Can Arsenal realistically stop Barcelona poaching Aubameyang?

If Barcelona really wants Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang there is not much Arsenal can do about it.

In theory, Arsenal could turn down any amount of money from Spanish giants Barcelona for the signature of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, however, the reality is that if the player wants to go and Barca offer up a decent amount of money then a deal will be done.

Barcelona is one of those clubs that most players aspire to play for, they are almost guaranteed silverware each season, they are certainly guaranteed champions league football, they can pay huge wages and they can provide a platform for players to play alongside some of the best players in the world.

It is hard to see what Arsenal could offer Aubameyang that would compare to what Barcelona offers. The Gabonese hitman is 30 and he must know that there is almost no chance of him picking up any major trophies if he remains in North London before his career winds down.

Add to that the fact that Arsenal head of football Raul Sanllehi has made it clear that he will not allow the top stars to run down their contracts. This creates a scenario that unless Auba signs a new deal soon he will leave either in this window or in the summer.

As each day passes without that new deal his value will decrease and Auba knows this and so does Barcelona and that weakens Arsenal negotiating position significantly.

Sure, Arsenal can tell Barca to take a running jump and make Aubameyang remain until his contract expires but that would severely impact the credibility of Sanllehi and deny the club much-needed funds to find a replacement.

In my opinion, if Barcelona was to offer up a reasonable amount of money and Aubameyang informs the club that he will not be renegotiating a new deal then Arsenal will have little choice but to agree to his transfer.


  1. I would hate to lose him. He’s our star player who always gives 110%!

    But I would also hate to see Barcelona get him for nothing or for pennies. Most players will never turn Barcelona down. Why would they? But I would hope that Auba has more elegance and a determination to help Arsenal rise again. Thing is, are the club going to do enough to convince him that they are more than focused to put both money and effort into making Arsenal the club we were all told they would be when they moved to The Emirates!? To compete with the very best on the biggest stage!!!

    1. Barcelona and Real Madrid will never buy Aubameyang, since they already have productive forwards

      I predict Aubameyang would get a big contract extension in the summer, because Arsenal will be able to release Ozil’s wage bill next year

  2. “Raul Sanllehi has made it clear that he will not allow
    the top stars to run down their contracts”.
    Ozil will be sold then?
    Of course we must let Auba go. But when?
    Unless they buy a top AM with the money he will not go this month.
    We can still win the EL and make the CL so surely it won’t be till the summer.
    He will still be worth 50m + in the summer.
    By then Martinelli Pepe Laca,Eddie and Balogun should be scoring for fun

  3. Its all in the Club’s hands to convince Auba about the project Arsenal. Although it will be extremely difficult to resist Barcelona, if Auba loves Arsenal deeply(which I feel he does from his recent interviews), he still could resist Barcelona provided the hierarchy convinces him that Arsenal will start competing with the best by investing in some good players and making some statement signings, so that Auba is convinced. Auba has been our identity in so many of our games that it would be extremely difficult to replace him. In Arteta we trust.

  4. The fact is that we still need aub’s services and its difficult to replace him once he goes
    In Arteta we trust

  5. If we can get a good price for auba then we may just have to concede. Ideally we could send lacca there. Let him get some confidence back and find his scoring boots. It would also give more opportunities to martineli and nketia who I believe are both the future of arsenal.

  6. Barcelona will NOT buy Aubameyang, because they still have better forwards in:

    – Luis Suarez: More skillful than all our strikers, clicks very well with Messi and more productive than Aubameyang with 11 goals/ 7 assists from 17 league appearances. His contract will only end in June 2021, so he still has a lot to offer

    – Antoine Griezmann: Versatile forward who is also productive with 7 goals and 4 assists from 19 league appearances. He knows La Liga very well and he is two years younger than Aubameyang

    Aubameyang can’t dream about Real Madrid as well, because Karim Benzema just extended his contract to 2022. Aubameyang would most likely get a huge contract extension from Arsenal, since Ozil will leave next year

    1. They do not have Suarez, probably injured for rest of season. 34 years old, last year of contract, they looking to replace him anyhow.

