Can Arsenal REALLY fend off Man City to sign Reus?

Arsenal are just one of a number of clubs that have been strongly linked with the exciting and highly talented forward Marco Reus. Hardly surprising that so many of Europe’s top clubs are keen on the Germany international really, because he is one of those rare players that can change a game on his own.

And according to a lot of Arsenal transfer rumours, the Gunners have a good chance of winning this transfer battle as the 25-year old is thought to have a lot of respect for the club. Not only is he said to be an admirer of Arsene Wenger and the way that Arsenal play football, but there is the German connection of Ozil, Podolski and Mertesacker, as well as his role model having been Tomas Rosicky from his own spell at Dortmund.

The news gets better as well, when you see the report in the Daily Star that reveals his contract has a release clause in it that means he will only cost the Gunners £25 million next summer. But then the paper goes and spoils it all by also revealing that Reus is right at the top of Man City’s wish list.

Manuel Pellegrini will have a lot more freedom to spend next year with the FFP restraints satisfied and they are not a club you want to be fighting with in the transfer market. Let’s hope that football ideals are more important to Reus than cash, but how likely is that?

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    1. Yes we can if we let steve bould do the signings instead of the retard wenger. Wenger suks at signing big names and signing Sanchez and Ozil was just pure luck.

        1. no need to be so offensive pal. I have respect for wenger but when it comes to spending money he doesn’t fulfill our desires, united have signed 3 world class players this summer and we have only signed sanchez. I’m just trying to say we should be able to buy 2 or 3 big names and we should have signed Carvalho or another big name holding midfielder. Wenger has let us down a little and you have to agree on that

            1. I agree on that, in 2 years time Chambers will be world class and Wenger has done his magic again but what about the heart of our midfield’? Arteta? come on, wenger should have signed a quality players for that position and we all know that

                1. I don’t actually know yet who is “better” – too early. But it appears that Chambers is excellent and he offers much more to Arsenal than Shaw could – that seems clear.

                  If I had to choose which player to put on the team – it would be Chambers for sure – youth, quality AND versatility

              1. Why do we do this to all our young players…
                Just let the lad develop and stop hyping and claiming he’ll be world class at 22 years old.
                Hyping up youngsters = negative press and hate from other fans, just like wilshere.
                Id rather he just went about his business under the radar like sterling has done.

          1. You can’t possibly think the Ozil and Sanchez signings were luck then!? The fact that Wenger engineered both those deals speaks volumes. And now players will want to play for us because we have players like Sanchez and Ozil. You also have to be realistic, signing 3 world class players in one summer isn’t going to solve all our problems. When Man City spent the 200million it took them 2-3 years to win something. We come out of debt buy one player and win the FA cup in a year. We are still a work in progress. Stop valuing instant success over long term stability.

          2. LvG spends a net £150M, add in the £70M spent 12 months ago, and the target is top 4. Media reaction – not a peep. Wenger hasn’t spent that in 10 years and gets ridiculed relentlessly for top 4 finish.

        2. If he’s coming to England, i say we have a good chance, because he’s said before he’s a admirer of arsenal, and players like wilshere and theo. and of wennger
          also we have 3 germans which helps 4 with Gnabry
          but i think he’s going to Madrid
          but if he wants England, i say we have a big chance.

      1. Ozil and Sanchez joined Arsenal because Wenger is known for helping players to develop further. Apart from you bitter fans Wenger is very respected by players around the world.

        1. I was just joking, I trust in wenger but just a little upset we didn’t get a holding midfielder this summer, it would have been the last piece of our puzzle. If only wenger had acted faster in getting a world class holding mid….we would be challenging for the title. we might still be in the mix comes January and I hope wenger steps up and signs the two players we badly need, Carvalho/defender

          1. If you were joking, I apologise for the bluntness, but you must understand it is very hard to convey tone in these comments.

            Also I have to disagree again. Last year our heavy defeats were largely down to teams exposing our awful lack of pace. We had to push our line right up because we had noone to run in behind, and Mert was often caught out, this has been addressed with Debuchy and Chambers (who can be a CDM, which I hope we see against city). Now we can sit a little deeper, and absorb some pressure before springing the counter attack. You have to remember that we actually had a relatively good defence which was only exposed against the bigger teams. Also if we were more potent up front we would have been able to relieve the pressure on the defenders. I do think a CDM/CB is the top of the list NOW, but in the summer it was pace and an ST, both of which were addressed.

