Can Arsenal fight off another transfer bid for super Santi?

This is not the first time that Arsenal fans have woken up and read the papers or checked the football websites to find the worrying news that another club is planning to try to pry away our sublime Spanish international midfielder Santi Cazorla in the transfer market.

This time, according to a Metro report, it is Atletico Madrid who want Cazorla back in La Liga. The report reveals that one of the big Spanish football papers also claims that the ambidextrous 30-year old is not averse to the move back to his homeland and that Diego Simeone is determined to get him to replace Arda Turan, the Turkish international who could be Premier League bound this summer, with Chelsea and Man United linked.

So, assuming that this is not just another transfer rumour dreamt up by some bored football hack in a sweaty office, how does Arsene Wenger fight off the transfer interest of Atletico and persuade Cazorla that the Gunners are the right club for him, for the next few years at least?

Well one big way is to convince the mercurial magician that his talents will be rewarded with a Premier League winners medal and possibly even with a Champions League triumph as well. The way we finished last season and the early signing of Petr Cech will have helped that, of course, but does Wenger need to do more?

I personally think that Cazorla would love to see the Frenchman show some real intent by going out and spending big money on a world class striker to finish off the chances that the Spaniard and his Arsenal team mates create. What do you guys think of this latest rumour and our chances of keeping Cazorla?

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  1. Am 95pc sure Santi will stay for Arsenal are on the rise and with 2 addition this season am certain in a season after the next they will be a force to be reckoned with in Europe.
    Relax gunners,Wenger is on a mission and soon will be accomplished.

    1. I think santi would like to retire here.he has mentioned already that he is happy here,but he would want Wenger to bring in more quality players in order to challenge for bigger titles. We have to build a squad around santi/ozil/Sanchez.we won’t let him leave. We are not a selling club anymore, don’t forget that.we are in the process of turning into a huge force

  2. Its not the 1st time are being linked with Santi….Santi already said it aint gonna happen….

    Nw is thr any interesting news out thr??

  3. Let him go where he’ll be appreciated and loved. He’s not getting much appreciation from Arsenal fans. Still surprised when people leave him out from their new shiny fancy lineups for 2015/16.

    1. Yep, Cazorla isn’t loved at Arsenal.. That’s why he’s played pretty much all the time, his name is on the back of many new shirts people are buying and his name is one of the most popular chants at the Emirates…

      1. Not at Arsenal, but by Arsenal fans, especially on this site. Bro doesn’t get ’nuff appreciation.

  4. I think it would be hard to keep him if Athletico come knocking, especially if we don’t add a quality striker to the ranks. If he does decide to go then demand a swap for Griezman, not as two-footed but still a versatile player and young.

        1. Yea Simeone has been trying for two seasons now to go get Santi and failed, I supose they are just good friends now Haha

  5. i’ve heard that Athletico will only go for Cazorla if they lose Greizman,but this rumour has been circulating since the end of last season,so i think there is something in it,but i can’t see him leaving this year i think he’llstay this year an see if Wenger strengthens.I also think he feels that Wenger favours Ozil over him especially i that no10 role,which he made his own in Ozils absence

  6. got no time for santi debates…….. He (Santi) knows what he wants and where he wanna be

    OT: {Based on a previous article} How dare we debate bout getting Freebies!

  7. This all depends on who’ coming in, lets be honest the attacking midfield I over populated as it is BUT Santi is one of those players like Sanchez who can turn a game on its head. I for one don’t see Wenger letting im go BUT who knows hat the board and AW are thinking? I find it worrying that we are not even being linked with anyone in the press now, we all know that the press link us to everyone at some stage but there’s very little to go on at present and it worries me that no one is saying anything that dark voice in the back of my had is aying that all the players we know of that are within our price range in the positions we know we need to re enforce are going elsewhere . I hope its not going to be the cheap and nasty alternatives that we get or worse still nothing else other than Cech. It wouldn’t surprise me if tat was the case with AW I used to trust him then we got the squid and santos ect now I think he’s more concerned with saving money. I could bewrong of coure

  8. i was wondering today as you do sometimes, if it would be better for us to take a top class striker on loan for the season like cavani or higauin(£67million buy out clause is a conjob) it might be a reasonable alternative to shelling out big bucks in one big go, of course then if they flop it only cost us the wages and loan fee, but if thy fire us to glory then it was money will spent. and maybe add cheaper buy out clause for next summer. it quite a risky thing to do considering the whole falcao caper last season, but maybe we might get lucky if we get the right deal and player in.
    what does anyone think of this alternative idea is a go or a flop?

