Can Arsenal fans blame Wenger yet?

Will AKB’s finally see the truth? By ThirdManJW

In the aftermath of yet another insipid display from Arsenal, I ask myself, will all Arsenal fans finally be on the same wavelength? Which is, we badly need a new manager. ‘Same s*** different season’ is a saying that immediately springs to mind, but I wonder if it’ll finally be enough to sway the unmoveable blind faith some fans have in Wenger.

Whilst the result against West Ham may have come as a surprise considering our good pre-season, the performance certainly shouldn’t. I’ve completely lost count of the amount of times I’ve seen that type of performance. It also makes me laugh how many times the fans blame the players and not the manager. One cannot blame the players (although Cech did have a shocker), because we’ve seen these types of performances for years and years.

Players have come and gone in that time, whilst one thing has been a constant…Wenger. He’s the one that decides on the tactics, positioning, style of play, etc. We saw at the end of last season that we still had major problems with Wenger when teams decide to sit deep and play counter-attacking football. We saw it again today. Even at 0-2 with the clock ticking and plan A not working in the slightest, you’d think we’d stick Mertesacker up front, and start pumping the ball long and hit a lot of early crosses, but no! We just carried on creating almost nothing with short passes into congested spaces. For me, that is tactically awful.

Another area which infuriates me, is Wenger in the transfer market. AKBs have defended him for years because of the lack of funds, but even with huge funds, Wenger has proven them wrong over the last three summer transfer windows. Although he’s brought in some fantastic players, it’s come at the detriment of the team, because Wenger keeps ignoring the blatantly weak areas of our squad. So we keep starting each season in a weak position. The current transfer window is a fantastic example. Everyone (apart from Wenger) knew what the priorities were: another DM to provide competition and cover for Coquelin, and the main priority…a world class striker or just someone better than Giroud. So what does Wenger do? Obviously he buys a goalkeeper! Don’t get me wrong, Cech is top class and definitely strengthens our squad, but did we need a first choice keeper when you consider the form Ospina’s been in for club and country for a long time now. Obviously players shouldn’t be judged on only a few performances, but it would be interesting to hear the thoughts of fans and Wenger who were so eager to replace the brilliant Ospina, when you consider Cech’s horror show today.

Even if Wenger were to get a striker on the last day of the window, one still has to ask, why so late? A new striker should have been in place before the start of the season because he’d need time to integrate into the team and a new culture (if joining from a abroad). By the time we sign a new striker (if we sign one), we may already have a couple of defeats under our belt and have a nice little gap between ourselves and the top of the table.

Fans of Wenger will now no doubt churn out the same drivel like they do every season: In Wenger we trust, he needs to given time, and my favourite – from Wenger himself – ‘judge me at the end of season’. So my question for the Wenger supporters is…how many more years does one keep saying these things when defending Wenger, having this blind faith and ignoring facts? How much more time does one keep giving Wenger?

Mourinho’s back only two seasons, and he’s already delivered two trophies, one major one and a Champions League
semi-final appearance, despite a lot of the squad not being his signings. Arsenal fans can only dream of this kind of achievement. AKB’s need to remember that belief and faith are not based on factual evidence. The facts have been
there staring them in the face season after season after season, I just hope that the performance against West Ham
will open some people’s eyes.

By ThirdManJW

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  1. We lose one game and everyone is calling for Wenger’s head! You wonder why they call us deluded arsenal fans…. Chelsea played worse than us but got two very lucky goals against Swansea. yesterday just wasn’t our day.

    Remember when we lost to Aston Villa on the opening day and then went on an amazing run! This lose will kick us back into gear and even maybe a get a new signing, which i think Wenger has been working on even before this lose.

    Thumb me down if you want but us arsenal fans need to stop blaming Wenger and support the TEAM! It’s a TEAM game! Wenger wasn’t the one who made Cech come flying out or the ox to try walk it out of our own box.

    1. Deluded bec fans like you think that such things are actually accidents. Ahaha. The saying Same old same old, is known for a reason.

      Epl champions do not lose more then 4 to 5 games during one season.

