their check books out and sign a pacey winger and a top class commanding Centre half. Also with the preseason in signapore training and playing in that heat and umidity and flying to and from Singapore does affect the lads last night the game here in Dublin and then on to Stockholm Saturday all has to be taken into account with performance on the pitch. We have a week to recover after Stockholm before the city opener which I would rip ur hand off for a draw a win is a bonus we need to get behind the team the couch and staff and pray the board dust off the check books and treat us to the players we need if we are to at least make the top four. It’s not a make our break season it’s a new era so let’s give the team the support and love for the upcoming season.

  2. theo says:

    I’ve been following this site since 2012, but this my first time commenting.
    let’s just start the new era with new hopes and support

  3. Victoria Concordia Crescit says:

    Oo. A bit harsh.
    Fact is he still had to train with the England team, do all the travel, and not drink vodka shots from a sword the whole time there.
    And he had to tolerate all those Sp#rs. He’s earned double time off after that.

  4. Victoria Concordia Crescit says:

    Xhaka needs to take his Albanian eagle celebration and fly the heck away from my club because Guendouzi can do his job a lot better

    1. 9ja Gunner says:

      That’s inappropriate

  5. JustJoy says:

    Eddie i agree and resect your concise line of thought…

    i noticed toxic fans for five years now and their virus is spreading…

    getting behind the team with all my heart, and all should do same.

    I pray we understand and change our negative attitudes.

  6. Victoria Concordia Crescit says:

    also, Mustafi has been impressive in all games he’s played so far..he’s not as bad as people think he is. he’s an aggressive player and CB like that needs a calm presence pairing with them.

  7. Twig says:

    Can you please stop telling Arsenal fans how to react and think?

    1. Eddie Hoyte says:

      I’m not telling anyone how to think or react, all I’m saying is let’s try to put aside our negativity and just stick out for the new era.

    2. RSH says:

      concluding Emery isn’t good enough based on a friendly against Chelsea is a dumb reaction. It’s just not a valid response and was rightly called out. Well said Eddie

      1. Twig says:

        I haven’t heard anyone conclude Emery isn’t good enough. Maybe those fans weren’t happy with his signing in the first place.

  8. Line says:

    Fair point, but don’t you think that calling , arsenal fans the most toxic fans you have ever known, somewhat negative . As long as you, me and the ones like us are positive then that’s the way it is, and i like that x

  9. snowden says:

    The type of fan you are talking to, is everywhere.

    We win and they say the ‘Greatest manager since the invention of baked beans.’

    We lose and they holler ‘Sack him. he is useless’.

    Every club has this type fan.

    I am afraid you are calling in the wilderness of deafness to the reality of life.
    But keep calling. You never know, as some one once said.

  10. rkw says:

    look outside treating arsenal like a cult its all a matter of degree … and to be honest i think most fans are feeling positive because wenger is gone and emery is a good coach … but dont have to take some kind of panglossian view because of it … and here are a couple of your own moaning and baby comments (whatever that means) … which i think are correct

    I must admit we looked shaky and exposed at the back, the defenders played a high line game, and from the start every counter or long ball that Chelsea played upfield spelled doom for us.

    Thank God we have Monreal alias Mr Consistent for the LB because Kolasinac has been pissfully poor at defending also. We’ll need to work on our defending definitely.

  11. Ray says:

    You can’t help how Arsenal fans feel. It’s not right to ask anyone to “bottle” up their feelings and frustration!

    With that said, Arsenal have now moved on with a new manager and some new fresh blood coming in too. It’s now time for the fans to move on too and support the team with full backing. Negative support will help no one.

    I will just say though. I still have reservations about our defence and, the same mistakes were being made last night. Bellerin will have to roll his sleeves up because he needs to improve massively for me this season.

    I know £50 million is not much for any manager to spend and, he seems to have made some great buys with what he has been given. Uni has my full support. We will just have to wait and see where we finish this year before we pass judgement on the players, manager, board and owners!


  12. Ponakie says:

    There was no positive… We beat a weak Chelsea team on the last gasp… Already weak Chelsea even make substitutions to be more weaker…

    1. Adedayo Akinwumi says:

      Truly Hazard, Kante and Coutoise weren’t on field but also, Toreira, Monreal, Xhaka didn’t play too.

      1. Adedayo Akinwumi says:

        Or are you saying the two teams missed absence of Giroud?

  13. Mobella says:

    Eddie you are asking for too much. We are in the generation where anyone can decide to the an assh*** in the name of being entitled to his/her opinion. They’re never afraid of being seeing as overreacting when what they predicted don’t come to be and instead they are quick to apologize and say my bad on the hindsight.