    1. Would be an interesting option and I’m all for strengthening @ the position.

      Sadly and this is no disrespect aimed @ Theo, I question whether Arsene is serious about pursuing a much needed Lacazette, Benzema or Higuain type following Walcotts FA cup performance. I personally dont see Arsenal overtaking the likes of Chelsea or Oil Shitty and possibly Manure with OG, Walcott and Welbeck leading the front lines.

    2. But we’d never be able to get them on loan. They’re important players for their clubs, so why would the club’s loan them out? By selling them, they’d have money to reinvest in a replacement, but loaning them out they wouldn’t get that much money. So from their persoective it’s pointless.

      Clubs generally only loan players out so they can get more game time or because they don’t fit in but the club is unable to sell. Higuain and Cavani play almost every game for Napoli/PSG.

      Falcao is an example some may look to, but he’s loaned out because under FFP, Monaco can’t afford to pay him the wages that are in his contract, at least that was what I was told. That and they can’t sell him – his wage demands are too high and after last season at United, no one will pay the high transfer fee because it’s a big risk, so loaning him seems the only option.

      1. that’s a good point your right i suppose now thinking about it again it would have to be under special circumstances, to get one of those type of players good imput mick the gooner much appreciated to get another angle on the matter.
        not to sure who we would get as top striker, if we had to pay big money for one
        who would you say at this moment in time would be adequate for the spot.

    3. That’s never ever happened and I cant see it now Id bet my house that Wenger is gonna sick with Welbeck and OG and Theo as his strike force next season which I utterly hope h doesn’t but I cn see that being the case

  9. I fail to understand why or how an Arsenal fan could think another club trying to buy our players can be worrying? We can pay Cazorla anything offered by other teams, not seel anybody at all and go out and spend 80 Million on one player.

    Atletico Madrid CANNOT compete with Arsenal, we are financially in another universe to them.

    Even Real Madrid and Barcelona know better than to challenge us financially. Santi is free to go to another club because of his age, something he may do for the security of a longer contract. At Arsenal he will only get a one year rolling contract, renewable every years.

    Bobby Pires did this, though being taken off in the CL Final would have made me saying FU aswell.

  10. Santi is not going anywhere. And enough of the magical world class striker stuff. There are none available, which is why you did not give a name. Real Madrid need a striker and they can’t find one either. But authors on this board make it sound like a supermarket purchase.

  11. And the conversation goes like this:

    Athletico: We want to buy Santiago Cazorla.

    Arsenal: He is not for sale.

    Cazorla: Arsene I want to go home and play for Athletico.

    Arsene: No.

    End of story. Why will arsenal be worried about Athletico wanting Santi? He has a contract here. Are they going to kidnap him? Santi has won three trophies in arsenal and plays champions league football every other season. He is loved, respected and well paid. I am not saying that it is not possible that he will like to play for athletico but he will not force a move and we will not be pressured into selling him.

  12. If there is one player who think feels can see that he his appreciated by the club and the fans than its Cazorla. You can even see it that the players rate him in how they talk about him. We need him and he knows that. Hope we PL while his with us since he giving us his last years and best years.
    Another defensive and we are good in midfield.

    Yes Coquelin is really excellent at with he does for us and we all agree. But let’s remember we have not had out out DM midfielder since Gilberto. We have competitions in every position so why not in DM? Players like Ozil, Cazorla, Wilshere and Ramsey are competing places and even my favorite player Rosicky can’t get playing time. There is no logic in not wanting a player who can compete with Coquelin.

  13. Sorry wrote too fast on my phone. Hope you can try to understand what I meant:p

  14. He is 30 and not much time left so why not. Then just replace him simple. Love him but his heart is in Spain. Sure we can find someone to do what he dose things move on

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