Can Arsenal now FORGET Man United as EPL title rivals?

Even though Arsenal have enjoyed a very good period with a 14 game unbeaten run after a slow start to the current season, it is still very early days and we are still locked in a very tight tangle of teams at the top of the Premier League.

The good news about the EPL table, however, along with the fact that no club has more points than Arsenal, is the position of our big spending rivals Manchester United. Jose Mourinho taking over from Louis van Gaal and them spending fortunes to bring in the likes of Paul Pogba, Ibrahimovic and all made them a lot of pundits’ tips for the title but all is not going well at Old Trafford.

They currently sit in 8th place, just below Watford (?!?) and a huge eight points behind Arsenal, Man City and Liverpool. It also appears that not much is rosy behind the scenes, with Rooney being dropped, Mourinho blaming certain players for their struggles and seeming to fall out with others like Mkhitaryan.

So after they drew a blank on Saturday and failed to beat Burnley the stats show that Mourinho’s first 10 EPL games have been worse than United’s with van Gaal last year, and with David Moyes, and they were both slaughtered by the fans and the media and quickly sacked.

Can we already forget about United winning the title this time? Maybe it is a little too soon to say that yet, but if Arsenal go to Old Trafford after the next international break and win, would that be that for the not-so-special one and his expensive bunch of misfits?


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  1. NY_Gunner says:


  2. muda says:

    WHAT IS HAPPINESS??… Happiness is seeing Arsenal doing great in all competitions.

    WHAT IS MOST HAPPINESS??………most Happiness is seeing Arsenal doing great in all competitions and the same time Manure and Maureen sinking.

  3. Jansen says:

    Too early to count Man U out. It will be a tough game playing them later this month.

    Having said that, if we do beat them it will put a lot of pressure on Moureen. I think the guy has lost it mentally, a while ago. He blames his players in public when he loses and has lost the confidence of his last two squads at Chelsea and Real who were happy to see him go.

    His hatred for Wenger would likely increase his habit to self-destruct if we beat them.

  4. Kumagaya says:

    I will not allow myself to be carried away by Man U. We have the other Gheto boys from London. Lets focus on this weekend.manU people came asking me to teach them how to be resilient because theyve realised they will be in the cold atleast 10years.

  5. Dr Dremotosh11 says:

    The season is still young so can’t rule them out yet! Guys, seriously I love all our players, but I don’t no why Ramsey slows down our game! Team’s can penetrate us easily when he plays, pardon me,he his a fantastic player on his day maybe if he plays in that No 10 role but playing at the wing or deep, is a disaster,still Watching that Madt thing by oZIL,if you’re sad, just go watch that goal I swear you will start laughing like a mad man. Arsenal 3 Tonteam 0 Gunners till eternity.

    1. Jansen says:

      Whenever Giroud and/or Ramsey start a game for us we are a lesser and slower team IMO.

      Let’s hope Giroud will be used a super sub. he seems to be good at that role.

      Ramsey, as I said before, is a good utility player but in every position he plays there are 2 better players ahead of him IMO.

      Creative midfield he is behind Ozil and Santi, on the right wing he is behind Walcott and Sanchez and arguably Ox and on the left wing he is behind Iwobi and Perez IMO.

      Every team once they have to dip into their third best player losses a bit on that position.

  6. Break-on-through says:

    Well if it was us that was eight points behind would we give up on Arsenal. A small few would but most of us would be thinking if we can get it back to five points well then we’re back in it. They happen to be coming up against us, write them off if you want to but I pray they don’t get back to five points after playing us.

  7. Wilshegz says:

    we can forget United after we beat Spurs and beat United to put the point gap to at least 11points.

  8. leo...fourteen says:

    manures also are on the group…they are used to plant crops(arsenal) that stay at the top

    1. leo...fourteen says:

      I meant ground

  9. Onochie says:

    Bob,Bob,Bob,this is still November,we are yet to play up to 28 games before you start talking like this. Me I won’t count anybody who’s in 8th position at this post.

  10. kelleson says:

    I dont waste my energy to think of Man U, all am after is to see Arsenal winning all their matches that will make them to claim the trophy come may.

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