Can Arsenal perform after woeful EPL weekend?

I am writing this Arsenal article after giving up on watching the football, because Erik Lamela just scored the third of three rapid fire goals to surely ensure that Tottenham will take all three points from Manchester United. That will put them six points ahead of us with a much better goal difference and even though Arsenal have a game in hand I am struggling to see us catching the spuds now.

In fact I am struggling to see how Arsene Wenger will be able to get the Arsenal players motivated because no matter what the Frenchman says about mathematical possibilities and all that malarkey, the Premier League title has gone. Mesut Ozil had it right when he said we blew it in games like the home defeat to an under strength Swansea City side.

What I am worried about now, though, is that the Gunners need to reload, pick themselves up and get over the line because we still need to fight to ensure a top four spot. To do that I think we need to find some positives from this woeful weekend and there are one or two.

Leicester may have finished our title dreams with their win at Sunderland but they did move a big step closer to stopping the spuds from getting it as well and they show no0 signs of crumbling under the pressure. And you could even say that Spurs did us a favour, as long as they don’t win the title, by beating Man United who would have been breathing down our necks but are now six points adrift with six to play.

We also did ourselves a big favour by responding and getting a draw at West Ham to keep them from closing the gap. The players will surely know the title challenge is over but there is still the Champions League to fight for. We may not see it the same way but that elite European competition is something the players put great value on. So can they refocus on that and perform next weekend or will the disappointment of this weekend prove too hard to get over?

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  1. yes.
    but in FIFA 16 .coz u never know what arsenal players thinking and “special 3 “wenger

  2. Boom 3 place this year if lucky! Leicester better than us, hate to say it spurs better than us! That’s why we are where we are. Let’s hope our defence gets addressed in the summer I liked the way Andy Carroll mentioned our aerial ability as a weakness and then Wenger was forced to mention it on camera. If you know it’s a problem then take care of it, chambers and Gabriel are not the answer.

    1. I don’t see any special pattern in our game, other than the players want to pass the ball through a tight defense and pretty much walk the ball into the net. None of them (Except Iwobi from times to times and Elneny) dare to shoot from distance, or when they have free space. Occasionally, due to something that looks more like coincidential openings in their defence with some creative pass, we manage to score, but it’s a very strange way of playing football. Dominate the ball, then camp outside their box, passing the ball to eachother. Leicester plays on being defensively strong, and countering with a rapid and deadly force. Barcelona does that somewhat too, although their absolute superiority makes them able to counter during ball possession by shere pace of play through their defence – which is what I think Arsene is trying to to as well. back during autumn it looked like we were becoming a more counter attacking team as well, but that faded away during christmas and new years and now we’re back to that game style of “Their defense’s ability to stay sharp throughout the game and their ability to counter in a goal determines the outcome of this game” which we could just nickname Wengerball.

  3. It would be nice if we lose 3 games to the end of the season and fans refuse to buy next seasons tickets.
    You can now go for the title dear spuds and foxes.
    waiting for 50 and 100 years for a title is no joke

    1. If 30.000 people said they will not renew there season ticket next year which they have every rite to do.There is more than double that on the waiting list for a season ticket so it probably wouldn’t worry the board to much

  4. Personally, I think it would greatly benefit Arsenal to miss out on Europe altogether. Clearly Wenger cannot cope with being in both competitions, it would be less of a strain on our annual injury crisis, we don’t need the money, and we FINALLY might see some major changes at Arsenal.

    Arsenal have become a complete embarrassment in Europe, so I’d prefer Arsenal’s reputation not be damaged any further whilst Wenger is in charge. Whether it be Bayern, Barcelona or Monaco and Dinamo Zagreb…Wenger has nothing left to offer!

  5. Wash, Rinse, Dry….
    Same thing for the last 10 years, fight for 4th position

    Big Shame, things must change

  6. This year we will still get the champions league spot but i m 100% sure next year we won’t finish in top 4 with wenger
    klopp, pep, conte , mourinio, spuds too much quality to handle

  7. Yeh, refocus on the Wenger trophy.
    We may even sign a player to make it look like we have ambition on the football field.

    That will appease the sheep..


  8. Wenger should have immediately at 2-1 subbed on giroud and said your man marking Carroll 🙂 possibly the only player who could have handled him in our squad. Oh for a west Morgan, very van disk, Robert Huthwaite etc. Kos is a good football player for cb, (quick and aware) but not the best in the air. Oh for a sol Campbell, riot and Alex, (ex Chelsea and accessories Milan) I long for a quick strong and fierce cb. Gabriel and per flimsy. Manolas?

