Can Arsenal really catch Chelsea? Wenger says YES!

When Arsenal meekly lost to Chelsea at Stamford Bridge last weekend, most Gooners became resigned to fighting out for fourth place in the League again come the end of the season, but Arsene Wenger believes that our title challenge is far from over.

“Chelsea will also have a difficult period in the season.”Wenger said.”Our schedule was extremely difficult and I have the belief that we can close the gap to them.”

The Gunners are currently nine points behind Mourinho’s team after seven games, but have Chelsea really had an easy start to the season? Their League games have been against Arsenal, Everton, Manchester City, Aston Villa, Swansea City, Leicester and Burnley, while Wenger’s men have played Chelsea, Everton, Tottenham Hotspur, Aston Villa, Leicester City, Manchester City and Crystal Palace. I personally wouldn’t consider either schedule to have been “extremely” more difficult to be honest.

The only real difference is that Arsenal had to get through a Qualifying round for the Champions League and play in the Community Shield. Again I would have thought that should have made our players more matchfit than Chelsea for the start of the season proper…

Anyway I guess Wenger MUST attempt to galvanize his team for the fight ahead and there are still 31 games to go, so anything can happen!

But do Arsenal fans share Wenger’s belief that we can catch Chelsea?

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  1. Gigi2 says:

    Mathematically yes.
    Simple: forget aboutnonsense thatbeating 4 teams will get us the league and start winning thegames of the teams from 5to 20…..maths dont lie

  2. Goonerforever says:

    Yes We can catch up to Chelsea…
    if we can hold fort till January and buy quality DM and CB …

  3. dan says:

    Wenger is not going to come out and say what every realistic arsenal fan knows that our season is already over and its going to be a real struggle to make top 4!

    1. jibber says:

      perhaps too soon to say we’re done, but yes we’re not title contenders with this squad.

      DM and CB plz.

  4. jt says:

    Hahahahaha, alright mate.

  5. ljungberg8 says:

    You’re right, Chelsea’s start was just as difficult as ours in terms of playing top teams. The only way that Arsene’s remark could make any sense is if he meant Chelsea can’t keep on playing brilliantly all through the season, at some point they’re bound to have a dip in form and drop some points. I hope he’s right, but it strikes me as a long shot right now. Whatever, we just need to find some consistent form ourselves.

  6. Gigi2 says:

    I think that to have a real comprison youshould give the Home and Away specifics. For example, it is NOT the same that hey played Arsenal and that Arsenal played them, because it was their teritory.
    And so on for other tough teams that they or we have played home or away.

  7. jensenvk says:

    Not with that injury record… Get rid off those witch doctors and sign a whole new medical team first!

  8. Jogon says:

    This guy likes comedy, let us be realistic here. This is not FIFA

  9. kam says:

    “Chelsea will also have a difficult period in the season.” In terms of what? Is it fixture, is it form, or injury?
    1. If you think about their fixture, they had a difficult start to the season, I mean they played against Everton and managed to beat them 6:3 on their home, they played City at the Etihad and they managed to take a point and they also played against Arsenal and took three points.So in terms of fixture it is the same as Arsenal.
    2.If you are talking about their form, yes they might not continue like they started but I am sure they will not struggle that much.Because they have a good team depth.
    3. If you are talking about their injury, well either they have a good physio team or they are lucky.

    1. IceBergKamp10 says:

      Alongwith all the above we also need to start picking up three points first.

  10. frank says:

    Hoping that other teams have a dip in form is pathetic. Its seven games in and already our squad looks thin through injury not to mention the lack of summer purchases. Wenger can make up all the excuses he likes but it doesn’t change the fact that his formation is boring and predictable. How many shots on goal did we have against Chelsea? We won’t catch them for as long as Wenger is still in charge.

  11. NIKK says:

    Off to Specsavers to get the same rose tinted glasses that Mr Wenger is wearing!

  12. Ks-Gunner says:

    Wenger is just saying the things people want to hear, but it reality this Chelsea team will be hard to beat.

