Can Arsenal make Ceballos want a permanent move to the Emirates?

Dani Ceballos returned on loan to Arsenal this season after enjoying his spell at the club the last time out.

The Spaniard claimed that he made it clear that he wanted a return to Arsenal even when Real Madrid tried to keep him.

He went on to call Arsenal “my club” in what can be seen as a show of affection for the Gunners.

He hasn’t really had an impact at the Bernabeu since he joined Real Madrid and it will be interesting to see if he will ever have a career at the Spanish club.

However, if he impresses again in this campaign as he did last season, then Arsenal should do all it can to get him to sign for them permanently.

He has already proven to be in love with our club, now we need to prove to him why he should stay with us. One way that we can do that is to keep winning trophies. 

Every footballer wants to be a part of a winning team and if we can keep the wins coming, then we can be confident that it will be an easy decision for Ceballos to accept a permanent transfer to the Emirates.

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    1. Only time will tell but I don’t think Partey has been brought in by MA as a DM I think he will be played in more B2B role. So most probably we will see Xhaka at the base of diamond with Cebollos on one side and Partey on other. Cebollos will be given more freedom to venture forward while Partey will be more defensive minded between then him in same role.

  1. I like DC, he has hunger and a great engine and although he wasn’t a ”defending type” player, he formed a decent partnership with Xaka last season in that 2 man midfield.
    Hopefully, in time we will see that 4-3-3 with DC playing just ahead of Xaka and TP.
    One thing I would lode to see from him this season before we go on and talk about a permanent transfer, is consistency..
    LEts see how that goes till the end of the season.

    1. There are much better options available out there then Ceballos. If we get the deal done between 15-25million then I am all for it but I have a feeling Madrid will ask for far more because of some simple reasons he is young, Spanish international and has spent two seasons at Arsenal so has become integral part of the team. They know he won’t require settling in period at Arsenal so they can force us into corner with these weapons up their sleve.

    2. Dani has better interceptions and successful tackles than xhaka. He actually does everything better than xhaka. I actually find it hard to see what xhaka brings to the team. I’ll rather have a midfield trio of elneny, ceballos and Partey

      1. That would be a good, balanced midfield👍👍.
        Honestly, I love this Elneny then the one who scored at Camp Nou😂

  2. Cabellos is a great player. A midfield trio of him, Xhaka & Partey looks pretty damn decent! Played well for spain in the attacking role…

  3. CB playing further upfield will results in lots of through passes releasing AUBA to make those runs behind the defense lines. It will equally means that our team will come good on counter attacks. The team might not get the free flow of passes and interchange of possession in our next match but I believe the midfield might start to take shape by being compact and blocking lines for through passes.

  4. He is an average player marginally better than Willock. The club has done well not commit to anything other than a loan deal for him. Good job board, at least you get some things right!

    1. 😂😂😂…. marginally better then Willock??? No offence but Willock is the least talented and skillful player at the club. I know people argue he is young but then you need to show something or have something in you which can be developed this boy has nothing at all. He can not pass the ball, he can not get out of tight situations, he can not score goals etc etc. Cebollos is no Santi either but I will take him over Willock anytime.

      1. All of you making disparaging remarks about our academy graduates; Willock, Nelson, Iwobi etc etc, will soon recant. I promise you that.

        1. Dont hold your breathe.

          I’ve noticed how biased fans are of young black youth players at Arsenal Regardless of how little they’ve shown to prove anything.

          No one says anything about ESR, and he’s much more talented than the likes of Willock.

          I’m a black African, and I for sure will be honest like I was with Iwobi and tell you that Nketiah, and Willock are average, and won’t be the worldbeaters you biased fans are making them out to be

    2. You’re certainly rating Willock very highly. I don’t think he’s up there with Ceballos yet, but give him a couple of years and perhaps…

  5. Bringing partey in frees ceballos but leaves open third midfielder slot .. No reason to play elneny or xhaka in starting 11 except cup games .. Hopefully one or both sold in January or next summer … The safe option would be AMN to see if he really can improve in what he claims is his favored position and being next to partey should improve his work rate … But would prefer a more attacking option …at least its beginning to look more like a complete team at last

    1. Xhaka is Arteta’s pet, you can bet your house (and your neighbor’s too if you wish) he will be in the line-up! Ceballos is the odd man out.

      1. Quatic Dream I guess he’s also Wengers pet, Emery pet and the switzerland coach pet. Believe it or not,Xhaka is a very good player only some fans like yourself keep trying to put him down.

      2. Wait until you see Xhaka now with Partey to back him up! Just watch and see Granit play the Xabi Alonso role as he is capable. The way he has worked his way back into the team after everything deserves huge respect and takes balls tbh.

        He has earned mine and evry single player who still to this day call him captain when he was stripped. Reason he was voted by his peers also as he is a leader.