    1. Boluwatife says:

      See let’s be realistic with ourselves, this team doesn’t seem to be on the path to recovery. I have always been optimistic but what I saw last night was Wenger’s team on its normal day. forget about the scoreline, we should have lost the game and while they had their stronger teams out there, we were toothless.
      It’s not enough to be shouting behind the team in every game, we’re going to get tired of that. Till wenger left, I never stopped believing a magic can happen but the truth of the matter is without concrete investment in this team, we can only get worse. Look at Liverpool, at the start of last season, we both had terrible defense but look at how they’ve tackled it. I’m sorry if it seems like I am too ambitious, but I want the great arsenal back. Not the one that is now contented with making top 4.
      Emery, Pep, Klopp, whoever comes to this team will definitely struggle to make the top 6 (remember everton seem kind of determined).
      Praising the management’s effort thus far by believing we can achieve anything won’t help the team in any way. Let the management know we’re not happy and just maybe we can force them to bring out the check book. With what we have currently, even if we all get behind the team, we would have achieved a lot if we can beat our last season’s result.
      Call me pessimistic but seeing Bellerin looking worse, Kolasinac useless, Monreal really aging, Mustafi still error prone, no proper winger, still all about aimless side way passing when we’re down, manager making his first sub at 60 mins (Kolasinac due to injury) is just saying the only team that has changed is the Manager’s name.
      I love my team (Arsenal) and I want the great arsenal back

  14. jon fox says:

    Sound post Eddie, but I didn’t like your use of the shamefully (as you correctly asked) “Pissfully” . I mean no real criticism , as I agree with your point but an article that uses bad language and then argues against “shameful” language, correctly, loses it’s impact, at least somewhat. Precise and correct words and phrasing are so vitally important when making a point.

    1. Eddie Hoyte says:

      Jon I accept correction

  15. Sheet head says:

    After getting used to being disappointed under Wenger, some fans are getting disappointed due to the lack of disappointment from Emery! ?? I hope I’ve understood what I’ve written.. or should I say I’ve written what I understand?? I think I need a girl friend ???

    1. GunnerJack says:

      I like it 🙂 A bit of humour now and then is always welcome to me as it lightens things up a bit when others are moaning.

  16. Ray Burns says:

    Well said Eddie. I’m really fed up with the negative nonsense posted by so many so called fans. I’ve been an Arsenal fan for a long time ( a very long time – 30 years as a season ticket holder) and when I consider the pissfully (your word) poor teams we put out in the 50s through the 60s and in most of the 70s I would recon that the negatives would get so worked up that they would explode! Support the team even if you don’t think they are much good, players will go, managers will go, even boards of directors will go, but the shirt remains. COYR.

  17. AndersS says:

    I think it might be more useful to talk about expectations.
    We finished last season as number 6, miles off a top 4 position.
    And not only was the team performance that bad, as good as all players seemed to have regressed individually as well.

    If you expect this to be turned into title winning team after a new manager has had about 4 weeks of training with the players, during which several players have been on holiday, I think you are in for a big disappointment, and you will find it very hard to be positive.

    We didn’t play like a title contender last night. You could say, that in the first half, we played like we did last year.
    But the second half was better, and there were positives individually as well.

    Let’s hope/dream of being of title contenders, but be realistic and expect nothing more than gradual improvement with a few bumps on the way, and back the team to fight for a top 4 this year.

  18. jon fox says:

    My tuppence worth is that Emery had to inherit a total shambles of a defence which was increasingly shambolic for many seasons past. We have changed from a manager who had no real interest in the concept of proper defending and who brought in a raft of substandard defenders, to one who will face the facts of football reality. To my mind the only outfield defender Wenger left behind who was adequate to play -and I say “adequate” , not top class – was Nacho Monreal. He also left the chronically injured and ageing Koscielny who WAS once a top player but whose race at top level is run. For the rest, I am convinced that not one would be remotely considered as good enough, by any of our top rivals. That, to me, is plainly the truth. With that situation in mind, it was always going to be a HERCULEAN TASK to rebuild a good defence in a litle over 11 weeks, esp with skinflint Kroenke and the moths in his wallet. Emery has done his best , so far, and his undoubted interest in the importance of defending properly is a VAST IMPROVEMENT on the cavalier refusal of Wenger to even consider doing the job he was grotequely overpaid for NOT DOING. So , in the medium term I am optimistic BUT being one of the most arch realists on this site, thank goodness, I recognise the size of the challenge, and unlike a certain young person who wrote the other day that ” Man City will be a walkover for us” – yes, he really did – I continue to live in the REAL world and expect, in good time, slow progress with some acceleration, down the line. MORE THAN THAT IS BEING IIMMATURE, I BELIEVE.

    1. Sheet head says:

      Hi jon, you wrote immature (IIMMATURE) with double ‘i’ ???. Luckily for you, that is not an immaturity error ?????? ?

