Can Arsenal overcome their mental block and start scoring against Newcastle?

I have just read the most amazing stat that Arsenal have created more chances than any other team in the Premiership at a staggering 230, which is more than even Man City at 228 but just look at the difference in goals scored! The Gunners have created over 75 in just our last 3 games, but our strikers have scored just two goals out of them!

Arsene Wenger thinks that the shock of losing to Man United despite playing them off the park has given the team a mental block that they are desperate to overcome to start putting the ball in the baxk of the net again.

“The United defeat still plays on their minds,” Wenger told Standard Sport. “You need to get that out of the system.

“When you have so many chances as we had and you come out with nothing, it’s difficult to swallow and it takes a little while. I think the best way is to continue to put that behind us and focus on the quality of our game.

“I feel as well it’s in cycles. We want to continue what we do well and improve the finishing, be a bit sharper in our finishing. Overall, that’s what we want to be inspired with. When you speak about the problem, it has to look natural to finish. At the moment, maybe we are in a position where we want to force the situation a little bit too much.”

Surely now Arsenal are back at home where we had won 15 games in a row before the Man United debacle, and with the benefit of playing a very weak Newcastle side that has managed just one point from their last 8 League games, is the perfect opportunity to get this monkey off their backs before we welcome Liverpool to the Emirates next week….



  1. gotanidea says:

    Ozil can create predictable through balls/ crosses into a crowded opponent area and we can call the obvious passes as chances. Sanchez can lob the ball to one of his teammates that is surrounded by a bunch of opponents and we can also call his gambling lob balls as chances.

    Xhaka is the second best player in Premier League in creating passes, but we all know that most of them are backpasses. It is bad to always refer to statistics, because sometimes they do not reflect the team’s performance in the field.

    What matters is how the team creates assists and goals. If most assists and goals are created from set pieces, penalties or by luck, the manager and his staffs should look for a new way to train the players and look for a new approach for the games.

  2. tatgooner says:

    take monreal of the cb position.
    Bench one of either giroud or ozil because truth be told they slow play down unless we have high intensity players on the pitch.
    And for heaven’s sake stop walking and start running

    And then koscienly and sanchez are becoming so annoying these days it may be time to stsrt consiering the bench

    1. Mitch Connor says:

      Intensity isn’t enough. We need creativity. We can’t afford to bench Ozil because he is all we got in that department

      1. tatgooner says:

        it may not be a common opinion but xhaka is creative just like ozil.
        Only thing we meed is constant movement from all our players and you will see the best of xhaka.
        Remember how we started and ended last season.If we could play like that for 3/4 of the season then we would be very serious title challengers

        1. jon fox says:

          I reckon you have been smoking the funny fags again , to say such rubbish about Xhaka. Face facts man; he is a dud.

  3. Sue says:

    I bloody well hope so!!

  4. Wolfgang says:

    Wenger is too predictable and that’s why scoring is so difficult
    especially against a 10 men defence.Yet he still tries to weave away through
    heavy traffic and when it fails,the gunners are a goal down.
    Why cant he be like other managers who get their players
    to shoot when theres an opportunity.
    I forgot hes Wenger and wants to show he is different and that’s
    why the gunners cant compete against the top teams.

  5. Midkemma says:

    I think the goals will come if we are a bit more passion in CM, look at how well Jack did from CM and compare that to Xhaka…

    Jack was creating chances and I feel confident enough to say that I think Lacazette would have scored if he had played from the start.

    AMN has been praised and he did show a dedication that oozed passion for the club, wanting to perform and for me I would prefer that performance alongside Wilshere rather than the comfortable mistake waiting to happen, Xhaka.

    AMN also has pace to burn which would help in pressing high up the pitch which would aid in opportunities being created, Xhaka is too vulnerable to counter attacks with his lack of pace and it has hurt us.

    I do think AMN could push Xhaka for a starting spot and if AMN if fighting for it then we could use that for 60 mins to get the lead and then bring on Xhaka to see out the game.

  6. nosa says:

    easy game, three points in the bag

  7. Jim Kariuki says:

    We can score more goals of we decide to be more aggressive during our countless corners which we take with little or no commitment for aerial battle. Arsenal is also lacking natural dribblers like Hazard to open up packed defence.

  8. Nothing changed says:

    Do we really have a mental block on scoring or do we fail to create real chances? In the games I recall we mostly shot from no hope situation and failed to create clear many clear-cut chances for our strikers.

    For me, if you have a mental block you miss good chances like Giroud used to do in bundles once even for 15 games in a row. But now I don’t see many bad misses. Wilshire had a half chance on his wrong foot against West Ham but I don’t recall too many other clear-cut chances in that game.

    Our problem is that we don’t create very many clear-cut chances but when we do we are probably as efficient as any other mid-table team.

    We have to move the ball faster and break faster, we can not let teams set up in their box with 8 to 10 defenders and expect to walk the ball into the goal. If you do that you either have to take no-hope shots from outside the box or whatever shot you decide to take in desperation with have a leg or body blocking it.

    We need to play at a higher tempo and move the ball faster than the chances and the goals will come IMO.

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