        1. You expect to lose more games if the teams is not good enough. This team is no diff from the past so they will deff lose more games.

          Wenger is to blame bec is the one who insist in putting an inferior line up and hope that the oppisite team will give up without a fight only bec we are Arsenal.

          Ramsey has no place in the starting line up.
          Giroud should not be our main striker.
          Having a gutless player in Mertesacker as the captain is pointless.

              1. @rkw
                Therein lies the focal point of your ire,”The Frenchman” No matter what he does, that will always be the deciding factor in your judgement of him…
                Fkn SAD…

            1. while other fans wont accept statistics, blindly praising whatever move comes from the officials

    2. The issue is not we had a bad day. Everyone has bad day. Only in Arsenal’s case there are LOTS of them.

    3. Wenger had the chance this season to complete our squad and turn us into title contenders. He didn’t spend and decided to keep his faith in players like lecoq and giroud. If we had let’s say kondogbia and Jackson yesterday things might have been different. Wenger has failed once again. He has failed us fans too. He is stubborn and stingy, he should have spent the cash available and signed key players for the DM and striker position. We are tired of this crap. Remember that new signings always gives boost to a team. Look at manure, they played a crap match but managed to get all 3 points.

          1. @seancali
            Still no way of know. Let’s deal with what happened and take it from there…

      1. What did he do this summer? buy Peter Che for 10 M, that is all !!! no he released or loaned out close to 10 players, and replace them with bunch of youngster to drastically reduce the wage Bill.
        So, for 10 M he sold few millions, and net is about 5 M.
        Now Arsenal fans and mostly AKB’s are all over the place to win lots of trophies!!! Yes you win lots of those, EPL 4th place know as Arsene Wenger’s trophy. Add the emirate cup, and Singapore cup and community Shield then we look like a winning team!!! are we?
        The LAST team in EPL after 1 game!!! The saying goes, Leopard never changes his Color, and so does Wenger. He should go, being here too long.

  2. Sometimes Wenger Makes you feel so happy (FA Cup Champions Back to Back). Sometimes His tactics and decision are so absurd and annoying ( vs westham, vs Swansea last season etc). I wonder why we don’t get the players we want or it drags on and on and on… Wenger is a great manager I must admit but He is so unpredictable in his dealings. Its so frustrating that we fans know His starting 11 even when we hoped the other wise. Rotation will be key this season but Wenger is so stubborn and will still play Ramsey on the flank vs Crystal Palace.

    We need the winning formula back, the formula that made us superior in the 2nd half of last season.

    Still hopeful for this season. Saying we’ll win the league is a big task. Let’s take one game @ a time. COYG!

    1. Wenger said that if we finish the season strongly (as we did last season) then we go into the new season with a positive vibe. Looks like the players were relaxing too much or partying after Community shield win.

      1. Between Uzi Ozil and The third man ..there is a point. On both sides there are fair points made but Uzi is the only one looking to weigh both sides (pros – cons) whereas TTM is disregarding much and only regarding negative aspects. An agenda one might say. Like with how Arsene saying judge me at end of season is supposed to be a bad thing. That is the right thing to do especially when you need the support of your fans and there are trophies to be won. Like the trophy delivered at end of season, the only one with a blinkered outlook and ignoring facts are people who write such one sided articles.

        1. We were too confident going into the match, talks about winning the title and crap like that. This all comes down to Wenger and his tactics, he has to always use Ramsey.why? Why Ramsey has to play all the time? Wenger has lost it completely, he’s getting old and clueless. We need new signings and if he doesn’t deliver we need a new manager

  3. Blame Wenger for the team selection as well as his one dimensional tactics on the day. Also blame the Players for not turning up. Anyway What happened yesterday is done now, we all move on. I’ll be at selhurst park next week getting behind the team.

    1. I blame Wenger for not signing the players we need. We had time and the sources to build a great team but Wenger fukkked it all up…I have been saying this and everyone would tell me to wait.wait for what???we are running out of time.

