Can Arsenal fans forget about the Benzema rumours now?

Arsenal supporters could be forgiven for thinking this is some kind of déjà vu. The whole sequence of – player being linked – multiple threads of interest – and then finally the denial; this is a sequence that repeats itself across multiple transfer windows. The only difference is that the player being linked is different.

So, when Karim Benzema is linked with a move to the Emirates stadium, there wasn’t much enthusiasm from the ardent supporters. Not that Benzema was not a good player or he could change the team’s fortunes; far from that. The reason for the critics to discount the move was because they feared the same trend to happen.

And their fears are about to take shape as the latest reports from the Spanish club Real Madrid indicate that Benzema may not leave the club. It may be surprising but he is the only recognized striker currently at the Santiago Bernabeu.

The new manager Rafael Benitez was planning to use Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo in a more central role apart from running his usual ‘squad rotation’. This was perceived to be an indication that Benzema could be on his way out.
But now that option seems to be completely out of the window as Benitez hints than any new arrival up front could just provide an alternative to the Frenchman instead of replacing him. And the new coach plans for more goals from Benzema for the season.

“Benzema is a great player. And one of my ideas this year is that he exceeds the barrier of 20-25 goals. In that, I have put a lot of confidence.”

Benzema is an attractive proposition for the Gunners to help them take the next step up. For quite some time, the talk is around the fact that Olivier Giroud becomes invisible during important games.

Ironically, Giroud replaced Benzema in the French national squad and it could be the other way around at the Emirates stadium. Any hopes of that happening in the near future look extinguished now. Truth be told, the story had little substance from the beginning itself. For the sake of the supporters, one hopes that the latest reports put these rumours to rest.


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  1. I will just wait till September 1 before criticisng or thanking Arsene Wenger for any transfers.

    We don’t Know what he has up his sleeve if anything but we owe him at least till the end if the window to see what he comes up with

    I still hopeful that we will get one or two great transfers and will win the PL

    1. You have it right. If rumors are not reliable (something we can all agree on) then any rumor says nothing about Wenger’s intentions.

      A Benzema rumor does not mean there is something in the works and and the rumor does not really tell us if something is not in the works. Translation: We Know Nothing.

      When all is said and done, we must simply wait even though it seems to be torture for many fans.

      1. yeah, and we must not hang wenger when at the end of season, no benzema materializes (because it was all a media sucker punch anyway).

        but when wenger comes out of TW , sitting on a significant unspent budget, something just riles me up. does he really expect us to believe there was nobody out there better than flam/arteta at DM? nobody better than welbeck/theo at CF? he should at least admit he tried very very hard and things didnt work out. that i could handle. but dont say “nobody was out there”.

  2. Yep, that’s the end of the benzema rumour. Since not many wc strikers are available, I guess plan B will be to secure a versatile winger thus allowing Theo to compete for the striker role with Giroud.
    As of now, we have absolutely no idea which player may sign for arsenal, if any.

    1. i will stand by what i said …140 grand for theo is undeserved.
      he is no cf..he will NEVER be arsenal main cf.

      hes very popular,but a spades a spade
      (20 people stand up ..remember that season he got 20 plus goals 15 asissts bla bla bla)

      1. Shhhh, he is the new Thierry Henry, remember?

        Giving a bench player the money he wants is still cheaper then spending the money on a new player like Draxler for example.

        1. Theo is an excellent attacking threat and there aren’t too many wingers out there more dangerous. A lone striker he is not, I would be more than happy if I was proved wrong but there is only going to be certain games where Theo can play up top IMO. When we are counter attacking and playing an non rigid side.

          As a winger though he only needs to stay fit and he can score and assist with the best of them. Even if it means dropping him for the tight encounters ones were you need to scrap well I still think Theo is worth the money signed. I think he’s worth the money because of his ability with finishing and assisting and also because of the years he has given.

          1. maybe we can play 2 strikers? a pivot man like OG and a runner like theo?

            coq [he’d need to get serious help from sanchez/ox?]