    2. Come on boys let’s blow away City and make a statement that we are made of different stuff this time around.Let all hell break loose.Bring on City……….

    3. Yes because he loves Arsenal, and he loves Rosckiy, little mozart.
      But modern day foorballer’s go wages now days so who knows.

  1. Yes. in fact I think we are the favorites to sign him with ozil and mert in our side it would be a better choice for him to join us. Plus we have sanchez and welbeck and the and ox and ………………………….woha we are the champions my friend

    1. Haven’t they got a spending cap though ?
      Ay off topic, Barca 2 years transfer ban (which will be over turned ufealona)

    2. In fairness when you are owned by a family business empire allegedly worth a trillion quid then “dilly dallying” doesn’t really enter the equation. Like you going up against Bill Gates at an auction – assuming you aren’t a secret billionaire on here!

  2. the thought of (Sanchez/Theo/OX/Ozil/Cazorla/Ramsey/Welbeck) all in one team…f..k yeah…It’s time to gel all these players together and go the entire season without losing. we are a strong team and If we only sign Carvalho during January window we will be complete and then any player would want to join us. Our puzzle is missing one piece and that is William Carvalho

  3. I used to feel excited every time i heard reus to arsenal rumours. Now it makes me feel deflated. Its sad we talk more about him than actual arsenal players. We were linked to remy, suarez, the higuain saga, bernard, benzema, di maria, falcao, cavani and many more… So chances are we wont get reus. He will more likely go to madrid or munich. Madrid love buying the latest shiny toy.
    Continuing to dream of reus will only lead to dissapointment and then immediate criticism of wenger.

  4. if Arsenal are in for him, will he be played properly at his position?
    can we persuade him to join before deadline day?
    does he want to join Arsenal? (before any people say he likes Arsenal etc etc, remember some people like a certain club and they certainly play for other clubs).

  5. I don’t even think we will try. Solely because of one question: where would he play!? If Giroud is getting a new deal and Welbecks long term deal, Sanchez probably won’t be playing ST so will be RW and LW with Walcot/Ox/Pod and CAM is covered. Reus isn’t capable of playing deeper so who gets dropped? Would be nice but it is a luxury purchase, spend the money on a CDM/CB and we will be golden.

      1. OK in that case who do you play and drop!? Walcot will nail down the RW position Giroud and Welbeck in the middle so what are you going to do with Sanchez/Ox/Pod/Cazorla/Campbell/Rosicky. Be realistic, LW is NOT what we need it’s a luxury signing, that realistically we can’t afford! We need a CDM/CB.

        1. I agree, the article isn’t about CB CDM, It’s about if we could get Rues.
          And he’s a natural left footer winger, we only have poldi that is left footed, but i’d put him in the CF role.
          Anyway good point, would love to see him here bbut yeah defensive player need first.
          I did read somewhere poldi + cash for Rues, would you argue with that. O
          ne in one out.

  6. Linked to suarez, falcao, benzema, canvani, remy, hummels, di maria… Failed in them all. Chances are we wont get reus.

    1. Just because we were linked doesn’t mean we actually attempted to sign them. All of those, except Suarez (which was the fault of Henry not understanding how a contract works, and Suarez not wanting to force the transfer), were rumours alone. We never approached the others, we were just linked by the press, who’s process is normally just to look at what we need and what we might be able to afford and put 2 and 2 together, theres rarely evidence to back it up.

        1. Actually it’s not confirmed! It’s confirmed (by agents who are very rarely honest) we inquired not that we bid. There’s a difference.

  7. Welbeck to lead arsenal attack,,,,,

    Welbeck has all the attributes to succeed,, pace,power,strength,work rate,touch,,,,,, and his conversion rate is the same as sturridges,,, he just needs the chance to play

  8. Would like Reus, but why would we sign a CAM again when we’re REALLY lacking in defense?

    I was reserving judgement this who window but man…
    as much as i actually do like Welbeck, Sanchez, Chambers and Debuchy( can’t say for Ospina, haven’t seen much) having 6 1st team defenders in a squad is REALLY lacking in personnel.

    last year we had 7 and was already cutting it close. This year 6, and we have to count bellerin in for the 7th. that’s VERY unhealthy for a club with several competitions to play in, not to mention that both our main DM’s Arteta and Flamini are aging. With one I still consider being played out of position, the other being passed his peak after several injuries.