      1. I also blame Wenger but for his inability to get the players focused and determined, his failure to point out out important it is to start strongly, and if he had done that it surely was absent in the second half.

  4. Those who have been labeled as negative and plastic for so many times are being proved right once again. Arsenal ends up 13 points behind Chelsea and bec one keeper we didnt need ( even though i am big fan of cech) we think that we can go to blow to blow with the big guys.

    Arsenal fans are so stupid that it pains me to listen to them at times. From what i believe is this. It takes crazy situation to make Wenger go in the transfer window to buy. At that time we lost 8-2 to Manure. And Wenger went in, and bought us panic buys, which where kinda good but not good enough. Today one of the panic buys is our Captain.

    Again how i understood it at that time. Ozil was also a panic buy, bec Wenger was never so close in being shiped out from the team like at that year. Many fans where after his ass big time. Ozil made us all then go easy on him, as we thought thats it. Thats the new era. Things will change.

    Sanchez is today at Arsenal bec he was cheap, and Wenger knew that Theo was out. He knew that he could not rely on Walcott and thats why we got him.

    Well now that Fans are back to earch, and we lost in a pathetic way to west Ham. Not manure, not liverpool, but Westham. The chances that we will buy are getting better. Not bec the board and manager want to, but they need to do it. Bec the transfer window is still open and not closed how Wenger wished it to be. WHAT A JOKER.

        1. 90% of us fans are frustrated due to lack of activity in the transfer market. There are two key positions which we all know needs upgrades, DM and striker. Sorry but lecoqs not good enough for challenging the title, giroud is an OK striker but not good enough to get us out of trouble. If we had a WC striker yesterday he might have scored at least one goal from the 3 half chances giroud had. We need special players to challenge for the title. It’s time to accept the reality that lecoq and giroud are not good enough.

          1. Agree. Look its quite evident that Wenger is not feverishly trying to add to the squad, according to him “If an exceptional opportunity turns up, we will do it”, the key phrase is turn up which suggests that something has fall into his lap and he’s not actively seeking.

      1. And if Japan hadnt attacked Pearl Harbor, USA wouldnt have been at war with them. What was your point?

  5. Arsenal get Lewandowski, Bayern get Benzema.
    Real get Cavani because Di Maria went to PSG.

    Everyone is happy?

    If only it was that simple.

      1. We could have got Jackson Martinez and Morgan ….yes both are playing for top clubs now…why didn’t we????why???we had the chance and had options to sign but Wenger decided to not sign anyone cuz he believes in lecoq and giroud… I’m sorry for being an arsenal fan. I wished I didn’t have so much love for this club.I wish I was a manure supporter.I just can’t….I have been born a gooner… It makes me sick but I have no choice to accept this fact that I have arsenal in my blood. I want Wenger out and a new manager like klopp in…that’s the least we fans deserve after years of failure

  6. i just want to say two things i don’t know why ppl r saying too much negative abt Cech …it was his first competitive game with the arsenal defence..whatever u ppl think bt arsenal defence is weak as compared to chelsea bcoz terry, cahill they put their bodies to block whereas in arsenal v don’t…
    on first goal even if he would have stayed on line it would have happened..he tried to rectify the mistake of our defence by coming out bt failed
    on second goal no-one would expect that 3 defenders would stand and watch a player of zarate quality to take a shot…it was more of our defence fault rather than his..
    I M concerned only for OZIL is he needs a top striker to flourish..with giroud he is just nt useful….

    1. @AD
      Ozil thrives on players that make runs into space, be it striker, winger or CAM. The same goes for Olivier, since his role is that of the “targetman” Our forwards like to clog up the middle with pass, pass, pass. Looking for the perfect goal.

      1. @NY_GUNNER
        i agree with u…v need to try for goals atleast from outside the box…sometime when luck favours stupid deflections make a goal just what happened in chelsea game…
        coutinho late winner against stoke is also an example…
        i m just feed up of us trying to play tiki taka football…bcoz ramsey most of the time ruin the chances created..

