Can Arsenal really do NOTHING as Man Utd add Zlatan to goal heavy front line?

The chances of Arsenal actually claiming this season’s Premier League title, or even making a decent attempt at it and still being in with a chance towards the end, were already looking slim. Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal board’s promises of big spending have been exposed once again and all the other clubs have been buying players, so once again we start badly with a makeshift defence shipping goals and the whole team looking anything but world beaters.

Perhaps the most worrying thing for Arsenal fans at the start of this new season, though, has been the form of Man United. Jose Mourinho seems to have addressed the problems of last year with the signing of Romelu Lukaku and they are now scoring heavily as well as dominating the ball and conceding little.

So has that forced Arsene Wenger to look at his own strike force and see that we need more fire power? Well no, it does not appear so, but Mourinho looks set to enhance his side’s chances even further, reports the Daily Mail, by signing the Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic for another year after the 35-year old made a miraculous recovery from an operation on his knee.

All we need now is for the Gunners to sell Alexis Sanchez just before the window closes and we can all turn off the TV and hide for a year.



  1. ThirdManJW says:

    What annoys me is that Wenger didn’t even need to use a make shift defence against Stoke. He had FOUR CB’s available, and made a conscious decision to only pick one. He had FOUR options available at LWB, but chose to use the fifth choice option in Bellerin.

    Wenger does this every season. He seems to enjoy a good crisis, and even when there isn’t a crisis , he creates one! Like what he did at Stoke. He made a conscious decision to pick a weaker team, than needed to be.

    In regards to the article, I think either this summer, or next summer, could be one of the worst transfer windows we’ve ever had. Next summer we could potentially have around £150 million worth of talent walk out of the club for nothing, unless we sell this summer. Either way, it’s not looking good.

  2. Arsenal_Girl says:

    If Giroud is a SuperSub then what would Ibrahimovich be?
    What’s bigger than “Super”?

    Lukaku and Ibrahimovich in addition to Pogba, Mata, Matic, Mktharyan, Martial and maybe even Lemar or Draxler. United really are AMBITIOUS

    I don’t see any team that can beat them this season

    1. Waal2waal says:

      the teams that man utd always have problems with are firstly liverpool, man citeh, chelski, ocasionally the arsenal. there no gurantee they’ll run away with the tital. a trip to anfield is a trek to hell particularly for a man utd team.

      1. Raj says:

        If Liverpool trip is a trek to hell for Man Utd , then what will it be for us next week?

        1. Waal2waal says:

          rivalry in english football is historic, the hatred is intense and form does go out the window. have u been to anfield? had you ever been there yourself you’d know north-west england is renowned for football rivalry and its not easy for manutd going to anfield. the 2 cities are 30mins apart and both have bragging rights over whos more successful.

          *will we struggle up at anfield? probably yes.

      2. mark Henry says:

        Man, you talk trash. Go back to history. Liverpool is never a problem to Manchester United. Even van Gaal had the better piece of them. What da hell is this clown saying?

  3. Rustynuts says:

    He’s fooled us again hasn’t he? I for one, really thought with his new 2 year contract signed, he would really be up for signing several top players this time. Now however, he’s hiding behind the old ‘we have too many players already and have to move some out’ guff. Yeah right, good luck with that one mate – even Debuchy is still with us months after we put him up for sale. They will have to be sold for next to nothing just for the buying teams to be able to afford their wages. Lacazette looks a top striker, but we will be lucky to get 10 goals from him, if there’s no-one to give him the service. Finally, Sanchez will be sold to City right at the death so that Wenger can claim there was no time to get a replacement in.

  4. Imran says:

    Guys are we supporting man utd? Chill out… Where was liecestar city before winning EPL? Haven’t they won without big name players. I hate mou and pep as they only catch big players and pay huge wages as they will be backed by the owners. Here we have to give respect to Wenger where he shows loyalty and love for the club. Please we waited for 12 yrs. More two years to go. Let him do what he wants. We must not panic seeing man utd or man city. See Chelsea and spuds. They are like us and still we have the ability. Squad need believe and passion to win. Manager can’t go on pitch and win the game. It’s the player passion and attitude which matters on pitch. I think from this week there will be a turn around.

    1. Imran,
      Are you serious, you want me respect Wenger, I don’t respect failure. He shows us fans no respect and where do you get off comparing us to the Spuds. Buddy we are nothing like Chelsea, they have won 2 titles in the last 4 years and a Champions League not to long ago. I don’t get you Arsene lovers what has he done to deserve my respect in the last 13 years, he even has the balls to blame the fans for last year’s results. Number 1 Kroenke needs to go but Wenger needs to be next.

