Can Arsenal make most of easiest Premier League run-in?

The chances of Arsenal finishing outside the top four of the Premier League this season, and losing a place in the Champions League into the bargain, were given a big lift on Sunday as the chasing Manchester United were beaten by West Brom. And after the game their manager Louis van Gaal suggested that they might need all 27 points from their final nine games in order to finish in the top four.

Arsenal fans are hoping for a lot more than another UCL place for next season, though, but our recent run of form and results has left us eight points behind the current leaders Leicester City and you would have to say that to have a realistic chance of catching the Foxes then we might just need to win all nine games ourselves.

But there is some good news about our chances in a Sky Sports report which shows that now the north London derby is out of the way our run to the finish is the easiest of the current top four teams, on paper at least. The average league position of the clubs yet to face is as follows.

Arsenal – 12.7
Leicester – 12.1
Tottenham – 11.5
Man City – 11.4

While this does seem to give us a clear advantage over Man City and the spuds, it is not so much against Leicester and it is them that we need to catch. And this average league position thing is by no means definitive as there is the well documented push by the relegation threatened teams which can often cause upsets.

Hopefully this can hit Leicester hardest as they face Newcastle and Crystal Palace in their next two games and they also have Sunderland and Swansea to come. They also have away games at Man United and Chelsea in their final three matches when hopefully the pressure on them will be at it’s greatest.

All Arsenal can do now is to keep applying that pressure by winning our games but have we already left it too late?

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  1. The average doesn’t really have anything much in it, but Lei do have some tricky games still. Tott have a four or five game period were it is tricky, can’t remember citys. I would love for us to get another chance as would all but I have my doubts. I’m usually trying to keep optimistic but these last two weeks have thrown me sideways. I think the players owe it to Arsene to give everything, simply must show some balls and go for the jugular start to finish.

    1. when sometimes Arsena can’t even show some balls and bench the wrong players

      with his regular and seasonal blind faith in most underperformers

  2. Yes! This is the same as previous article.

    Perhaps less rapid article turnover and more discussion on each article would be more beneficial?

  3. Let’s forget about our rivals and just focus on winning, there is no room for complacency now and depending on rivals for help! Let’s just do our talking on the pitch by showing the hunger and fight towards winning! Coyg!

    1. it doesn’t get any easier for Arsenal………i Look at the fixtures and i see teams like westham , citeh etc

      and we are planning on going on a 9games winning run!

  4. Let’s put it this way:

    If we can win the remaining 9 games, we will win the title. Spurs, City, Leicester will definitely drop major points.

    However, that’s a big if. So no, I don’t think we go and win 9 matches. Away games to Goodison, Upton Park and Etihad are difficult. Everton however is one of the worst home teams there is, but we always manage to bottle.

    1. Based on recent performances, how do you see us winning all 9 games. Don’t be like Wenger saying things that are easy, just to ignore the real problem. The old geezer has to go.

      1. @Disturbance
        You can’t base the next performance on the last…This is football. Anythings possible. I believe we can still pull it off, based on my bias towards AFC. I’m stickin with that…

        1. @Disturbance,

          didn’t I just f’n say I don’t think we can go and win remaining 9 games?

          1. Relax. No one reads what a comment actually is. Just put in “Wenger”,”deluded”,”bottle” in your post and you will be fine on this site.

  5. Leicester will drop points, the last 3 games are tough. The bookies cannot let Leicester win this title there is billions of pounds payout involved if Leicester snatches this trophy – the bookies will not let this happen!
    The city v arsenal game is the big one. whoever wins will be the eventual champions. wenger should prepare for this game.

    1. The foxes have 6 winnable
      fixtures coming up.
      Newcastle (H) Palace (A)
      Southampton (H) Sunderland (A)
      Westham (H) Swansea City (H).
      Arsenals next 6 include away’s to
      Everton and Westham and games against desperate
      relegation teams like Sunderland and Norwich.
      Westbrom (H) Everton (A)
      Watford (H) Westham (A)
      Sunderland (A) Norwich (H)
      Arsenals growing injury list and
      having to play postponed League games
      mid week after Hull,1/4 and semi final FA cup ties
      makes for a mammoth task for the Gunners…
      The Barca game is another mid week drain on our energy.
      So by the last 3 games Leicester should be out of sight.
      They would still have the home game v Everton if need be
      to pick up more points and Man U is battling even at home.

  6. Let’s focus on winning… This is how arsenal are goin to win the league this season,
    Arsenal vs:
    Westbrom – Win
    Everton – Win
    Watford – Win
    Westham – Draw
    Crystal Palace – Win
    Sunderland – Win
    Norwich – Win
    Mancity – Win
    Aston Villa – Win
    Draws against crystal palace, southampton and Newcastle, win against southampton, loses all final four matches against Chelsea, Man U, Westham, and Everton…
    TOTTENham? Never gointo get above arsenal in the end
    Mancity…. No threat…
    League won, we all celebrate….yes yes yes, be positive….. See the possibilities, hope and ‘pray’…. We’ll get the title. Success is about downs and ups, we’ve been thru d downs, time to get up…. Let’s win this,,,,COYG!!!

    1. @Josh

      Given Arsenal are in absolutely shocking form at the moment, I would be intrigued to know how you came up so many wins. It’s great that you’re so optimistic, but I feel it’s naive to disregard our form of late, and for almost the entire the season. We couldn’t even pick up a point at home against a team fourth from bottom. That’s how bad we are! I find it hard to believe that Wenger will flick a switch and we’ll go on this amazing run, AND that Leicester will suddenly start dropping a lot of points.

      Looking at the list, I think we’ll really struggle to get wins against Everton, West Brom, West Ham, Sunderland and ManC.