      2. 140k for Theo is actually undeserved but I guess Arséne was really forced into it since he didn’t want to lose a player he’s been working on for so many years. I believe we will slowly adapt to a speedy frontline of 3 including Theo just as Gabriel will with time replace per.

      3. You don’t know the details of the contract. Press is saying 140k, somehow I doubt he jumped from 90k to 140k. Not like I have anything against it, if AFC paid him the money probably they thought he deserved it. Now, let’s see some goals.

        1. I know theo is quality I just believe ox is already superior younger an doesnt channel his inner raheem sterlin when contracts come up.

          Theres few ppl who thru previous showings have proved reliable regarding contracts.Not these bloody itk twitter lol
          Deal with it mate.

          1. I already deal with it. Is consumed. Maybe you should actually do the same because there’s nothing we can change.

        2. Whatever it is it’s really dumb … There are so many better attacking wingers around Europe who would demand less .. Could have got 20m from the scoussers who were desperate to replace sterling … A way better player by the way … And invested in Pedro or reus or griezman or Maura etc etc etc but to up his salary and then bench him that really beggars belief.. So benzema looks out now but buying gotze and pushing him further forward might just work IMO the guy is quality for sure

          1. gotze/reus wouldve been nice ; earlier in the TW .
            i dont seem them coming now.
            and we need kondogbia/wanyama at DM to help coq.

      4. stop eyeing Theo’s salary bouquet ( u knw the drill with english players)……..u should be worried bout the delusion of a man who earns well over 8miL a yr…….but doesn’t knw how to run his team!…… The fate of Arsenal’s season will be his own undoing!

      5. so u worried bout theo earning 140k…….. Well if i were theo, i’d be happy with my pay…..seeing as wenger in his deluded mind won’t give him game time to justify the pay

      6. I could not agree more. Never will be THAT striker. More worrying still was Coquellin. Whilst he holds bags of promise his inexperience should have left us a man down on Saturday , had it not been for the ref’s lack of ruthlessness it could easily have been 2 losses on the spin . We only ever needed three players and as usual we look to get less, we undoubtedly need a proven striker and an accomplished CDM , someone who can teach let coq the last of the knowledge he is missing but yet again Arsene knows best…..apparently well I’m not convinced he does any more I’m convinced that he’s not about winning thePL But more about winning it on the cheap, just to prove a point

        1. i wish there was a year when i could say: wenger bought too many this year. or X wasnt really necessary. no: we’re always one shorter than we need. why is that?

  3. He also talks about (which was left out) how important it is to have different options in each position:

    When asked if he is thinking about moving for a striker with different characteristics to Benzema, Benitez told Spanish newspaper El Pais: “It’s that having alternatives in any position always helps.
    “For example, the middle of the park – you have a midfielder who is better with containment and another with passing.

    “Depending on the match, you can take advantage of one or the other. In the case of the striker, the same.

    “Benzema is a great player. And one of my ideas this year is that he exceeds the barrier of 20-25 goals. In that, I have put a lot of confidence.”

    Benitez was also asked if he expects more new faces at the club before the close of the transfer window, to which he replied: “Until August 31, the market is open and there may be movements, but I only speak of the squad that I have.

    “To improve our team is not easy, there are not many players better than the ones that we have and [that are] available on the market.

    “But another way of improving is with quality work – specific work for each player or for each line.”

    ***interesting that he uses wengers line about it being difficult to find players who could improve them. In their case it is nearer to the truth though.

    So let’s drop the benzema talk for good now and remember he was never gonna come and we probably weren’t even interest.

    Up next > Cavani , although the sentence of above most likely equally applies.


      1. Well, never have heard Wenger say he wanted Benzema. To the contrary he said he wasn’t, so it’s just the tabloids we have to thank once again for generating this ‘potential’ move:) that was never gonna happen.