  9. Maybe we should try a different formation. 4-4-2 diamond and let Alexis and Welbeck form a partnership up top. Since Wilshere is back play him as a CM with Elneny, Coq obviously as the DM with Özil floating behind the Strikers. Seems Iwobi can play CM as well plus Ramsey is back. Giroud and Walcott as the backup Strikers. Maybe just maybe, but that’s me thinking out of the box…

    1. oh pls stop it mr Jamerican

      No more suggestions for this clueless manager……The season is already ruined as far as i could tell……our problem is beyond “Team formation”, as it’s still gonna be the same unreliable bunch all over the pitch…..can’t start planning with Less than 6 games to go….. And i personally don’t care where the spuds finish (ahead of us or behind us) but Leicester finishing above us, Leaves somany unanswered questions…. They are where they are cuz they worked so hard to get there

      Lets Just allow things pan out the way it wants…. Arsenal means Joke!

  10. @3rd man j. I’m with you totally but the danger is we end up dropping into Europe league, don’t want that noose round our neck.

  11. I must admit Leicester city looks deserving champions for they have shown all of the above whole season!
    1 hunger
    2 determination
    3 consistency

    1. @greg. Leicester. No expectations, a great manager for motivating. Two monstrous organised cbs in huth and Morgan, a find in kante, good engine in drink water, vardy, mahrez, okazaki terrifying…..good injury record, fighters for each other, helped by sticking with a consistent starting lineup, a team not a group of players, (arsenal). Good on them, # respect.

  12. I think maybe Per stood a better chance than Gabriel against Carroll. We can learn from Leicester, in that their success is based on their rock solid defence. None of their recent games has been pleasant to watch, they just grind out results, because they can rely on their defence. We can’t do that – at a minimum we need a Tony Adams figure as a centre back – Per and Gabriel simply aren’t cutting it ATM.

    Really depressing weekend, our baffling points loss could’ve been tempered by Leicester or Spud points loss, but unfortunately they were at the races.

    Kroenke must go, he isn’t interested in winning anything, and that must affect the mood at the club. He is not only a passenger, but he gets free tickets to the best first class seats, and robs the ticket office as well. Most Arsenal fans, unlike him, would prefer to finish ahead of the spuds than getting a CL place.

  13. We played well against West Ham but did not defend as a unit.

    2 Goals were deflections and no keeper could stop them

    The problems were Wenger and his attempt to make sensible substititions. Ramsey and Walcott brought nothing to the game.

    Mertesacker might have been a better option for the crosses but I would never play Mertesacker over Gabriel or Koscielny, neither would you.

    The problem all season has been Wenger, it will be next season too like it was last season. No clue about tactics, no clue about substitutions, no clue about team selection (Cech would have dominated his area and prevented at least one of the headers + he is most experienced keeper trophy winning keeper in the country and would remain calm), no plan B when he realised Carroll is playing.

  14. Ive come to the point where I want us to miss out on the Top 4 to either get rid of Wenger which is highly unlikely or for Wenger to have lots of pressure on him to sign new player

    This season was the last straw
    He didnt sign players this season other than Cech and Eleny, there is no guarantee he will sign any this summer, but finishing outside the top 4 with Leicester, Spurs, City and Utd ahead of us would put lots of pressure on Wenger to sign top players (if they are willing to play one season without CL)

    Wenger has proven his incompetence to win PL or CL once again and we need to look at this in a tactical way

    1. Exactly! Someone said it before..

      Remove the sentiment and get hungry for success by bringing some new blood in the no1 seat.

      It is surely obvious to most but the Wenger devoutists.

  15. I came back on this site hoping that Wenger has handed in his resignation. This man should go. He’s a joke! Why are some Arsenal fans taken in by this con artist?

    1. @darlingbudsofarse
      Why didn’t you just go to or better yet, The Emirates to find that out?

      1. @NY_Gunner.
        Why should I go to to be reminded of and confronted by the recent bad result? Besides I am not able to share my frustrations at this site. I hope you are not that thick like a plank to understand that. Are you one of Wenger’s stooges that doesn’t see any fault or failures in him? He is a failure, even a failure Specialist….like a Consultant in Failure. Let me further spell it out to you- like a Consultant Cardiologist, Wenger is a Consultant in Failure! Got it now? I hope you have!!

  16. Leicester deserve the title, but Wenger has committed the deadliest by allowing this to happen, he should have seen the advantage months ago and did nothing, for a manager on 10mill a year he is clueless. Even more of a sin is to allow The spuds to get ahead of us, they are fired up and show ambition, guts and determination compared to our team of bottlers.Nothing will change at Arsene fc until he goes or nobody turns up at the games till the end of the season but that won’t happen , like sheep to the slaughter and paying for it. Season over same ol, same ol.

