Can Arsenal now forget about Liverpool’s EPL challenge?

I must admit to having been a bit more worried about Liverpool’s chances of stopping Arsenal from winning the Premier League title once the Anfield club had got rid of their Northern Irish manager Brendan Rodgers and replaced him with the charismatic German coach Jurgen Klopp.

Even though Rodgers came so close a couple of years ago to taking the Premier League trophy to Liverpool for the first time, he never looked like repeating the feat after losing Luis Suarez to Barcelona. But Klopp came with a great reputation and a history of success against the might of the German giants Bayern Munich.

And for a while it looked like the fears of Arsenal fans, many of whom had made Klopp one of the managers we would have liked to replace Arsene Wenger, would prove to be well founded. When they took apart Man City and beat them 4-1 at the Etihad stadium, it was the start of a four game winning streak. But that hefty 6-1 win at Southampton in the Capital One Cup was their last.

The rest of December has seen two drab draws against Sion and West Brom and two defeats against Newcastle and Watford in which Liverpool failed to score. So has the Klopp effect faltered? I’m not sure but he is certainly finding that the job is a tough one.

They now sit nine points behind Arsenal and we have tomorrow’s game in hand. I think that we can now forget about them as realistic title contenders, don’t you?

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  1. There really is Fire in the EPL…….. Midtable/bottom table teams causing major upsets……… The Likes of Leicester and Watford are tearing many a new one…….One Team don’t seem to Falter in all of it…… ARSENAL!!!

  2. Bournemouth are Looking impressive……… I would Love for em to stay in the premier League next season……… I Look at em and wonder how they cope with over 8 key players missing …. Mings, wilson, atsu, elphick, gradel, king, tomlin, stanislas…. Good to see others step up…… Eddie howe is the man! Wish em Luck!

    1. Hahaha ? you know their team really well ?
      I take it that you live in Bournemouth? ?
      you obviously have a soft spot for them ?

    2. @SA
      I hear ya dude. I’m really impressed with Bournemouth and how they steam rolled their way to the top…
      Big fan of Eddie Howe also.

    3. L()L…….. Nah fatboy……… None of ur predictions are right………. I just Love a struggling team perfoming excellently…. With limited resources (cash and players) and they are not even favourites…. Plus they have a good manager who’ve stucked with em for quite sometime……. U knw what i mean “starting from the bottom”

  3. Champions only concentrate on whats ahead,
    They don’t worry about who’s behind them ?

    The articles of late, have mainly been about “worring”
    Worring about other teams preventing us from winning the premier league, The only team that will prevent us from winning the league, Is Arsenal!! ?

    (In others words. .. Mr wenger ?)

  4. The Gunners will RUTHLESS DEAL(that’s the Key) with the Citizens tommorow Monday night to the extend they won’t be abled to regonise themselves anymore after the conclusion of the match, not until their coach, Mr. Pelegirini reminded them who they were. And tells them by saying, let’s go home now, you’ve been thoroughly hammered 3-0 by the Gunners. Stop crying, let’s go home to start preparing for our next game. Livepool and Klopp? Let’s forget about them until we go to Anfield to hammer them. Please remind us about them when the time is to hammer them is near so that we don’t forget to fully preparred ourselves for them.

  5. Honestly, I don’t care about other teams chances of winning the PL. I only think about Arsenal winning and we have an excellent chance of doing it.

    Also, I have no dislike of Liverpool or Klopp. Actually, I think Klopp seems like a nice guy. The opposite of Mourinho. And I would rather see Liverpool do well than Chelsea, Spuds, City or United.

    But again I am desperate for more trophies and this could be our best chance to win. Next season Chelsea will spend huge, Guardiola may come in

    My point is we MUST live for today. We must treat this season like it’s the only chance to win and just win the PL this season. Winning will help us keep our big players, help us financially, give us respect as a top club and fans have been waiting for over a decade for a PL win.

    Let’s make this Arsenal’s year

  6. Honestly I believe what happens now with Liverpool is not Klopp’s fault. This is a combination of Rodgers ineptitude to lead a top club with shareholders idiocy in buying overatted players in excess of 300 million over the years. Luckily the damage was somehow attenuated by the 75 million paid for Suarez otherwise someone would have to give comprehensive answers.
    Klopp will need to replace all four backs to stand a chance to fight for EPL place. And honestly he will have to look changing the midfield as well and add some attacking power because their strikers leak oil through every hole.
    As for the other “surprise” teams it just shows that there is enough talent in EPL and the fact that the money is coming in big amounts due to TV deals makes the competition more even than ever.
    It is just beautiful, what can I say. Let’s focus on the game today and be there at the end of the year.

  7. Big one tmrw, hope the players n manager treat it like a final “do or die mentality”

    One of the biggest games we have had in a long long time.
    Really hope fans make themselves heard tmrw they could be key in pushing us to victory

  8. OT and this has nothing to do with Arsenal, but just read that Jose Mourinho to be announced as the new Man Utd manager tomorrow on a 5 year deal. What a story that would be after his name being chanted at Stamford Bridge and Old Trafford simultaneously on Saturday. Pelligrini talking up Pep to City and Chelsea now eying Pelligrini. If there every was a time to win the league it’s now.

    1. Pellegrini talking Pep is good news for us. City players will actually be confused about the future coach. Is good that there are almost no news about Arsenal in the papers, they seem to forget us. I take this as a good sign.

      1. And then you have the internet gangsters who can’t help themselves but to take a dig at Arsenal. If you were new to football you would probably think City and Chelsea have been winning trophies before we existed or before Roman and the Sheikh came around. It’s actually funny but I just wish for another repeat of how we dealt with Utd earlier with even more goals this time around and Cech breaking the record for the most clean sheets.

  9. Everyone around us is struggling to be consistent. Arsenal need to win this and show they are the team to beatgoing into the second half of the season

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