        Correct me if I’m wrong but he was screaming at the Arsenal players that “were scared” of liverpool after going 1-0 up. Leader! And he was right as we showed them too much respect and got overturned ina matter of minutes.

        I’m telling you Xhaka,Partey and Cabellos is going to be a treat behind Pepe, Laca & Auba.

  6. If Cabellos is such a great player why did Madrid let him go. Better yet why didn’t they find a buyer for him? At 24 he should be already at full potential. Keeping Alnany and not starting him are indications that MA does not value him that high. It is better to develop Saka instead because he has better vision. At least let’s wait till Cabellos proves himself on the pitch

    1. I agree with you to some extend Icw, Cebollos is not second coming of Xavin or inesta as some fans make him to be. He is above avg but as I said there are better options out there. If we buy him for 15-25 then it will be good deal I think. If he can not break into Madrid side with Modric at 35 and Tony Kroos declining as well. Zizu prefers other youngsters over him instead. This shows he is a good player but not a great one. I completely agree with other half of your post I have been saying here for ages Saka should be given more opportunities in middle. He can our next Santi, the boy has skills and maturity which is rear combination for any young player of his age. Also to all the fans who say we should not overplay Saka look what happened to wilshere then they don’t see examples of Messi, inesta, Xavi, pirlo, Zidane..they all broke into their club at young age and where regulars from then on. We should build our team around Saka.

      1. Sue: I am saying I did not see enough to warrant all the excitements I see from some posters. MA buying Parley, almost buying AOUAR, not starting him and substituting him do not show confidence . To me he does not have an identity on the pitch. Is he better at defending, creating, scoring? I don’t know. He needs to have a role and excel in it. I hope he does.

        1. Tbh I’m perplexed as to why DC doesn’t start! He’s always had such an impact from the bench…I’d say creating.. he’s always looking to go forward and pick out that pass 👌
          I’d like to see a midfield of him, Xhaka and Partey… Mikel has a lot of options.. so much depth right now 👍

          Icw… if you don’t mind me asking, whereabouts in the states are you based?

          1. Sue: To be honest, I am not crazy about “loanies” to big clubs like Arsenal. If they don’t contribute, you don’t benefit, if they do their club takes them back or sells them to the higher bidder . Personally I see why MA does not start him all the time. Caballos is one of those players who looks very busy but he produces very little. Hopefully that will change but I hope he does not take time away from our young players by moving higher up the pitch. Orlando, FL

      2. @sue this season and few games last season yes. He is the only creative source in middle. If we can get him for 15-25 then I say grab him and run. But I am afriad with all the reasons I have quoted RM would want something in range of 35-45million even more If he has a stellar season. With Partey coming in I think there is a high chance that he will, as we will have more of possession and that will help Cebollos to show case his skills better. Anything above £35 million is too high for player like Cebollos when you have better options.

        1. A while back I read RM were after 40m… then covid hit and if i remember rightly, 27m was mentioned…hearsay??! I’m expecting him to have a decent season with us… which will probably make RM rethink their stance…we shall see… I’m going to enjoy watching him while he’s here!

  7. I think he is a better player than Willock but he is nowhere near a great player, check his EPL stats: Played 28 – zero goals, 3 assists, 3 great chances, 14 shots with 3 on target. Busy player, catches the eye but no end product, definitely not an attacking midfielder. If he was a great player don’t you think Zidane would have kept him? Or Arteta would have bought him, not loan him for a second time. Imo we need a more direct and aggressive type of player like Grealish or Maddison.

  8. Grealish would have been my choice of Parley, Aouar or any other player we currently have. He is 2 plyers for the price of one.

    1. Icw brother Grealish is good but not world class, when it comes to creativity Ceballos is the best, Arteta has been the one holding him back due to the midfielders we have then, Grealish Madison are good players not great sir. Let’s see what arteta will do with a midfield of Ceballos Partey and Xhaka.

      1. I’d like James Maddison or Jack Grealish in the future and both English, probably cost guts of £70m each lol

        Do the job Jack Wilshere was supose to do as the homegrown creative midfielder.

  9. Lenohappy, just check his career stats. He has never been an attacking or creative player, his La Liga and EPL record show that clearly. He also lacks the pace and physicality required to succeed in the EPL. I hope he proves me wrong at the end of the season because we desperately need creativity in our midfield.

  10. Thomas Partey was terrible today against Mali. Hopefully, he just plays like that when he plays for Ghana. And he will be awesome with Arsenal

    1. I say he is more focused on getting to Arsenal to properly concentrate fully on international duty.

      Dont write him off before hes kicked a ball for us. He is a beast in the middle and I think Xhaka will bring out the best in eachother. He already mentioned last year he could form a good partnership with the swiss star.

    2. Yes he can be hot and cold. If he were consistent and not many midfielders are he would cost plenty more. However one half of him is better that what we have😊

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