    1. @marky958
      Just how did AW allow LC the position they’re in? They had a couple of cup matches they threw in order to concentrate on winning the league. Fair play to em, because it looks to be working.
      AW can’t be responsible for that. If so, ya might as well blame him for global warming while you’re at it…

  17. Wenger will never go while Kroenke is in charge, because he is doing exactly what Kroenke wants.
    Kroenke does not care about trophies or the spuds, all he cares about is making money, which means getting into champions league spots. If anyone wants anything different, you have to get rid of Kroenke first.

    1. Can whoever marked this down explain their reasoning? Kroenke has already stated his aims that Arsenal is purely an investment vehicle for him, and he is not interested in anything they do as a club, other than to make him money

      Wenger is fulfilling all his aims, so why should he sack him, and why should anything change while he is in charge? I would be interested to know.

      1. It is no coincidence that the board is mainly financiers with only Gazidis having any interest in football at ball.

    2. Gmv8, you are spot on, when wenger leaves the new manager will be working under the same costraints with the same targets which I thing are:
      1. Third in PL but fourth is ok
      2. Last sixteen in cl.
      3. minimum spend on transfers and wages.

  18. @marky958. Not turning up to games is not the answer it cuts our revenue and then a downward spiral will follow. Like Ian Wright said if people want to protest then wait until end of season pre transfer window and March up to the Emirates door or even better find out where kroenke lives! We still need to improve our injury situation, get two new quality Cb ‘s, (gabs not the answer and per ageing). Also get some players with some character # grow some.

    1. Don’t let anyone tell you when to protest. Protest when you want to and when the eyes of the world are upon Arsenal (during televised games).

      Pressure needs applying and the greater the exposure the better. Not when the shop is closed and the worlds gaze is elsewhere.

      Protest now if you love Arsenal.
      I stopped going to matches and buying merchandise to do my small bit. If more did so, they (the board) might just feel some affect and be forced into an alternative strategy.

      #kroenke out
      #wenger out
      #arsenal onwards

  19. I admire the optimism and the “courage” (even though sometimes misguided) of some comments, but it is typical of Arsenal and Arsenal fans… Used to win “zero trophies” and being the laughing stock (despite finishing in the top 4) of the league at every end of the seasons.

    It is tiring and repetitive… Mediocrity has become a “tradition” at Arsenal, almost a normal and day to day occurrence.

    Until the Yankee sells his shares of the club to someone else, we won’t see any improvements. Because a foot lover will obviously sack Wenger and make sure the next “coach” (not manager) gets whatever he needs to succeed.

    So, business as usual at our dear club…

    Leicester will win the league with strength, courage, “balls” and a good manager.
    Spurs will finish second (cannot believe I am saying that) and we will have nothing to say about that because they are, in fact, a better team (may be we can mention the past again because this is the only thing we got).

    Thank you Wenger , you tw.t!!

  20. Well, like I and some other discerning Gunners said at the beginning of the season, that we will at some point have a spell of good games, look like we are true contenders for the EPL trophy but when it matters most we shall fall short and settle for our usual 4th place trophy. We saw this all coming like it has been for the past decade but some said we were being cynical. Well the truth is we must come to terms with the fact that as long as Wenger remains as manager we can’t lift the EPL trophy again.

  21. Admin how many fans do you block per article, coz I am preety sure most Arsenal fans have a venomous rage towards Mr Wenger right now, the comments just aren’t reflecting that.

  22. There is something I am a little unsure of if somebody can please answer my question ….
    Leicester will probably win the league
    Spuds or arsenal will finish 2nd and 3rd
    How many league places are up for grabs if man c win the champions league and don’t finish in top 4 ……
    And Liverpool win the Europa league and also fail to make top 4
    I hope I have explained o.k.what I’m trying to say because the Europa league winners gets a champions league place now ..many thanks

  23. When a Leicester fan holds up a banner, showing a London underground sign with the words … North London – Mind the Gap! ?… You just know that it’s time to emigrate! ??

    I hope that Leicester lose their next 3 games on the bounce lol.. That would teach the ……. for trolling us! ???

  24. @NY_Gunner: you seem to be of late talking through that hole where the sun can’t shine. Why can’t you just take a break and help yourself with a Kit-Kat, then regroup with your senses somewhat restored and you can then post something intelligible!
    Thank you sir!

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