Can Arsenal finish above Spurs? Yes we can!

Do Arsenal still have a chance of finishing above Tottenham this season?

With just one game remaining in the Premier League season, Arsenal are on the back foot of finishing above Spurs. It is the first time Arsenal look unlikely to finish above their North London rivals in 20 years. However those from down the lane have not been able to celebrate their equivalent of Arsenal’s St Totteringhams Day just yet, as the Gunners can still mathematically overtake them on the final day of the season.

Arsenal currently sit two points behind Tottenham, but they have a much better goal difference than the Gunners. Whilst Arsenal face Aston Villa at home, Spurs travel to newly regulated Newcastle United. Prior to their official relegation last night, I thought that Arsenal had a really strong chance of overhauling Tottenham into second place. This was because Newcastle would have needed the three points on the final day to gain safety, however with relegation since confirmed, will the Magpies still be up to the challenge?

Fingers crossed, Arsenal should have no issues beating Aston Villa Sunday and so should definitely secure third place in front of Manchester City. Should Newcastle put on a show to mark their final outing the in Premier League, hopefully they can grab an unlikely win over Spurs, allowing Arsenal to leapfrog them.

Prior to the Manchester City game last Sunday, Arsenal right back Hector Bellerin had some positive words about fighting for second place. Bellerin told the London Evening Standad: “As an Arsenal player there is always that motivation [to beat Tottenham]. It’s something the fans would probably be looking forward to. As players, we need to fight for it as well.

“It doesn’t only depend on us of course. We know they have their games to play and have to win them as well so we’ll do our end of the job and we’re going to hope for the best.”

It seems the Arsenal players are definitely up for the fight going into the last game, but it all relies on how Newcastle perform against Tottenham. With a few absentees from the Spurs squad, and a poor run of form in the last few games, Arsenal fans can hope that we can secure the unlikely on Sunday. We’ve done it before, we can do it again Gunners!

Do you think Arsenal will leapfrog their rivals into second place this Sunday or do you think the Gunners will remain in third position? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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  1. Really doesn’t matter. As long as they didn’t win the title, I’m good with it…

    1. That’s because you don’t live in London. If you do and you don’t have pair of immune ears, you better hiding at home. If you have to go to work…wear gas mask or something to cover your face. This will be the first time of 20 years, and I can’t imagine the scale of Spuds fans celebration. Or I just might be hyperbolic, whatever, I am not London gooners anyway. Happy St. Arse Day, I mean St. Totteringham Day folks!!

  2. Should we just hope to cut off the rotting hand to save the rest of the body( finishing below spurs and hoping for a busy summer so we can at least stand a chance next season) or finishing below them so the board can be under pressure? I’d go for finishing below them if it means restoring our past glory

  3. Has anyone been following Championship? Any promising English players out there? We need to fill quota as our English core has failed and the likes of Walcott, OX etc. can get out.

  4. To y’all think zLatan would come to the EPL (Arsenal precisely)…. Well u can keep hoping

    But the guy’s either ending up in L.A Galaxy or Molde

    Can Arsenal finish above spuds?
    YES we Can!

    NO we Can’t!

    Newcastle vs spuds will be the decider

    1. Don’t worry, Ibracadabra will come to London. But only if Arsene willing to pay him 250 K weeks in weeks out. Well, at less we are not going to pay him for nothing like some good fellas gunners. But only if…

      1. He wants at least £500,000 aweek, on a 2 year contract.
        I think that he is worth the 2 year contract but maybe Afc would need to find another way around his wage demands, maybe a big fat signing on fee and a big bonus for scoring goals, as well as win bonuses and so on.
        The last thing we need, is player earning 500G aweek, whilst keeping jack wheelchair and Danny Setbeck company…. You never know! ??

  5. So that was our only target.
    To finish above the mediocre spuds.
    Finishing above such a terrible squad should be considered nothing more than a routine.
    We should aim higher than that.
    We should focus on becoming one of the best in europe but being happy about finishing above those chicken badges should not be our priority

    1. Don’t take this seriously : If they are mediocre, than who are we? Last time I checked this no good mediocre is sitting above my head. LOL!!

  6. the important statistics are
    1. Two goals up against west ham and draw, two points dropped
    2. One goal up at home against swansea and lose, three points dropped
    3. Winning against liverpool with a few minutes to go and draw, two point dropped
    4. Losing to an injury ravaged, wounded manu, two points dropped
    5. Losing both games against chelsea, say two ponts dropped.
    6. Etc. Etc.

    The end result, we are 12 points behind leicester.
    Beating tottenham would be a very poor, inconsequential, consolation prize

    1. Don’t worry about it, if we do manage to finish 2nd….
      Wenger will say that we are the real champions because we beat Leicester twice and we finished above everyone else!
      You know that’s Wenger-logic and he is hoping that he will finish 2nd so that he can unleash those words upon us!

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