        1. Ramsey is a crapy player. He had one good season in his entire career. That’s it. He’s soooo average

        2. @AD
          To me, it seemed as if we took one look at their defensive set up and punked out…
          They rolled 4-3-3 with 3 holding mids and 3 forwards humpin. You gotta respect that. We didn’t, and paid for it…

          1. @NY_GUNNER
            ya west ham played fantastic
            bt their system was what every team is planning against us…
            sit deep and wait for the chance and since v lack width in our team our players keep stumbling in the middle
            ps on the shooting from outside talk…just nw say the goal yaya toure scored against west brom…shitty shot but deflection took it inside the net

            1. @AD
              They also did what every team who’s beat us has done. Lob balls over Merts head and send 2 speedy forwards on their way. Yet many here feel Per is a top notch defender, when he can read the play but can’t prevent it from happening…SMFH

    2. I don’t blame cech for either goals…the first goal he had no choice but to come for the ball.he saw that there were no defenders so he challenged for the ball.second goal he didn’t even think ox would lose the ball. He was caught wrong footed. Cech is not to blame our defence and ox were the ones to blame.ox did it again.

  7. We should have won with the players we have. Buying new players is important to winning the PL and CL but not for beating west ham.

    Ozil, Cazorla, Ox, Giroud, Ramsey, Coquelin, monreal, Debuchy, Koscielny, Mertsacker, Cech should have been good enough to win. Perhaps we should have started Walcott but we just bear the defending champions Chelsea just a week ago. So I just look at this as a terrible first match. It happens and we need to move on. Analyse what went wrong, make corrections and move on to the next match.

    I bet we will go back to winning ways next match. It’s not the end of the world. We must learn from this and realise How precious Home matches are.

    1. Exactly, it was one of those days that anything that could go wrong went wrong. Not what some would have you believe like we were tactically outdone or Wenger was tactically outdone, or that its because we needed new signings. Simply we got ourselves in a situation that our team was not up to speed in getting us out of.

  8. Ks-Gunner. Panic buy list.

    Benzema- Sepnd the f. money. I dont rate him much, but to us he is a star.
    Draxler- Genius who can play anywhere up front. 22m
    Krychowiak- Dont know who is better then him in this poz. 20mil.
    Bayerns Martinez is also an option. 25 mil.
    Gayà- Another top player 18mil.

    1. We should pay whatever real want for benzema. We are desperate. Just pay the damn money Wenger.this is your last chance to do something useful. Just pay whatever real are asking.get us our benzema

      1. Just get benzema,draxler and krychowiak in a tripple deal.this would be the only solution to our problems. And start using Gabriel in defence.

  9. No, we can not blame Wenger after yesterday’s loss. I mean there were 11 first team internationals on the pitch. Cech, Kos, Debuchy, Ramsey, Ozil, Ox, Giroud are starters for their national sides and Cazorla, Monreal, BFG are close to that. Wenger even said in his post match conference that he knew a good delivery would lead to a goal. Now its not that Wenger did not train them on how to set up on a corner/free-kick. Neither would he shout from the dug-out on how they should organize. The blame has to go on players to not set up properly.

    I mean how can you blame Wenger for these players who were all outstanding against the current champions (at full strength).

    If anyone thinks Benzema would have changed anything yesterday did not watch the game properly. There was no midfield yesterday, Coquelin-Cazorla-Ramsey-Ozil were nowhere in the game whatsoever. None of them did a single thing worth note.

    I think Giroud, Ox and Kos were the better players (though i agree no player was good). Giroud tried everything Benzema would have tried. There just was no creativity in the team.

    I would blame Wenger for only one thing for this game. He could have started Walcott for Ramsey but Ramsey had an amazing game against Chelsea so he didn’t warrant to be on bench.

    1. Benzema might have scored a goal from the 3 half chances giroud had.that’s the difference between a WC striker like benzema and an OK striker like giroud. Yes giroud tried his best, he always gives his best. He’s always great when coming on from the bench. We need a benzema or a zlatan

  10. Hey, the EPL table is frightening to look at. I have never seen something like this b4. I hope it will be exactly opposite of what it is now come May 2016.