      1. ger burke. says:

        sheet head , oh i say, set point there i feel, hahahahahaha.

      2. jonfox says:

        Terrible affliction , jealousy!

  19. Brian Rotich says:

    Anfield atmosphere is always top notch….COYG we are the ARSENAL…..Light up the emirates for this coming season in good and bad times….we can do it

  20. Grandad says:

    Spot on John.Until we get a quality back four in place a top four place will be beyond us. This is the area Emery and his supporting team needs to focus on.The rest of the team looks fairly strong to me.

  21. Things are changing says:

    If you can not be excited about our future now, you are going to have a difficult time being excited at all.

    For me, it was always clear that a new coach would need 12 months as a minimum to get used to the PL (as did both Klopp and Pep) and in our case more than 12 months to rebuild.

    We are fighting to get back into the CL places and that will not be easy. I for one don’t expect us to finish in the top 4 but I am hoping we might.

    More importantly, I think we can hope for 90+ minute of effort, we can hope for positional discipline and we can hope for pressing, all things that have been lacking and all elements that will make me look forward to watching this team again.

    But fool yourself into believing that we will challenge for the PL or that a top 4 place will be easy and a foregone conclusion and you might be in for a disappointment.

    Give this manager time, give the players time, enjoy the undoubted effort they will put in for us and don’t burden them with expectations.

    The rebuilding of years of poor management has begun and our budget it will take time but we now have reason to hope and dream that the downward trend is broken and we can hope for an exciting future.

    1. GunnerJack says:

      Nicely summed up T.A.C. My thoughts exactly. Just a point from each of our first 2 games would be fine by me to start with.
      For me Lichsteiner and Monreal look good as backs but I’ve no idea about the CB positions so hope Unai can sort out a good pair from the many permutations he has.

      1. Things are changing says:

        I think that despite a lack of world-class CDers, solid positional discipline and team defending combined with improved defensive midfield pairings can still drastically improve our defensive record.

        Many of the goals we conceded under Wenger started by giving the ball away needlessly higher up the pitch and having too many players leave too big of a gap between midfield and defenders, leaving average defenders in impossible situations.

    2. jonfox says:

      Sensible perspective! How refreshing on this site these days. WE MATURE REALISTS SHOULD STICK TOGETER TO DROWN OUT THE SILLY, IMMATURE HYPE MERCHANTS, who let their enthusiasm run away with their brains. In a six year old child who thinks we are always going to win EVERY game 10-0 , it is nice and we indulge them with “Ah , bless them”. BUT ,when that “kid” is say 18 or so it becomes annoying and harms our club , by raising expectations among the dull brained types , to unreachable levels.

    3. Boluwatife says:

      You need to understand that most fans moaning about the shape of the team aren’t complaining about the manager. We don’t expect him to hit the ground running but we expect him to hit the ground running eventually. But no matter how good he is, he can’t take us to the top without massive investment. The pessimism is not about the manager, it’s about the management

  22. Russell says:

    I Dont Understand Arsenal fans im a Arsenal fan and will support the team cause it needs me it also needs you Dont Send Bad Vibes You Cant expect results straight away this is a new project and it will take time most of Arsenal fans know how to complain i ive got faith in Arsenal

  23. David Rusa says:

    During the pro and anti Wenger days I remember sounding a word of caution that we should be very careful lest we become forever negative and pessimistic. Not everything Wenger did was negative besides the man is long gone. Let us give our new manager and the team all the support they need. Perhaps some on this site never care to reflect on teams like Liverpool and Tottenham which have not won any serious trophy in almost a decade and yet you find some of our fans singing praises for Jurgen Klopp and Pochetino. Arsenal has won FA in three of the last five seasons not to mention that we won 3 EPL trophies during Wenger’s time. Now contrast that with Tottenham which last won the league perhaps fifty years ago and Liverpool which has never won the EPL since it was renamed so in 1992 and yet their fans are always upbeat about their teams! Are all Arsenal fans students of playwright and social critic Bernard Shaw who said that he who has never hoped never despairs? Let us for once give the Coach and team a chance and be optimistic. Things will be fine.

  24. ger burke. says:

    traditionally, we arsenal fans are always positive at the start of the season . i do hope that the positivity will last somewhat longer than the norm. everybody does need to drop the negative attitude and get behind our club. excellent article eddie.

  25. Aussie Jack says:

    I always said `it will take two, maybe three seasons, for Arsenal to be a serious challengers for the title`, and I stand by that. For some reason Kroenke has put the screws on the budget, possibly to see what Emery can do before letting the cash become available. I would love to be wrong but I think we`ll start the season in the red and have to be patient. Good luck Unai !

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