Can Arsenal fans now move on from the Mudryk circus now please?

Can we now get off the Mudryk bandwagon? by Shenel

I know it has been a while and is a little late, but Happy New Year Gooners, let’s hope this one is a good one for us all!

So, after the weekend’s results I guess we all are a little happier today right?

Although some fans may still be annoyed at the fact that we missed out on Mykhailo Mudryk and will be asking why.

And for those of you that don’t know what happened, it was after Mudryk-gate over the weekend where he snubbed Arsenal for a move to Chelsea, which we can only guess is because of salary.

No player is bigger than a club though, and if Arsenal don’t feel like parting with £100m then they shouldn’t fall into the trap that other clubs feel is acceptable to do so.

Losing Mudryk is not going to define our season. We have done well without him in our side, and so it just shows that although we need reinforcements one player would not be the defining addition in making us win or lose matches.

I believe that if Arsenal truly wants a player that badly they will give all they can to ensure that player is an Arsenal player, and this latest Mudryk saga goes to show that maybe the fee will not be justified and you cannot force players to go where they do not want to go.

In all honesty paying that much for a player is ridiculous and I know it is the norm in football these days, but look what happened when we paid what we did for Pepe, where is he now?

Now I’m not saying the same would be the case for Mudryk, but we don’t need to spend stupid money on players to improve the team. £7m for Martinelli now looks a bargain doesn’t it.

And I have faith that Arsenal know what they are doing. After all, not pursuing Joao Felix was a good choice so far, especially after he started his debut brightly but was then sent off.

So when it boils down to it, we have to ask the question of why a player would choose to go to a club who have a number of injuries, are doing badly, currently sit in the lower half of the table. And has a manager whose job is seemingly on the line as each game passes, as opposed to a club who so far is doing well and sitting in 1st place with a togetherness that is apparent on and off the pitch, I will never know. I guess it is each to their own.

But when it boils down to it we have done well up until now(touch wood) and if we continue like this then I don’t see why we can’t succeed with what we have with maybe one or two more additions.

Mudryk could be a good player but sometimes even good players don’t perform, and for me paying around £100m including add ons for him would be madness. He clearly couldn’t have wanted to come to us as much as was said, he just wanted to leave Shakhtar.

At the end of the day there’s plenty more players in the sea Gooners and what counts is the performance on the day, as sometimes stats do not do players or teams justice!

And so, it seems that losing out on him was not, and is not, the end of the word and I’m not running before I can walk, but after yesterday’s game I just want to say for now, MUDRYK WHO?

Shenel Osman



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  1. Mudryk is not an Arsenal player so I agree let not mention him again. Move on and buy a quality forward that will sicken Chelsea. They Chelsea should be now called the Cuckoo’s.

  2. I believe that the actual price was £100,000,000 including add ons, but not to worry.
    You make sound points and as GB says, it’s over and done with.
    Just wonder what reception he will get at The Emirates 😂

    1. @ken1945

      Best reaction he must get is that The Cuckoos never win against us for his 10 year contract …. and that he never scores against us

  3. Goal is reporting Chelsea has put Sterling for sale. Why not go for him for an initial loan move? A reunion with Arteta might revive his game. Chelsea would be desperate to clear some of them.

    1. Stirling is crap would not give us anything more than we already have his performances for Chelsea sum up my point he made the biggest mistake leaving City thinking he will be the top man at another club how the might fall!

      1. Playing for chelsea at the moment, can’t be doing ANY player any good!

        I’m not sure if Sterling would work, but his cv cannot be ignored.

        Here’s a thought – give Saka and Martinelli a rest and bring on Sterling and Zaha (at a combined cost of £60,000,000 no more than that though) and we will have experienced cover for the three competitions.

        1. Sterling is absolute pants. Have you not seen him play? He flattered to deceive when he got to play with absolute superstars at City and now with struggling Chelsea, he’s shown how bad he is on his own. Not to mention his astronomical wages.

