Can Arsenal just concentrate on winning the Europa League please?

Can we focus on winning the Europa League please?

Hello there! With the premiership back to entertain football fans, let us not forget that we are still very much in the Europa league competition and if we are to predict based on our previous two campaigns in the competition, I will say boldly, that we are going to play in the final of the competition this time around as well. But we seem not to be talking about the Europa league; everybody seems to be focused on us doing well in the premiership, while forgetting how big the Europa is.

Apart from the UEFA Champions league, the Europa league is the next big football competition in Europe and several teams would give a tooth to play in the competition. Can we place the emphasis that we have placed on the premier league on winning the Europa League too? When we seem to be finding it hard to win games in the league, our next alternative to qualifying for the UEFA Champions league next season should be by winning the Europa League.

Virtually every top English team that has played in the Europa, has won it! Why Arsenal has not won it yet, baffles me to the bone. Our best chance of winning it was last season but alas, we bottled it when we were supposed to win. What a pity.

We still have two games to play in the group stage; against Frankfurt and against Standard Liege. These are winnable games and I expect us to garner 6 points from these games. We have no business losing games in the Europa league and the earlier we learn that, the better.

We should be playing in the Champions league every season but as it stands at this moment, the Europa league seems to be where we find ourselves. It is really not such a good thing to play in this competition, but if we are to play in it, then we should strive to win it. We are always among the favourites and we have been doing well in the competition, but winning such competitions, is what makes us a big team. We need to stop competing and start winning these types of trophies.

If we can strive to win this seasons’ edition of the Europa, we will be playing in next season’s Champions league, no matter what position in the League we end up at.

Does anybody else need a continental trophy as much as I do?

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. Focusing on EL is not going to be easy, because the team will travel to Norwich two days later

    It will be better if Arsenal replace Emery today, to change the players’ mood before the Eintracht game

    I believe Arsenal executives have been negotiating with some candidates behind Emery’s back, as what Tottenham did to Pochettino

    1. Will bet anybody who is willing to take me on that we lose against Norwich next week.
      It’s a certainty
      You can pay off your mortgage.
      At least I hope so,, then they will have to sack him

  2. Omg can you imagine us playing in the CL? 🙈
    We can’t defend, can’t attack! It’s painful… I think the only thing we’re good at, is how to waste money… 72m springs to mind… 8m also… oh the list goes on and on…

    1. Agree. But it’s wrong to rule out Pepe yet. Give him some more time. He is improving. He was pretty good yesterday.

      But agree wasting money
      £42 million on Ozil and his £350,000 per week salary
      Also £35 million on Xhaka
      £35 million on Mustafi
      £16 million on Chambers

      1. That’s harsh on Chambers. £16 million is nothing, he rarely plays that bad, and hardly ever gets a chance in his best position.

        Look at yesterday. He gets subbed, whilst the clowns Luiz, and Sok stay on. He’s better than those two at CB.

    2. You are right Sue, the way we Arsenal waste money is just something else, Ozil for 42million and his 350k salary for a player who can’t defend who can’t score who rarely assist, or 8million for a defender who can’t defend or for a 22milliom keeper who can’t hold onto the ball always punching a simple ball, 16million for a Wwe superstar Sokratis, I can’t class Pepe as a waste yet at least until the end of the season.

      1. 72m and he hasn’t even scored from open play yet…people keep saying give him time!! How long? 10 years… bloody hell! What a disappointment

    3. Dear Sue, would you be kind to tell me who’s doing exceptionally well under the current management. Apart from Martinelli, everyone seem to be depreciating or stalling.

      1. Stalling? Stopped more like!
        I wouldn’t say anyone is, Oneman. Yes Martinelli has been superb, which shows how good he really is, as Unai hasn’t got to him yet!!

        I only highlighted Pepe, as he’s our most expensive donkey, oops player… don’t you think for that kind of money we should be seeing more… a hell of a lot more 😠

  3. No we cannot just concentrate on the EL. We need to fight for our lives in the EPL or face a relegation fight. Newcastle and Sheffield could be above us tomorrow!

  4. Nah…goodluck focusing on that.
    I don’t know why when it comes to Arsenal everything’s always going the odd way.
    Every top team, every elite team first and foremost each season, their objective is to fight for the league, retain it, if you can’t the next important objective is to make sure you’re in the top four with improved performances. As a top team, after all that, comes other competition except the UCL of cus. Some people place the UCL above their local league, some would give an arm to win their local league before thinking of the UCL.
    When it comes to Arsenal, everything is always sheepishly weird. Noe you’re asking us to divert our attention to the Europa league. Why? To accommodate Emery’s failures?
    Why not try to settle and sort the league’s form and issues, do things before hand then we can have a better picture of where to improve next season? Really to any sane person that will be the best option isn’t it?

    Let’s say okay we all decide “Aiit phuck it, top four is gone, get us the Europa league” then we either miserably fail to win it just as we did last season, or we win it. Regardless the result.
    Then next season we can all come back to the league and start focusing on what to do to improve?