  7. If West Ham really do put in an offer for Walcott,Arsenal must take the deal without even asking many questions!

            1. my friend from boston describes it as the Budweiser of Europe.
              its not my first choice.
              nor tenth
              my missus bought me negra modelo..not bad at all

              1. @muffdiver
                He ain’t wrong about that. It’s pure chemicals…
                Never heard of negro modelo. gotta give it a go.

  8. With 9games to go and five points clear ahead…its only Arsenal who can bottle that,wea do u guys get ur optimism? I realy admire that!

  9. Being 8 points behind, 9 games left and with our extremely erratic form, I wouldn’t bet on us winning the EPL.

    To be clearer, we ain’t going to win it this year. If we do I will gladly eat my words..

    1. if we dont win this year . we wont for many a year
      cos the reality is kroenkes model doesnt require us to win the league , he still makes money ,
      ivan only furthers that with his business acumen and arsene is great at working with less an still achieving moderate success.

      this was our season, , still cant believe how its gone

  10. Our remaining fixtures,
    with previous head to head (last 5 meetings)

    Home to West Brom:
    W- 3
    D- 1
    L- 1
    In our last 2 home fixtures against them,
    we have won 4-1 and 1-0.
    Prediction: 3pts for the Gunners.

    Away to Everton:
    W- 3
    D- 1
    L- 1
    In our last 2 away fixtures against them,
    We have lost 3-0 and drawn 2-2.
    Prediction: a tricky game in general,
    which has draw written all over it, but with Evertons terrible home record of late, I’m going for an Arsenal win!
    3pts for the Gunners! ?

    Home to Watford:
    W- 5
    D- 0
    L- 0
    In our last 2 home fixtures against them,
    We have won 3-0 and 1-0.
    Prediction: 3pts for the Gunners!

    Away to West Ham:
    D- 0
    L- 1
    In our last 2 away fixtures against them,
    We have won 2-1 and 3-1.
    Prediction : Another tricky game,
    Which has draw written all over it,
    But I’m going for an inform Arsenal to get revenge,
    A biased 3pts for the Gunners! ?

    Home to C . Palace:
    W- 5
    D- 0
    L- 0
    In our last 2 home fixtures against them,
    We have won 2-1 and 2-0.
    Prediction : 3pts for the Gunners!

    Away to Sunderland:
    W- 4
    D- 1
    L- 0
    In our last away fixture against them,
    We won 2-0.
    Prediction : 3pts for the Gunners!

    Home to Norwich:
    W- 3
    D- 1
    L- 1
    In our last 2 home fixtures against them,
    We have won 4-1 and 3-1.
    Prediction : 3pts for the Gunners!

    Away to Man City:
    W- 3
    D- 2
    L- 0
    In our last away fixture against them,
    We won 2-0.
    Prediction : our third and final tricky away game,
    And once again it has draw written all over it ?
    And once again I am going for an Arsenal win because we haven’t lost to City in our last 5 meetings!
    A biased 3pts for the Gunners! ??

    Home to Villa:
    W- 5
    D- 0
    L- 0
    In our last 2 home fixtures against them,
    We have won 4-0 and 5-0.
    Prediction : 3pts for the Gunners!
    And a Premier league trophy to go with it!! ?

    Leicester will lose their away games to Palace, Utd and Chelsea! And They will draw away to Sunderland.

    Leicester will win their home games against Newcastle and Swansea and they will draw their home game’s against Southampton, West ham and Everton.

    As for the Spuds ? They will gain a massive 8 points from their remaining 9 games … Drawing 5 of them, whilst winning ONE! and losing 3 ????

    What about Man City? ?
    I can’t be assed… I’m tired already ?

    1. how long did it take to write that dude-
      damn bro

      dont even show that much devotion to adult sites feel me

      1. Hahaha
        It’s gonna take 3 trip’s to restore my energy from wasting my deluded time on that!

        1) KFC
        2) Pizza Hut
        3) McDonald’s

        that should do the trick! ? ?

        1. Fair play to ya, putting the effort in and all. W ham should be the difficult one before the big one, but ya never know. Appreciate the stats, I like that we are playing sunday and Lei are playing monday, gives us a chance to apply some pressure. Whether they feel it or not is another thing.

    2. Seems possible, but for realistic thinking – say we lose 5p in total on the last 9 matches… means Leicester need to drop 13, meaning they would have to gather 1,55p instead of 2p in average for the remaining matches. A bit much to hope for bother leicester to do badly and arsenal complementary good…

      How to do it: play reserves in barca- it’s a loss either way… then each match in Pl as if it was a league finale

  11. our easiest game of the season was supposed to be that against manrtialrooneless united with all our strikers and first choice back 4 we expect WBA,City 2b easy with no NM18,BOS6IENLY, and 33ECH? big miracles hav 2b on our side.!

  12. If this ragtag Arsenal side wins the league, what would it say about the EPL? We can’t score goals, don’t have a first-choice striker, haven’t got a settled line up (e.g. who’s first choice on the RW? Walcott, Ox, Ramsey or Campbell?). Have subs that barely play or if they do, are not match winners when they come on. This looks like a team in transition to me.

    1. It would say that we gained more points than the other 19 teams so therefore were the best team in this season. Ill take that all day long.

  13. Anyway if Arsenal don’t win the Premiership it’s all our Fault that is according to Mr Wenger
    Arsene Wenger admits he’s worried that negativity from Arsenal fans in the stands can transmit to his players on the pitch. Negative Arsenal supporters can affect his side’s confidence as title bid falters. This has to be his best excuse ever. It All OUR FAULT I for one will take the blame if I also get 8m year.

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