          If there’s one player from Chelsea I would poach, it’s Mount. He was magnificent last season as a central midfielder but has struggled this season playing several positions (ie. On the wing)

        2. Crikey Ken, we’ve spent the last few years clearing out these sort of players (they would not come to sit on the bench) and they don’t start ahead of what we have. 🤔 @Dajuhi if I could choose I would go for Kai Havertz he has so much potential…🤔

          1. DaJuhi – Of course I’ve seen him play, what a ridiculous question.
            You say he left city, while flattering to deceive – would you say the same about our two ex City players?
            At this moment in time, please name me ONE player who is showing his worth at chelsea, isn’t that why they are in such trouble?

            GoalDan, why wouldn’t they sit on the bench?
            Because they still have a lot to offer, that’s why.

            I agree that Sterling and Zaka would not oust Saka and Martinelli, but they need to have excellent back up players with proven PL experience.

            I said a maximum of £60,000,000 for the two of them and would consider that a very shrewd piece of business…. only my opinion of course.

  4. Through the years our best buys have been guys who are off form and struggling. Bergkamp and Henri spring to mind. Marquee signings almost never turn out to be the real deal in the long term. Moved on.

  5. It was just disappointing because Chelsea shamelessly used Arsenal’s scouting capabilities to sign a player

    Having said that, there are too many talented inverted LWs in the world, much more than the inverted RWs. So missing one isn’t a big deal

    Sky Sports just said that Arsenal asked about Moussa Diaby

      1. I suspect Chelsea did that, because the famous journalists didn’t report about their interest in Mudryk until a few days before the deal

  6. Just to channel Will Smith, Shaktar ‘s CEO needs to keep Arsenal ‘s name out of his mouth 😁. They got what they wanted. l have never seen a club trying so hard to justify a transfer.

  7. Dont understand why anyone is concerned !!! We have Saka on the right and Martinelli on the left two of the best wingers in the PL with Veira and Nelson and Smith-Rowe and Marquinhos as back-up. Why the panic ?? Much more important to get a back up striker – Jesus wont be back until next season. Also a back up for Party although Elneny is underrated and has never let the team down !!

    1. Agreed. I’d much rather they spend the money on Marcus Thurman and Milikovic-Savic. Excellent players and will add some size to the team.

  8. Arsenal are finished in the Jan transfer window. All the players names coming now are Summer transfers. So the Cuckoos have enough time to fill up that Wheelbarrow again with money.💰💰💰

  9. I never understand why so many fans seem to need discussing what has NOT happened.

    I see no point in so doing personally. I willingly discuss what may yet happen or what can never happen in the future.

    But why discuss something that never happened at all and now won’t?

    Anyone know why some fans do?

  10. We have moved on. Athough, I have a feeling that in a year or 2 most of our fans will wonder if we should have matched the fee and get him against all odds.

  11. I just hope when Chelsea come to Emirates that he doesn’t get targeted with abuse. Some of the social media posts have been pretty vile.

    None of us know the whole story behind how he would up at Chelsea. If he was just a pawn in bigger game then we should feel sorry for him. If he chose Chelsea for the money, can anyone blame him? The difference in salary is life changing for him and his extended family, God knows they probably need and deserve a bit of good fortune.

    I won’t wish him luck because he’s a Chelsea player. Equally I won’t take any extra pleasure in seeing him fail (just the same level of pleasure I derived from Werner, Lukaku etc …)

  12. No need to over elaborate. It’s spilt milk now and Arsenal have no choice but to move on. Simply we couldn’t afford him and whether or not he succeeds at Chelsea is out of our hands.

  13. Yup, Mudryk honestly didn’t want Arsenal but just wanted to leave Ukraine. Maybe used Arsenal to market him for other richer clubs. He perhaps had all of us fooled. But that’s gonna fuelled our game against Chelsea in the Emirates. Let’s show him who’s the fool then.

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