Can Arsenal please sort out Saka’s new contract to stop Man City interest?

Although Arsenal are flying high at the moment with our incredible young superstars playing out of their skins, but us Gooners cannot relax until we are assured that Bukayo Saka, Gabriel Martinelli and William Saliba have all committed to be play for us for the next four or five years.

There have been whispers that PSG may try to tempt Saliba back to his home country with massive wages and guaranteed trophies, and we are also subjected to to the daily rumours that Man City would be willing to break the bank to take our very own Bukayo Saka up to the Nortern wastelands with shed loads of Arab petrodollars to feather his nest on arrival.

According to The Daily Mail, Saka wants to treble his £70,000-a-week wages in order to stay at the Emirates Stadium, but if he continues to impress further at the World Cup, his worth could increase even further, and so could thedemands of his agent.

Obviously it is not just money that could turn his head, it is also the promise of trophies, as in the case of Saliba, so it is imperatibve that Arsenal carry on progressing this season, and show Saka that he could maybe win more under Arteta than if he moves to the Etihad.

It’s a tall order, but if anyone can persuade his three prodigy’s to stay on board, it is Arteta, but a trophy or two this season could be the clincher.

Come on Arteta, put us out of our misery!

Darren N


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  1. It will all come down to money in the end ,if we offer 200k a week and he can get more somewhere else he will go ,the same for us normal folk and that’s the way of the world .

    1. It may also come down to whether we get CL football and FFP. IF we do, i don’t see a financial problem, if we dont, there will be. Plus its down to the players as well.

    2. Dk the usual little person failure to understand that SOME players are not so greedy as, oh lets say Ozil, Auba and that ilk.
      Saka has aTOP CLASS work ethic, born from being well brought up in a decent family and your constant cynicism about so much to do with our club , including now even SAKA , is constantly depressing to read.

      I do not argue that many players are indeed lured by whoever pays them the most money, but I will bet you Saka is not one of that sort.

      1. Did you just call me a little person 😂
        I’ll let that one slide has I cannot be arsed to put you in youre place once again
        So you’re telling me any player who “let’s say “
        Was offered double his wages wouldn’t take it ?
        Naivety at its best old chap .

        1. Reggie mate ,the amount of times over the years where I’ve made him look like “A LITTLE PERSON “it gets boring to me and Pat will only delete it .
          I’ll let him have his little peck at me as it’s a water off a ducks back kind of thing .
          He knows the score 😂

  2. This should have been sorted way before the WC, if he continues on this impressive form, he can ask for anything knowing Man City can match and beat any offer we can because of the corrupt oil money that UEFA and the FA do sweet FA about. Wenger was right about clubs like Cit and Chelsea and now Newcastle…financial doping at its worse

    1. I’m sure Arsenal have been trying to negotiate with Saka’s entourage, but it’s not easy if the player is highly sought-after. If Arsenal can’t extend his contract, I hope they will sell him in the summer

  3. Even if he signs a new 5 year deal it won’t necessarily stop City’s interest in him, but it will increase the price they would have to pay for him, exponentially.

  4. Funny to keep reading all these he’s about money, if City offers more than we do, we should’ve signed him up long ago yada yada yada yada.
    How till this moment folks still think negotiations of contracts are something that is usually done in a day or under a week or month during the season is beyond me.
    This isn’t the transfer window or end of the season when players have all the freedom to do whatever they want and the time to engage in whatever they want.
    Saka definitely during each week or month ain’t sitting down with club officials to discuss this stuff. There’s no time for this, this is why players have agents and it’s why agents can only negotiate while the final say goes to the player.
    All the whole questioning of Saka staying only shows a lack of confidence and trust in him when he’s made it clear countless times he’s happy here and happy with the project.
    Same with Martinelli, same with Saliba who by the way fans love pushing the agenda that he’s angry at the club and Arteta due to the way they started off even though the boy himself said multiple times in interviews that going out on loan was what was best for him and the wakeup call he needed and he’s happy to be back here proving himself, but you know what? Ah, the agenda needs to go on.
    Let’s keep cooking like there’s a doubt any of these 3 kids won’t renew their contract

  5. Saliba will not sign a new deal he’s not forgiven Arteta for the way he was treated early on whether rightly or wrongly he believed he was good enough to play at Arsenal and not be loaned out plus now he’s had his head turned by PSG and expect him to force a move to them at some point!

    1. @Mark
      You are speaking in definitives.
      Have you spoken to Saliba, his family and agent and they told you that? Or you are just making up stuff like people were during the summer?

      So Saliba definitely told you that he will not extend his contract because his feelings were hurt by Arteta?

      1. It’s my opinion that’s what I believe this site is for hope I’m wrong but that’s what I think will happen let’s wait and see!

  6. Saka will sign his connection is smart, sometimes money is not all happiness is key in all cases.

    His connection are holding out for the best deal possible from Arsenal.

    Couple seasons ago just before Saliba and Guendouzi, were heading out on loan, I said at the time their contract should be extended before they left, that’s what Chelsea former lady Marina Granoskaia would done.

    Why wait until one two years are left these players are young with very high ceilings, they should be handled differently

  7. No sensible player is signing a new contract with the WC coming up, even a few months beforehand (if they’re playing in it of course).

    Too many clubs make the mistake of seeing WC performance as an indicator of club-level performance. They usually pay the price for that error, with a few notable exceptions (a certain M. Henry springs to mind).

    These guys can only inflate their salaries at the WC so they will wait. Some of them may be hoping another club comes calling.

    Until each player’s WC is over, everything will be on hold regarding their contract if they have any sense (and usually agents will be telling them this).

  8. Saliba 100 — 120k per week
    Saka 150 — 170k
    Martinelli 130 — 150k

    Anything above that is surely overpayment, and Arsenal should not make the mistake. But I’m all for an increase in 2 years when we start playing Champions League.

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