Can Arsenal make most of Man City and Dortmund troubles?

After a steady but far from brilliant start to the season, Arsenal really need to get going after this international break. But our next two fixtures could not be harder, on paper anyway, with Man City coming to the Emirates on Saturday and the Gunners off to face Borussia Dortmund in Germany just three days later.

But Arsenal have reason for confidence in both games. Neither of these big hitters has really shone yet this season either, and they each lost one of their main players to injury this week, so can Arsene Wenger and his players take advantage?

First up is the visit of City, who may still be reeling after the shock home defeat by Stoke City in their last Premier League outing, so a fast start by Arsenal at home is definitely the order of the day, while I am sure that former United man Welbeck will be extra keen to inflict more damage on his old enemies.

They had been very impressive in the previous game against Liverpool, but their star that day was Stevan Jovetic and according to a Metro report, the striker is a major doubt after injuring himself on international duty with Montenegro.

Dortmund have lost Marco Reus and they also lost their first home game of the season at home and only narrowly beat minnows FC Augsburg in their last match. Of course, Arsenal should not expect either game to be easy but we should believe and realise that this could be a very good time to play them. So can Arsenal take advantage?

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  1. toptoptopgun says:

    we all know the old saying about a side winning when their not playing well (well at least picking up points) hope it applies to us.


  2. Skandalouz says:

    “…so a fast start by Arsenal at home is definitely the order of the day…”

    I don’t know what team the artical author has been watching last two seasons but quick Arsenal starts are INCREDIBLY rare to occur. In recent years Arsenal has been a team that is efficient between minutes 35-60 and the last 10. Not saying the statement is wrong, because I feel you always need to start off strong vs Manchester City, I just don’t see it happen.

    1. No10 says:

      The last great start was against Munich, we started fantastically until our luck turned.

      I love our team for being able to beat anyone in a good day but we need to address our issues when we are not in possession.

    2. Champagne Charlie says:

      Agreed, usually have to go a goal down to kick us into gear. Be a nice change of pace to “do a Liverpool” and bum rush for 20mins until we’re a couple up. Tight game this weekend I fancy…

      1. mwenyeji says:

        Unfortunately, we saw a goal down turn into 4 within 20 mins last season. I don’t like quick starts since the team almost always switches off when we score an early goal/goals (e.g Napoli and Spurs last season), but if we keep intact for the first half an hr, we can certainly win the game

      2. JStarrr says:

        Welbeck will play like we are 3 0 down from the KICK OFF!!!! CoYG

    3. jonestown1 says:

      The last really fast start I can remember was versus Napoli at home. For 10 minutes I dreamt we were gonna crush all before us in the UCL that year. Lol – then I woke up.

  3. davidnz says:

    City at home win.
    Dortmund away win.
    Time to go to
    the next level.

  4. mwenyeji says:

    Man city may not be flying at the moment but so are we…how about getting that head down and just get the job done first

  5. Champagne Charlie says:

    You can take any one player out of City’s lineup and it won’t cause them trouble. Hardly well chuffed they have to rely on that fella Dzeko and his mate Aguero….fairly decent them two.

    As for Dortmund, yea Reus is the star but Jurgen Klopp is brilliant at creating a team that plays as a team. As good as Reis is, Dortmund can manage without him.

    Tough games ahead, looking forward to seeing what how we’ve improved from last year.

    1. Skandalouz says:

      Honestly think the Kagawa signing is already a good preparation for Dortmund to prevent them having a massive hole in the squad if Reus moved to another club this summer. This signing might well become a critical (and genius) move now Reus is injured again. With Miki and Kagawa being able to switch between the left flank and #10 (like Ozil and Cazorla do sometimes) there really shouldn’t be a big problem for Dortmund. They look weaker than last year though.

      I agree with you as far as City goes, if they get injuries upfront they might have alot of trouble, but I feel like they can easily adjust to a 4-2-3-1 system with any of their striker leading the line.
      Danny Welbeck used to be very succesful against them, I can’t wait to see him in action!

    2. You are correct about Cty. Personally. I would like to hear Kompany is out, and maybe Aguero and Toure. Tough game always.
      Do NOT agree about Dortmund and Reus however. They have lost Lewi, and struggled this Season without Reus as well. Will of course still be a very difficult task to go there and get a result, but, I believe the Cty game is key to our trip to Dortmund. Get a great result, and performance Sunday, and, I think we can get a result in the UCL too.
      Cty have also got a UCL game mid-week, at Munich, so, as they are, apparently, targeting THAT competition this Season, it MAY be a slightly easier game Sunday, and, as Aguero is not fully match fit, Pellegrini just might save him for the Munich game.
      Fingers crossed and support the boys.

  6. th14 says:

    No jovetic = aguero.
    I dont think we should get too excited about that.

  7. Greg says:

    Its two very tricky games still, but the most we can do is give it our best and try and beat them both! Coyg!

  8. SUNNY13 says:

    Really we need to win against City. Draw also is not enough.
    This is a real opportunity to put pressure on the defending champion. WE have not started the season very well. This is a good opportunity and or players have to perform at their level best.
    Common gunners

  9. Mesut O-thrilled says:

    City will lose to the lower ranked teams, but always show up against their rivals. We weren’t the only big team they thrashed (i.e. Man U.) Can’t underestimate that squad.