  11. why not blame him?yes we can.since 2012 arsenal have needed a striker and a CB but Wenger has remained ignorant.secondly,as long as a player is his favourite then he is played on wrong positions rather than bench them..I think he should nature under 21talents.tired of him and his loosing mentality.look at all leagues.what has played in champions league for ten concequtive seasons and failed to win a local league? Wenger is a Specialist in FAILURE!he made Terry look like Almunia already.

  12. The so called small teams have really done good business with the money from tv right and big clubs like arsenal fail to do same. For weekendweekenweekend match am gonna blame the players for failure to show up. I believe strength for strength none of westherm players are capable of benching any of arsenal player. Wenger has his fault but players too are not left out

  13. I m sorry but, and I know I will sound like a Wenger unconditional, but whenever youhave tactics, there is the execution of those tactics.

    In both goals players were (in plural) missing.

    Yes, Cech did have a howler, but did anyone notice that the header was practically free? and that the line practically allowed everybody to be onside while not atempting to block??

    The second even more…
    Ox was like a kid being taken off his Candy …he almost didnt react. Coq tackle (ok it was in the box and nobody wanted a penalti) was soft. and when the shot was taken by Zarate…the whole defense, plius players around stood still…hey dodnt went to try to unset him or block or anything.
    And again cech was horrible…

    so is Wenger guilty? some will ay yes becaue he hasnt bought the “2players that will win us the league” but hey…this team minus one or two just defeated the champions minus one.

    I will say it again, I think Wneger is not good atmotivational speeches.

    1. Yes Wenger is at fault for not signing a DM.if we had a WC DM yesterday he would have cleared the ball and not allow ox to give the ball away. You get it now? That’s how it works.and if we had a WC striker he might have got a goal…that’s why we say Wenger is at fault

      1. well, you and all who thumbed down do not agree with a lot of authority figures, go chck arseblog.
        If you and the bynch here say that Wenger is at fault for a goal (two) where ALL the player were at fault…oh my God, you are def in a fantasy world.

        Theres a thing called diret responsibility and indirect.

        Wenegr CAN be to blam for the second, but pls …the players wrre totally absent yesterday.

  14. The fact remains that we are ultra consistent at being in the top four, and we have won 2 FA cups. We are a very good team with flashes of brilliance, but we have bad days too…

    Yes we need to sign 1 or 2 players, but we are passive recipients of Wengers decisions, and that ain’t gonna change.

    Let’s see what the next few weeks brings us, both in results and signings..

    1. Wenger needs to be taken off transfers and David Dein brought back. I fear although everyone knows this is the right thing to do, and was the setup last time we won the EPL, the board are scared of upsetting Wenger.

  15. The answer is yes and it has been for 5 years now .. Someone needs to deconstruct ( fancy bs French word for take a hard look at ) wenger’s post match excuses over this time his ridiculously cryptic remarks about moves in transfer window and his absurd praise for a whole bunch of players who were little better than championship level to understand how little he understands the state of the current game …. Highest paid manager highest ticket prices … For what?

  16. Anyone fancy this line up?

    Welbeck Cazorla Coquelin Oxlade-Chamberlain
    —-Monreal Koscielny Mertesacker Bellerin

  17. Play the bloody team that beat Chelshit to the Community shield against Crystal Palace. Put Walcott CF, bring Bellerin back too. Alexis left and Ox right. Per should be benched for Gabriel. That should be enough for us to overcome Palaces threat. Please now gooner, don’t panic, yet. We are just three points behind the leaders. This is just a wake up call for us. We definitely got knocked back to earth due to being over confident. I really don’t know who to blame, manager or players. I honestly just want them, Arsenal to go on a invinsible run of 36 undefeated premier league games. It’s tough but not impossible.

  18. Stoke is going to cause a lot of heartbreak this season. With Shaqiri and Bojan leading their attack I see many upsets coming…

  19. There are certain things that always result in us losing, and that is playing Cazorla on the wing rather than in the middle. It happens every time. That is Wenger’s fault.