    Carvalho, or Khedira could’ve made it all work, or even a manolas, but wenger still penny pitches at crucial moments.

    that’s the un forgivable bit.

    1. It is wonderful read your accurate description of the defensive situation – a recognition and focus on the least sexy but very important element of football – defensive backups. I

      The reality is, as you state, Wenger gambled last season and got lucky with few CB problems. This season the situation is even more perilous with fewer defenders. (And a good DM also would have helped the defense, but that did not happen)

      REALITY: A few seasons back Arsenal lost 4 FBs and 1 CB at the same time. Imagine if that happened now. The season would be over – lost. Who would cover for 5 out of 6 defenders lost. And it happened and still could.

      Chambers cannot cover every position. Gibbs is constantly out with injuries. And Wenger himself admitted that he over-used Mert last season. It all adds up to unwise and unsound planning.

  9. Let us please take a break on transfer rumours at least for now. Arsenal and other epl clubs are going to be testing their teams to rate their performances and access how improved their teams are, after the international break. So, let’s wait till at least November ending before we start gearing up for another transfers. Who knows, we might not require buying players. It is our performance and (God forbid) injury that will tell us if we should restreghten or not.

  10. I don’t really get it. With FFP, MC shouldn’t have more spending power than anyone else. I think MU must be sailing fairly close to the wind , it’s only their Adidas deal that’s allowing them to spend so much.

    1. The bad part of FFP was this – clubs that spent huge amounts of cash a few years back got in under the wire and will not necessarily be hurt so much by FFP. They must now be careful but their spending past did not hurt them so much.

      But any club with ambitions to spend big now and make a move for the top now will find it very difficult to overcome FFP rules now in effect – they will be hindered greatly. City could not do now what they did a few years back and survive without FFP sanctions.

      1. Yes I understand that, but on the positive side, clubs might try and invest in homegrown talent i.e. academies etc., rather than going for a quick fix and buying foreign players.

    1. I am a realist but your idea is not impossible. Welbeck will likely be used heavily as the lone striker. Even after Giroud returns it takes time to work back into 1st team play.

      Falcao, however, will be sharing goal scoring opportunities with other good strikers. I really don’t see that he adds so much to their club because ManU already had quality strikers – it was their midfield that has hurt them.

      The only thing that worries me is if Van Gaal returns to 4 at the back, then Di Maria would fit better into that system and could really shine and provide many assists to whichever strikers are used the most.

  11. On the subject of FFP Wenger needs to realise that bringing in these big players does also bring in a lot of revenue as MU are finding out with Falcao, so that offsets the cost somewhat.

  12. We are a business enterprise first.Arsenal is there to make profit first.

    there after we are a club.

    Making profit will always come before winning titles

  13. Off Topic:

    I think Wenger should begin to rotate Cazorla and Ozil. Playing them together forces one of them to the wing and often results is very weak if any LW play.

    Arsenal have plenty of midfielders and other players who can play the LW better (Ox, Campbell, Poldi) The competition would be good – it keeps them fresh – and at least one of them would might emerge as an improved player.

    1. Agree re Ozil/Cazola which permits Reus to slide into LW.
      To compete for EPL and CL, we need much better depth. While I like Theo, he is not world class; world class at attacker requires pace (Theo – yes), technique (improving) and superior decision making (work in progress). Sanchez has much better technique and decision making, and should start most of the important games at RW (if we have Reus at LW). When the schedule gets heavy – 2 games/week, we rotate. Of course, we still need more steel in CDM such as Carvalho/Schnedlien, etc., and a b/up CDM.

  14. You guys are free to say whatever you want to say. But irrespective of your thoughts and wishes, Wenger will always sign whoever he chooses to sign.

  15. if wenger really wanted reus he would have bought him injured during the world cup because it was not a career ending injury ( it was just for couple weeks)and by the next window i doubt we will need reus. Although campbell, rosicky and podolski may want to jump ship due to lack of game time.

    i figure we will still be in all competitions, so that may convince them to stay and participate, even if the do leave reus will be cup tied for champions league, therefore i do not see wenger buying players whom are cup tied and we are over stock of midfield players still.. Therefore the window to buy reus has gone this summer, because before next summer a deal would have been done before that windows open by one of those money clubs.

    Lets just get some free agents to fill the holes we have and go for all competitions

  16. Please the transfer window has closed can’t we think about how to make use of what we have right now.. I mean our players.

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