        1. Benitez is very similar to Wenger. Even the talk of in house what they can do to make a better squad. And the way he talks of the transfer market also letting no-one know anything.

          With mourinho you get a big tantrum and him saying oh we wont win the league as I need a blank cheque book, and by the way the refs are all out to get me ..also the fa.

  4. 2 weeks…2 weeks til we know arsenals intentions.

    city has just bought one of europes best cb in otamendi
    baba rahman was bought to fix chelsea defensive problem

    if you have a problem -u fix it! thats why those teams comepete for the title an we never do

    we still need a dm an a cf.

    2 weeks an this is over..dicky law..u better be in the batcave right now on the red phone to arsene

    1. You are talking nonsense. City bought Mangala last season for 40 million to fix the defensive problem. Then we were told that that is how clubs should be run. 12 months down the line City are again spending nearly 30 million to fix the defensive problem with Mangala being loaned out, and you tell us that is how Arsenal must do?

      Chelsea buys Filipe Luis for 15 million from Atletico Madrid to cover the left back position, and you wail that that is how teams should do in the transfer market. 12 months down the line Chelsea buy an unknown left back for over 20 million to fix the left back problem, yet again you wail that that is how Arsenal should approach the transfer market.

      Your claims that Arsenal need a centre forward and a defensive midfielder to compete for the title are just claims based on what the press and pundits told you. None of those have successfully managed a football team. Every time there is a vacancy for a football manager those people go about telling us who is best suited to fill the vacancy. Of the names they put forward they never put their names up, yet they claim to be experts in football matters and management. They can therefore not claim to know better than people who are actually doing the job. As such your claim that we need a CF and DM is no better than a claim that could be made by a hokey fan on football matters.

      1. Was just about to said the same only you did it much better than I could have done it. My thoughts exactly!

          1. did he?!
            thats interesting ..i say that cos the chelsea while buying filipe luis (an full recouping the fee they paid-a year later)
            also bought fabregas an costa…low an behold -THEY WIN THE LEAGUE

            guess what …i didnt need pundits to hold my hand an guide me thru such wizadry…

            i say we need a dm as coquelin cannot be expected in such a volatile position to play 60 plus games…there will be reds an injurys…this style of play akins to this also.
            i say we need a cf as giroud is lambasted on here unfairly an expected to be sergio aguero…we need other options to give us a better dynamic going forward…i personally belive a poacher would suffice.

            so yes i gues us ‘hokey’ fans who have season tickets, actually were born into arsenal fc cant understand football without help from jamie rednapp an carragher.

            its kinda distateful that on this site we have the ppl on one spectrum saying wenger out an insulting a man whos been with us 20 years…an on the other ppl who if anything is said against the club or players…immediately question r opinions or validity as fans.

            you know who u r…embarassing bunch

            1. Well done Muff.
              One thing they fail to understand is that we also buy badly and sell badly or can not get rid off dead wood. Do we have to go over the Squids, the Sylvestres, Kallstroms, Chamkhs, Gervinhos, Flaminis (twice) etc, etc…

              Some players work out and some dont, that doesnt mean you should stop buying and selling in transfer windows. It means that no matter how good you think you are you will make mistakes, so you should keep playing the game and try to get more right then wrong.

            2. What people fail to understand is that Arsenal unlike Chelsea City could not chop and change 30+ million pound buys at their whim. What I liked about the analyzers assessment is that he clearly understands the differences with which our club is or was run compared to the oil mungers. It was a clear and meaningful assessment he put across but at the same time muff you do make some fair points yourself and are well entitled to your opinion.

        1. Balls!!! What utter drivel you two talk, the crux of your argument has always been that we don’t need to improve the squad, well if that’s true why did we not win the PL last season or the CL ? I’ll tell you why in case your stubborn AKB mentality doesn’t allow you to see the obvious reason, it’s because we were NOT good enough. Now I’m not saying AW’S descisions are rubbish, but it is an absolute fact that Benzema is better than Walcott . If he was not then Walcott would be playing at Real and we’d be sniffing round him. NO ONE is looking to buy Giroud or the from us despite the obvious lack 9f WC strikers . In this instance when we ONLY needed two more players he should have gone ALL out to get them whoever he thought they were. Without spending a huge future we are nearly there but for two players we could be. But I promise you with Giroud and Walcott and no cover for letting Coq we won’t, well be lucky to finish fourth.

