Can Arsenal now forget Man United as EPL title rivals?

A lot has changed for both Arsenal and Manchester United in the last month or so and it has been very different for each of us. And it has all seen such a swing of fortune that the end of today could see the Gunners finish a massive 10 points ahead of one of the teams thought to be Premier League title contenders.

While Man United finished the month of November in a great position and in good spirits after winning three of their league games and drawing the other away to current pace setters Leicester City, Arsenal’s November was nothing short of a nightmare.

Since then, however, Arsenal have rescued a seemingly impossible Champions League campaign and won all three of our league games including the crucial clash with Man City. But United’s loss away to Stoke City today makes it four defeats in a row and they have not won in five weeks.

Even before this poor run, their performances were pretty bad but while they were picking up points it was always possible that their performances would get better. INstead it has gone the other way, with their results going the way of their play, so if Arsenal manage another win at Southampton tonight, can we safely say that Man United are no longer rivals for the title this season?

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  1. NoSentimentsJustTruth says:

    Now ? Now ? Who ever said we considered them anyway ??
    The Crown is there for our winning , the only other competition is leicester and fortunately we happen to be the only team to beat them , it will be the same story at the end of the season.

    1. SoOpa AeoN says:

      u are forgetting Citeh……..who are giving sunderland the beating of their Lives atm

      concerning manure…..its only the 1st half of the season

      Diego costa scored….. Mtcheww

  2. SoOpa AeoN says:

    OMG! Divock origi is Looking selfish as well as stupid……….

    And sometimes i think sunderland are a waste of premier League slot *vexed*

  3. Greg says:

    Man u a title rival this season? Do pigs fly?

  4. SoOpa AeoN says:

    WATFORD!!!!!!!!!!!!……….. Yea baby!………keep it coming

  5. Greg says:

    Man u look done, dusted and clueless!

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      200+mil and nothin to show for it…I guess money can’t buy you the title after all…

  6. Fatboy Gooney says:

    There’s no need to be cocky ?
    Let’s just concentrate on our own game’s and let our rivals worry about us! ?

    The Southampton game is a potential banana skin,
    As they have been a bit of a boggie team for us lately.

    Hopefully our lads will be fully focused tonight and will do us proud.


  7. SoOpa AeoN says:


  8. SoOpa AeoN says:

    ITS BENTEKEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  9. Greg says:

    @ ny gunner
    the only thing left now for man u to buy, is the EPL title and oh how silly of me to forget a couple of referees!

  10. SoOpa AeoN says:

    dammit watford!…………dammit

  11. SoOpa AeoN says:


  12. Twig says:

    Southampton 0 Arsenal 6
    Walcott and Flamini with a hat trick a piece! COYG!!!!!

    1. SoOpa AeoN says:

      Overhyped scores……..not impossible tho……… We need a win, that’s all that matters

  13. Greg says:

    I would take a hardfought gunners 1-0 win! Coyg!

  14. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Hehehe….LEICESTER are starting to feeL the heat!

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      Now all we have to do is our part and take the top…COYG

  15. Davros says:

    Liverpool helped us, now let’s take advantage an d. Beat Southampton. Let’s finish the day topping the league

  16. Countbalogs says:

    Let’s just win today and worry about man utd later. COYG

  17. ButtFlaps says:

    Let us winner then let’s stay number 1 till END!!!!

  18. Bigvalbowski says:

    Southampton has been a painful thorn in the side of Arsenal recently, expecting a very difficult contest today even though the south coast squad has been off the boil as of late.


    1. NY_Gunner says:

      They are hungry for a win. So look for them to take it to us from the 1st whistle…We got this though.

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