Can Arsenal pick up where they left off against Liverpool? (Opinion)

New season, new challenges, but can Arsenal pick up where they left off against Liverpool?

There is under 24 hours to go before we face off against Liverpool at Anfield tomorrow night in the Premier League clash and I don’t know about you Gooners, but I am both excited and nervous.

Excited, because I know our boys are more than capable of beating them, they did so, twice may I add, with both inside the last three months.

But I’m also nervous because everything seems to be going well right now and of course they say each team has its day. I hope tomorrow or this week, given we play them again on Thursday, isn’t that time!

The teams haven’t really changed much since they last played each other, with only a few additions and barely any outgoings. Will the tactics be any different?

One thing I have learnt from our new manager is that his analysing of games and his understanding of each opponent seems to fit with the tactics he throws out before each game. He doesn’t just say go out there kick a ball and try to score! No, he has set tactics for each team and he pushes at their weaknesses, which I think up to now is why he has had success in grinding out results (touch wood) and long may it continue.

I have no doubt we can get at least a point tomorrow and even push for the three points, because we are more than capable of doing so. But let’s not forget the last league fixture was after they had already won the Premier League trophy and pressure was off.

Now it is a new season and both teams are looking to maintain their 100% winning start to the campaign. For one of us tomorrow, that will end though and here’s hoping it’s the end for Liverpool! Gooners?


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    1. so what you’re saying is that we beat you twice and won a trophy from one of those matches? Thanks for the confidence boost!

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