    By the way, is it another Europa league, or the same one we’re playing in the third year now after failing to win with and bullshîtting top four?
    Twice we took the stupid decision to focus on the Europa league instead of securing top four when we clearly had the chances every blind fan could see. How did that ended up? Back to point one, no top four, no Europa league, just the same bûllshîtt excuses and talks recycling every year.
    For the third time you still think we should go the same route. Exact defination Craziness anyone?

  5. I agree Pepe was okay yesterday. He could have scored twice on a different day however he’s never going to be a 70 million pound player. Leno, Bellerin, Sokratis,Luiz, Chambers and Torriera aren’t good enough for a team chasing top 4. Lacazette and Abameyang can’t play together. Ozil is ozil but still should start due to how poor the rest are. Xhaka is our best cm pains me too admit it but we have been far worse since he stopped playing. All in all we cannot improve with this midfield and I don’t think Emery is the man to change it either.

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I’m die laughing”Xhaka our best cm midfield player” if Emery is a clueless clown Xhaka is his monkey. And you have no idea what so ever what you are talking about. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha etc etc etc

  6. Is this how bad things have got at arsenal putting all our eggs into the EL basket at not even the half way stage of the season?? Come on now!! We are basically through the group stages so if anything the europa should be 2nd priority at the moment!!

    Going back to league form i have to admit in over 30 years of watching arsenal I have never witnessed a 96th minute equalizer greeted with silence and barely a reaction from the players!! If that doesn’t tell it’s own story then I dont know what will!!

    Sack this glorified P.E teacher before our great club will be tarnished as a mid table team and wont compete for anything!! Trust me when I say that under emery and this board of gutless clowns the only way is down!!

    1. Henry,, mate,, have to agree with everything you say. My fear is that we may be so far down that narrow lane that it’s not possible to turn it around. Memories of Leeds United some season long ago keep flashing across my mind. They also kept thinking that they were too big to be relegated and made the wrong decisions.

  7. With respect ,in case you hav’nt noticed we are only 8 points above the “relegation” zone.and given our abject performances, it is difficult to see where our next league win is coming from.We need to focus on every match and someone in authority must take steps to ensure that every player is aware of their responsibilities when it comes to defending on the pitch.The Southampton first goal epitomized the unbelievable lack of nous of four of our defenders who were arguing with the red when they should have been regrouping.This is schoolboy error stuff for which the Manager and players are culbable.In Sokratis we now have a player to rival Lichsteiner,and who makes Mustafi seem like Sol Campbell.Socratis and Luis should never again be paired as our centre backs and we should never again play a defensive back three which is an admission of failure.

    1. Grandad , as ever the voice of sober minded truth. Please read my own post below on the relegation issue. I also see it as a possibility, UNLESS real changes are made NOW!

  8. This team, particularly with Emery steering it, will win NOTHING…..zilch. They need to concentrate on every match. EVERY match because they cannot concentrate. That’s what they need to learn in every moment. Both mindfulness meditation and concentration meditation are what they should be doing. Mindfulness will make them aware and notice things as they are happening, concentration will give the ability to focus on what they are doing as they are doing it. At the moment they are MINDLESS and scattered, not focused. I used to teach meditation.

  9. When I say I don’t care about the Europa, some fans come for my head but I’m still going to say it anyways.
    Frankly because we are not supposed to be in the 2nd tier competition. Call me spoilt I’m used to seeing us play in UCL even if we always leave early. But I think i have to start getting used to it haha. How are we supposed to sign top players to play in Europa? This season is bound to be worse that the past two seasons ( in which we didn’t even win anything) I don’t see us winning this year either. I’m resigned to the fact that this season is not the season for top4( Tottenham will definitely pick form with mourinho) and I don’t think anyone in the club has the guts to sack ebery. So how can arsenal concentrate on winning Europa when they can’t beat a 19th place team in PL, or should I jog your memory to our last match in Europe?

  10. The idea that this bunch of lazy clowns can win anything under clown Emery is hilarious. Or would be, were it not so appallingly sad! To have any chance, Emery MUST be sacked NOW, this weekend, and a proper manager who can instill some fight , some belief, some teamwork, some shape , some idea of how to defend , how to attack and get all team departments actually SUPPORTING each other, installed this week. Even if we leave Freddie in charge pro tem! If Emery stays, which he won’t – but we need him gone NOW , not next month- then this team will be struggling to avoid slipping into a relegation dogfight. Don’t think it cannot happen Gooners. Worse teams than how we are currently playing have been relegated and in modern times too. We do NOT need fan arrogance and “but we are the Arsenal, so will never be relegated” attitudes. This is a full blown crisis and the man who has ruined our team beyond all recognition must be shown the door and kicked through that door with great force NOW!!! He will forever be a pariah when we talk about days gone by, in future years.

    1. Relegation is our reality now under Emery. He must be fired immediately. Raul Sanllehi is his backer he must also fall on his sword for putting our great club at risk by recommending such an inept man to run the team.

  11. I think the team both consciously and unconsciously want Emery out. When he gives a press conference has anybody got an idea what he is taking about? He seems to talk nonsense and when you relisten you realise it is nonsense. He still cannot speak English.

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