    I feel a little bit more comfortable for our BVB match, but there’s always a leg in the UCL where we do well and one where we don’t do too well. Silver lining is that we’ve beaten Dortmund away in the past so it should give our Gunners a little confidence. But still I’m not underestimating that squad and that fan base either.

    However I know we can beat both teams. But our players need to show us that they have the drive, passion, and will to do so. So COYG. Show us what ya got.

  10. samgunner says:

    if we can beat man city on Saturday it’ll build a lot of confidence on the lads and hence Dortmund will be no stumbling block & we ll carry that form onto the season. but let Wenger crank his tactics and get a formula you can’t live on past glory for long.

  11. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Vatican willing, we can do this

  12. 007 says:

    Every player selected has to be on top of there game for us to pick up all points from these very tricky sides.

    No time for experiments and playing players out of position Wenger please. Our midfield has to dominate the game against City’s and we have to keep players like Silver out of the game. On his good day he can destroy any team and his silently city’s best player (without opposition teams knowing it, his a tricky little fella). I hope Arteta will back and actually ready to feature otherwise I feel Flamini might get a red in such a crucial game where we expect our midfielders to be out run in the middle of the park and bundled around (his a hot head and must be thrown in from the bench when trying to kill the game our tighten up things).

    As for the Dortmund game, holding on to possession, keeping our sharp all the time, been technically diciplined and taking our chances should be key (as we did last season playing there). Now for this game I would play Flame to add that spice to our game and atleast Dortmund is not too physical to get him all rallied up and make silly fouls.

    If Rambo can replicate last seasons form, Kos and Mert at their best, Schez fully concentrated, Carzola or Ozil weaving their magic in the middle of the park, and whichever ST will play taking there chances, we can do it!!! I feel these are the keys players (ofcourse hand in hand with the rest of the team) we could make the difference.

    PS: Fans should also be loud and fearless, lets make enough noise for our boyz and the our opponents shake in their boots.

  13. alexhare says:

    Anyone watch England last night? Wilshere actually looked pretty competent at the base of the midfield diamond. With a bit of work he might actually work there. That little burst of pace was back to them surging runs and got the team out of trouble more than once last night. If he could work on his positioning and somehow stay away from injuries he could be our Pirlo.

  14. Hafiz Rahman says:

    if we spend some money in Jan we can make an impact…

    In: Isco, Draxler and Reus

    Out: Gnabry, Carzola, Oxie and Campbell

  15. Cartman says:

    I don’t think many know that when we beat qpr it was our first opening day win in 5 years. I look at that as a positive start.

    Actually it follows us winning our first trophy in 8 years and having a very good transfer window which has been rare in recent years.

    I think the FA cup trophy has been a catalyst for a new successful period for us. We just need to hope Wenger keeps on spending to keep up with the other teams.

    1. 007 says:

      We are yet to play OPR men, I think you meant Crystal Palace… You are spot on the rest of the points though. Hope this is the start of our dominance is world football. We need a big trophy though this season to really show we mean business. One of or both the EPL or UCL would be a huge achievement

  16. Hafiz Rahman says:

    RVP excited about Man Utd World class signings…….

    Damn…really wish we could beat Utd and lift the trophy in April when we meet them…it will be in his face…

    come on Wenger…spend the money

    1. th14 says:

      I guess no ones told him that Falcao = bench time for judas.

  17. g00ner4lyf says:

    Jovetic is out?! Well it’s a good thing City don’t have any other stars then Mr. Article Writer!

  18. Cashleycol says:

    I wish Diaby was fit……

  19. ruelando says:

    As i have said before its a good time to play Mancity, they have not settled yet and i figure we have had more competitive matches therefore in regards to sharpness we should have the edge.

    In the case of Mancity being invincible and can cope with the lost of any player is quite untrue, is noticed that when company or toure is not playing mancity tend to be a lot weaker, and that has been seen in many games for the past 2 years.

    Really looking forward to the match, because i am not nly anxious to see the lineup and game, but i am also feeling a 2-0 victory for arsenal

  20. RSH says:

    oh no, Jovetic is unfit. Now they will only have Aguero >____>

  21. nernlorg says:

    Well, I have just returned briefly to let you all know that I’ve suspended all interest in football until next year following another slap in the face of Arsenal fans from Arsene Wenger! I am fed up of Wenger’s mediocre and underperforming mentality when it comes to transfer windows. The urgent need for an established defensive midfielder, a natural wide player on the left and a marquee striker has been well documented from the last couple of seasons. By his latest action in this summer window, Wenger effectively said good-bye to the Premier League title of 2014/15 and to hell with Arsenal fans who were hoping to win their first EPL title in ten years. My hope is pressure can be brought on Wenger to quit the team or he can be transferred to manage the academy team, or a better person can be brought in to handle transfers, or there can be drastic change to make Arsenal compete with their top rivals in England and Europe. No visiting Arsenal website or blog, and if visiting BBC website, it would be for other sports, not football. All the best, see you guys next year!

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