    – Wenger never has beaten Moro.
    – If Chelsea is going to lose the leuage it will be bec of City and not us.
    -Our trophy will be the 4th place once again.
    -We will end up in the second place in the Cl qual. and then get picket with a strong team like Bayern and kicket out of it fast.

    And the circle of life as a Arsenal fan repeats itself.

  13. Big Gun says:

    Chelsea have probably the most balanced squad in the league, especially since the signing of Costa and Fab. On top of that, Jose might be a twat, but he is a brilliant tactician, his record against Le Prof is testament. Sorry to say but we would have to sign 3 world class players in Jan to even attempt to compete for the title. CB, DM and CF. Right now it is safe to say we will be battling for 3rd or 4th. Come on Wenger just make the changes we all know MUST happen and do it soonest JAN.

  14. mark says:

    Once other teams (managers) learn how to play against Chelsea for the best result, then Chelsea WILL stutter. A few draws here and there (for Chelsea) and other teams are right back in the fight.

    The league is more competitive than ever, Chelsea have already drawn one game, so the odds are fairly high they will have difficult games at difficult times, perhaps through fixtures / injuries etc.

    I still think Chelsea have enough to win the title comfortably, but it’s up to us and other teams to make sure it isn’t a walk in the park for them..while hopefully creeping up the table..

  15. kam says:

    “Chelsea have already drawn one game, so the odds are fairly high they will have difficult games at difficult times, perhaps through fixtures / injuries etc”.Are you kidding?They only have one draw, and it is against City at Etihad. Arsenal draw against Leicester City, Man City at home and Everton away.And If you think Mou will play for a draw at Stamford Bridge, you are wrong.And in terms of injury Chelsea had none expect Drogba, a position which is well covered by Costa and also Remy. And Arsenal injury is worse, we have the most injuries in the league, most of them are first team players, they are sidelined for a long time and our player are injury prone.Believe it or not Chelsea will win the league.

  16. Gigi2 says:

    all this debate is actually funny,

    we need to BEAT teams from 5 to 20…….do the maths.

    our big difference between Chelsea s form? we had THREE drawsvs those teams!!!!!

  17. says:

    Chelsea have started the season strongly and Our Gunners have ra started slowly. But I believe the Gunners will cruise past Chelsea at the homestraight. Let the Gunners take all the 3 points at stake in their home game to Hull City. And makes that success their cardinal point in their remaining Barclays Premier League.

  18. says:

    Chelsea have started the season strongly and Our Gunners have rather started slowly. But I believe the Gunners will cruise past Chelsea at the homestraight. Let the Gunners take all the 3 points at stake in their home game to Hull City. And makes that success their cardinal point for their remaining Barclays Premier League games.

  19. Gooner Cape Town says:

    Yes if we can get and keep our players fit and also buy Cavanni, Khedira, Hummels, Reus……………….

  20. GOONSTER says:

    Wenger always say this when we are miles behind the other teams.. But at the end of the season he comes out and says to be realistic we never had a chance..

    Same old..

  21. LoCkAy says:

    “Catch Chelsea”?
    Impossible, we do not have the manager nor the squad for that…!

    Catching Chelsea would mean, an abundance of luck, no more injuries (When Chelsea will get crucial ones, Fabregas, Costa, Courtois and defenders as examples), a tactical enlightenment from Wenger (that would call for a miracle), beat Man United, Man City, Chelsea at Home and not waist points against Liverpool and win all the odds games against the lower teams (as well as being kicked out of the CL and not go far in the Uefa Cup as we don’t have the squad to do either anyway).

    It is just a massive task and we have been crumbled (lack of recruitment & injuries) since the beginning of the season.

    Wenger said “yes” because he cannot say “No”… We are still early into the season, but we all know the outcome anyway.

  22. ger burke says:

    the specialist in telling porkys has really surpassed himself this time , fool !!!.

  23. CouchCoach says:

    Sometimes Wenger is living in lala land but he also knows every team every season goes through a bad patch. I don’t see us with a decent chance but I really hope I’m wrong.

  24. ArnSam says:

    We can…the only question is will Wenger realise we need a DM and Clinical Striker and may be improve on his tactics(Wenger’s) because that’s one of his weaknesses

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