  5. Waal2waal says:

    arsenal offensive is yet to get into full momentum but when it does it will be comparable to man utd’s the difference is their mid-fielder pogba as it stands we have nothing (yet) in place to compare with that quality. we would need a fighting fit cazorla or even a cesc to make up the difference.

  6. Quantic Dream says:

    Wenger must sign a CM,DM and CB if we are to challenge for the title. Maybe another striker/winger as well.

  7. Johnson Omole says:

    Wenger clearly is a maker of crisis like I read in the first comment. Though Leicester won the league from nothing that is because they have a collective, chemistry and a united ambition.

    Only about a few players in your squad has a serious ambition. The rest are comfortable just earning money and wearing the jersey and don’t mind sitting on the bench with the exception of Giroud.

    Wenger got perez who has a lot of ambition but sidelines him for no purpose. I’d prefer. he’d choose Welbeck and Walcott over him, it is not ok to me.

    I think the 67 y.0 man is suffering from dementia. He saw what happened in the first game he he continued it in the second game and we have shipped in goals.

    Mr Wenger Why do you he have to continue using Petr when we have Ospina who has helped in most fa cup success. Petr has nothing to loose.. he’s got the PL and CL with Chelsea. He chose to stay in London BECAUSE OF HIS FAMILY and he picked arsenal as a home where he could walk in and bench anybody easily? really My Wenger ? so he’s using us to have an active time.

    How about this Mr Dementia and Naive Wenger…
    Alex, Laca, Lucas
    Kola Santi, Ozil, Xhaka, Bellerin (or Ox)
    Monreal Lau Mustafi Ambition or
    Monreal, Met and Holding not that bad.

    Mr Wenger pls give ozil more work to do and a more free role, he is a lazy man who chose to ignore the fact that the PL is not just a skillful completion but also a physical one. or after one show of lack of strength in a game withdraw him quickly. Show some no nonsense attitude like Mourinho will do.

    Arsenal has no replacement for Santi too bad Mr Wenger!, Giroud has more ambition than Welbeck use him more.

    Mr Wenger show more mental strength, by Lemar or Mahrez and sell Ox to Chelsea(he looks like a player trying to show me he’s good but having a good time.LOL)

    Buy 1 more creative midfielder to take Santi’s position now.

    to stop worrying during matches
    Sticking to them makes them stronger and increases the chemistry in the team and they can become stronger and a formidable force. (secrete to the Leicester success season)

    Why change the team that won the fa cup or rearrange them what are you thinking?

  8. T2T says:

    Come on, we’re two games into the new season and the media is already handing the title to ManU. Last season, they did the same to ManC – even after more games and we all saw how that went.
    The issue here is, for me, that Arsenal have decided not to let Sanchez leave, if they renege on that…
    Arsenal brought in two excellent players in Kolasinac and Lacazette. We’re actually in a pretty good shape – at least when Cazorla is fit. So much hinges on him. We do have the players but we need to figure out a way to win without Cazorla. The difference in win percentage between having him in the team or not is staggering and need to be addressed. Let’s hope Ramsey can rediscover his form from a couple of years ago when he looked hands down to be the player of the year before getting injured halfway, Wilshere can avoid another injury, Xhaka steps up his game and that the players with only a year left on their contracts sign extensions.
    Let’s support the team, the club and whatever you think of AW, it’s disruptive for the players voicing opposition towards AW during a game. A supporter should be just that, supporting the club, the Arsenal, not focusing on expressing discontent!

  9. andymanc says:

    From a United perspective it seems your fans get stitched up by the board every year.Early on each Summer you’re linked with all manner of superstar signings (this year Mbappe),then once the season tickets have been sold it all fizzles out.Considering you have the highest season ticket prices in the league,it’s a disgrace really.For years the excuse was that you were paying for the great new stadium,but after that you’d be competing with Europe’s elite for the top players,that came and went and still a major lack of investment your squad needs.

    I can’t believe that you could lose the likes of Sanchez and Oxlade-Chamberlain for nothing,that’s insane negligence.With 3 or 4 quality additions Arsenal could be serious contenders but Wenger’s “4th place is a trophy” mentality is happily shared by a board just wanting profits.Winning the cup is great but Arsenal should be in the title mix right into May rather than the annual implosion come March.The old Fergie/Wenger title battles were the best back in the day,the fans deserve far more than you’re getting recently.

  10. Turbo says:

    Referring to the blog post title, the answer is certainly YES, Arsenal is certainly fully capable and even likely from recent windows to do little in the time left. Very much hoping that is NOT that case, but it would hardly be shocking now would it?

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