Can Arsenal now go on a winning run without the Alexis disruption?

Until we played Crystal Palace this weekend, Arsenal had gone on a five-game run without a win that had seen us drop away from the Top Four contention, so now it is imperative that we start winning again and start putting pressure on the teams above us in the table.

The Palace game came just as Alexis Sanchez was finalizing his transfer to Man United, and Arsene Wenger believes that the uncertainty over the Chilean’s status was a cause of our miserable form since the end of December. When Wenger was asked if the situation had a negative effect on the players, Le Prof said: ‘Not the other players, just the team,’

‘You work in a newspaper and there are periods when the atmosphere is less enjoyable than others.

‘It is the lack of clarity. It is not losing players – teams are used to losing players.

‘But it is fact that you have uncertainty in the group – that they don’t know if he will be here or not.

‘Once it is clear, the team gets used to it.’

And they got used to it very quickly, flying into a 4-0 lead after just half an hour against Palace, and Wenger is confident that we will be just as effective without Alexis in the squad. ‘We have a strong squad that does not only depend on one player, that is for sure,’ he said.

‘Let’s not forget that if Alexis Sánchez goes, somebody else will come in who has quality as well.

‘It is not that we are only losing a player, we are gaining a player as well. And we are still active in the transfer market and trying to bring players in.”

I for one think that bringing in Mkhi and Auba will make us even stronger after the transfer window, and certainly will be a lot less unsettling that keeping Sanchez would have been.

After Chelsea, we have Swansea away and Everton at home, so if we can get three wins in a row we will be given a boost in confidence before the next big showdown against Tottenham on the 10th of February. Hopefully our new players will have been settled in by then and we can face our rivals with increased confidence…



  1. ThirdManJW says:

    With more harmony, and quality additions, I expect a very slight improvement, but not much with Wenger still directing affairs, and the fact he has completely ignored our REAL problems yet again during this transfer window.

    Considering how many goals we’re conceding, we’ll probably need to start scoring 3/4 goals per game to win consistently.

  2. adi says:

    How has Wenger ignored problems in this window. He sorted Alexis issue with Henrikh. He strategically requested Henrikh to gain leverage in Pierre transfer negotiations.

    Arsenal has a new scout who are already targeting big name stars. We got rid of Coq, Walcott.

    Sure there is a lot left to solve but hes slowly doing his job right this time.

    1. Roehahn says:

      Wrong…Wenger did not ask for Mkhi..We wanted the 35 mil for Sanchez..When Raiola(Mkhi’s agent) got to know about the transfer,he spoke to Mourinhi and with Mourinho’s permission,he offered us Mkhi..We never wanted Mkhi or Martial.

      1. Alkali says:

        No one knows what happens bar Wenger and the board. It is all hear-say at best.

        1. Nothing changed says:

          One thing that is not hearsay is that Mikhi was not cutting it at Man U. So IMO once again we signed a Man U reject and sold them our best player.

          1. MagnaGraecia says:


  3. Innit says:

    Yes i agree. Even if we get Aubameyang (are attack will be complete) we still have defensive holes and central midfield. We need a Top or at least hard workin and reliable CB perhaps 2. Mert is going, Koscielny is slowing done a bit, Mustafi is good but not Top notch like Koscielny. Def not worth £35 mil in my opinion. Chambers/Holding/New guy need more experience. We don’t need to spend big bucks. Leicester didn’t. Their CBs did the job and helped them win the PL.
    As for CM, Xhaka isn’t good enough. Wilshere and Ramsey are fine if we don’t want to win the PL but if we do we need CM to compete with likes of Kante, Matic, Pogba, Gundogan, Wanyama etc. We should spend big here. We could have got Seri for £36 million in summer or Goretzka but didn’t. I think they are better than Xhaka who we got for £35 mil.