      2. The fact of the matter is that Arsenal finished 12 points behind Chelsea and 4 points behind Manchester City. City was not satisfied with their position and is trying to improve their team. It doesn’t help the team to have money in the bank and the team the same as the one that finished third last season. If you try and improve the team, there will be some moves that don’t work out, we are talking human performance and there are NO guarantees. But if you don’t try, you will not improve. If you are not trying everything in your powers to improve the team each year, you will get left behind by those that do. Arsenal need to improve this team in order to win the EPL and/or go far in the Champions league. If finishing third is OK, then there is no urgency to improve the team. Maybe this current squad will prove me wrong, and I can only hope so, but the performance to date don’t give me that confidence.

        1. Allot of opinion is that much of our early mistakes last season should not happen this season. These new top players that people want will benefit our chances fair enough but allot of last seasons points were lost against opponents we are already strong enough to mop the floor with.

            1. I didn’t say that people are of the opinion that Arsenal will not lose a single game against an inferior side, you would need to be some kind of daft hating simpleton to behave that way.

              1. Your comment is about making early mistakes and being strong enough not to make them this year. I just stated that we already did in the first game at home against a weaker side.
                So just stating the obvious facts has become daft hating simpleton. Ok now i know better not to bring in facts to conversations with deluded idiots who cant hear or see the obvious because their heads are so far up Arsene’s crack.

      3. While you analysis on the way to run the club makes sense I need to point out that the need for a DM and CF are well documented.

        We do not have a back up for Coquelin yet, we are still wasting a huge amount of chances up front. To me a great midfield and average conversion rate do not combine well.

      4. Thats a good analysis that you have provided there but you must also look at other scenarios where buying players was a success. Diego Costa came and made Chelsea win the league just to mention a few. The main issue why people suggest that Arsenal should get a strike and a CDM is based on Arsenal’s performance throughout the season. We need cover in case of injuries and we need an aggressive striker who doesn’t back down in high profile matches. Someone who is always aggressive to cause trouble to our opponents and sometimes we lack that. Someone who is a fighter like Alexis and that will make the attacking line more threatening.

        1. we dont need the press to tell us we need a CDM. before coq, everyone was saying we needed a better CDM. and when we did get a good CDM, it showed in our results . so we had both the foresight and the results afterwards to prove the point.
          now we’re saying the same thing about CF and CDM: and wenger agrees. thats why he’s been chasing higuain and settled for welbeck last year.
          thats why he’s chasing a CF this year. of course, he’ll never admit it publically or emphatically: that’d drive up the CF prices enormously.

  5. Yep. Rahman and Otamendi were good transfers
    Also, Schweinsteiger, Schneiderlin, Benteke, Depay, Sturridge, Firminho

    Cech was a good signing but we need more. City look good, united and pool have improved. Chelsea will get Better and perhaps spend too. Wenger needs to get to work if he hasn’t

  6. I don’t get arsenal fans……just in pre-season we were so much in aww of ramsey. I rememeber the famous line ” he is our most complete midfielder” ”he can be our lampard” he can be our captain” . Now we all bashing the guy, why are we so contradicting, cant we support our players. I personally do however feel that wenger should somehow make it known that he is not a guaranteed starter, and needs to stick to his basics.

    Guys think quick, if wilshere and Welbs were fit together with ox an Walcott, how strong our bench would be God dammnnn. If we add another attacker I can see someone pushing for a move out. I am surprised we never made use of Campbell and Silva in pre-season, would of been interesting. I think bielik needs a loan move.