      If we can sell him, we should indeed take 60M fast and buy Koulibaly. We have strickers on the bench, and won’t make it to Top 6 if we do not solve defense.

      No use for Auba to waist his goals for a draw or lost in result, nor his time being 30, he won’t win anything at Arsenal.

      Barca approached us early January but Auba thought Arteta will turn this around, was motivated again, quickly saw reality and is now willing to go, Barca is back for that.

      Why should he stay? is the real question, and it is indeed no answer, no reason for him to waist time.

      This is a great opportunity for him. For us as well, to buy Koulibaly. But PSG will snatch him, we had the opportunity to get him as Napoli wanted Torreira & Kolas badly!

      We had an opportunity to revamp the team in this window!

      A draw is a lost, unless it help in a tight top 6 race or relegation fight.

      We target & focused on top6; but in relegation fight already, unaware like, numbed!

      But for Southampton to be in bottom few weeks back, now infront of us, says it all. It is very hard and painful to look but that is our reality.

      To not be conscious and in that mode makes us even more vulnerable beside not being used to be in that position and fighting for survival mode as team facing same danger.

      If Torreira does not change this formation to a 4-1 in the back, it will be same result, we do not have a reliable CB pair, only way to lock that area is to add a player there sitting in front of that pair.

      If he keeps it up with Sokratis Luiz or Mistafi -Luiz losing formulas, he should be fired before he gets us relegated!

      I’m sorry, but to keep playing Sokra and Luiz as CB is simply inacceptable, suicidal. Every temas and coach can’t believe it, laughing, it seems just unreal; same BS formation over & over!

      Can’t have any tac tic with wrong players on pitch! He is good to boost players but a catastrophy in picking formation! What counts is result, draw or lost is same mediocrity!

  7. It’s going to be very hard to convince Auba to stay. I clearly saw how impacted he was by Dortmund boss commentary saying that he can only watch CL games on TV. The guy is hungry for trophies and he is not getting any younger. As much as it pains me, I would understand if he leaves. I just hope we get a good price for him and get the right replacement. And that’s going to be a hard job.

    1. You are all accurate! To make it even and worth, we actually need Koulibaly, to lock that defense up or we will be relegated!

      We can’t fight for survival as those hungry teams used to it. We are 2 games away from 19th spot!

      I know it is hard to look, but we are and to ignore it in a Top6 fantasy, will have us relegated!

      I guess after next game lost or draw, that topic will start to appear here! Not even sure that will be enough to accept and realise!

      Arteta and team believe and targeting Top6, they not looking behind at all, that’s why southampton went bottom table, now infront of us today. Anyone noticed? What about Everton? 18th spot got manager fired!

      This is a total sink of the Arsenal’s ship like Titanic, in less than 2 season, we are about to be relegated! 2 games away from 19th spot! But Arteta is stressed out, worried about not being able to p!ay his top CB pair Sokra and Luiz!

      It is very simple, if we do not play 4-1, with that 1 players sitting in front of CBs in order to fill that huge hole and allow the other midfield to make transition in middle and attack; we will get same result for same wrong formation; every single games so far!

      Then Arteta must leave, if he is doing worst than Eddie in term of result, he is simpky useless! Get players spirit back and have same results, just kills spirits again!

      If he makes same mistake on next game; Arteta out!

  8. Absolutely go for it, FFS! If they offer 70 million quid, just take the money and buy a strategic replacement. Or even buy a killer CB and rely on Laca, Martinelli, and Pepe to do the job up front. I don’t know what would Auba’s value be in June.

  9. I would like him to stay but at 30 will he still be able to perform at the highest level to warrant a bumper contract? Jamie Vardy has managed it, but not every player has his engine. Letting others go for peanuts or for free in the past isn’t acceptable so there is a distinct possibility that he will go. Suarez in out for some months so I’m guessing that’s why there is so much speculation now.

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