    So def need to sign CBs and CM innit

    1. Nothing changed says:


  4. ŞÜKHJÖT says:

    I think we need to stop posting articles about alexis as he is not an arsenal player anymore. I think this answers the question mentioned in the title…

  5. RSH says:

    wenger is a bigger disruption

  6. Mobella says:

    I can’t understand our fans obsession with Alexis. I have always supported him just like i support every players that adorn our colour. It is so surprising to see people giving so much respect and love that should only be given to the likes of Henry and co. He didn’t anything for us to deserved that. He only stood out last season and contributed his part in his two previous season like others. Ozil was our best player in 2016/2017 not Sanchez. I know people have different opinion as what great or good player is or what make a great footballer. I am a fan of footballer who work smart first and work hard. When i say work hard not running around like a headless chicken, give football away ceaselessly and go chasing after it. Calling a Milki a reject is purely disrespectful. If Jose had had so much faith in him his start won’t be different from that of de bruyne this season and Sanchez. I’m so glad we have a player who works smart and hard while losing a play who works hard.

    1. Gabie says:

      I total agree with you Mobella, some of our fans are brainless how can they call Mkhi in that manner. He is a good player problem Jose could’t know how to play him. To be honest Man united got good players but still struggle on Jose’s belt. We must look forward and forget about that short greedy, selfish, sulk and loosing ball every five minutes, he did not show any professional towards arsenal he was sulking all times on the pitch. Look at Coutinho what he did for Liverpool played with passion though he knew he will be going, That make me hate Sanches alot. If we can get AUBA and add Defence ,still i am not happy about Cech, He makes childish errors all times ,i think our team will be great.

    2. Coldzero says:

      @Mobella….well said and 100 percent agree! Thought I was the only one that could see it.

  7. KC says:

    Will be interesting to watch Sanchez giving the ball away every six minutes in a united shirt and Mour tolerating him.

    1. Lance says:

      Sanchez won’t give the ball away at ManU as he did at Arsenal. I think he did that deliberately to force Wenger to sell him. Ask yourself, was he giving the ball away in the two previous seasons before the current one. No.

  8. Dory Sater says:

    Get Lucas Perez back and play him. Forget Auba and use tat money for defenders. Then they can go on a run.

    1. Coldzero says:

      Personally I thought when Perez got to play for us he did an excellent job and in the most part looked dangerous when he had the ball.

      But for whatever reason AW didn’t like/use him and I think Perez really wouldn’t be happy about being brought back.

      It’s a shame as I think he had great potential but was never given the chance, I would rather have him than Welbeck but I don’t think he will come back after his loan.

  9. Chekwube Kwentua says:

    Mourinho says Alexis Sanchez will bring
    “ambition, drive and personality” to Manchester
    United. “Alexis is one of the best attacking
    players in the world and he will complete our
    very young and talented group of attacking
    players. He will bring his ambition, drive and
    personality, qualities that make a Manchester
    United player and a player that makes the team
    stronger and the supporters proud of their club
    dimension and prestige,” said Mourinho, as
    quoted on the club’s website. “I would like to
    wish Henrikh all the success and happiness that
    I am sure he is going to get. He is a player that
    we will not forget, especially for his contribution
    to our Europa League victory.”

    1. Sue says:

      2 arseholes will be working together!!

      Welcome to Arsenal Mkhi!!! COYG

      1. MagnaGraecia says:

        Mourinho + Sanchez = dirty sanchez (look it up lol)

        1. Sydney says:

          Alexis is a top class player who gave 100% for Arsenal until his last day. He’s the best player we ve had since Thiery. All he wanted was to win major trophies but Arsene didn’t want to invest in the team. He’s now 29, and his career is almost over, so should he blamed for being ambitious? We all need to accept that we are hurt losing such a player and Arsene shoulders the blame for this. Mikh is a good player but Alexis is on another level. Wish Alexis all the very best, he gave it all for Arsenal.

          1. Sue says:

            Apart from this season

      2. Coldzero says:

        @Sue- well said! They are welcome to each other and I will say by next season will have had a fall out and sulking.

        1. Sue says:

          And I will be loving It!!

  10. musdon says:

    We all know how good Juan Mata is or was at Chelsea. But Mourinho came and Mata became a reject.
    I think Salah too was a Mourinho reject.
    History has repeated itself here, Mourinho rejects are usually not that bad.
    Who says Mourinho rejects are always bad. I could also say, if Mourinho rejects you, it’s often a sign that you are good, though may not be keen on defensive side of the game if you are an attacker

  11. John says:

    Give them Welbeck for free……..and bring Lucas and Campbell back………

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