Can Arsenal fans just “Support the Team and Not the Regime”?

Do we support the team and not the regime? by anonymous

My cards on the table, I’m in the Wenger out brigade and have been for years. Like others who share this point of view, although I respect Wenger’s achievements, I have become disillusioned by the inevitable repeated pattern that Arsenal’s season consistently took and couldn’t see that there would be any change whilst Wenger was in charge.

Whilst some fans point to the lack of titles as the evidence of failure, my personal frustrations has been from repeated mistakes like the lack of investment in transfers and tactical issues on the pitch, because I strongly believe that no team has the divine right to any trophy just by turning up. I acknowledge that the premier league is one of the most difficult leagues in Europe and is not a level playing field due to some of the resources at some teams’ disposal.

Things last season became a bit of a circus, with the uncertainty of Wenger’s contract at hand, the future of Sanchez and Ozil in doubt and the dismal performances on the pitch, which led to planes in the skies, protests on ground and fights in the stands. Meanwhile, all this negative activity wrote its own headlines in the press, further making our club a laughing stock.

Whilst we did finish the season on a high with the trophy of the FA Cup, ultimately we fell one point short of Champion’s League football.

With the announcement of Wenger being awarded a new two year contract, I am concerned that there is every chance that this self destructive pantomime will continue. The one thing that we should all know about Wenger by now is he is a stubborn man and if he has signed a two year contract then he will be determined to see that through.

So here’s the question, what do fans do for the best? Will it be more planes, banners and fights in the stands? OR should we adopt the mantra “support the team and not the regime” and get behind our club? I for one think that if we have all been patient for so long and have waited for the dawn of a new managerial era then we can be patient for surely what has to be the last term of Arsene Wenger’s tenure. Two years, in the great scheme of things, is not a huge amount of time.

However, the potential for fans to throw their dummies out of the pram at the first sign of a sticky period is exceptionally high with our club. To those who will be easily triggered into acts of anarchy they need to think about the harm their actions will do to our club. Wenger will not leave (and nor will Kroenke) but actions off the field could affect the results on the pitch. We have to realise that we have some personal responsibility when our actions make our club less attractive to our transfer targets whilst our club is in a state of flux.

So to reiterate my main point, if we as fans can’t support the regime we need to get behind the team.



  1. bran99 says:

    Good point brother.. but how can you enjoy the ride when the driver is a lunatic and have been driving you in ditches the whole way? He almost threw you over the cliff but as long as you like the car, you have to keep quiet and enjoy the ride, right?

  2. ArseOverTit says:

    Isn’t that like support the soldiers and not the government who sends them to far flung countries to capture resources and control of pipelines under the pretence that they are a threat and have nuclear weapons.

    One does the act and the other one is responsible for the act happening in the first place.

    Would you not in this context raise your voice to show disapproval of the government (regime) or would you just sit back and say,’s our government , so it must be ok!

    Probably not, but if yes then you are solely a bystander standing by.

    Now the analogy is extreme but I think it highlights my point here..

    1. ArseOverTit says:


      Your hilarious!

      1. Jib says:

        you’re* hilarious.
        But seriously you are like a broken record. Same thing, again and again. We get it you’re not happy with the situation at arsenal. Listening to you complain is almost as tiresome as the situation at Arsenal. But maybe it’s not your fault, there is nothing the fans can do but moan. He’s been here for two decades. He’s leaving when he wants. But if you have anything CONSTRUCTIVE and REALISTIC about what fans can do to bring about the changes we want in the club i’m all ears. Just ease up on the moaning. Maybe come up with some solutions?

        1. ArseOverTit says:

          You must be new.

          Been there done that, still gonna do it!

          1. Jib says:

            Ah constructive as always from you. But apart from moaning do you have any ideas? If you do (and I highly doubt it) let’s have a discussion about that. At least that will be interesting!
            Just you whining and moaning, saying exactly the same thing is mind numbing. Again if you have suggestions people (including myself) would love to hear them and discuss. I want change too, but if you’re like myself and you’ve accepted the situation – and this is the reality – he is going nowhere until he decides. As messed up as that is, this is what we have to accept. What we can do as fans is admittedly limited, but there are things we can do to air our discontent. But having you moaning on is not helping anyone. Especially when you are whining about the SAME thing with no encouragement as to what we should do. Jeez…

  3. Kostafi says:

    We have to get behind the team and be the 12th man. At the end of the day we want a successful team to make our club successful with titles, domestic and European trophies. When the 90 minutes are up- it’s a regime free for all!!!

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      You want that, I want the team to do well too. I support the players (the soldiers) but not the general because he isn’t the right man anymore and nor do I support the regime who keep giving him contracts to secure their cash funds.

      the question is do the board and owner really want that success on the field which they always speak about around season ticket renewal time ?

      If so, Where’s stans billions been then? Why does he take money from the club for ‘services’ and put nothing in?

  4. Red Dawn says:

    People make valid points and the AKB cretins mark them down.
    Yet those same people will be coming on here when we go through our seasonal collapse calling for “wenger out”
    I won’t ever change my mind on it.
    I want him out because I know EXACTLY what will happen.
    Everyone knows he will fail…

  5. Invincibles49 says:

    I support the team. Always have. But i am pi$$Ed off at the regime. Hope you understand the difference.

  6. 268gunner says:

    I’d support a coke bottle if it played for arsenal, hell I know giroud is average at best but in that arsenal jersey i am supporting him as much as Sanchez and everyone associated with AFC but it has come to a point when you’re passionate enough to be real and the reality is that this upcoming season will be won and lost in the transfer window and wengers record with regards to transfers in the few year with the exception of Sanchez and cech is the worst I’ve ever seen and this team finished 5th so when I hear stuff like we’re not not gonna be very active this window coupled with a good chance of losing Sanchez the reality is that as a fan I have nothing to look forward to for the next two seasons but luckily for wenger arsenal fans real and we’re passionate. #hedoesntdeserveus

  7. Arsenal_Girl says:

    I thought that’s what we do.
    We have a problem with Wenger, Gazidas and Kroenke. Not the team
    We support the team in every match

    Even protesters support the team. They protest management and owners, not the team.
    Protesting is a last resort to help improve the team

  8. Asking if Vanpayslip kick knowledge/bag kick that **** you need to learn though says:

    The team and regime are one and the same

  9. Allan says:

    Can’t anyone just enjoy the game.ok it’s better if we win and let’s face it we do win more than we loose.But to go on and on about winning the title get’s a little bit boring
    there is only 1 team that has won more title’s than Arsenal so that’s a pretty good record. For goodness sake just enjoy the game and the way we play.

  10. Onochie says:

    The earlier some of you realise that nothing satisfactory is coming out of this “regime” the better for your health in the coming seasons…..

    1. CLG says:

      The recent FA cup was won by the positive vibes from the fans in my opinion. Arsenal fans at the Emirates should emulate that for a change and see the power of the 13th man. Check the amount of red flags flying at Wembley for the entire game. Even Ozil got inspired and energized.

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