    Giroud, well what can I say that hasn’t been said. He scored a delicious goal yesterday no doubt, but I feel he’ll make a superrrbb plan B, like Dzeko. Its either we stick sanchez upfront(ala aguero,suarez mould) and get gotze or buy cavani. I think if we want to be in Europe’s elite, our attackers needs to be devasting. I know sanchez was abit off and slightly greedy, but his determined to put the game to bed, I mean isn’t that what a quality forward consists off? the hunger to score. anyway…….I still feel walcot is pivotal to our title challenge,….his like our sniper.

    Lastly, look at city……the thing I noticed was their power,desire and incisiveness. I like the Per and Kos because of their chemistry, but I think we need to unleash our bulldog Paulista. What iv seen of him is that he doesn’t like being passed and darn aggressive. We need that mantle in our side. Currently its only Coq, wilsh, rosisky, sanchez. I feel if Paulista played more not only will we be more aggressive at the back, but it could just rub off one or tow of our players.

    Lets beat Liverpool, and put the record straight.

    Was I the only one to see how ozil is starting to have more desire, the guy is pureeee class, what a player we have on our hands
    COYG #YA gunners YA#

    1. Those are not Arsenal fans but Arsenal glory hunters. The opposite of Chelsea faggots that frequent the Daily mail comments section. They are everything that is wrong about the modern day soccer fan base. Highly opinionated idiots with access to the internet.

        1. Two acts of sheer class by Ozil in last game which may have gone unnoticed by Ozil haters. Reminders:
          1. In the box Ramsey falls down, ball with Ozil – with excellent skill he waits for Rambo to get back on his feet and then release a delightful timed soft pass to Ramsey for a clear shot at goal. Ramsey fluffs it sends it wide.
          2. At right wing he squares up the CP left back called square with a magical take and outside of his left foot. He is fouled and no yellow card given.
          There were other skills as well but these two made up my mind for what a WC player we have. We should be Thankful!

  7. I’m worried about playing Man City this season. We don’t have enough steel in our team right now. They look very strong. We beat them last season yes, but they didn’t have Yaya Toure to steamroll us in midfield then, and he didn’t play against us at the Emirates either. Plus this season they’ll have a point to prove against us. Man City haven’t beaten us since December 2013, though the result was 6-3 then.

    1. before, when we hadnt beaten the other top 3, we faced one kind of challenge.
      it was hard, but we did it.

      now that we’ve beaten them, we face a different kind of challenge: the other team is hungrier. we have to be disciplined and not complacent. its also hard to be on this side of the fence.

  8. While a transfer is not yet completed, managers from the selling club are usually talking about the top qualities of the player that could be leaving. But they talk about the same top qualities when they want to keep the player 😀 !
    Chances AFC signs Benzema before the end of the window are not higher or lower than before Benitez’ comments. They’re low, but I personally still have hope.
    Salaries are higher in the UK, atmosphere in EPL stadiums is unrivalled in Europe, Benzema could be the star of the team at Arsenal (while he is just Ronaldo’s stooge at Real / similar to Ozil) and Wenger’s management is very attractive to French players.
    There are too many persistant rumours to be just complete non-sense. So we’ll wait till the end of the window.

    1. God, I hope you’re right. but i cant imagine RM being so stupid twice: first w ozil and now benzema. they have been quite stupid in the past, but can they keep it up?
      i do agree there’s been a lot of smoke. and maybe benitez was thinking about it at some point. but something more is needed to push the deal over the hump. it needs benzema to be enthusiastic. maybe wenger can use the french connection?

      1. When a player is not interested in a move, he quickly communicates to end all rumours, especially when he is not in a contract renewal negotiation.
        Benzema has been very quiet on these rumours linking him to Arsenal. We only heard about him for 2 things this summer: his potential relationship with Rihanna and this strange Instagram post (“leave the past in the past”).
        So he fed the rumours instead of killing them and showed another aspect of his personality: he likes being the center of attention.
        I might be deluded, Real might be feeding the rumours to show strength, but again, I think he is interested in a move to Arsenal, for all the reasons I listed in my previous post.
        I do agree it might seem stupid for Real to let Benzema go, except if they find a replacement like Aguero. Would City consider Sterling+Bony sufficient enough to replace Aguero. I’m not sure… This is where the situtation is tricky!