    Also I don’t understand why Wenger doesn’t get Thierry Henry in to help out with coaching strikers. That would certainly help in Walcott’s case, as he doesn’t seem to know where to position himself as a striker, and I think it was happening when TH was last playing for the club, as I noticed elements of his play in Walcott’s play, however that seems to have been forgotten now.

  20. The answer to this post is yes, but no, actually yes, well if you think about it no.

    To sum it up I blame both. The players are a joke, silly errors, school boy errors, were committed by these players and Wenger cannot take the blame for that. They believed the hype, they thought they were too good for West Ham. The fact it they are but didn’t want to put the work in. They have to take the blame for their performance on the pitch.

    Wenger needs to start dropping players that don’t perform and stop all this favourite BS. He needs to show players that nobody is a guaranteed starter; there’s enough competition now. And Ramsey needs to be the first to be dropped. He’s on this I’m the man crap so I can shoot on site and not do my midfielder duties. He’s become a liability since he had that terrific season. He needs to get back to basics.

    Starting line up should be Cech, Monreal, Kos, Mertz, Bellerin, Coq, Santi, Ozil, Walcott, Ox and Giroud next match.

  21. Let me tell you why some of you here are full of shit.You cant blame players for being mediocre,if ox lost the ball its wenger who lost the ball,if per is slow its wenger,he selects the team he trains them,he brought them.The back stops with wenger

  22. Every year he says he doesn’t need to sign players because we’re strong enough already and every year he’s been proven wrong. It’s obvious we need a holding midfielder and a striker but what does he do, resign Arteta. He could have signed any number of quality midfielders and not broken the bank but he chooses not to. He is arrogant and complacent and he never learns, every window is the same. I just wish we had a manager who wanted to strengthen the team rather than one who just wants to defend the status quo and make excuses. We will never win the league under Wenger because he just doesent know what it takes anymore, after 11 years you’d think the most deluded of fans would have worked this out but love is clearly very blind when it comes to AKBs.

  23. I’m not going to trash Wenger and the team after 1 game, but the disappointment is freaking huge … we need to have the urgency and desire to want this more than any other team, and we looked flat, too mellowed out. The only positive is that it happened in the first game of the season, so a massive reality check to all the “stars” on the team, get your act together quick, be hungry for this, want this more than any other team, this is supposed to be our year but we have to earn it. Wenger needs to trust youth a bit too, bellerin starts, gabriel over mert … onto the next game

  24. As a season ticket holder for many years, and on sunday taking my 9 yr old grandson to his 1st ever game i was appalled by the reaction of some of our supposed fans. Unfortunately i had to leave with 10 mins to go, as someone was in desp need of the loo. on exiting the ground we came accross 2 supposed fans shouting and abusing the gate staff. one supposed fan threw his season ticket and told them to give it to Arsene as he would not be coming back. along with that gesture was a few of the obvious expletives that a 9 yr old could not quite understand.

    my whole point is, these so called fans are on the increase. Yes we pay a lot of money, Yes we expect to be challenging each year. Maybe im an old school fan, but i come to support MY team. I will support them all my life. I may not be able to afford a season ticket in years to come, but i will always remain an Arsenal fan. I will also Support them through thick or thin.

    We have a club to be proud of, and i am also proud to be a part of 90% of our fanbase. I only wish now i had picked up that season ticket and told the guy i will keep it for my grandson. i would gladly written him out a chq for a £1000 and told him to go spend it on a ticket at Shite Hart Lane. Arsenal dont need those kind of fans

    1. @goonerbri
      Well said Gooner. Thank you.

      “If you can’t support us when we draw or lose, don’t support us when we win” Tony Adams

    2. @Goonerbri,
      excellent post and thanks for it.
      Finally sombody that makes sense.
      beware of (I hope they are youngsters) saying exactly the opposite of what you re aying and start abusing our players, staff, coach etc.
      The fact that you have a grandson tells it all, wisdom comes from experience.


      1. Thanx. Am glad there are still some ARSENAL fans out there. to quote again “If you can’t support us when we draw or lose, don’t support us when we win” Tony Adams

  25. Wenger in! (The dock)..

    Order, order, order…

    Arsene Alooficious Wenger. You are today accused on several counts of miss-management towards Arsenal Football Club. Some of your crimes are listed below:

    – playing players out of or not in their favoured/ most effective role.

    – connected to this is the persistent setting up of a team without real width or teeth due to the blatant disregard for traditional wing play and wing specialists and in filling all of the midfield with similar players. This having the effect of unbalancing the team.

    – poor performance in the transfer windows. A blatant disregard for procuring the required number of quality players to bring a greater balance to your squad/team and thus increase the potential for a challenging side. Related to this, is the fact that you sign players that are not required (I.e are not in the positions that are wanting).

    – poor management during a match. Not communicating with your team in an attempt to proactively change things at effect the course of the game. Notes: no Plan B.

    – you are constantly making contradictory excuses in an attempt to gloss over the ineptitude of you and your players performance.

    – being aloof as per your middle name.

    – leaving the door open in the Emirates transfer room allowing the cleaner to hit the big red ‘buy now’ button when Danny Wellbeck’s profile appeared whilst you partied with the pope in Rome.

    This list is not conclusive but outlines some of the charges you stand accused of. Some (especially the last) are inexcusable actions and if proven guilty you shall be sentenced to retirement.

    Arsene Alooficious Wenger, how do you plead?

    AW: well, your honour…..” “

    1. Wenger in our arsssss…that’s where he and his tactics belong. In the fkin toilet,! He is too stupid.right now we have the best chance to get klopp.if we bring in klopp now he will have a little time to buy a few players. I wish from the bottom of my heart that we get klopp.

  26. Funny what the statistics say we had more position at 62% our passing was accurate to the extent of 86% with 6 balls on target verses 4 even though we where 20% better off than our opponents we lost by 2 goals
    We threw the kitchen sink at them with nothing to show for it
    It was an early match we don’t do well on the early s next one is on early too
    Oops ;

  27. The Short Answer is YES Wenger is to blame. He talked up this squad before yesterday saying Arsenal could go all the way . Then he said the players were nervous. My God nervous I never heard such crap. I say to the players grow a pair and man up .As for Wenger get your Cheque book out Arsenal need a Striker.

  28. I will say what I always say.

    Players have off days. We had one. If Wenger doesn’t act to rectify the mistakes that were shown, then you can have a go.

    Anyone would think we’d just lost the Champions League final again the way people are talking on here though. The doom and gloom is insane. It’s 1 game. If the next 1 is as bad, then you can start complaining.

  29. Them AKB ASS lickers will never blame wenger,they are his love childs,the only concern them lickers have is wengers job.they dont care about the club.

  30. Arsene Wenger has a bit of a dilemma. Most would agree that Ozil has yet to prove himself at Arsenal and yet, with a 43 million pound price tag, how does Wenger justify leaving him out? Much the same now applies to Cech. He didn`t cost that kind of money but the hype that has been generated would leave Wenger with a lot of egg on his face if he replaced him with Ospina.
    Wenger, like the football `nerds`, is hoping and praying that, given time ,the sun will shine and critics, like myself, will be proven wrong…for Arsenal`s sake I hope so. Meanwhile, time slips away
    and it will be May before we know where we are.

  31. Wenger will have to take some of the blame for what happened, however the blame must be put at the players feet and their attitude in the game, their was no cohesion and they seem like they expected Westham to just sit back and allow them to score.

    The players believe in the hype after winning all the trophies in preseason, that they are now champions and every one must bow down and allow them to win/ Players must earn the right to play, not by favoritism

  32. Wenger has a problem. A fatal problem that has made (to some extent) and marred his career. Mr Wenger why switch Ramsey in the middle? On the first day of the season? After cazorla through our best periods of last season and pre-season? His obscene detrimental loyalty to some of his players is killing! And you know what? A game is decided by a moment. Brief almost significant moment. For ours it was at the point our lovely ramsey decided to shoot instead of making a simple ‘reece oxford’ pass to debuchy.

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