  9. Okay Admin….we can forget Benzema now…but can we sign Cavani, seems he is available for around 36 million pounds……!!!

    1. i like cavani a lot. hopefully he could resurrect his napoli form.
      i think it’s still there.

  10. if benz wants to warm the Madrid bench then that’s his choice and if he is content with that then that is that as they say.
    maybe a big bid in the next few weeks yet for cavani or higuain might be coming up, if wenger doesn’t honestly believe giroud can’t match the best in europe up front.
    but i am monitoring this apparent gotze situation at bayern atm, there could be room for maneuver here to make him a left winger, and put sanchez up front more permanently. that could be a really good solution. i would have thought that wenger is monitoring this as well to see what can be done. it could be a last minute move if the price and deal can be struck, i would be behind this if nothing else is around.

  11. only problem with cavani is he seems to be happy again at psg, as they are kissing his butt to keep him there, by shifting him back upfront again more often now. and they might just sell ibra first before they sell cavani, most likely to keep cavani there but like all transfer news we will see. coyg for the liverpool game

  12. How can I change my profile picture here on this account??

    No.9 is vacant……Someone might be coming……..something is happening behind the doors…you just never know….!!!

  13. If we are honest and realistic than we have to also forget about the League and CL unless Wenger pulls couple of rabbits out of his magic hat!

    1. no, this year we’re *competitive* with chelsea/manc.
      last year we were struggling to get to match their level.
      this year, we have a chance at PL if we’re disciplined, consistent and not too much bad luck with injuries again.
      we dont have to “forget” about PL.
      because we’re roughly equal to the other big two, if we get a bit of luck, i think we can do it.

  14. candidates for number 9 shirt
    1) cavani – if bought for the right price could be value for money option under £35-40million would be considered reasonable price maybe.
    2) higuain – same problem having to strike a good deal for him not worth the release clause, so would only be a complete panic buy last minute for full price.
    3) laccazette – seems to have his head else where atm, we could capitalize on this and make lyon an offer they cant refuse, would be the hardest club to cut a deal with.
    4) buy gotze put him on left and give sanchez the number 9 and put him upfront, instead this could work, if all the rumors of gotze wanting out are true. could mean we can get him at second time of asking top class addition to problematic left wing position. would most likely seem the wenger solution to me, this as he always does things no one else dreams of. lol

    1. all those 4 options are better than going a whole season with OG and walcott up front.
      OTOH if we dont get any of those 4, i really hope walcott can become just a bit more clinical at CF. i feel he’s close.

  15. Somehow, I still believe Wenger will sign a striker this window. And my hunch tells me it is Karim Benzema.

    Why will Wenger release 3 strikers (good or poor) without promoting anyone from youth rank ???

    He is releasing these players to create room and financial muscles for the wages of the prospective striker – which I believe will be KB.

    One of the ‘disadvantages’ of having WC players like Özil, Alexis, Cazorla is that they cannot condone mediocrity for too long. If a manager refuses to get good and available players into the squad, they react and seek greener pastures which Wenger cannot afford now.

    Benzema or another striker is coming for sure !!!!

    1. Why will Wenger release 3 strikers (good or poor) without promoting anyone from youth rank ???

      Erhhhh he is thinking that Sanchez,Giroud, Walcott and (coughs) wellbeck is suffecient firepower?

      Benzema = no
      Other = highly unlikely, IMO

      I really do hope he pulls his wallet out in time before the window closes but I hope we avoid paying out £16M for DW mark2.

  16. For me the question and the answer is very simple.

    Can we be more successful than last year with this squad?

    Yes, it is possible, provided that we keep the main players healthy.

    Can we be more successful, if we upgrade the quality of the squad with one or two better players such as a Vidal, a Schneiderlin or Kongdobia in the middle of the park, or a Benzema, Cavani, Gotze, Greizmann, etc in attack.

    Yes, it is much more possible that we will improve our performance with quality additions.

    That is the decision every team faces in a transfer window. How do we improve our squad, who can we get to improve our squad, are those players available, will they want to play for us, can we afford them?

    Sitting on the sidelines and watching the others improve their teams, while you have the funds and the ability to sign the players that can improve your team is just insanity.

    The Manchester teams are doing everything they can to improve their squads to catch up to Chelsea. We are trusting the same squad that came in 12 points off first place to battle it out with improved opposition, it just doesnt make sense.

    Doing the same thin expecting a different result is the definition of insanity

  17. I just saw this:

    Arsenal have fired in the most attempts at goal so far this season (42) and scored with just two.

    The problem is obvious, the solution for most is to buy a striker, for Arsene is to hope that Giroud after 3 years at the club and at the age of 29 miraculously becomes a better striker.

    1. before u criticize us for “over shooting”: remember we used to be criticized for wanting the perfect shot?? i’d much rather be the team that’s shooting more. gives the boys practice. and they’ll get better at it. we were very close to having 2 more versus CP [and they hit the bar against us; mert/koz havent fully woken up yet]
      i’d really also like it if AW had the guts to pair koz/paulista in a few games versus the “smaller” teams . how’s paulista going to get good with koz w/o practice??

  18. Isn’t there some unknown 22-year old South American striker somewhere that we can gamble on? #NextAguero #NextMessi #NextHiguain

  19. Call me deluded, but I read that Benitez quote as ambiguous. He doesn’t actually say I see Benzema scoring 20-25 goals with Real Madrid…it is either a carefully constructed quote or I am deluding myself that he is coming to Arsenal…

    In 2 weeks we will know for sure.

  20. We can bang on about this all we please but I’ll tell you now, we WON’T get Benzema and we WON’T get anyone else,Webber has already said it countless times in his “wengerspeak” you just gotta know how to understand it. The Schniederlin thing is the biggest mistake,@ok you have strikers, they ain’t the best but OK, but to leave the CDM role with no cover but for two regularly crocked well past it players is pure lunacy . While Shneiderlin looks the real deal at man United and AWSAID he was too expensive….really????

  21. Benitez hasn’t said Benzema is ‘going nowhere’ just as Wenger hasn’t said ‘no more signings’.

    It’s all part of the August fun, speculating about potential signings. We expect little form our illustrious manager, so its all the sweeter if he delivers a top name signing. Of course we know its unlikely, but its fun to fantasise!

  22. I think especially as Arsenal Fans, we just have to close our ears to the press. Now we’re being linked with Cavani. They do just talk sensationalist nonsense.

    It’s like the whole move of Petr Cech is what has caused Chelskis’s downfall… Well hang on a second, we sold them Cashley and Cesc, who undoubtedly gave the EPL title last season, Cech was on their bench, not being played, wanted to get out because his international career was at risk, wanted to stay in London and only had a year left on his contract. He would’ve been at Arsenal next season anyway for free, how does a player who hardly plays any games, none in the EPL, make such a difference to their season???? It would be like putting the reason for our poor showing at Swansea, and their subsequent rise, down to us selling Flappy to them, who let’s face it has made far more vital saves for them, then Cech has for us, but the press say nothing about that.

    1. When did we sell Chelsea Fabrigas? I must have missed the bit where we bought him back from Barca, and then sold him to Chelsea!

  23. all i know is that ozil said at a press conference a couple of days before he signed for arsenal that he was staying at real Madrid so you never know does not mean the deal is dead to be honest i think a cdm is more of a priority then a striker if we was to only get one but thats just me

  24. World Class striker, a strong powerful holding midfielder and a no-nonsense centre half. Get to Work!

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